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Bidirectional links with eev

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Bidirectional links with eev
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 02:27:55 -0300

Hi all,

one of my submissions to the EmacsConf2022 is this one:

  "Bidirectional links with eev"

Most people who use eev know that _using_ elisp hyperlinks to anchors
is easy, but the standard method for _creating_ elisp hyperlinks to
anchor needs lots of keys...

I've been experimenting with a more practical way to create those
hyperlinks to anchors. We need to set up the variable `ee-preferred-c'
correctly - and this is tricky - but after that we can type `M-x kla',
or `M-x ee-kla' (mnemonic: <K>ill <L>ink to <A>nchor), and ta-da, the
link will be pushed into the kill ring.

There is a tutorial here:
  (find-eev "eev-kla.el" "intro")

I've been using `M-x kla' and its variants `M-x klas', `M-x klf', and
`M-x klfs' a LOT, and I'm quite happy with them. The tutorial ends
with a long explanation of the thing that creates "bidirectional
links" - `M-x kla2' - that is very impressive, but that I don't know
yet if it's practical.

The version of eev with these new things is already on github, and it
should enter ELPA in a few hours. Hint: try `M-x eev-version' - it
should show 20220924.

All feedback would be extremely welcome - including questions and

    Eduardo Ochs

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