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Re: Examples in EEV

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: Examples in EEV
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2022 13:18:17 -0300

On Mon, 8 Aug 2022 at 12:06, Quiliro Ordóñez <> wrote:
Hello Eduardo.

I found your work very prolific.  You have documented a lot in
executable form.  There are notes from 1999.  That is amazing!
Congratulations and thank you for this contribution.

I have yet to see which is reproducible for my use case because you use
Debian GNU, in contrast with my use of Hyperbola GNU.  I expect that it
would not be too difficul for me to hack your scripts for my own uses
with some practice.  Other notes work from inside Emacs.  So that is
very portable and immediately useful.

I have come to use the last tutorial which you have recommended.  I
guess that I find so much information overwhelms me and I tend to
procrastinate.  In the end, I see it is divided into very small chunks
and very clearly explained in the videos.  I suggest to add the
descriptions that you say in the videos to the tutorials.  That would
make it easier to go to the place that the newbie (me) would like to
learn first and at that moment.  When I saw information which I did not
understand, I visited each link in sequential order.  So I got lost and
did not get to my objective in that moment.  Now I read the whole
document and guess which link has the closest information to my inquiry.
 So this last time I did not get so lost and reached my objectives

I think that most people could find your executable scripts useful if
the titles would be published in a more descriptive way.  For example,
not just "maxima"; but "How to use Maxima to make a 3D graph of a

In your video you use
(find-es "maxima")
I ran that note.  But I got an error:
eval: Symbol’s function definition is void: find-es
I suppose it is because you have deprecated that command.  But I saw it
is a recent video.  So I now think that it must have been another

Perhaps not all newbies think the same way as I do.  But I hope my
comments help contribute to EEV to some small degree.  Please comment on
how I can contribute better.

Hi Quiliro!

I'm in a hurry here, so I'll only answer two points...

1. Please run this:


   It explains the right way to define find-es both in my machine and
   elsewhere - let's see if it makes sense to you.

2. If you're having to translate my e-scripts to make them run on
   Hyperbola GNU/Linux, than you can - and should! =) - share your
   translations! Start by sending them to this mailing list. This hack
   here may help:


  [[]] =),

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