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[eev] a video about eev2

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: [eev] a video about eev2
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:16:41 -0200

Hello list (and a few other people),

here's is an introductory video about (the new version of) eev:

The thing is: the "center" of eev has changed - completely.
The documentation is now all in the form of sandboxed tutorials;
there are no non-elisp files anymore; eepitch is now considered
basic, while M-x eev and channels are now considered advanced
features; eejump is now one of the first things that I recommend
people to learn; most of the source code has been rewritten;
there are now standard hyperlinks to audio and video files;
etc, etc.

Bad news to changelog lovers: as this is practically a full rewrite
I am not keeping a changelog for the new version (yet); and
bad news for Debian users: I have not debianized eev2 yet.

Several advanced features of eev have been changed and now
need to be invoked differently. I'll be glad to help if anyone has any
difficulties adapting to eev2 (the e-mails and chat logs will help
me into creating a porting guide and other docs).

    Eduardo =)

P.S.: I'm using IRC a lot again. Try #eev at freenode...

P.P.S.: the scripts that I used to produce the video are not all
online yet - but they will, soon.

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