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Re: [eLyXer-users] split document: 1st and last page navigation

From: Axel Jacobs
Subject: Re: [eLyXer-users] split document: 1st and last page navigation
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 05:13:08 +0000
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Hi Alex,

The original bug reports ("Up:" link to self at the beginning, and
empty "Next:" that unbalances the header at the end) should be fixed
by now, please confirm.

Yes, this is working. Thank you.

My own conclusion is therefore that, at least for now, one would have to
squeeze the Elyxer output into a template that takes care of all the site
integration. This template would then have a get-me-out-of-here link, or a
more elaborate form of site integration.

I think the template is an excellent solution; as you will probably
know there is even the --template option to help with this.

This is what I meant.

Having said all this, José Ramón's suggestion of the --uplink would actually
make sense. However, instead of redefining the Up: link on the first page,
it could be a little header (or footer) in it's own right, sitting above the
page nav header and below the page nav footer of ALL pages. --uplink would
require two string args: the visible text, and the url:

--uplink "Go back to documentation index" "../../docs/index.html"

Not that José Ramón's suggestion doesn't have merits, of course; but
one must ponder the benefits against the costs. In this case it looks
too complex when a template is probably a better solution anyway.

The --template solution is more flexible and works for me. It does require a bit more work and some thinking, though. --uplink would have offered a straight-forward solution that possibly would have been good enough for a large number of cases, but I understand why you want to avoid messy command-line options and redundancy.



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