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Re: [eLyXer-users] Full headers in page navigation

From: Axel Jacobs
Subject: Re: [eLyXer-users] Full headers in page navigation
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 05:31:19 +0000
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Now that the line wrapping in the page navigation works so nicely ;-p I was
wondering if the full header of the prev, next and up pages could be shown,
not just the numbering...

I understand that you want the links to say e.g. "Next: 2. The
Problem", not just "Next: 2".

It looks like an interesting problem: how do you deal with long part
names? (and I mean "part" as "any kind of part including Part, Book,
Chapter..."). A long part name would overflow, causing some ugly
adjustments on small screens. We might truncate the part name, but to
what length? 20, 30 characters? It might look ugly regardless. A bit
of hovering text might work, but it is not too comfortable.

I'm not sure that truncating is a good idea.

Just surveyed some other HTML converters. The links below point to example documents that show how next/up/prev is handled. I did not investigate if this can be customised.

- tth (http://hutchinson.belmont.ma.us/tth/manual/sec5.html#tth_sEc5.2)
  top: head, previous
  bottom: head, next

- latex2html
  top: Next, Up, Prev (as icons)
       Next: full name, Up: full name, Prev: full name

- hevea (http://para.inria.fr/~maranget/hevea/doc/manual041.html#toc123)
  top: Up, Next (as icons)
  bottom: Up, Next (as icons)

- tex4ht (http://www.tug.org/applications/tex4ht/mn3.html)
  top: exit full section heading

As you know, none of the packages produce output that is even remotely as nice as that from Elyxer. The navigation header from latex2html is about as close as it get, but
a) Whay is the order Next, Up, Prev and not the other way around?
b) the section names are not numbered and very short, so it's hard to tell what happens when they are longer.

Well, this didn't get us very far, did it?



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