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[eev] Debian package: first real announcement

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] Debian package: first real announcement
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 02:39:11 -0300

Hello list, after a long time...

I just updated the Debian package for eev - see:

Its dependencies have been reduced almost to a minimum - just emacs
and xterm - and now the recommended way to interact with external
programs with CLIs is by using eepitch (which has been rewritten):

Note that the "eepitch way" does not require any setup at all.

Remember that `M-x eev', `M-x eelatex', and friends did require
"prepared shells" and a directory for temporary scripts, and eechannel
required Expect, xterm, and several subtle details... The right thing
to do would be to have eepitch-based scripts to guide the user through
the installation and testing of all that, but that will have to be
left to the future.

Some functions that I considered too ugly and messy have been
rewritten, and the files with their new definitions,

are now loaded by

AFTER the other files, and so some old definitions get overridden by
the newer ones. This may produce some bugs... =\

I would like to know of any problems that may arise - I will try to
hang out at the #eev channel at Freenode as often as possible in the
next few days, and I should have enough spare time for reading and
writing long e-mails over the next two weeks (we're in a sort of
mid-term holidays here)...

  Cheers! 8-)
    Eduardo Ochs

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