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A debug mode for find-here-links

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: A debug mode for find-here-links
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 03:08:54 -0300

Hi list - esp. Bruno Macedo,

  Eev still has a couple of parts whose data structures are hard to
  inspect. I don't regard these parts as "real" bugs, but I do regard
  them as hugely embarassing - and I have just fixed one of them:
  `find-here-links', that is explained in this section of the main

  and in this other tutorial:

  The way to run `find-here-links' in debug mode is explained here,

  in the second part of the ";;; Commentary:" at the top - look for
  "Debug mode".

The lines above are from:
and they started a discussion with the author of Hyperbole that gave
me the opportunity to write down some ideas that were not obvious.
My main messages are here:

    Eduardo Ochs

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