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Re: play audio

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: play audio
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 01:21:07 -0300

Hi Erich,

Sorry, super busy week here... but I have just updated eev. These
links work now:

The first points to your code, the second to your fix, and the third
to my new code based on your suggestion.

The new version of eev should be in ELPA in some hours, and after
updating your eev on your machine these links should work:

  (find-eev "eev-pdflike.el"    "find-mupdfpage")
  (find-eev "eev-audiovideo.el" "find-mpv-audio")
  (find-eev "eev-tla.el"        "find-pdf-txt")

Cheers & thanks & more soon &c,
  Eduardo =)

On Thu, 17 Jun 2021 at 05:40, Erich Ruff <> wrote:
> Hi Eduardo,
> trying to use audiolinks did work for my only w/o giving a start-time
> So I looked into your code eev-audiovideo.el  and
> replaced    -->      ,@(if pos `("--start" ,(ee-secs-to-mm:ss pos)))
> on line 503
> with the line, taken from the video-part
> -->    ,@(if pos (list (format "--start=%s" (ee-secs-to-mm:ss pos))))
> and now it works;
> mpv takes time-offsets  with the syntax:  --start=h:min:sec
> if this is the right 'hack' - could you update the code pls?
> Cheers
> Erich

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