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suffix for pdfs

From: Erich Ruff
Subject: suffix for pdfs
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2021 19:02:08 +0200
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Hi Eduardo, hi list,

the new approach to select the pdf-viewer with
 (defalias 'find-pdf-page 'find-xpdf-page)
 (defalias 'find-pdf-page 'find-pdftools-page)
 (defalias 'find-pdf-page 'find-evince-page)
works great.

irritating (and tedious) is, that I have to rename in the tla all pdfs
to *.tex to point to the pdf.

(code-tla 'spe "/mnt/phil/speiser/speiser-xxx-yyyy.tex")

calling --> spei  does nothing

calling --> speip  opens in the preselected pdf viewer

defining a tla for the pdf:

(code-tla 'spex "/mnt/phil/speiser/speiser-xxx-yyyy.pdf")

--> see the x in spe
opens the pdf in emacs pdf-view and not in the previous selected viewer.

Is it possible to leave the suffix and open then pdf in presel. viewer?


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