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Re: Learning EEV

From: Tomas Hlavaty
Subject: Re: Learning EEV
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 19:19:28 +0200

On Tue 28 Jun 2022 at 22:57, Eduardo Ochs <> wrote:
> for me `find-man' is "good" is `man' is "bad", because of these
> reasons,
>   2) calls to them can be "refined" with a pos-spec (this will
>      be discussed below),
>   3) they open the new buffer in the current window (to make it
>      easier to "go back" after following them - see the next
>      section),
>   4) they don't display much output in the echo area,

I know and agree with you.  It would be better if the built-in emacs
commands did that in the first place without having to reimplement them.
On the other hand, I rarely use the searching part.

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