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Re: [eev] Workarounds for conflicting keys, and very short function name

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: [eev] Workarounds for conflicting keys, and very short function names
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:02:58 +0100
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Eduardo Ochs <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Alan, I thought you wouldn't mind if I brought this to the list in
> a new thread...

No problem.

> The second one:
>   (defun eejump-7 () (my-join-lines))
> supposing that your "join lines" function is in `my-join-lines'...
> then while eev-mode is on you can use M-7 M-j to run
> `my-join-lines'...

Yes, this would be a nice way to do this.

> By the way I use one-letter function names often, so for me `M-x
> letter RET' is very quick to type (because of practice!)... many of my
> files have things like these near the top,
>   % (defun c () (interactive) (find-sh "cd ~/LATEX/ && latex    foo.tex"))
>   % (defun c () (interactive) (find-sh "cd ~/LATEX/ && pdflatex foo.tex"))
>   % (defun d () (interactive) (find-xdvipage "~/LATEX/foo.dvi"))
>   % (defun d () (interactive) (find-xpdfpage "~/LATEX/foo.pdf"))
> where some of my conventions are: `c' to "compile", `d' for "display".

Nice idea, I should explore this.

> This is not documented yet... the template that I use to create new
> LaTeX files with things like these at the top is in one of my personal
> .emacs.something files - actually here, ugly and full of obsolete
> stuff:

Thank you for the suggestions,


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