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Re: [eev] Back into business: eev-template ?

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: [eev] Back into business: eev-template ?
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 21:24:55 -0300

Hi Xavier!

Sorry for taking several days to answer - but at least I downloaded
yasnippet and saw the video and got an idea of what it can do...

I do have lots of template-based functions in eev, and I use them all
the time. They are much more low-level than yasnippet, of course, and
most of them fall in one of these two kinds:

  1. The ones that are invoked with meta-uppercase letter; they
     operate on the current line, like M-T, M-C, and friends. See
     this - and please run the tests:

       (find-wrap-intro "All wrapping functions")

  2. The ones that create temporary buffers with a sexp on top that
     regenerates the buffer, like the ones in:

       (find-eevfile "eev-tlinks.el")

     and here (but these are undocumented):
       (find-wget "";)

I have tons of things to say about them - sorry for the state of the
docs, btw - but it would be really fantastic for me if we could chat
by IRC... I have never had any feedback on this part of eev, and I
guess that I could implement what you need in 10 minutes once I
understand it better - and that would help me to write docs and
examples and to clean the code, too.

Any chance of continuing this by chat?
I have a lot of free time this week, and a 20-min brainstorm will
probably be sufficient if you're busy. I am in this timezone:

Cheers =),
  Eduardo Ochs
  edrx at freenode (channel #eev)

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Xavier Maillard <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello all,
> long time no see. Sorry for my silence for so long.
> Many things have changed since then ;)
> I still use GNU eev. To be honest, I have abandoned it more or less and
> like my first love, I always come back to it ;)
> I use daily eepitch for all sort of stuff. I even created my own
> eepitch-X extensions (I am a DBA and need to use sqlplus and things like
> that). I would be very happy to contribute it back but I did not find
> any SCM to prepare my patch.
> On another part, I am trying to get back into the "normal" eev business
> and I'd like to be able to use eev-template to do something more or less
> like yasnippet.
> I want to have "prepared" PL/SQL queries in which I could replace some
> fields with real value.
> Here is an example.
> Let's say I have a query like that:
> select foo from bar where baz=1;
> I would like to have an eev note (escript or something like that) where
> I could store it like:
> #^O
> select foo from bar where baz=SOMETHINGTOBEREPLACEDWHENHITTINGF9;
> #
> In fact, my main use would be to have some sort of a knowledge database
> I could browse and parameterize according the the current context.
> Do you understand ? If yes, is that something I can already do today ?
> On the other hand, what is "eev-template" exactly ? Do you have an
> escript repository since I asked the other day^W^Wyear ? :D
> It is good to do fun stuff again, hope there is still people here.
> Regards
> Xavier
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