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Re: Learning EEV

From: Tomas Hlavaty
Subject: Re: Learning EEV
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 19:17:45 +0200

On Tue 28 Jun 2022 at 22:48, Eduardo Ochs <> wrote:
>   Eev's central idea is that you can keep "executable logs" of what
>   you do, in a format that is reasonably readable and that is easy to
>   "play back" later, step by step and in any order. We call these
>   executable logs, or executable notes, "e-scripts".
> which answer your question about what are e-scripts...
> ...again: it is very easy to show what a certain sexp or what a
> certain e-script _do_ when they are executed, but it is much harder to
> explain what they _are_...

This might be confusing because a script is usually a text file which is
interpreted (as a whole) by a language interpreter.

An e-script is not that.  An e-script is a text file with free form
notes.  Additionally, some lines could run emacs-lisp code (one line per
key press) and some lines could be "code" lines that are sent (one line
per key press) to an associated interpreter buffer.

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