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Re: Spanish lexicon

From: Olivier Teuliere
Subject: Re: Spanish lexicon
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2020 20:35:00 +0100

Hi Javier,

The DAWG file on the website should contain the original word list, and it did contain double letters.

Normally you can print its content with the "listdic" tool, which is part of the Eliot distribution on Windows (on other platforms you will have to build from source) or using the dictionary tools in the interface.Unfortunately, I gave it a try and it seems that the special letters are not displayed properly. It is probably also the reason why you don't have these letters when playing...

You should probably try with older versions of listdic from the Windows archives, in case it is a bug in the latest versions. Once you recover the original word list, you should be able to compress a new DAWG, which will hopefully work better (let me know if not).

Happy new year! :)

On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 4:25 PM Juan Díaz Díaz <kerrigan29a@hotmail.com> wrote:

Do you still have the original Spanish Lexicon? In the Spanish dictionary section, the website points to a broken link (http://www.fisescrabble.org/L.rar), and I was not able to find the original file googling.

I want to check if the original file contains any word with double R or double L because in the DAWG dictionary there is no word with these double letters. For example HieRRo or HaLLar.

Best regards,

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