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[Emacs-bug-tracker] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: [Emacs-bug-tracker] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 16:23:04 -0400

The following problem reports have not yet been marked as `done' by a
message to address@hidden or `forwarded' by a
message to address@hidden

Maintainers with few outstanding bugs appear first, so as not to be
lost deep in the message.

 Package     Ref    Subject

address@hidden (1 bugs):
 aquamacs     5922  23.1.93; Hang showing completion list with Tramp

address@hidden (10 bugs):
 debbugs.gn    860  forcemerge should not require same packages
 debbugs.gn    922  unwanted mail from debbugs.gnu.org
 debbugs.gn    936  Some mails to bug-gnu-emacs evade emacsbugs
 debbugs.gn   2091  Don't sent "bug closed" mail when closed by submitter
 debbugs.gn   2645  23.0.90; [WISH] Bug reports movements should be available v
 debbugs.gn   5418  commenting on existing bugs via the web
 debbugs.gn   5419  Setting bug meta-data via the web
 debbugs.gn   5439  Per-bug subscription
 debbugs.gn   5455  suppress duplicate emails
 debbugs.gn   5789  there is a single mailing list for control messages

address@hidden (33 bugs):
 coreutils    5776  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5778  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5779  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5780  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5781  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5783  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5832  Feature request: uniq -k
 coreutils    5915  [coreutils] Feature: Introduce fiemap copy to cp(1) and mv(
 coreutils    5918  [dd] conv=sparse option
 coreutils    5947  [PATCH] cp: add an option to only copy the file attributes
 coreutils    5959  testsuite failure on misc/selinux
 coreutils    5962  improving SHA1 using intel SS3 instructions
 coreutils    6004  [libvirt] [PATCH 3/4] Fix QEMU save/restore with block devi
 coreutils    6022  cp: Make --backup the default
 coreutils    6023  cp: Make --backup the default
 coreutils    6048  [coreutils] Re: Feature: add ocfs2 reflink to cp(1)
 coreutils    6053  cp, ls, and mv bug: unknown error (252)
 coreutils    6055  Add an example to --help for date
 coreutils    6056  base32 output for md5sum sha1sum etc.
 coreutils    6104  [Expert] Bug in mv?
 coreutils    6110  shred: Please add GUI interface
 coreutils    6118  [Expert] Bug in mv?
 coreutils    6123  basename/dirname are not POSIX compliant on arg starting wi
 coreutils    6124  basename/dirname are not POSIX compliant on arg starting wi
 coreutils    6125  [PATCH] Fix indent of --help and --version
 coreutils    6131  [PATCH]: fiemap support for efficient sparse file copy
 coreutils    6132  bug in date: --rfc-3339=TIMESPEC option doesn't print 'T'
 coreutils    6138  mv while maintaining relative symbolic links
 coreutils    6169  [PATCH 1/2] build: update gnulib submodule to latest
 coreutils    6175  dirname manpage and info page partially wrong/misleading
 coreutils    6186  du in coreutils should add the -d flag as a shortcut to --m
 coreutils    6195  Feature Request for "fold"
 coreutils    6215  default process priority

address@hidden (1830 bugs):
 emacs          10  url-gw should support HTTP CONNECT proxies
 emacs          18  Fine-grained revert-buffer
 emacs          25  frame parameter menu-bar-lines changes height of frame
 emacs          44  23.0.60; unexpected horizontal frame size changes between b
 emacs          52  FW: [mouse-1 in Customize should respect mouse-1-click-foll
 emacs          58  Shrinking frames as of past month
 emacs          63  23.0.60; Emacs consumes all CPU while idle
 emacs          74  defcustom keyword :custom-show isn't documented
 emacs          86  HP-UX 11.X build/runtime issues for emacs 22.2
 emacs          91  using mouse to paste into comint buffer
 emacs          96  lgrep/rgrep not asking to save buffers
 emacs         101  bad C-j behavior in Emacs-Lisp mode
 emacs         108  23.0.60; Feature request: Menu item "load init files" after
 emacs         109  23.0.60; Feature request: eval-defun on defcustom :initiali
 emacs         114  Shell-mode: File completion breaks editing previous command
 emacs         121  22.2.50; Display of "zero width no-break space" (U+FEFF)
 emacs         124  23.0.60; Incorrect fontification for man in utf8 environmen
 emacs         126  23.0.60; M-( and M-) should not be bound in ESC map
 emacs         127  periodic timers getting wrong next time
 emacs         135  eval-defun binds print-level during eval
 emacs         139  describe-key vs. widget red tape
 emacs         140  python-try-complete
 emacs         157  Infinite recursion in compile window
 emacs         158  Etags completion problem for local tags table
 emacs         167  23.0.60; new frames ignore set-default-font
 emacs         169  23.0.60; Umlaut chars with 'face property set to 'bold aren
 emacs         172  dired-aux.el better nroff suggestion
 emacs         181  23.0.60; OSX: Case insensitive file name completion
 emacs         182  23.0.60; Broken C-M-\ after ctrl:swapcaps
 emacs         186  23.0.50; can't debug `message'
 emacs         188  23.0.60; Custom-save deleting custom file
 emacs         192  regexp does not work as documented
 emacs         195  menu bar misbehavior during (ispell-buffer)
 emacs         203  Maximize frame does not work at startup
 emacs         215  view-lossage should go to point-max
 emacs         222  isearch-repeat-forward: wrong overlay after failure
 emacs         244  emacs-22.x hang in child after forking a process (before ex
 emacs         253  inhibit-startup-message bug in 22.2.1
 emacs         267  dired-do-query-replace-regex replace ALL
 emacs         276  23.0.60; crash after C-x 5 1
 emacs         284  Trunk CVS emacs: Stack overflow in equal
 emacs         285  23.0.60; segv on recompile in lisp directory on build
 emacs         289  show, and also change modeline coding system
 emacs         302  compilation problems on mac os x
 emacs         321  Underline drawing that leaves gaps for descenders
 emacs         330  Emacs 22.2: iso-2022-jp fails to encode some valid characte
 emacs         336  Replace all matches only the first met string when you past
 emacs         337  vc-diff forget previous point
 emacs         338  Compilation mode: file positions incorrectly identified
 emacs         342  kill-line sometimes unexpectedly kills invisible text
 emacs         350  ido-mode not compatible with url-handler-mode
 emacs         352  set-cursor-color docstring vs. list-colors-display "showroo
 emacs         353  M-x customize lacks search function
 emacs         354  "Added (how many lines, bytes?!) to file.txt"
 emacs         355  M-x should prompt with function under cursor as default
 emacs         358  dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp
 emacs         359  Inferior Python hangs at startup
 emacs         364  rmail-set-attribute
 emacs         365  rmail mode
 emacs         366  Problem executing emacs
 emacs         367  compilation-scroll-output not working on certain long line
 emacs         370  dired "total used in directory 116 available 1025920"
 emacs         374  Info header line does not respect mouse-1-click-follows-lin
 emacs         375  forward-word cmd finds beginning of next word
 emacs         379  apropos mostly a rummage heap
 emacs         380  previous-matching-history-element beef up
 emacs         385  [PATCH] comment-indent doesn't respect comment-indent-funct
 emacs         386  23.0.60; Different behavior in C-e and C-S-e between -nw an
 emacs         390  23.0.60; killed buffer in list from function buffer-list?
 emacs         397  23.0.60; T in Info when in (dir)
 emacs         400  23.0.60; C-h v should pick up lispified name in Customize
 emacs         401  bug in HTML or XML syntax highlighting code
 emacs         403  23.0.60; two bugs with internal-border-width
 emacs         411  23.0.60; flet and byte-compilation
 emacs         414  23.0.60; Womang hangs on some links
 emacs         418  origin of some functions still a mystery in *Help*
 emacs         421  problems with async "shell-command" and gnome-open
 emacs         424  new feature: killed-buffer
 emacs         434  Minor Enhancement: Toggle narrowing/widen a function region
 emacs         439  22.2.50; crash: process-send-string, nntp-with-open-group-f
 emacs         446  flyspelling in the minibuffer
 emacs         455  emacs question
 emacs         456  menu-bar does not resize window
 emacs         458  [PATCH] Restrain the load message when emacs running with -
 emacs         459  Zero-length overlays, overlay keymaps, and `overlays-at'
 emacs         461  delete-window means "get out of my face" even for sole wind
 emacs         462  append-region-to-file as alias for append-to-file
 emacs         463  multiple line Local Variables at the TOP of a file
 emacs         466  23.0.60; windmove.el doesnt not always switch windows in ER
 emacs         475  23.0.60; [Feature request] activate kerning and standard li
 emacs         492  messages upon kill-emacs gone before you know it
 emacs         493  describe-variable vs. not necessarily soul origins
 emacs         495  xon-xoff (^S, ^Q) for the *shell* buffer
 emacs         504  *Completions* not buried
 emacs         505  23.0.60; Font for fixed-pitch not resolved
 emacs         511  package for potential inclusion in emacs
 emacs         513  Several places should use run-mode-hooks
 emacs         515  process-connection-type weirdness on Mac OS X
 emacs         516  [PATCH] Minor Enhancement for grep.el: auto-input the symbo
 emacs         518  Dutch input method flooded with Turkish conversation sequen
 emacs         526  Emacs 22, url package, problems with cache
 emacs         530  Emacs 22 occasionally loses undo buffer?
 emacs         536  Emacs makes inferior-scheme and inferior-lisp hang when...
 emacs         537  Emacs makes inferior-scheme and inferior-lisp hang when...
 emacs         541  Trouble getting archive files to load
 emacs         543  Random "Regular expression too big"
 emacs         556  cperl-mode colors "stat" as built-in function even in "use 
 emacs         559  23.0.60; Emacs with multi-tty and server-mode crashed
 emacs         560  image-mode: add rotation
 emacs         575  suggestion: add link to info doc in describe mode
 emacs         583  Use XDG basedir spec for configuration files?
 emacs         594  23.0.60; Mention iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map in Elisp manual?
 emacs         607  23.0.60; grep -w & grep-highlight-matches
 emacs         608  23.0.60; grep -w & grep-highlight-matches
 emacs         612  23.0.60; nxml-mode bug when using XHTML 1. Transitional
 emacs         623  23.0.60; ignored font statement in initial-frame-alist
 emacs         631  the M- notation suggestion
 emacs         633  23.0.60; doc/lispref//os.texi faulty + declaration mismatch
 emacs         635  Adding font-lock keywords results in no font-lock at all
 emacs         644  23.0.60; diary-anniversary failure
 emacs         645  23.0.60; rng-after-change-function error when validation no
 emacs         646  No arguments
 emacs         651  suggestion: replace xpm images format by png
 emacs         663  Adding --quiet option to emacsclient
 emacs         670  23.0.60; x-create-frame gives wrong-type-argument error
 emacs         675  23.0.60; Edebugging track-mouse
 emacs         697  Octave comments in emacs
 emacs         701  23.0.60; url-http.el package should not rewrite POST to GET
 emacs         703  Octave comments in emacs
 emacs         707  23.0.60; segmentation fault in gtkutil.c:update_frame_tool_
 emacs         718  Hang after window resize
 emacs         727  compilation-disable-input
 emacs         733  23.0.60; epa-list-keys buffer behaves strangely
 emacs         734  23.0.60; Interactively use a list argument to replace-strin
 emacs         739  Suggested small functions to plug symmetry gaps
 emacs         740  23.0.60; Text buttons does not do the action with mouse-1
 emacs         748  Elisp: lexical-let and cyclic structures
 emacs         753  [Fwd: sh-script.el: indentation of ( )]
 emacs         754  Can't cancel dabbrev-expand (M-/) with C-g
 emacs         756  longlines-mode with longlines-wrap-follows-window-size does
 emacs         763  multi-part images vs. image-mode
 emacs         764  23.0.60; fontified prompt in *shell* extends to normal text
 emacs         765  23.0.60; config.log shrinks to less than 1 KB
 emacs         768  23.0.60; vc-bzr.el re-reads metadata files in an endless lo
 emacs         770  23.0.60; tooltip can't display border
 emacs         783  undefined reference getopt_long
 emacs         784  Segfaults in alloc.c (batch process)
 emacs         786  move verilog.el error patterns into compile.el
 emacs         787  Change in skeleton-insert behaviour
 emacs         788  menu indications of key bindings for remapped commands
 emacs         793  23.0.60; dead keys not correctly in use
 emacs         796  23.0.60; UTF-8 display
 emacs         797  list-faces-display imposes its own background,doesn't respe
 emacs         801  grep et al should use font-lock
 emacs         803  erc causes emacs to hang with multi-tty
 emacs         804  TLS infinite loop
 emacs         807  Incompatibility in emacs & aspell-0.60.4
 emacs         808  Mouse clicks on the menubar don't currently work with a con
 emacs         829  23.0.60; wrong position of accents in X11
 emacs         830  23.0.60; window-size-change-functions sometimes not called
 emacs         837  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         841  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         843  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         844  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         846  Bug in handling invisible text, and bug in Pmail.
 emacs         850  23.0.60; make autoloads reports memory exhaustion
 emacs         854  Server port customisation
 emacs         869  Bug in handling invisible text, and bug in Pmail.
 emacs         871  23.0.60; diff mode inverted logic
 emacs         875  23.0.60; Can't select bitstream vera sans mono as (default)
 emacs         883  23.0.60; Visiting file lets Emacs crash
 emacs         889  23.0.60; "Recover Crashed Session" fails "No files can be r
 emacs         890  Problem using `etc/emacs.bash' with EmacsW32
 emacs         895  slow processing of process output
 emacs         896  Inclusion of jabber.el in Emacs 24
 emacs         906  emacsclient +EOF etc. ways to position counting from EOF
 emacs         910  leim-list.el is looked up in too many places at startup
 emacs         917  Too heavy consing in MULE file saving?
 emacs         927  vc-bzr.el with cygwin bzr
 emacs         938  23.0.60; debug-on-error sometimes fails to debug on error
 emacs         940  Is there a way to quit loading of ~/.emacs please?
 emacs         953  pre-crt0.o error for build in separate directory
 emacs         957  23.0.60; No doc string for Dired functions
 emacs         960  23.0.60; excess consing
 emacs         961  23.0.60; Excess consing visiting files
 emacs         963  no support for viewing bmp images?
 emacs         965  23.0.60; filesets doc
 emacs         971  23.0.60; next-line, previous-line and goal-column
 emacs         972  23.0.60; frame-title in mode-line
 emacs         975  ffap C-x d vs file[names]like[this]
 emacs         976  23.0.60; incorrect code for filesets-get-filelist
 emacs         988  cursor runs over prompt in minibuffer; suggestion on defaul
 emacs         991  Emacs crashes when working with unapplied diff/patch file
 emacs         995  large verilog file hangs hilighting
 emacs         996  ntemacs 23.0.60; vc-dir bug
 emacs         997  perl mode blows "'" etc.
 emacs         998  after split-window-horizontally scroll works only on first 
 emacs        1000  C-i is TAB on my Mac
 emacs        1001  23.0.60; xref Interactive Call from Calling Functions in El
 emacs        1010  23.0.60; call-interactively doc
 emacs        1012  calculate-lisp-indent
 emacs        1015  Problem with emacs and GNOME with accessibility enabled
 emacs        1028  Improvement: Persistent Hash Store with GDBM
 emacs        1029  Literate Programming: Emacs Lisp and Noweb
 emacs        1037  23.0.60; problem with file name completion in mini-buffer
 emacs        1041  23.0.60; Custom variable not turned on after autoload
 emacs        1042  23.0.60; read-char can evaluate to non-character
 emacs        1053  23.0.60; 600 MB memory not freed after keyboard-quit
 emacs        1077  23.0.60; x-create-frame: (wrong-type-argument number-or-mar
 emacs        1084  23.0.60; doc string of Info-read-node-name-2
 emacs        1092  compilation-goto-error goes to wrong location when buffer h
 emacs        1095  23.0.60; Unexpected point position after undo 
 emacs        1102  23.0.60; add-hook should check that its function arg is a f
 emacs        1103  23.0.60; which-func misses functions
 emacs        1109  Suggestions on emacs's scratch buffer
 emacs        1110  23.0.60; please provide a hook after ispell-change-dictiona
 emacs        1111  describe-key's key notation display inconsistency
 emacs        1112  23.0.60; Child process not cleaned up properly
 emacs        1119  elisp-index-search on current symbol
 emacs        1122  say how to turn OFF auto-fill with local variables
 emacs        1125  23.0.60; Occasional hangs in redisplay
 emacs        1139  scrollbar stuck in place
 emacs        1140  23.0.60; RMAIL: undigestify-rmail-message weird output
 emacs        1144  23.0.60; No doc string for `symbol-at-point' and other, sim
 emacs        1147  say "Copied: 2 files" instead of "Copy: 2 files"
 emacs        1148  23.0.60; recursive edits can sometimes not be stopped in em
 emacs        1149  23.0.60; C-h m should mention command that toggles mode and
 emacs        1150  23.0.60; Ibuffer's menubar menu should be named Ibuffer, no
 emacs        1157  Window size problems
 emacs        1159  frame-local-variable problem
 emacs        1163  23.0.60; With SVN, vc-annotate doesn't display the date for
 emacs        1166  23.0.60; Point jumps instead of scrolling in the new line
 emacs        1169  23.0.60; (substitute-command-keys "\\{...}") adds extra new
 emacs        1174  23.0.60; Some UTF-8 mails displaying wrongly in Emacs 23
 emacs        1184  document how to deal with beer belly rectangles
 emacs        1188  Info reader and newlines in dir file
 emacs        1197  Menu bar not high enough to contain font
 emacs        1206  23.0.60; read-shell-command completion problem
 emacs        1208  overlay after-string and adjacent overlays with same string
 emacs        1212  23.0.60; split-string-and-unquote problems
 emacs        1218  Allow setting of quit-char
 emacs        1219  23.0.60; Default Font
 emacs        1221  overlay before- and after-string and help-echo
 emacs        1222  overlay display inherits face properties from buffer
 emacs        1223  Final announcement on emacs-pretest-bug is out of date
 emacs        1224  [PATCH] user/group name completion
 emacs        1226  Desktop holds second Emacs session hostage; C-x C-c doesn't
 emacs        1229  generate-new-buffer-name could be more efficient
 emacs        1238  23.0.60; ido-write-file makes it easy to overwrite files un
 emacs        1242  23.0.60; aborted soon after I cloned a buffer
 emacs        1246  Bug : 23.0.60; "customize emacs" overwrites "custom-set-var
 emacs        1247  Worse excess consing while visiting files
 emacs        1250  quail/uni-input and quail/hangul autoloaded during -Q start
 emacs        1252  mips.h obsolete macros 
 emacs        1254  23.0.60; linum-mode display problem with variable-pitch fon
 emacs        1255  23.0.60; linum-mode: no update after text-scale-adjust
 emacs        1256  Race condition in vc-diff
 emacs        1257  23.0.60; vc-dir silent when it fails to connect to remote h
 emacs        1281  23.0.60; Info-mode-map should not bind both `backtab' and `
 emacs        1282  Improvement to gud.el error message
 emacs        1291  23.0.60; 1) resize-mini-windows: customizable, 2) if grow m
 emacs        1303  too many faces initialized for tooltip frames
 emacs        1304  M-% not correctly interpreted.
 emacs        1305  All code that currently beeps should use visual bell instea
 emacs        1321  process-lines
 emacs        1336  after-string not displayed when overlay has a before-string
 emacs        1338  uniquify uses advice
 emacs        1339  flyspell-buffer extraneous message to messages buffer
 emacs        1340  M-x shell-command sudo
 emacs        1343  [PATCH] trace package
 emacs        1348  set-frame-width and set-frame-position seem buggy on at lea
 emacs        1351  23.0.60; Provide doc strings for functions in replace.el
 emacs        1355  suggestion on the modeline
 emacs        1375  23.0.60; Elisp manual node Special Properties
 emacs        1379  emacs --daemon not working with X11 dual-head
 emacs        1381  23.0.60; capitalization of car and cdr in the doc
 emacs        1391  calendar numeric month names
 emacs        1394  `kbd' is wasteful
 emacs        1395  copyright.el: Switch to recommended form of GPLv3 permissio
 emacs        1396  Idea: unify *newline(-and-indent)
 emacs        1397  RFC: A "markup mode"
 emacs        1399  23.0.60; Some Unicode glyphs incorrectly mapped to CJK
 emacs        1401  23.0.60; url-cookie-handle-set-cookie doesnt check for trus
 emacs        1402  suggestion: add 'symbol to regexp-opt's second parameter
 emacs        1406  backward-up-list reports scan error incorrectly?
 emacs        1408  23.0.60; git/*vc-dir*: does not register a symbolic link wh
 emacs        1410  23.0.60; ido and ffap causes trouble
 emacs        1411  errors message upon exit disappear along with emacs
 emacs        1412  what-file-line, used when writing gdb script
 emacs        1421  23.0.60; Menu items in Options menu
 emacs        1425  Longlines mode not preserving text properties
 emacs        1428  backtrace from edebug does not have links
 emacs        1429  vc-BACKEND-program options
 emacs        1438  23.0.60; Wrong file/directory completion in *shell* buffers
 emacs        1443  23.0.60; key bindings in help-mode
 emacs        1457  23.0.60; C-h f timer-create
 emacs        1462  Document/implement local-unset-map
 emacs        1463  Document/implement local-unset-map
 emacs        1464  wikipedia-mode-map (was: Document/implement local-unset-map
 emacs        1465  wikipedia-mode-map (was: Document/implement local-unset-map
 emacs        1473  23.0.60; Tooltips are not antialiased
 emacs        1474  23.0.60; desktop.el don't check if pid in his lock file is 
 emacs        1477  23.0.60; Customize "not marked HIDDEN" is unclear
 emacs        1478  23.0.60; doc string of custom-unlispify-*
 emacs        1479  fileio.c cleanup
 emacs        1482  cleanup: term.c dead code
 emacs        1483  cleanup: replace NO_SOCKETS_IN_FILE_SYSTEM in emacsclient.c
 emacs        1490  23.0.60; C-d sends "\n" while debugging with gdb in Emacs
 emacs        1492  Slowness
 emacs        1496  23.0.60; comint-delete-output should copy region to the kil
 emacs        1501  Emacs 22 loses undo buffer
 emacs        1503  feature request: multiline header (and mode) lines
 emacs        1512  23.0.60; SPC, TAB during completion do not do word completi
 emacs        1516  Wish: ido-fallback-command does not use the previous select
 emacs        1521  23.0.60; Emacs losing values of variables
 emacs        1523  [Ivan Shmakov] process-send-string apparently mangles \r in
 emacs        1524  23.0.60; gs.el - This code is experimental.  Don't use it.
 emacs        1525  prompt string for execute-extended-command not flexible
 emacs        1526  22.2.50; doc strings: menu-bar-mode scroll-bar-mode tool-ba
 emacs        1529  23.0.60; Recursive load: tramp.elc
 emacs        1532  suggestion: open dir in dired using same buffer
 emacs        1536  diff-mode for git patches problem
 emacs        1537  diff-mode for git patches trouble
 emacs        1539  [PATCH] calendar/todo-mode.el: todo-expert-mode, New variab
 emacs        1540  emacsclient -t fails under su
 emacs        1542  link emacs functions in Info
 emacs        1553  23.0.60; footnote-mode confusion
 emacs        1565  23.0.60; bug #374 is still a bug
 emacs        1580  zap-to-char too raw, or document
 emacs        1586  prefix arg when mouse clicking on header line
 emacs        1591  Failed to compile emacs from CVS with the new glibc-2.9-3.i
 emacs        1593  ruby-mode: problems with font-lock
 emacs        1598  Please add easy key bindings for outline-(minor-)mode
 emacs        1610  Add a functionality of bullet list and enumeration list to 
 emacs        1611  23.0.60; smooth-scroll sluggish
 emacs        1615  (info "(emacs)Environment") should note how to remove ENV v
 emacs        1642  grep fails with "Can't exec program"
 emacs        1646  23.0.60; xim problom
 emacs        1651  23.0.60; Elisp manual node Insertion
 emacs        1654  23.0.60; auto encoding detection (detect-coding-region) not
 emacs        1661  23.0.60; SMTP getting ^M^M
 emacs        1666  23.0.60; Emacs goes in a malloc loop
 emacs        1667  23.0.60; env var completion in shell mode - case sensitivit
 emacs        1681  23.0.60; list-processes - please reset focus to original fr
 emacs        1682  23.0.60; XKB layouts
 emacs        1688  23.0.60; ttname returned by system-process-attributes point
 emacs        1702  feature request: correctly display single file zip archive
 emacs        1708  23.0.60; g_main_context_prepare() called recursively
 emacs        1726  23.0.60; end-of-sentence and non-breaking space
 emacs        1727  23.0.60; char syntax for non-breaking space
 emacs        1742  23.0.60; ediff-skip-merge-regions-that-differ-from-default 
 emacs        1746  Buffer swapping interface
 emacs        1749  23.0.60; Emacs manual, node Mode Line
 emacs        1753  emacs may cause window manager to hang
 emacs        1757  23.0.60; completion DWIM too clever
 emacs        1761  23.0.60; Can't reach info nodes that aren't in TOC
 emacs        1765  Copy/paste inconsistent with other X apps
 emacs        1768  23.0.60; proced-mode should be autoloaded
 emacs        1771  23.0.60; suggest "both" option for copyright-at-end-flag
 emacs        1775  [Terran Lane] meta-delete has wrong default binding; should
 emacs        1776  [Pierre THIERRY] Use of non-standard header without X- befo
 emacs        1779  23.0.60; proced with variable-pitch header line
 emacs        1785  Font scaling does not work for the default font in some cas
 emacs        1794  accessibility vs. password echoing
 emacs        1795  shell problem
 emacs        1798  23.0.60; easypg incompatible with tramp?
 emacs        1806  dired-pop-to-buffer in wrong place
 emacs        1808  23.0.60; picture-mode not considering double-width characte
 emacs        1821  23.0.60; customizing ediff-highlight-all-diffs or ediff-use
 emacs        1824  Control-H  t not bringing up tutorial
 emacs        1833  23.0.60; Bug in custom-set-variables sorting
 emacs        1858  cleanup: POLL_FOR_INPUT
 emacs        1863  Improved grep prompt
 emacs        1867  Resizing window causes text flickering when using antialias
 emacs        1877  Request: Regular expressions that can match Unicode general
 emacs        1887  23.0.60; BibTeX: C-c M-k not working
 emacs        1892  Please ship http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ErcBar included 
 emacs        1894  23.0.60; list-faces-display does not respect special-displa
 emacs        1908  ange-ftp does not support extended passive mode
 emacs        1913  Identifier after reserved word "raise" is not always highli
 emacs        1933  23.0.60; [PATCH] dir-local variables don't work on remote f
 emacs        1947  23.0.60; Please document use of `dired' with an explicit fi
 emacs        1948  confusion and bug in dabbrev.el
 emacs        1955  23.0.60; otf font renders, but not when 'default' face is e
 emacs        1972  problem using ange-ftp to access files on QNX4 machine
 emacs        1975  Reusing dead shell buffers
 emacs        1980  23.0.60; emacs switches focus to graphical frame when serve
 emacs        1985  python.el doesn't define `comment-start-skip'
 emacs        1986  dir-locals.el take precedence over user's mode-hook changes
 emacs        1987  emacs22 python mode doesn't indent all valid "finally" bloc
 emacs        1989  23.0.60; Documentation for 'Major Mode Examples'
 emacs        2008  etags - file-of-tag-function setting has no effect
 emacs        2013  Bug in Elisp-Doku
 emacs        2024  23.0.60; Document --daemon incompatibility with X11 options
 emacs        2025  23.0.60; emacsclient: frame does not get focus on opening
 emacs        2028  23.0.60; (1) dired-guess-default should remove duplicates (
 emacs        2030  23.0.60; doc string of dired-guess-shell-alist-user
 emacs        2035  23.0.60; doc string of dired-read-shell-command
 emacs        2042  Ido-mode : filtering does not keep ordering
 emacs        2046  tags-query-replace
 emacs        2048  Flymake Enhancement
 emacs        2061  23.0.60; Add preference to force load of Elisp files when t
 emacs        2064  titdic-cnv fails during build on amd64
 emacs        2065  23.0.60; Add xmodmap-mode
 emacs        2066  Face `unspecified' inheritance ignores face-remapping-alist
 emacs        2093  23.0.60; vc-dir & vc-stay-local with Subversion 
 emacs        2099  23.0.60; `mark_object' with larger nested objects crashes E
 emacs        2134  [PATCH] progmodes/compile.el: check global-font-lock-mode
 emacs        2136  cleanup:  Fresume_tty and Fsuspend_tty
 emacs        2138  23.0.60; --daemon and ediff-window-setup-function
 emacs        2140  Error in menu-bar-update-hook: (error Variable binding dept
 emacs        2144  23.0.60; find-grep reports nonsense when interrupted
 emacs        2145  23.0.90; S-SPC should scroll up in view-only buffers
 emacs        2148  In shell mode, comint-send-input seems to cut off at 254 ch
 emacs        2149  23.0.60; docview set slice when avoidance mode active
 emacs        2151  23.0.90; Building the 23.0.90 pretest recompiles Lisp files
 emacs        2159  23.0.60; [PATCH] Incorrect fontification of SETF functions.
 emacs        2160  23.0.60; Indentation of LOOP (cl-indent.el)
 emacs        2163  fill-paragraph stops working randomly
 emacs        2176  Observations on the splash screen - and signal-process
 emacs        2179  23.0.60; define-key vs define-key-after key syntax
 emacs        2198  23.0.90; menu tooltip and pane glitches
 emacs        2204  23.0.90; minibuffer font and frame size
 emacs        2205  electric-perl-terminator leaves point at beginning of line 
 emacs        2212  23.0.90; excessive redisplay
 emacs        2222  completion of labels in rmail
 emacs        2224  [PATCH] add-log.el: Modularize add-log-current-defun, new t
 emacs        2233  [Aquamacs-bugs] viper-mode cursor color does not reset to r
 emacs        2236  23.0.60; kill-whole-line kills physical line in visual-line
 emacs        2240  suggestions on emacs menu
 emacs        2244  23.0.90; longlines-mode arrow key disabling bug
 emacs        2249  23.0.90; default-frame-alist: Invalid function: (menu-bar-l
 emacs        2250  23.0.90; Ask the user before printing (sending to printer)
 emacs        2251  corrupted header in rmail
 emacs        2252  python-load-file in python.el does not seem to work
 emacs        2263  String comparison that takes locale into account
 emacs        2265  Core dump with "Fatal error (6).Abort" message
 emacs        2269  dired-backup-diff and count-lines-region
 emacs        2270  23.0.90; find-library: (1) doc string, (2) other-window ver
 emacs        2280  /sw and /opt/local on OSX
 emacs        2288  [patch] NATO support in morse.el
 emacs        2289  wishlist with fix: losing X-windows clipboard
 emacs        2291  23.0.90; finder-commentary
 emacs        2296  23.0.90; x-pointer-shape is not defined in emacs -Q
 emacs        2298  Customize lines have extra space at end, thwarting RET
 emacs        2299  23.0.90; settings in Xresources not applied when emacs --da
 emacs        2308  23.0.90; Don't delete /tmp/emacs$ID/server on kill-emacs
 emacs        2319  23.0.90; search and replace does not move the point correct
 emacs        2329  23.0.90; C-p misbehaves near end of visual line when displa
 emacs        2341  absolute file name arg of `true-filename': should/must?
 emacs        2346  23.0.90; When starting emacs as a server, keybindings are d
 emacs        2348  23.0.90; rmail: weird "??????" in rmail-summary-buffer
 emacs        2350  23.0.90; compilation-mode inserts output in the wrong locat
 emacs        2353  23.0.90; jka-compr: LZMA support
 emacs        2355  23.0.60; Enabling minor-mode disables major mode
 emacs        2360  23.0.90; redirect-frame-focus induces translucent tooltips/
 emacs        2365  Emacs-22.3 building issue.
 emacs        2374  23.0.60; Printing doesn't use face
 emacs        2383  describe-bindings listp, #<EMACS BUG: INVALID DATATYPE>
 emacs        2394  -iconic switch causes max button on window to not be there
 emacs        2400  23.0.90; shell-mode: garbage in prompt
 emacs        2404  [PATCH] rcirc - support servers that require a PASS command
 emacs        2405  Flyspell patch - Provide users with a way to specify their 
 emacs        2409  23.0.90; org-mode + viper-mode + ns make typing unresponsiv
 emacs        2413  file-directory-p reports incorrect value for ftp root files
 emacs        2414  23.0.90; use dired-guess-default too for minibuffer-default
 emacs        2419  23.0.90; python-mode: Better Imenu
 emacs        2421  23.0.90; python-mode: Indent commands behavior
 emacs        2422  Programmer Dvorak keyboard
 emacs        2433  23.0.90; [DOC] Sec.21, Command Loop, does not describe undo
 emacs        2434  23.0.90; C-h h make emacs crash
 emacs        2448  23.0.90; sliced Image not redisplayed when scrolling
 emacs        2451  23.0.90; rmail - semi-colon in rmail-primary-inbox-list and
 emacs        2459  22.2.1: global-font-lock-mode does not turn off colors: ido
 emacs        2470  23.0.90; auto-fill-mode, :minor-mode-function
 emacs        2473  usability issues on emacs's describe-mode
 emacs        2474  23.0.90; Use different faces in *Completion* buffers
 emacs        2490  compilation only highlights the "E" of error
 emacs        2491  23.0.90; Flymake too aggressive when responding to unusual 
 emacs        2496  23.0.60; scroll-preserve-screen-position bug
 emacs        2499  23.0.91;  syntax-ppss / beginning-of-defun not saving match
 emacs        2501  22.2.1: terminal mrxvt white - font's are unreadable
 emacs        2504  ignore invalid font-backends
 emacs        2520  23.0.91; Dies on SIGHUP
 emacs        2527  23.0.91; abbrev-defs formating
 emacs        2536  23.0.90; ! in Dired does not shell-quote the command name a
 emacs        2541  23.0.91; doc-view: unexpected scrolling after returning to 
 emacs        2544  23.0.60; Could etags please try find a local tag first?
 emacs        2549  23.0.60; doc-view: scrolling other window wraps unexpectedl
 emacs        2551  23.0.91; doc-view: split window only updated with scroll-ba
 emacs        2553  *vc-diff* buffers are read-only, but M-k works
 emacs        2556  23.0.91; gdb-ui sometimes messes up window handling
 emacs        2577  23.0.91; startup.el should choose .emacs ahead of .emacs.el
 emacs        2583  DEL stops at field boundaries; M-DEL doesn't
 emacs        2584  23.0.91; Void variable diary-view-holidays-initially-flag
 emacs        2588  23.0.90; Man buffer improperly formatted - wrong width
 emacs        2589  23.0.90; `C-x h' in minibuffer should not include prompt
 emacs        2591  Custom should warn if 'other is not the last in a choice
 emacs        2600  23.0.91; selecting and deselecting nxml
 emacs        2602  Emacs shell exits when executed command sets stdout and std
 emacs        2603  defalias - doc string copied to definition 
 emacs        2618  23.0.90; Point shifts leftward during vertical motion in bu
 emacs        2623  23.0.91; File is under version-control; use C-x v v to chec
 emacs        2624  rmail-message-filter
 emacs        2630  most keywords in emacs-lisp-mode has no syntax highlight
 emacs        2643  23.0.91; request for enhancement?
 emacs        2648  23.0.60; remove C-c ` from rcirc track minor mode
 emacs        2650  Add "lisp/term/screen.el" to support GNU Screen's 256 color
 emacs        2653  shell terminates when cmd sets stdout to non-blocking
 emacs        2659  23.0.91; set-face-attribute :height float on a Mac
 emacs        2666  23.0.91; TeX calendar and UTF-8 encoding
 emacs        2677  23.0.91; need ability to run emacs --daemon in the foregrou
 emacs        2681  23.0.91; incorrect line shown by lisp compiler
 emacs        2689  23.0.91; Can't customize whitespace-display-mappings: "This
 emacs        2690  23.0.91; line spacing with X servers
 emacs        2693  grep-find with camelCase returns error of 123
 emacs        2696  23.0.91; flyspell in TeX cite commands
 emacs        2703  23.0.91; Error in Python indenter
 emacs        2705  23.0.91; error "Buffer exceeds maximum size"
 emacs        2706  23.0.91; error "Buffer exceeds maximum size"
 emacs        2738  Content-free doc string: `handle-shift-selection'.
 emacs        2739  diff-mode should highlight "diff:" messages
 emacs        2746  [PATCH] 23.0.91; ELP header not aligned correctly.
 emacs        2749  23.0.91; Visual Line Mode: incorrect line wrapping in corne
 emacs        2752  Emacs wrap tab is broken
 emacs        2755  describe-char says that DejaVu Sans Mono is being used to d
 emacs        2772  23.0.91; emacsclient loses keybindings after terminal suspe
 emacs        2773  feature request: option for css mode to highlight #rrggbb t
 emacs        2777  refill-mode: Does not understand bullets
 emacs        2779  23.0.91; python-load-file in python.el does not seem to wor
 emacs        2783  Additional texinfo-environments
 emacs        2790  emacs 22.1.1 cannot open 5GB file on 64GB 64-bit Linux box
 emacs        2792  23.0.90; doc string of switch-to-buffer
 emacs        2807  Subject: 23.0.90; etags can't access .el.gz files
 emacs        2816  regexp-opt: does not optimize 'Abc' and 'abc'
 emacs        2820  23.0.91; ruby-mode binds keys it probably shouldn't
 emacs        2822  23.0.91; Mode-line minor mode menu is too small
 emacs        2825  23.0.91; initial-buffer-choice useless with emacs daemon
 emacs        2832  FW: 23.0.92; bad interaction between M-x man and mouse-sel-
 emacs        2851  23.0.92; abort in "apply"
 emacs        2852  info have problem when view 'edit-tab-stops' mode and 'In
 emacs        2853  23.0.92; enabling uniquify is weird
 emacs        2864  running emacsclient uninstalled
 emacs        2873  Keybinding info for remapped commands could be more useful
 emacs        2887  Suggestions for simple.el
 emacs        2889  ibuffer: sorting by KEY + secondary key (buffer name)
 emacs        2892  Crash in update_frame
 emacs        2910  23.0.60; Shell-script coloring bug
 emacs        2914  a signal to just slap emacs' face, not kill it
 emacs        2919  23.0.91; diff-mode redefines M-q to some harmfull command
 emacs        2929  filling of multi-line comments
 emacs        2932  call-interactively wrongly calls mouse-leave-buffer-hook
 emacs        2940  23.0.92; C-s in dired fails to find files with umlauts
 emacs        2944  23.0.91; vc-dir confusing at startup
 emacs        2946  23.0.92; output of describe-font-internal and doc string of
 emacs        2963  wishlist: improve speed of `make-overlay'
 emacs        2966  23.0.92; A typing error in debugger-eval-expression stops t
 emacs        2967  smart quotes in .emacs
 emacs        2974  23.0.92; Documentation incomplete for mode-line variables
 emacs        2975  `texinfo-master-menu' doesn't work.
 emacs        2982  23.0.92; `vc-diff' behaves inconsistently with git
 emacs        2988  23.0.92; Document 'ancestor' in ediff info
 emacs        2996  23.0.92; Scrolling narrows region
 emacs        3012  23.0.92; ffap/TRAMP interaction?
 emacs        3016; offer to make a directory when saving if it is n
 emacs        3018  clone-indirect-buffer-hook should be make-indirect-buffer-h
 emacs        3022  23.0.92; triangle images in Customize buffers are just plai
 emacs        3035  23.0.92; doc, terminology for graphics, display, terminal, 
 emacs        3038  23.0.91; after-change-functions and indirect buffers
 emacs        3042  23.0.92; display-visual class doc
 emacs        3052  23.0.92; please add doc strings for printing.el commands
 emacs        3090; hang involving XftGlyphExtents after moving curs
 emacs        3091  Hash and array face in cperl strings/comments
 emacs        3098  23.0.92; improving documentation of process filter function
 emacs        3120  23.0.92; custom-guess-alist should use type `alist' for ali
 emacs        3124  23.0.92; emacs crash when start scim in shell
 emacs        3135  23.0.92; doc of custom-variable-documentation
 emacs        3137  23.0.92; doc of compilation-get-file-structure
 emacs        3138  23.0.92; doc of ediff-patch-file
 emacs        3142  23.0.92; split-window-prefered-function should be able to u
 emacs        3145  23.0.92; detaching GTK+ tool bar crashes emacs --daemon
 emacs        3160  smtpmail request, support immediate starttls
 emacs        3175  23.0.92; [PATCH] Improve SQL-mode UX
 emacs        3179  Entering Chinese "zero": add U+3007
 emacs        3184  font selected different than shown
 emacs        3192  23.0.92; disabling tooltip-mode inhibits showing Customize 
 emacs        3195  23.0.93; Shrinking frame with GTK+ tool bar in KDE with gtk
 emacs        3196  bad install
 emacs        3210  face customization fails after set-face-attribute
 emacs        3214  23.0.92; VC dir mode fails after commit when files are dele
 emacs        3217  23.0.92; apropos profile
 emacs        3219  Long Line Sluggishness
 emacs        3220  23.0.92; apropos profile
 emacs        3225  session manager hang due to block on ice_fd (failure to che
 emacs        3226  here-document syntax inference and completion is broken
 emacs        3228  23.0.93; GTK font selection: asked for Courier, got Nimbus
 emacs        3229  23.0.93; ediff-directories isn't buffer coding system indep
 emacs        3230  23.0.93; Make dired-actual-switches safe local variable?
 emacs        3234  fill-column+1 problem
 emacs        3238  python mode comments should define indentation level
 emacs        3243  23.0.93; display problem with default resize-mini-windows
 emacs        3247  23.0.93; Gnus 5.13 sends corrupted messages with Cyrillic
 emacs        3249  23.0.93; doc of transpose-subr and transpose-regions
 emacs        3253  23.0.92; Subpixel rendering slows down significantly
 emacs        3255  23.0.93; occasional abort() in check_glyph_memory
 emacs        3256  23.0.93; OSX: "emacsclient -c" kills the daemon
 emacs        3259  FFAP still living in the ASCII world
 emacs        3261  23.0.93; minor vc-dir initialization bug 
 emacs        3264  emacs won't load though installed
 emacs        3273  23.0.93; "M" getting bound as prefix key instead of meta?
 emacs        3274  ido-completing-read doesn't work unless ido-mode is execute
 emacs        3280  23.0.93; extra line after mode line when no minibuffer
 emacs        3285  23.0.91; Messaging propertized text increases minibuffer he
 emacs        3291  23.0.93; ad-advice does not work on disabled advise
 emacs        3298  vc-revert-buffer sets file time-stamp into the past.
 emacs        3300  23.0.93; doc string of resize-mini-windows
 emacs        3301  23.0.93; menu bar bug with gtk-qt engine (KDE)
 emacs        3303  delete-frame raises old (invisible) frame 
 emacs        3304  view-lossage assumes always can see to bottom
 emacs        3310  condition-case-no-debug
 emacs        3312  23.0.93; Use punctuation syntax for apostrophe in Info
 emacs        3313  23.0.93; Use Lisp strings for syntax descriptor examples
 emacs        3314  23.0.93; Emacs manual, node RegPos
 emacs        3320  23.0.93; Rename `mini-' options
 emacs        3322  23.0.93; Empty overlays and what-cursor-position
 emacs        3325  23.0.93; Unexpected font for composed character
 emacs        3330  Is this a bug? (Emacs 23.0.93)
 emacs        3336  fill-individual-paragraphs recently created bug
 emacs        3347  23.0.93; unnecessary display updates with mouse-drag-region
 emacs        3348; Ediff: Creating a multi-file patch
 emacs        3349  23.0.91; `emacs --daemon' does't work with color customizat
 emacs        3350  23.0.93; Deactivation of region by the insert function
 emacs        3360  gtk daemon close display hang
 emacs        3366  23.0.94; doc of split-window-preferred-function, display-bu
 emacs        3370  23.0.94; `comment-region' indents comment chars inappropria
 emacs        3371  23.0.94; doc of `comment-style'
 emacs        3382  23.0.94; reveal-mode and outline-minor-mode
 emacs        3386  23.0.94; With long lines next-line sometimes loses the colu
 emacs        3392  23.0.94; TRAMP does not work with OpenVMS
 emacs        3393  23.0.94; Document lisp-indent-function in Elisp manual
 emacs        3395  23.0.94; Remove colon after option etc. name
 emacs        3400  bug in add-text-properties
 emacs        3408  customize-face not working: seems to apply to frame-face
 emacs        3412  macros clear echo area
 emacs        3413  23.0.94; ispell choices buffer display problem
 emacs        3416  down-list
 emacs        3418  Issue with compile.el and compilation-parse-errors-filename
 emacs        3419  23.0.94; calc, calendar and temp-buffer-resize-mode
 emacs        3420  23.0.94; Printing error on HP Laserjet 6L
 emacs        3422  23.0.94; window-height returns window buffer
 emacs        3425  23.0.94; Please make flyspell-generic-check-word-predicate 
 emacs        3427  23.0.94; bugs with non-7-bit buffer names
 emacs        3436  (redraw-display) does not always redraw display
 emacs        3447  suggest minibuffer M-< go to start of text
 emacs        3455  A  solution for a problem with TAMAGO (egg) package for I18
 emacs        3462  Auto-fill VC log contents
 emacs        3464  23.0.94; Please add new frame parameter for frame stacking 
 emacs        3465  23.0.94; feature request: be able to log minibuffer message
 emacs        3466  23.0.94; have `d' in debugger treat macro expansion like `c
 emacs        3467  23.0.94; let + make-local-variable => let value made global
 emacs        3468  drag and drop text
 emacs        3471  23.0.94; linum-mode and invisible lines
 emacs        3472  menu needs more visible vertical separators
 emacs        3479  rgrep sends directories needlessly to grep
 emacs        3481  rgrep uses xargs -e
 emacs        3483  fill-column+1 problem
 emacs        3494  23.0.94; line-move-visual: temporary goal column confused b
 emacs        3501  23.0.94; Use Unicode in Info (?)
 emacs        3503  23.0.94; Emacs manual, main menu typo
 emacs        3509  23.0.94; improper quoting in (org)Special agenda views
 emacs        3516  23.0.94; function key names in Info
 emacs        3519  23.0.94; (emacs)Init Examples: Rumsfeld is yesterday's news
 emacs        3523  23.0.94; "inferiors" -> "subnodes" in Detailed Node Listing
 emacs        3524  23.0.94; Use `emacs-lisp-mode-syntax-table' for NEWS
 emacs        3525  23.0.94; document `list-character-sets' in Emacs manual, no
 emacs        3527  23.0.94; Setting the default font using `menu-set-font'
 emacs        3528  23.0.94; feature request: Add mode-line tooltips for buffer
 emacs        3538  23.0.94; logo too much like iceweasel/firefox
 emacs        3540  Please reserve a ctrl-key combination for interoperability
 emacs        3545  Info-copy-current-node-name not exact enough
 emacs        3549  23.0.94; Remove empty custom group `refill'
 emacs        3550  23.0.94; When no fringe, line truncation should use $
 emacs        3552  23.0.94; backward-prefix-chars: Point before start of prope
 emacs        3553  23.0.60; smerge-mode: Remove trailing space in `smerge-base
 emacs        3554  Emacsclient over SSH switches behavior of C-backspace and C
 emacs        3566  23.0.94; explain why not to use group defined by define-min
 emacs        3568  23.0.94; no doc for character composition
 emacs        3569  sql-statement not propperly highlighted in sql-mode and pl-
 emacs        3575  23.0.94; doc string of text-scale-increase should mention t
 emacs        3576  23.0.94; scroll bar scrolls past eob - keeps scrolling
 emacs        3577  23.0.94; Info manual does not explain MTIME argument for di
 emacs        3579  23.0.94; Customize: Cannot see error messages if use standa
 emacs        3585  gdb not responding on Emacs from CVS
 emacs        3586  Invalid face height
 emacs        3594  Please make it easy to make ERC beep on /msg; better yet, m
 emacs        3597  23.0.94; [PATCH] org-store-link broken within kbd macros
 emacs        3598  23.0.94; doc string of frame-root-window
 emacs        3599  23.0.94; (elisp)Window Tree: Need to define root window
 emacs        3600  23.0.94; shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer
 emacs        3602  23.0.94; window-line-height problems
 emacs        3608  BG processes killed by start-process
 emacs        3613  [PATCH] Allow trailing spaces and " -" in filenames for the
 emacs        3614  23.0.94; typo widget-texi-typo
 emacs        3615  23.0.94; (elisp)Local Variables: xrefs to nodes for buffer-
 emacs        3616  23.0.94; vc-bzr coding system bug
 emacs        3619  Replace Rectangle can't do empty after first replace anymor
 emacs        3625  save-some-buffers won't buzz off and let me just visit a fi
 emacs        3628  Python-Mode Ignores Global Font Lock
 emacs        3631  describe-variable 'save-some-buffers-action-alist gives byt
 emacs        3634  emacsclient: unwind-protect prevents printing final form
 emacs        3639  23.0.95; defcustom docstring ':link' ':tag' NAME and/or LAB
 emacs        3640  I can't see all characters in my files anymore
 emacs        3641  no antidote to vc-dir-hide-up-to-date
 emacs        3642  mode line menus don't have tool-tips
 emacs        3646  23.0.95; bookmark format upgrade is incorrect
 emacs        3647  23.1.50; defun* generates incorrect code for handling argli
 emacs        3653  23.1.50; Gnus/Ido: Saving message's attachment adds filenam
 emacs        3662  Possible problem with ido-completing-read
 emacs        3668  23.1.50; next-line and previous-line don't keep the column 
 emacs        3670  [Orgmode] 23.0.94; [PATCH] org-store-link broken within kbd
 emacs        3674  23.1.50; customising TeX-PDF-mode t makes Emacs.app fail to
 emacs        3687  23.1.50; inconsistency in multibyte eight-bit regexps
 emacs        3689  window-fixed-size behaviour
 emacs        3692  23.0.95; `i' in Info, when in multiple indexes but same tar
 emacs        3698  [emacs-w3m:10925] emacs-w3m associating filenames anywhere 
 emacs        3699  (info "(emacs) Useless Whitespace") should mention whitespa
 emacs        3700  23.1.50; verbose execution of configure script, determining
 emacs        3702  Emacs fails to respect the intent in `C-u C-u C-x C-s' of m
 emacs        3703  minibuffer-message unexpected behaviour
 emacs        3713  23.0.60; Iswitchb-buffer switches to wrong buffer for Emacs
 emacs        3722  describing more than one menu item at a time
 emacs        3729  f90-mode indentation
 emacs        3731  23.1.50; Menu items from \\{some-map} in describe-function
 emacs        3736  23.1.50; Please use null-device instead of /dev/null
 emacs        3740  documentation of args to `documentation-property' differ  i
 emacs        3751  23.0.95; C-h H does not display hourglass cursor
 emacs        3754  23.0.95; Wish: please provide kill-whole-visual-line functi
 emacs        3755  23.0.95; Wish: please provide kill-whole-visual-line functi
 emacs        3759  window-height wrong with changed font-size
 emacs        3768  org: C-c C-x C-l:  Wrong type argument: stringp, nil
 emacs        3775  23.0.90; customize-variable broken - 'Customize Buffer' con
 emacs        3782  23.1.50; Indent works inconsistently in python-mode
 emacs        3783  tutorial description of saving files is confusing
 emacs        3788  23.0.95; nxml-mode: close-start-tag-block == close-start-ta
 emacs        3794  Error in json from gdb-ui
 emacs        3801  23.0.96; Emacs manual: add index entry for "notation, keys"
 emacs        3805  23.1.50; Strange cursor movement in truncation mode
 emacs        3806  23.1.50; rename-uniquely doc
 emacs        3807  23.1.50; vc-dir ignores .gitignore
 emacs        3822  23.1.50; can't search 8-bit byte on unibyte buffer
 emacs        3824  23.1.50; too much effort is put into handling Scheme S-expr
 emacs        3827  23.0.96; doc view dependencies
 emacs        3829  23.0.96; Cannot read gpg file
 emacs        3835  23.1.50; AUCTeX preview whole buffer or document leads to c
 emacs        3838  23.0.96; printing.el - Be able to specify a printer using I
 emacs        3840  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        3844  23.1.50; Sample of code in manual does not compile
 emacs        3845  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        3846  *shell-mode* error
 emacs        3849  23.0.96; Eshell manual - mostly empty etc.
 emacs        3856  23.0.96; doc string of `widget-complete'
 emacs        3860  vc-svn calls "svn resolved" without permission
 emacs        3870  dired-do-rename-regexp works backwards through the list
 emacs        3874  23.1.50; Overlays before-string and after-string does not o
 emacs        3876  23.1.50; count-screen-line does not always use window-start
 emacs        3877  23.1.50; X protocol error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or W
 emacs        3878  23.1.50; overlay 'after-string unhides invisible buffer par
 emacs        3883  Interleaved builds in separate trees create different versi
 emacs        3887  [PATCH] Hive support for sql-mode
 emacs        3900  fill-comment-paragraph fails (e.g.) in perl-mode POD
 emacs        3904  23.1.50; [PATCH] keyboard translating with timer doesn't wo
 emacs        3905  23.1.50; [PATCH] Hive support for sql-mode
 emacs        3909  23.1.50; Drag drop events in command history?
 emacs        3918  maximum buffer size exceed
 emacs        3926  23.1.50; Follow-mode makes Emacs server unavailable
 emacs        3929  tmm-menubar should optionally show day-to-day keybindings
 emacs        3930  DocView failure - bad error message, insufficient documenta
 emacs        3931  23.0.96; doc of select-frame-set-input-focus and select-fra
 emacs        3934  23.0.96; Document `minibuffer-history-variable'
 emacs        3938  23.0.96; regression: minibuffer-message interferes with C-u
 emacs        3941  23.0.96; doc for distinguishing interactive calls
 emacs        3942  23.1.50; Reply to mail not as it was
 emacs        3944  GNU Emacs and Digital Unix (OSF1) 5.1
 emacs        3949  23.1.50; C-x 0 should go to a sister window if possible
 emacs        3950  23.0.91; hs-minor-mode should obey hs-search-mode for viper
 emacs        3956  23.1.50; Scrolling ugliness
 emacs        3957  split window for remote commands through eshell
 emacs        3965  23.1.50; compilation-mode gnu error regexp mismatching ant,
 emacs        3973  cleanup view-mode usage in vc-resynch-window
 emacs        3978  23.1; Slow scrolling
 emacs        3980  23.1 Increasing font size too large crashes X server
 emacs        3983  23.1; configured frame size not respected
 emacs        3984  23.0.96; defadvice of call-interactively defeats interactiv
 emacs        3988  23.1; Emacs window clipped on OS X
 emacs        3991  23.1; autoindent problem with new exception formatting in l
 emacs        3993  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        4008  23.1; missing menus in mac os x build when using synergy
 emacs        4016  23.1.50; docview: scrolling up breaks after setting a slice
 emacs        4023  mwheel.el uses (point) instead of point-before-scroll
 emacs        4026  `characterp' undocumented optional arg 'ignore'
 emacs        4030  forward-sexp parses character literal ?; as comment
 emacs        4032  23.1; Minor inconvenience in toolbar implementation (perhap
 emacs        4035  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        4041  23.0.92; Emacs 23:  buffer point is no longer frame-local
 emacs        4046  23.1; minibuffer completion
 emacs        4048  23.1; erc-server-reconnect-attempts does not work
 emacs        4051  Character Soup
 emacs        4053  23.1; hl-line-mode appears to not be compatible with line p
 emacs        4059  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        4060  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        4064  23.1; Hang up from tty mode when X server goes away
 emacs        4065  23.1.50; org includes calendar entries on the wrong day
 emacs        4066  23.1.50; org includes calendar entries on the wrong day
 emacs        4067  nxml-mode missed invalid element in document
 emacs        4075  23.0.91; dired file name parsing incorrect when using TRAMP
 emacs        4077  Decrypting a file with EasyPG
 emacs        4081  Overlay keymap and timers
 emacs        4082  Printing error on HP Laserjet 6L
 emacs        4089  23.1.50; Emacs Manual Node Persistency Issues
 emacs        4090  23.1.50; Vertical table separators gone
 emacs        4091  No Japanese Katakana input with shift pressed in Japanese i
 emacs        4093  Overlay keymap and timers
 emacs        4094  23.1.50; posn-at-point gets upset by overlays with 'invisib
 emacs        4096  23.1.50; forward-char sometimes steps over overlay 'display
 emacs        4100  23.1; Minor bugs in Emacs 23
 emacs        4103  23.0.91; emacs-snapshot-gtk hangs a11y  
 emacs        4108  23.1; MS Windows (tested on Vista and XP) scrolling stutter
 emacs        4110  23.1.50; Checkdoc should recognize "minor mode"
 emacs        4112  Follow mode breaks mouse wheel on Emacs 23
 emacs        4117  23.1; isearch + isearch-allow-scroll loses shift
 emacs        4118  23.1; eval-last-sexp-print-value is inconvenient
 emacs        4120  Subject: 23.1; text-scale-mode minor mode
 emacs        4123  23.1.50; Using Emacs on files with very long lines makes it
 emacs        4129  Support for dual spacing fonts
 emacs        4136  23.1; delete-pair
 emacs        4137  23.1.50; vc-dir waits instead of error message
 emacs        4140  23.1.50; Fail to CC with `Message MML'
 emacs        4142  [PATCH] 23.1 info.el::Info-goto-node - Wrong type argument:
 emacs        4147  23.1.50: Info-search command strange behaviour
 emacs        4157  23.1.50; faulty character characterisation for ä
 emacs        4172  23.1; longlines-wrap-follows-window-size
 emacs        4175  23.1; nxml-mode: Internal error in rng-validate-mode trigge
 emacs        4178  23.1; doc bug, Elisp manual: notion of font family is not e
 emacs        4179  vc-merge with svn: syntax error in revision arg.
 emacs        4183  23.1.50; replace-string
 emacs        4196  Parallel bytecomp may sometimes fail
 emacs        4199  23.1; Documentation of `set-window-start' and `set-window-h
 emacs        4204  23.1; css-mode does not syntax highlight new CSS3 pseudo-cl
 emacs        4206  23.1; vc-dir bug with git 
 emacs        4216  23.1; frame switching -vs- input buffering
 emacs        4218  Security assertion needs modification or more detail
 emacs        4221  improve font-lock-comment-face on dark background low color
 emacs        4237  23.1; --script prints loading messages
 emacs        4238  reverse-video doesn't swap xterm foreground/background colo
 emacs        4242  [Orgmode] can't see emphasized text in org
 emacs        4244  [Orgmode] can't see emphasized text in org
 emacs        4249  CUA + shift-select-mode;  org-mode and CUA
 emacs        4251  23.1.50; Error byte-compiling big conditional
 emacs        4254  quotation usage in manuals may be inconsistent
 emacs        4257  Documentation for where-is-preferred-modifier is obscure
 emacs        4258  Feature Request - Rmail - Html
 emacs        4263  23.1; initial point for vc-dir on wrong line
 emacs        4268  USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE needs to be enabled by a ./configure fl
 emacs        4269  [Orgmode] can't see emphasized text in org
 emacs        4270  23.1.50; strange behaviour of a preloaded code containg mac
 emacs        4271  23.1; pop-to-buffer -vs- multiple terminals
 emacs        4274  23.1.50; Suggestion: add a option so line number start coun
 emacs        4276  23.1.50; Repeated C-S-u (translated to C-u) acts like a sin
 emacs        4281  23.1; displaying line-prefix properties and global-hl-line-
 emacs        4285  23.1; speedbar crash
 emacs        4286  [PATCH] Emacs CVS: lisp/ido.el -- improve ido-ignore-files
 emacs        4288  [PATCH] Emacs CVS: lisp/longlines.el -- Add turn-on-* and o
 emacs        4291  23.1; doc-view-mode temporary directory vulnerable to denia
 emacs        4300  23.1.50; bad function name: browse-url-default-browser
 emacs        4303  (global-font-lock-mode 0) disregarded
 emacs        4310  Flymake standardizing(slightly) patch
 emacs        4318  23.1; trouble indenting looooong lines with visual-line-mod
 emacs        4321  23.1; bell is not terminal specific
 emacs        4329  23.1.50; Emacs 23.1.50 hides the menu bar when Gnus is star
 emacs        4331  23.1.50; Emacs 23.1.50 on Solaris 11 hangs in C-h h
 emacs        4332  Emacs 23.1 on Solaris 10/11 uses scalable fonts for umlauts
 emacs        4338  23.1; truncate-partial-width-windows yields too small width
 emacs        4341  23.1; M-x locate runs synchronously
 emacs        4345  Manual suggestions for point and cursor
 emacs        4356  23.1.50; expand-abbrev changes point erroneously
 emacs        4357  23.1.50; local mode menus empty or supplanted
 emacs        4358  23.1.50; Arithmetic overflow errors break imap
 emacs        4359  23.1.50; ^G in M-x grep mode with git grep
 emacs        4360  need tons of backspaces for tmm-menubar
 emacs        4365  23.1.50; Incorrect cyrillic font handling
 emacs        4369  expunge references to lisp-re in re-builder
 emacs        4373  23.1.50; sticky keys wanted
 emacs        4382  [PATCH] lisp/rect.el: (rectangle-number-lines): New user ke
 emacs        4389  Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in js
 emacs        4392  (Regexp Functions): The PAREN argument to `regexp-opt' can 
 emacs        4394  23.1; flashing when overlapping face and mouse-face propert
 emacs        4398  23.1.50; Reading dangling symbolic link gives misleading me
 emacs        4399  simple way to identify top-level --script file
 emacs        4402  Merge all platform-specific functions
 emacs        4403  23.1; find-dired: use "find -exec ls -ld {} +" or "find -ls
 emacs        4408  23.1; suggestion: a elisp function for copying and deleting
 emacs        4416  23.1; suggestion: a elisp function for copying and deleting
 emacs        4422  diff-switches is a bad idea
 emacs        4423  [PATCH] lisp/vc-dispatcher.el: at the end of vc-log-operati
 emacs        4425  bet this article's scrollbar doesn't reach the bottom
 emacs        4426  23.0.91; posn-at-point returns an incorrect value
 emacs        4428  23.1; xim hides minibuffer or bottom line of the frame
 emacs        4432  Message creates ~/mail
 emacs        4433  23.1; dolist vs dolist
 emacs        4437  23.1.50; Quitting gdb leaves a process behind
 emacs        4438  many uncompressing *.info.gz...done messages
 emacs        4440  23.1.50; Add .dx32fsl to completion-ignored-extensions
 emacs        4443  ERC gets freezed, Emacs 23
 emacs        4448  23.1; unrmail fails if buffer has mixed line endings (patch
 emacs        4451  23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin
 emacs        4459  23.1; ERC customize does not hide password from view
 emacs        4469  23.1; visual-line-fringe-indicators w/ 80 column lines
 emacs        4470  23.1; threaded interpreter
 emacs        4476  23.1;  frame configuration,frame parameters - how about fra
 emacs        4477  23.1; logging minibuffer-message messages
 emacs        4478  23.1; key bindings for mouse wheel - unclear
 emacs        4482  23.1.50; "Mode Line" in the Emacs manual "Needs Work"(TM)
 emacs        4491  ido-everywhere documentation
 emacs        4496  vc-default-previous-version: broken alias
 emacs        4509  Line spacing not correct for some fonts.
 emacs        4512  23.1; html-mode C-c C-f on runs of <P>
 emacs        4516  byte-compile-file does set up compilation-mode completely
 emacs        4526  23.1; shadowfile always fails
 emacs        4533  23.1: reverting fails to update line ending mode line
 emacs        4538  23.1; kill-line doesn't with show-trailing-whitespace
 emacs        4545  gdb does not show the prompt after the program finishes
 emacs        4546  a patch: use xdg-open for opening URLs by default
 emacs        4550  23.1; give users a choice for quitting backtrace buffer
 emacs        4557  23.1; Commit via vc-dir does not restore window configurati
 emacs        4558  forw_comment slowdown since 22.3
 emacs        4559  temacs core dump when compiling emacs under solaris
 emacs        4562  23.1; Customize State button problems
 emacs        4563  23.1; Doc for partial completion and completion styles
 emacs        4582  crash during buffer scrolling - trace available
 emacs        4583  23.1.50; bug in etc/future-bug ;-)
 emacs        4585  A flaky temacs dump failure
 emacs        4587  23.1; sort-lines and sort-fields always set buffer modified
 emacs        4589  23.1; ERC reconnection -vs- /disconnect
 emacs        4590  23.1; ERC, aspell, and CPU usage
 emacs        4591  23.1; Crash in FcStrListCreate
 emacs        4592  Bug in built-in function substitute-in-file-name
 emacs        4594  -Q does not ignore all X resources
 emacs        4596  file completion in *shell*
 emacs        4597  Antwort: Re: bug#4587: 23.1; sort-lines and sort-fields alw
 emacs        4604  23.1.50; tramp + remote debugging works no longer 
 emacs        4609  gdb command history doesn't work with emacs-speaks-statisti
 emacs        4610  23.1; VC commit buffer should list files to be committed
 emacs        4616  23.1.50; empty script files
 emacs        4635  23.1.50; term-previous-input and split windows
 emacs        4644  23.1; -batch -f butterfly doesn't work
 emacs        4655  23.1.50; buffer-swap-text oddity
 emacs        4656  some cedet copyright issues
 emacs        4659  [feature-request] the "EMO" buffer...
 emacs        4666  23.1.50; python-end-of-defun breaks when using prefix args
 emacs        4667  23.1.50; python-end-of-defun breaks when using prefix args
 emacs        4673  23.1; UNC paths of the form "//DFSROOT/SHARE"
 emacs        4674  23.1; UNC paths and file-relative-directory
 emacs        4680  23.1.50; minor url-http.el fix
 emacs        4702  23.1.50; named frame switching in terminal + emacsclient
 emacs        4705  23.1.50; read-key makes menu-bar and tool-bar items disappe
 emacs        4706  customize and aliases
 emacs        4710  23.1.50; Bad display of underlines crossing line boundaries
 emacs        4714  23.1.50; wrong-type-argument stringp nil in gdb
 emacs        4717  23.1.50; C-M-h in bibtex mode
 emacs        4718  23.1; C-h f gives doc for the wrong function
 emacs        4719  23.1; M-& to run commands asynchronously (async-shell-comma
 emacs        4720  23.1.50; Unparsable address
 emacs        4724  23.1; emacsclient: Specify desired terminal type instead of
 emacs        4731  23.1; doc string of `tags-search'
 emacs        4741  23.1; vc-dir with svn gives wrong result
 emacs        4743  fundamental mode not sufficiently fundamental yet
 emacs        4747  Add Vietnamese input method VNI
 emacs        4748  23.1; least recently used window - is it?
 emacs        4750  23.1; copied files via dired/tramp/ssh garbled
 emacs        4751  23.1; `read-char' inserts accented chars when you use `M-' 
 emacs        4755  23.1; case where `C-M-x' on defcustom doesn't seem to work
 emacs        4771  23.1; slow to interpret anthy maps
 emacs        4782  23.1; (win32) emacs doesn't receive AltGr from synergy
 emacs        4784  variable telnet-remote-echoes non-nil causes comint-previou
 emacs        4787  23.1; in Customize, after showing Lisp expression, how to s
 emacs        4789  leim-list.el needs to be included in the dumped images
 emacs        4790  23.1.50; Buffer switching with nXHTML
 emacs        4804  23.1; bookmark-bmenu-bookmark performances
 emacs        4808  23.1.50; calc-quit move point to another window
 emacs        4812  23.1.50; delete-window move point to the wrong window
 emacs        4816  change of coding system without inquiry
 emacs        4819  file-truename's undocumented behavior
 emacs        4823  w32 paths `substitute-in-file-name' fails when environmenta
 emacs        4826  23.1; woman-manpath, woman-man.conf-path on MS Windows with
 emacs        4833  23.1; Mode line is not ergonomic and not easily customizabl
 emacs        4835  something about message-log-max? - see msg#95
 emacs        4837  with-fewer-warnings ?
 emacs        4838  autocompletion broken
 emacs        4841  23.1.50; tramp su/sudo makes vc-dir hang with viper
 emacs        4842  23.1.50; tramp-gvfs-dbus-event-error: Connection ":1.35" is
 emacs        4845  23.1.50; Uninterned symbols in .elc files
 emacs        4846  23.1; File Shadow: Shadowing to FTP server does not work
 emacs        4848  23.1.50; \u and \x in string
 emacs        4854  23.1.50; before-string overlay and show-paren-mode
 emacs        4856  23.1.50; menu-updating-frame stays set to dead frame
 emacs        4858  23.1.50; Lines truncated, word-wrap=t and truncate-partial-
 emacs        4863  23.1; etags gets confused on GCC sources
 emacs        4869  23.1.50; weak documentation of prefer-coding-system
 emacs        4873  23.1.50; Some unexpected behaviour during dired confirmatio
 emacs        4881  use bootstrap-emacs to build emacs/leim directory, load ema
 emacs        4882  byte compile defalias
 emacs        4887  globalized-minor-modes in new fundamental mode buffers
 emacs        4892  compute_motion, mouse_position
 emacs        4894  23.1; emacs ignores number characters in incremental search
 emacs        4895  23.1; Incorrect font selected
 emacs        4896  DocView: Continuous mode
 emacs        4897  23.1.50; Info-index and ? in minibuffer
 emacs        4902  23.1; directory-abbrev-alist is not handled early enough
 emacs        4909  23.1.50; in emacs -nw `read-char' should return with error 
 emacs        4911  mouse-face property should merge face attributes, not repla
 emacs        4915  23.1.50; problem with start-process and utf-16-le-dos codin
 emacs        4920  23.1; (check-parens) problem with bash script case items un
 emacs        4922  <control>
 emacs        4931  cua-selection-mode with Caps Lock turned on selects region
 emacs        4937  23.1.50; PGP/MIME signature doesn't work
 emacs        4938  23.1.50; Bad signature with "plain PGP" emails and non-ASCI
 emacs        4940  Avoiding loss of rcirc messages from the on disk log
 emacs        4941  hexl mode update
 emacs        4942  x-popup-menu on ttys
 emacs        4944  23.1.50; starting a server without forking a daemon
 emacs        4947  Comments on misearch.el [repost from emacs-devel]
 emacs        4948  Dead key misery
 emacs        4950  `xml-parse-file' returns incorrect results strings after `>
 emacs        4951  23.1.50; browse-url-default-windows-browser bug + patch
 emacs        4952  recognize URLs more
 emacs        4954  23.1; Emacs hangs when two run-at-time calls in effect
 emacs        4956  23.1; ENTER in mapped to ^M in search but to ^J in editor
 emacs        4957  23.1.50; idlwave activated spuriously
 emacs        4960  23.1.50; Please provide access to the tour on the Help menu
 emacs        4962  Please include tour parts 2 and 3, and the slideshow versio
 emacs        4963  Please copy Phil Sung's installation instructions into  www
 emacs        4971  23.1.50; read-passwd breaks GTK menu and tool-bar
 emacs        4973  23.1.50; Please provide access to Emacs's quick reference c
 emacs        4974  23.1.50; vc-dir
 emacs        4975  23.1; comint.el: command line is sometimes echoed in the co
 emacs        4976  23.1.50; ERC should paste the topic at point when you type 
 emacs        4979  23.1.50; describe-text-properties produces *Help* buffer wi
 emacs        4980  23.1.50; In File > Quit GUI, add "Cancel", write "Save", an
 emacs        4987  23.1; shell-command: optionally include working dir in prom
 emacs        4988  23.1; In Emacs 23, face-spec-set amends instead of setting
 emacs        5001  erc should use 'font-lock-face, not 'face
 emacs        5003  Allow marking a local variable as permanently unsafe
 emacs        5005  Let *Help* show custom option status
 emacs        5007  23.1; comint history doesn't handle multi-character delimit
 emacs        5012  avl-tree.el enhancements
 emacs        5013  Enhancement to hideif.el
 emacs        5014  select-active-regions xplat clean-up
 emacs        5015  avl-tree.el enhancements
 emacs        5016  avl-tree.el enhancements
 emacs        5018  23.1.50; Feature request: truncate-lines text property
 emacs        5021  avl-tree.el enhancements
 emacs        5024  avl-tree.el enhancements
 emacs        5029  Give global minor mode some help
 emacs        5033  23.1; antlr-mode: antlr-indent-command broken for long gram
 emacs        5037  Asserion failure in draw_row_fringe_bitmaps
 emacs        5039  23.1.50; Info-index and Info-search should share the same h
 emacs        5042  23.1; linum-mode gives incorrect line numbers with narrowed
 emacs        5046  Too silent error reporting in imap.el:imap-open-1
 emacs        5050  23.1; efiff: Displaying bytes instead of characters in mess
 emacs        5054  23.1.50; buffer-menu truncated fields
 emacs        5055  23.1; etags of perl "use constant"
 emacs        5071  23.1.50; emacs -eval '(y-or-n-p "zz")' assumes background c
 emacs        5076  23.1.50; gdb weird breakpoint problem
 emacs        5079  23.1.50; Minor improvement request
 emacs        5080  indic text is not displayed correctly in emacs shell
 emacs        5081  zwj should not be ignored in indic text
 emacs        5086  23.1.50; strange font-lock in message-mode
 emacs        5094  url-copy-file: Reading [text/plain] ... 16 bytes of 5 bytes
 emacs        5098  [NS] 23.1.50; display-pixel-height / display-pixel-width do
 emacs        5099  23.1; Performance problems in Emacs 23?
 emacs        5103  Hang in url-retrieve-synchronously on w32
 emacs        5105  23.1; doc string of facemenu-set-face
 emacs        5107  23.1.50; Can't backspace indentions inserted by refill-mode
 emacs        5108  23.1; ps-print-buffer infinite loop on image-mode
 emacs        5114  23.1.50; (string-to-number (number-to-string most-positive-
 emacs        5117  23.1.50; Weird display when wrap-prefix contains tabs
 emacs        5118  DocView: copy/search text
 emacs        5119  ruby-mode binds TAB
 emacs        5122  improve mismatched paren message
 emacs        5123  23.1.50; emacs hang / 100% CPU load
 emacs        5126  23.1; checkdoc-comment-style-hooks stops at first error
 emacs        5127  Indentation of top level tags when no single top level tag
 emacs        5128  [PATCH] rcirc: Option to kill channel buffers when their se
 emacs        5130  23.1.50; Re: BibTeX completion via completion-in-region
 emacs        5131  Subject: 23.1; interaction of transpose-regions with marker
 emacs        5135  [PATCH] rcirc: Option to sort NAMES listing
 emacs        5136  Request to update vhdl-mode and verilog-mode
 emacs        5139  23.1.50; feature request: completion-buffer-sort-function
 emacs        5145  23.1.50; GDB/CPU-Usage spikes
 emacs        5153  23.1.50; define-global-minor-mode and a new fundamental buf
 emacs        5154  23.1.50; mml-attach-file: say how to attach several files
 emacs        5158  23.1; bytecomp ref to elisp manual on old style backquotes
 emacs        5176  appt improvement
 emacs        5179  23.1.90; Get rid of Rmail's constant swapping of text betwe
 emacs        5180  23.1.90; Secondary selection and M-w
 emacs        5181  [PATCH] vc-revert-file: fix setting of file time-stamp into
 emacs        5183  23.1; doc for `font-lock-extra-managed-props'
 emacs        5184  23.1; doc string of `count'
 emacs        5185  23.1; Elusive *cvs* buffer.
 emacs        5189  BibTeX mode problems:  non-existent directories, faulty reg
 emacs        5190  23.1; Required feature `newsticker-backend' was not provide
 emacs        5191  replace ELCFILES in lisp/Makefile.in
 emacs        5193  23.1; single-key-description problem
 emacs        5196  23.1; (elisp)Character Codes - what about 128?
 emacs        5214  23.1; M-x C-p C-p ... showing strange history elements
 emacs        5216  23.1.50; dired-x, C-g, .dired file
 emacs        5231  23.1.90; histograms with calc
 emacs        5234  23.1; move-to-(end|beginning)-of-line return value
 emacs        5235  23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem
 emacs        5236  23.1.90; histograms with calc
 emacs        5238  23.1.50; gzip: stdout: Broken pipe
 emacs        5239  23.1.50; compile-command Local Variables must be after mode
 emacs        5242  23.1; rfcview.el: please add buffer-local rfcview-title var
 emacs        5243  [patch] FreeBSD support for system processes
 emacs        5244  23.1; Newsticker can't parse most XML feeds
 emacs        5246  23.1; Newsticker can't parse most XML feeds
 emacs        5251  23.1; problem in decode_eol of coding.c
 emacs        5252  /sw and /opt/local on OSX
 emacs        5259  General Escap Syntax a with grave in object.texi
 emacs        5262  23.1; recover-this-file hint requires interaction
 emacs        5264  23.1; `repeat' should not hard-code the set of affected com
 emacs        5266  Per-host settings
 emacs        5270  23.1.90; `image-dired-dired-insert-marked-thumbs' doesn't t
 emacs        5272  23.1.50; Menu-bar menus disappear when menu key-maps incomp
 emacs        5277  23.1.90; cus-load.el path for cedet/semantic/bovine/c.el
 emacs        5281  23.1; xml-parse-region causes infinite loops if the region 
 emacs        5282  Defaults for grep interface
 emacs        5287  current-buffer returns wrong value in X11 under OSX
 emacs        5289  23.1.90; gnus vs. scrollbar when message fills whole window
 emacs        5290  vc-bzr: improve support for shelves
 emacs        5293  23.1; unload-feature on buffer-local hooks
 emacs        5294  23.1; unload-feature disable minor-mode
 emacs        5297  23.1; vc: fails to follow symlinks inside HOME
 emacs        5300  su command does not elevate user privilege to root when run
 emacs        5301  23.1; unload-feature remove defadvice
 emacs        5302  Diff-mode fails on Bzr diffs
 emacs        5304  Subject: 23.1.91; comment-start in fundamental-mode
 emacs        5305  [patch] add defined-colors-with-face-attributes to faces.el
 emacs        5307  start of docs.google.com interface
 emacs        5308  23.1.91; Geometry quirk on OpenSuSE 11.2
 emacs        5310  23.1; vc-revert modifies window configuration
 emacs        5314  23.1; Inconsistent treatment of auto-save files
 emacs        5315  url-copy-file does not use Last-Modified http header
 emacs        5316  make[1]: Leaving directory vs. RET
 emacs        5320  yank-pop does not work in table mode
 emacs        5321  Interaction problem between Emacs and terminal paste functi
 emacs        5325  23.1.91; doc string of dired-insert-set-properties
 emacs        5326  23.1; sgml-fill-nobreak docstring
 emacs        5327  23.1; unload-feature-special-hooks add fill-nobreak-predica
 emacs        5330  Term mode in Cocoa does not respect NS-ALTERNATE-MODIFIER
 emacs        5338  [PATCH] Make a new fortune dat file in compile time if dat 
 emacs        5344  23.1.91; bug/wish: vc does not honour GIT_DIR / GIT_WORK_TR
 emacs        5351  Rectangles of type `beer bellied'
 emacs        5352  diff-jump-to-old-file inverts hunk application as well
 emacs        5356  23.1; Emacs 23 garbage collection bug (stack trace over 10,
 emacs        5358  23.1; Adding comment loses customizations in progress
 emacs        5360  23.1.91; rgrep forces me to choose a directory
 emacs        5361  .elcs should tell more about the .els they were compiled fr
 emacs        5362  23.1.91; browse-url-of-dired-file vs. files::with::colons
 emacs        5364  23.1.91; execute-extended-command should do like FFAP
 emacs        5366  (un)comment-line macros
 emacs        5369  Emacs Compiler bug: freeze advice, dynamic-docstrings: nil
 emacs        5370  M-x hexl-mode M-x hexl-mode leaves unwanted ruler
 emacs        5372  Calling url-retrieve-synchronously in a timer
 emacs        5374  vc-find-file-hook in batch?
 emacs        5375  23.1.91; eshell eshell-cmpl-load-hook bug
 emacs        5378  arbitrary user parameters in default-frame-alist not set in
 emacs        5385  Diff mode should have more view mode-like bindings
 emacs        5386  gtk daemon close display hang
 emacs        5390  changes in python.el to support IPython
 emacs        5391  python.el: reuse (sometimes) Python comint buffer
 emacs        5393  Patch for lookaround assertion in regexp
 emacs        5394  23.1; copyright.el show buffer being changed
 emacs        5396  Something in splash page causes Emacs to crash?
 emacs        5397  23.1; Lack of point-motion property for overlays and text p
 emacs        5398  dired-view-file vs. .gpg vs. C-g
 emacs        5399  23.1.50; fill-region
 emacs        5401  23.1.91; tmm-menubar vs. <tab>
 emacs        5403  23.1.91; tilde completion
 emacs        5404  23.1.91; Nextstep port: M-x gdb hangs in tab completion of 
 emacs        5405  select-frame losing current-buffer
 emacs        5417  Patch for animate.el bugs `animate-n-steps', `animate-seque
 emacs        5420  23.1.91; dired-goto-file does not work with a listing of ab
 emacs        5421  -rv -nw
 emacs        5423  Multiline y-or-n prompt in files.el
 emacs        5424  Please make vc-annotate start from the revision of the curr
 emacs        5427  vc-annotate inconsistent output format
 emacs        5428  vc-annotate for Bzr does not show the date
 emacs        5433  calendar: ical export
 emacs        5440  23.1; buffer-file-format encoding temp buffers not reentran
 emacs        5445  term.el: term-height is off by 1 or 2 if header-line is pre
 emacs        5448  23.1.91; Loading a file in a Windows root directory loads g
 emacs        5449  23.1.90; term-send-raw-meta broken
 emacs        5458  Unknown charset: ansi_x3.4-1968
 emacs        5462  23.1; [patch] locate.el: defcustomizing *-hooks
 emacs        5463  Fringe / scroll-bar weirdness and redisplay troubles
 emacs        5466  Viper opens line in invisible part
 emacs        5467  Suggestion for web page http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/
 emacs        5473  Fwd: insert-text-button button does not always work
 emacs        5474; describe-mode does not offer link to the .el
 emacs        5476  23.1.91; bookmark open info node in fundamental mode
 emacs        5479  23.1.91; icomplete-mode should show file completion candida
 emacs        5483  23.1.91; EDE : proj-automake : files in subdirectories have
 emacs        5491  Inconsistencies in Setting Frame Size
 emacs        5493  23.1.91; Visiting a versioned file while bzr is running sig
 emacs        5495  23.1.90; symbol completion fails
 emacs        5498  23.1; Python-mode: def and class highlight improperly [PATC
 emacs        5502  compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line
 emacs        5503  Font choice in Emacs 23 does not match weight/traits
 emacs        5504  23.1.91; doc string of bookmark-load-hook
 emacs        5511  Strange things happens with C-v in read-file-name
 emacs        5512  Automatically saving and restoring an Emacs session in GNOM
 emacs        5517  dired-do-rename's docstiring and messages should mention di
 emacs        5521  23.1; erc - allow autojoin to be delayed till after service
 emacs        5522  emacs does not activate c++ mode when opening a cxxtest fil
 emacs        5523  Emacs 22.3 and 23.1 Mouse-1 Select (drag to resize) issue
 emacs        5525  23.1; In c-mode, C-M-h multiple times does nothing
 emacs        5531  23.1.92; .emacs-custom.el read despite presence of .elc
 emacs        5532  23.1.92; have text-mode-hook, need "program-mode-hook"
 emacs        5533  Suspicious args-out-of-range in replace-match
 emacs        5534  reproducable hang with non-ascii characters in Wanderlust d
 emacs        5535  23.1.50; emacs daemon high CPU load even while ununsed
 emacs        5538  23.1.92; Enhancement: bookmark.el should keep bookmarks sor
 emacs        5539  23.1.92; VC-dir does not handle deleted unversioned files
 emacs        5550  23.1.92; bookmark stops relocating
 emacs        5553  23.1.92; Archives with wrong coding system
 emacs        5554  23.1; rmail-mime not decoding attachments
 emacs        5556  [PATCH] vc-next-action destroys window configuration
 emacs        5557  <left-margin> <double-wheel-down> is undefined
 emacs        5563  23.1; erc reconnection should reuse existing buffers
 emacs        5564  23.1.92; blink-cursor-mode
 emacs        5567  `next-window' does not behave as documented WRT visible fra
 emacs        5574  23.1.92; Enabling Flyspell mode gave an error
 emacs        5575  23.1.92; Flyspell makes neighboring Chinese text turn red t
 emacs        5576  23.1.92; Enabling Flyspell mode gave an error
 emacs        5580  23.1.91; doc string of toggle-truncate-lines
 emacs        5582  23.1.92; Unnecessary headings in makefile-mode imenu
 emacs        5584  23.1.90; Setting enable-recursive-minibuffers to non-nil ig
 emacs        5586; Electric indentation and hungry backspace deleti
 emacs        5587  should have sort --unique function
 emacs        5588  23.1.50; C-M-d inside string in Lisp mode gets me out of st
 emacs        5589  23.1.90; wdired fails with dired ls -1
 emacs        5595  comment-indent-new-line in f90-mode
 emacs        5597  Dired unable to properly recognize file names
 emacs        5600  23.1; etags don't tag (defvar foo) declaration
 emacs        5602  log-edit improvements
 emacs        5603  23.1.90; value of CPP not used in configure script
 emacs        5604  highlight completion problem
 emacs        5605  etags of emacs 23.1 misses template specializations
 emacs        5606  23.1.90; LLVM GCC 4.2.1 on Mac OS X lets bootstrap-emacs cr
 emacs        5607  23.1; compile error regexps for perl test scripts, mark 2
 emacs        5608  23.1.92; ibuffer.el lacks instructions
 emacs        5611  23.1.92; Help does not show doc for command bound to mouse 
 emacs        5612  23.1.92; Help does not show doc for command bound to mouse 
 emacs        5615  23.1.92; [PATCH] term.el: Calculation of window height is b
 emacs        5617  23.1; Preferences of Calc are lost when started twice durin
 emacs        5618  23.1.91; shell-command-on-region unexpectedly erases buffer
 emacs        5620; next-error no longer takes into account buffer m
 emacs        5624  23.1; etags elisp and scheme "=" in names
 emacs        5625  23.1.92; doc of read-buffer-function
 emacs        5627  23.1.90; outline-regexp ignores customization
 emacs        5633  23.1.92; *compilation* hangs and fails to scroll
 emacs        5634  fringe redisplay after scrolling
 emacs        5635  Slight improvement to WoMan tbl handling
 emacs        5637  23.1.92; Cygwin Emacs hangs after completion of //
 emacs        5639  23.1.92; Undo doesn't work
 emacs        5641  wishlist: menubar button for terminal buffers
 emacs        5644  23.1.92; info-lookup-symbol doesn't show CL package documen
 emacs        5645  23.1.92; read-event blocks in batch mode
 emacs        5648  some rmail doc strings
 emacs        5650  23.1; ERC causes Emacs to hang on network dropouts
 emacs        5651  23.1; flyspell-check-tex-math-command docstring links
 emacs        5653  23.1; pdbtrack isn't parsing valid pdb output or creating a
 emacs        5658  23.1; Viewing .info files in Emacs' info-viewer
 emacs        5661  23.1.92; `find-library-name' should find a loaded library
 emacs        5662  flet not undone on lisp nesting error
 emacs        5663  vc-dir function to create ChangeLog entries
 emacs        5664  view-lossage may show passwords and sensitive information
 emacs        5665  23.1; VC commands fail when the version control back end is
 emacs        5666  23.1; please define push-tag-mark in etags.el
 emacs        5667  23.1.93; cursor movement in Korean text is slow with xfonts
 emacs        5668  23.1.93; comint-mode-map key definitions for [delete] and [
 emacs        5669  23.1.50; auto-revert and image mode doesnt cooperate
 emacs        5671  23.1.92; ffap vs. utf-8 space characters vs. email addresse
 emacs        5673  23.1.92; ffap can't deal with "!" in URLs
 emacs        5675  23.1.50; Core dump
 emacs        5676  23.1.93; scroll bar redisplay bug locks up Emacs hard
 emacs        5677  help messages should be more forthcoming as to why they don
 emacs        5684  23.1.92; russian-typewriter broken
 emacs        5685  23.1.93; doc string font locking
 emacs        5687  23.1; flyspell doublon at start of sentence
 emacs        5689  looking-back-p
 emacs        5694  23.1; Input lines are echoed in shell-mode after invoking g
 emacs        5699  dissociated-press should act on the current region
 emacs        5700  [bug-gnu-emacs] emacs-23 and 8-bit characters in 128..255
 emacs        5705  23.1.93; recursive load error when loading tramp
 emacs        5706  23.1; Comments incorrectly detected in autoconf mode
 emacs        5707  Make -Q option ignore site-lisp in load-path
 emacs        5712  23.1.94; gdb freeze
 emacs        5714  23.1; request new message: "blink-matching-paren-distance e
 emacs        5715  23.1.91; setting `truncate-lines' disables multiline minibu
 emacs        5716  23.1.92; python-expand-template docu
 emacs        5717  23.1; auto-revert-mode loses point in dired buffers
 emacs        5718  scroll-margin in buffer with small line count.
 emacs        5719  [patch] fix bat-generic-mode highlighting pattern for CLI s
 emacs        5721  Feature request: Function that returns absolute coordinates
 emacs        5722  23.1; C-a unexpected behavior in minibuffer
 emacs        5724  23.1.94; ido bug in next match
 emacs        5725  23.1.94; list_system_processes for BSD_SYSTEM (with patch)
 emacs        5727  23.1.92; Clicking size-indicator-mode indicator gives wrong
 emacs        5728  Byte compile doesn't work right on macro
 emacs        5731  Html indent-region starts fine then starts failing
 emacs        5732  css-mode doesn't correctly highlight "grouped" selectors
 emacs        5733  23.1.94; ps-print generates .ps files that can not be print
 emacs        5734  23.1.94; (forward-sexp N) at the very end of large latex-mo
 emacs        5739  24.0.50; Gomoku mouse placement bug
 emacs        5740  24.0.50; Gomoku display bug
 emacs        5742  Customize and obsolete options
 emacs        5743  23.1.94; SIGINT causes Emacs to abort
 emacs        5745  24.0.50; LLVM-GCC and leim/quail/tsang-b5.el
 emacs        5746  Minor ada-mode layout problem
 emacs        5751  Strange behaviour of ff-find-other-file
 emacs        5753  something, something, org-mode, shift-select, something
 emacs        5754  Bytecomp Arithmetic test failed
 emacs        5756  24.0.50; reloading files in python3
 emacs        5757  23.1; String literal parse problem in ruby-mode
 emacs        5758  24.0.50; spontaneous frame switch in terminal
 emacs        5761  Missing semantic-adebug
 emacs        5762  24.0.50; Show available disk space with -h option when usin
 emacs        5764  23.1.94; Emacs crashed on SLES9 GNU/Linux
 emacs        5765  Strange things happens with C-v in read-file-name
 emacs        5768  23.1; ModelSim and compile.el
 emacs        5769  23.1; Emacs crash on Windows 7 right after startup
 emacs        5770  23.1.92; mark-ring doc
 emacs        5772  23.1.92; doc string of set-mark-command-repeat-pop
 emacs        5773  23.1; vc-diff save buffer when re-diffing (or save whole fi
 emacs        5774  23.1.92; Emacs manual, node Persistent Marks
 emacs        5785  24.0.50; Fail to bind C-. in emacs -nw from xterm.
 emacs        5787  color-name-rgb-alist color names should be the same as the 
 emacs        5794  23.1; UnicodeEncodeError in python-shell
 emacs        5797  23.1; search-forward in unibyte buffer for \377
 emacs        5799  24.0.50; Case and search problems in unibyte buffers
 emacs        5803  23.1.94; Using tq-enqueue in timer messes with keystroke ec
 emacs        5805  23.1; abbrev-insert does not protext itself with save-excur
 emacs        5806  Tai Viet script
 emacs        5808  23.1; substitute-in-file-name $NOSUCH vs ${NOSUCH}
 emacs        5818  23.1; cperl-mode sees mismatched parens where there are non
 emacs        5822  run-at-time and Setting system time
 emacs        5823  run-at-time and Setting system time
 emacs        5829  23.1.94; variable `hfy-rgb-load-path' in lisp/hfy-cmap.el m
 emacs        5831  23.1.94; htmlfontify's `hfy-which-etags' not finding etags 
 emacs        5833  23.1.94; Opening files on network shares on w32 is slow
 emacs        5838  23.1.94; C-h k mouse-1 on Info node name is incorrect
 emacs        5839  23.1.94; Remove `Narrow' from mode indicators for Info mode
 emacs        5840  24.0.50; wrong tramp-file-name-regexp
 emacs        5841  23.1.95; bad mouse bindings for Info mode line node name
 emacs        5842  Move Control modifier only in Emacs
 emacs        5843  23.1.95; Bug in recentf-include-p causes data loss
 emacs        5844  Feature Request: ccmp feature for Indic Languages...
 emacs        5845  load-library vs. list-load-path-shadows
 emacs        5847  ETAGS: Segmentation fault, because of incorrect scope presu
 emacs        5849  23.1.95; completion-auto-help blocks icomplete-mode
 emacs        5852  23.1; Incorrect references in ses-mode
 emacs        5853  horizontal scroll bars
 emacs        5854  editor tabs
 emacs        5859  23.1.95; thing-at-point defun missing
 emacs        5862  24.0.50; French quotation marks used in a German manner in 
 emacs        5863  defadvice in byte compiled file does not work
 emacs        5864  23.1; [PATCH] emacsclient support for setting frame paramet
 emacs        5907  24.0.50; Alt-Tab from Emacs causes gnome-terminal to lose k
 emacs        5909  23.1; (feature request) scrollable "widget-choose" window
 emacs        5910  vc-hooks enhancement request: highlight checkouts
 emacs        5911  flymake.el - enhancement request - flymake-goto-next-error 
 emacs        5919  24.0.50; Feature request:winner-boring-buffer-regexp
 emacs        5921  /sw and /opt/local on OSX
 emacs        5923  23.1.95; minibuffer-message discards input events
 emacs        5924  23.1; accept-process-output switching current-buffer
 emacs        5929  24.0.50; FFAP anti-Asian
 emacs        5931  Turning off blink-cursor-mode does not stop blink-cursor-ti
 emacs        5937  23.1.95; why saving empty abbrev tables
 emacs        5950  defvaralias after defvar should be warned in runtime
 emacs        5952  23.1.95; Some new ido features on top of virtual buffers
 emacs        5954  23.1; ps-run-mode should derive from comint-mode
 emacs        5955  completions in M-x find-library include .elc files
 emacs        5963; Emacs CVS crashes after getting new nnimap mail 
 emacs        5964  23.1; Deep stack (>14,000) and eventual crash within garbag
 emacs        5965; Deep stack (>18,000) and eventual crash within g
 emacs        5966  23.1.95; rcirc creates thousands of temp buffers
 emacs        5967  SPC and DEL bindings in log-view-mode
 emacs        5971  23.1.95; `delete' modifies default value instead of buffer-
 emacs        5973  Crash in get_next_display_element
 emacs        5974  23.1.95; enabling disabled cmd & saving doesn't respect `cu
 emacs        5975  24.0.50; [PATCH]Feature request: bookmarking from gnus arti
 emacs        5976  23.1.93; yanking shell commands - converted to single lines
 emacs        5978  Emacs command line won't open file
 emacs        5980  iimage.el and modification hooks
 emacs        5983  23.1.96; compilation-next-error broken
 emacs        5984  Crash displaying composed characters
 emacs        5985  23.1.96; Mac OS X: Frames in other spaces erroneously thoug
 emacs        5986  Typo in cperl-mode.el
 emacs        5989  23.1.96; bug 4209 not completely fixed (regression in re-se
 emacs        5990  23.1; Cannot type the word 買います
 emacs        5997  vhdl-comment-uncomment-region
 emacs        5998  23.1.96; Breadcrumbs defeat C-u 1 C-v in Info
 emacs        6000  describe-text-sexp does not know window-width
 emacs        6002  23.1.96; bug#2319 still present
 emacs        6003  Conjunct 'sple' (as in display) in Malayalam (സ്പ്à
 emacs        6005  M-k removes the wrong hunk in diff-mode
 emacs        6006  recent emacs binary size increase by 800KB
 emacs        6011  24.0.50; Menu-bar items duplicated after tool-bar tooltip
 emacs        6012  24.0.50; Menu-bar items duplicated after tool-bar tooltip
 emacs        6013  [cperl-mode] cperl-perldoc doesn't work anymore with file t
 emacs        6014  processing of "'" inside Emacs octave-mode
 emacs        6015  23.1.96; Internal error in rng-validate-mode for very long 
 emacs        6016  23.1; ERC error in process filter
 emacs        6018  23.1.96; doc of version(-list)*
 emacs        6019  23.1; ange-ftp with VAX
 emacs        6024  23.1; MacOS X (10.5.8); Unicode fonts not displayed well
 emacs        6025  Add font-lock highlighting for some more macros.
 emacs        6026  23.1.96; Cursor drawing problems with the Khmer script
 emacs        6027  23.1.96; negative arg to pcomplete-arg broken
 emacs        6028  24.0.50; VC assumes files of read-only buffers are locked b
 emacs        6029  23.1.96; Fail to render some Japanese characters on Windows
 emacs        6032  untabify causes point to move
 emacs        6035  M-x gdb crashes
 emacs        6036  bidi scrolling bug
 emacs        6037  24.0.50; menu-bar-mode function doesn't toggle
 emacs        6038  23.1.96; url doc changes
 emacs        6040  globalized minor modes - priority over mode hook?
 emacs        6041  M-K in diff-mode does not remove the === modified file 'FIL
 emacs        6043  23.1.96; doc of called-interactively and interactive-p
 emacs        6045  doc string for font-lock-defaults does not mention OTHER-VA
 emacs        6057  23: py-indent-region broken
 emacs        6058  22 and 23: yanking unreliable in telnet-mode
 emacs        6059  auctex, emacs23 crashes in latex mode when encountering `^'
 emacs        6063  Farsi support for emacs
 emacs        6064  Fwd: 23.1.96; prompt for password echos password
 emacs        6067  delete-frame-functions is not mention on (info "(elisp) Del
 emacs        6068  Please learn Emacs to distinguish between visible and activ
 emacs        6069  23.1.96; sxhash, big uints and overflow-error in custom-fil
 emacs        6070  23.1.96; delete-by-moving-to-trash
 emacs        6071  cc-(basic-)common-init not called in js-mode
 emacs        6072  24.0.50; Problems with M-x gdb on MS-Windows
 emacs        6073  23.1.50; delete-selection-mode
 emacs        6074  24.0.50; accept-process-output on listening sockets not inc
 emacs        6075  Lucid trunk build crashes at start
 emacs        6076  23.1.96; [PATCH] rcirc-complete for nicks and commands
 emacs        6077  23.1.96; start-process error
 emacs        6078  23.1.90; switch-to-buffer does not redisplay until an event
 emacs        6079  24.0.50; set-process-sentinel doesn't work inside sentinels
 emacs        6081  rmail: add ability to delete attachments
 emacs        6082  [PATCH] rcirc: rcirc-browse-url: Use only URLs before point
 emacs        6084  Flymake should check if buffer-file-name is nil
 emacs        6085  Eshell doesn't handle ANSI escapes/colors well
 emacs        6086  Provide fundamental-mode-syntax-table
 emacs        6088  Please record all warnings and errors in the *messages* buf
 emacs        6089  23.1.96; doc for defcustom :set
 emacs        6090  23.1.96; fringe face can not be remapped
 emacs        6091  23.1.96; fringe face can not be remapped
 emacs        6092  23.1.96; fringe face can not be remapped
 emacs        6093  24.0.50; kbd-macro breaks atomic-change-group
 emacs        6095  24.0.50; code error in accept-change-group
 emacs        6096  24.0.50; code error in accept-change-group
 emacs        6097  23.1; PDB should pop "up" the stack on return
 emacs        6098  23.1; gud-break doesn't deal with Python modules
 emacs        6099  23.1; pdb can't invoke python directly
 emacs        6102  24.0.50; Problems with Multi_Key
 emacs        6103  Scrolling down jumpy when global-hl-line-mode is on
 emacs        6105  23.1.97; make-pointer-invisible does not affect Windows
 emacs        6106  24.0.50; info.el adds 'search-failed to debug-ignored-error
 emacs        6109  23.1.97; view-echo-area-messages: use (display|pop-to)-buff
 emacs        6113  23.1.97; doc of :box face attibute
 emacs        6114  23.1; grep-read-files does incorrect wildcard match
 emacs        6115  64 bit windows environment variables
 emacs        6116  Emacs 23 is sluggish with Consolas font
 emacs        6117  24.0.50; dired-marked-face same as dired-flagged-face
 emacs        6120  24.0.50; Crash with gnus
 emacs        6129  23.1.96; Viper <I>nsert mode motion commands severely delay
 emacs        6130  23.1; artist-mode spray-can malfunction
 emacs        6133  Bug: create-image on console emacs
 emacs        6134  `make distclean' doesn't remove .elc files
 emacs        6135  font lock is not turned on in js-mode anymore
 emacs        6136  Emerge doesn't handle file names with spaces on MS Windows
 emacs        6137  [Yuriy Vostrikov] emacs, vc-git
 emacs        6140  24.0.50; Redisplay problem with the Lao script
 emacs        6141  23.2; comment-choose-indent does the wrong thing
 emacs        6142  23.1; ruby-mode defgroup
 emacs        6144  23.2; unzip arguments quoting
 emacs        6146  23.1; Problem with vc-next-action
 emacs        6147  23.2; ido-read-buffer regression
 emacs        6148  add ability to hide unregistered files in vc-dir
 emacs        6149  24.0.50; shell buffer overflow when input longer than 4096 
 emacs        6150  longlines-mode mention ARG in docstring
 emacs        6151  mystery arguments of define-minor-mode + describe-function
 emacs        6154  error from: describe-face font-lock-*
 emacs        6155  Crashes on w32 because of bad frame initialization
 emacs        6157  narrow-to-defun fix when point is on function beginning
 emacs        6158  bug in hideshow (trunk)
 emacs        6160  24.0.50; partial completion of emacs commands doesn't work
 emacs        6161  24.0.50; report-emacs-bug semantically-void text too high t
 emacs        6162  24.0.50; unclosed parenthesis on zh_TW.UTF8 splash screen
 emacs        6163  24.0.50; be sure the color of the mark matches that of the 
 emacs        6165  23.1.50; ido-mode stalls unexpectedly
 emacs        6170  24.0.50; Compiling on solaris2.10 with gcc doesn't define a
 emacs        6171  Emacs 23.2 -- tmm-menubar not showing keyboard shortcuts
 emacs        6172  emacs-23.2's whitespace very slow
 emacs        6174  23.2; mouse-sel-mode doc is misleading
 emacs        6177  23.2; emacs crashes when reverting a file
 emacs        6178  [PATCH] Adding per-server email-userid support for erc
 emacs        6179  OSX: Emacs.app is loading files specified by relative pathn
 emacs        6180  23.2; Windows XP: crash when scrolling down after 'M-x desc
 emacs        6182  crash while compiling gnus-sum.el on a debug build
 emacs        6183  23.1; Committing in version control mode (via C-x vv) with 
 emacs        6184  cleanup: remove src/prefix-args.c
 emacs        6185  big array in bidi.c
 emacs        6187  23.1; can't save: "Wrong type argument: number-of-marker-p,
 emacs        6188  progmodes/sh-script.el
 emacs        6190  24.0.50; patch to configure emacs to use terminfo on recent
 emacs        6191  invert-face: different behaviour under POSIX and MS-Windows
 emacs        6192  24.0.50; eldoc-mode: unexpected recentering
 emacs        6193  emacs 23 in ubuntu 10.04 gnu linux: black lines overwrite t
 emacs        6197  Inconsistent naming of VC buffers
 emacs        6198  log-edit-insert-changelog option for file-names relative to
 emacs        6199  C-x C-x does not activate mark when cua-mode is on
 emacs        6200  indent-region should either decativate or keep region - not
 emacs        6201  23.1; fill-region giving error
 emacs        6202  Async shell command, switching mode, and sleep-for
 emacs        6203  Frame-local variables break let-binding
 emacs        6204  vc-dir always splits the frame
 emacs        6205  23.1; align.el error deleting a lot of whitespace
 emacs        6206  23.1; docstring info node links with newlines
 emacs        6207  23.1; align.el vhdl rules setup
 emacs        6208  23.2; [M-x grep] match no longer coloured by default
 emacs        6209  23.2; debugger cursor getting misplaced
 emacs        6210  Dev Emacs crashes when moving around a large UTF-8 bidi fil
 emacs        6211  save options does not save the tool-bar-mode preference
 emacs        6212  23.2; ^S^Q^@ --error--> Wrong type argument: characterp, 67
 emacs        6213  23.2; input-pending-p in debugger blocks it
 emacs,cc-m    193  Fill for // (C++) style comments in C (C99)
 emacs,cc-m    299  Status of cc-mode Objective-C patch?
 emacs,cc-m    341  c-indent-command misindents?
 emacs,cc-m    523  C mode, whitesmith style indentation weirdness
 emacs,cc-m    681  Wrong C++ indentation in batch mode
 emacs,cc-m    710  qt-special labels not syntactically recognized?
 emacs,cc-m    715  qt-special labels not syntactically recognized?
 emacs,cc-m    738  indenting in cc whitesmith mode broken in emacs 22.2, works
 emacs,cc-m   1177  23.0.60; cc-mode cannot recognize pointer array declaretion
 emacs,cc-m   1202  stuck undo after cc-mode fill
 emacs,cc-m   1953  Syntax Highlighting Problem in c++-mode
 emacs,cc-m   2045  Problem with indenting in comment blocks
 emacs,cc-m   2203  C Mode:  C-M-a fails at BOD re_comp, src/regex.c L6534
 emacs,cc-m   2436  cc mode font-locking -vs- multi-line strings
 emacs,cc-m   2732  23.0.91; Please add support for Objective-C++
 emacs,cc-m   2918  23.0.92; objc-mode misses fontification of leading _
 emacs,cc-m   2947  23.0.91; font-lock-mode will hang emacs on this file (both 
 emacs,cc-m   3032  Major performance problem
 emacs,cc-m   3972  23.1.50; c-mode sets M-q to c-fill-paragraph
 emacs,cc-m   4019  command to move point to #else (or #elif) in c-mode
 emacs,cc-m   4192  23.1; special fontification for "//" in cc-mode
 emacs,cc-m   4396  23.1; Inappropriate comment in cc-vars.el
 emacs,cc-m   4828  23.1.50; c-newline-and-indent and indent-line-function
 emacs,cc-m   4847  C++ Mode mistreats < and > as balanced delimiters
 emacs,cc-m   4984  c++ parantheses matching vs templates
 emacs,cc-m   5388  23.1; syntactic analysis incorrect
 emacs,cc-m   5410  Parenthesis Matching Bug!!
 emacs,cc-m   5411  cMatching Bug!!!!!!
 emacs,cc-m   5422  syntax highlighting bug
 emacs,cc-m   5457  [PATCH] [RFC] C++1x support for cc-mode
 emacs,cc-m   5490  23.1.91; CC Mode, after a while, everything is topmost-intr
 emacs,cc-m   5560  23.1.92; parens matching in c-mode broken
 emacs,cc-m   5570  Emacs C++ mode "ESC C-q" and TAB indenting issue.
 emacs,cc-m   5701  23.1; Auto-ident problem in c-mode
 emacs,cc-m   5786  new cc-mode <>-matching barfs in complex case
 emacs,cc-m   5851  24.0.50; first character after opening quote often gets eat
 emacs,cc-m   5932  feature request - C# as a formally supported language 
 emacs,cc-m   5953  23.1.95; objc-mode doesn't fontify Objective-C 2.0 keywords
 emacs,cc-m   6066  Incorrect C++ indentation in emacs 23.1.96
 emacs,cc-m   6159  23.2; c++ parenthesis matching problem
 emacs,gnus     50  23.0.60; [REGRESSION] gnus/nnimap/agent: all mails marked a
 emacs,gnus     92  cannot start Gnus with idna.el
 emacs,gnus    110  inconsistency in gnus-agent-mode
 emacs,gnus    464  23.0.60; [Regression] Implicit utf-8 no longer correctly de
 emacs,gnus   1034  23.0.60; The attached mail crashes Emacs when viewed with G
 emacs,gnus   1677  23.0.60; GNUS groups and non ascii characters: mails disapp
 emacs,gnus   1693  nndoc confuses types mbox and mime-parts
 emacs,gnus   1770  23.0.60; (message-check 'illegible-text ...) fails on eight
 emacs,gnus   1974  23.0.60; gnus writes customize file
 emacs,gnus   2031  23.0.60; Edit menu missing in Gnus buffers.
 emacs,gnus   2431  inconsistency in gnus-agent-mode
 emacs,gnus   4294  23.1; gnus fails with .authinfo containing default entry
 emacs,gnus   5402  gnus-coding.texi "Syncing" needs updating for Bazaar
 emacs,gnus   5480  threads not expanded when entering a group
 emacs,gnus   5543  23.1; mistake of file name extension in nnrss-check-group o
 emacs,gnus   5547  23.1.92; nnimap not using .authinfo.gpg
 emacs,gnus   5573  23.1; Please add Injection-* headers to message-ignored-sup
 emacs,gnus   5581  23.1; Gnus does not use IMAP unread count
 emacs,gnus   5590  23.1; Add optional cmd arguments to mm pipe
 emacs,gnus   5656  23.1; nntp-marks-file-name is reset to nil and causes "IO e
 emacs,gnus   5767  23.1; nnimap does not store flags on read-only mailboxes
 emacs,ns      303  23.0.60; Save Buffer As...
 emacs,ns      655  23.0.60; (NS/OSX:) Colorpicker, Menu abort() in eval()
 emacs,ns      706  Nextstep: empty line indicator looks strange
 emacs,ns     1131  Fwd: [Aquamacs-bugs] problem with comint
 emacs,ns     1292  23.0.60; key bindings in Emacs.app (and also launching it)
 emacs,ns     1335  Arch-dependant data should not be installed in the app bund
 emacs,ns     1367  23.0.60; Mailto service won't work
 emacs,ns     1452  23.0.60; Problem with nextstep, longlines-mode,
 emacs,ns     1453  23.0.60; Dead keys do not work in dired and similar modes i
 emacs,ns     1578  23.0.60; [EmacsCarbon] emacsclient -c make emacs very slow 
 emacs,ns     1802  23.0.60; (with-ns) completion of font names does not work
 emacs,ns     1831  23.0.60; Emacs.app cannot display acctended characters in *
 emacs,ns     1902  23.0.60; Tooltips show up on the wrong space.
 emacs,ns     1983  ns-use-system-highlight-color not working correctly with co
 emacs,ns     1993  23.0.60; Emacs.app has only transparent window background
 emacs,ns     2038  23.0.60; Emacs.app shows a black GNU Emacs in *GNU Emacs* b
 emacs,ns     2041  23.0.60; strange behaviour of Emacs.app with -q
 emacs,ns     2056  23.0.60; Enabling flyspell degrades performance
 emacs,ns     2063  image issues in nextstep
 emacs,ns     2153  23.0.90; NS: Hang with do-applescript
 emacs,ns     2277  23.0.60; GUD tooltips don't work on OS X
 emacs,ns     2339  23.0.60; Blinking Cursor Won't Blink (Mac OS X)
 emacs,ns     2344  23.0.90; disappearing cursor on Mac OS X
 emacs,ns     2375  23.0.90; ^ in gnus summary buffer does not work in the next
 emacs,ns     2465  NS Crash
 emacs,ns     2525  NS crash: font selector
 emacs,ns     2526  NS: font names have become case-sensitive
 emacs,ns     2530  23/NS: redraws according to mouse-face are slow
 emacs,ns     2531  NS: excessive redisplay
 emacs,ns     2540  23.0.60; misearch autoload warning
 emacs,ns     2550  NS: crash when disconnecting external display
 emacs,ns     2626  color-theme crash
 emacs,ns     2627  23.0.91; Colors from color-theme are not set properly.
 emacs,ns     2639  scrolling slow with word-wrap and flyspell enabled in Emacs
 emacs,ns     2662  Trying to send bug report hangs Emacs.app
 emacs,ns     2688  send-emacs-bug freezes
 emacs,ns     2691  23.0.91; Crash
 emacs,ns     2720  crash
 emacs,ns     2758  23.0.60; Using Tab in gdb freezes emacs
 emacs,ns     2771  23.0.91; Hang
 emacs,ns     2778  23.0.91; Emacs (cvs) hangs
 emacs,ns     2791  23.0.91; cvs emacs (on Mac) doesn't use the info files it c
 emacs,ns     2806  23.0.91; characters from unicode-sip coderange not displayi
 emacs,ns     2812  23.0.91; Emacs.app kind of crashes when a customisation cha
 emacs,ns     2835  23.0.92; Info is missing help for some mac specific variabl
 emacs,ns     2841  23.0.92; Emacs.app loads Emacs Lisp file as text file
 emacs,ns     2843  23.0.92; Emacs.app cannot display X bitmaps
 emacs,ns     2845  23.0.91; NS: 'Set Default Font' not preserved
 emacs,ns     2868  23.0.91; Cursor face not changing
 emacs,ns     2870  23.0.91; Cursor face not changing
 emacs,ns     2877  23.0.92; x-popup-dialog crashing
 emacs,ns     2891  23.0.92; 'Save Options' does not save font setting
 emacs,ns     2987  23.0.92; hang in nextstep version
 emacs,ns     3039  23.0.92; Cannot "Set Default Font..." on NS Emacs
 emacs,ns     3040  23.0.92; Emacs picks the italic version of a font when I ch
 emacs,ns     3071  23.0.92; accept-process-output broken on MacOS
 emacs,ns     3082  Crash in ns_draw_glyph_string
 emacs,ns     3149  23.0.92; MacOS curly double quotes are double-wide.
 emacs,ns     3174  NS: greek glyph rendering incoherent
 emacs,ns     3221  23.0.93; ns cannot handle nonascii file names
 emacs,ns     3286  NS hang in event handling
 emacs,ns     3351  23.0.93; OSX sound support
 emacs,ns     3397  NS: modeline shows inactive frame after make-frame
 emacs,ns     3434  23.0.91; Cursor face not changing
 emacs,ns     3459  NS: mouse-face flicker
 emacs,ns     3500  23.0.94; [NS/Cocoa] Crash when entering accented chacters w
 emacs,ns     3588  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs,ns     3593  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs,ns     3596  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs,ns     3605  Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)
 emacs,ns     3606  Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)
 emacs,ns     3663  Return of Bug 653 in emacs-23.0.95, Mac OS X 10.5.7
 emacs,ns     3710  23.1.50; Emacs.app cannot enter directory "_geprüft"
 emacs,ns     3727  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs,ns     3799  23.0.96; Emacs fails first startup after building (works th
 emacs,ns     3854  23.1.50; Error msg on OSX when starting second Emacs instan
 emacs,ns     3963  23.0.94; Emacs on nextstep/Mac OS X should handle mailto: U
 emacs,ns     3992  23.1.50; [Cocoa Emacs] emacsclient can't find server via ss
 emacs,ns     3994  23.1; Problem of rendering cyrillic fonts on Mac OS X
 emacs,ns     4001  23.1.50; [Cocoa Emacs] emacsclient can't find server via ss
 emacs,ns     4044  23.1; unable to handle folder whose name starts with 2009-0
 emacs,ns     4063  23.1; Emacs crash during session recovery on Mac OS X
 emacs,ns     4070  23.1; ns: cut buffers don't work with --daemon
 emacs,ns     4092  Toolbar problem with Cocoa port
 emacs,ns     4128  23.1; term/ns-win.el does "too much", assumes wrong run ord
 emacs,ns     4143  OS/X drag and drop bug report
 emacs,ns     4151  non-utf locale leads to errors in `decode-coding-region' (d
 emacs,ns     4194  23.0.91; Cursor face not changing
 emacs,ns     4236  23.1.50; broken MacOS X port: times out, flashing a centere
 emacs,ns     4273  flyspell-region / accept-process-output very slow
 emacs,ns     4295  23.1; saving default font
 emacs,ns     4326  23.1.50; Emacs.app leaves a residual line on the display
 emacs,ns     4409  Two worries about mode and quotation
 emacs,ns     4449  23.1.50; ns: variable-pitch uses a strange font
 emacs,ns     4484  23.1.50; Null Byte Yank on Mac OS X
 emacs,ns     4517  23.1.50; ns: two spelling menu entries
 emacs,ns     4528  list/term/ns-win.el should not fiddle with the standard men
 emacs,ns     4529  --enable-ns should be on by default on macs
 emacs,ns     4530  Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)
 emacs,ns     4532  Crash in ns_index_color (nsterm.m:1305)
 emacs,ns     4540  Where are the menu sub-items 
 emacs,ns     4561  23.1; Crash when removing external display
 emacs,ns     4566  23, NS: frames re-appear when app switching
 emacs,ns     4759  23.1; Minor Visual Corruption ("Flyspecks") on 23.1/OSX
 emacs,ns     4765  23.1; set-frame-name makes emacs -nw crash on mac
 emacs,ns     4769  Emacs 23.1.1 crashes or hangs when pressing CMD-q while
 emacs,ns     4831  23.1.50; cursor problems on Mac OS X
 emacs,ns     4840  crash in 23.1 on osx 10.5.8 ppc when saving preferences
 emacs,ns     4871  23.1.50; Quit: "empty or unsupported pasteboard type"
 emacs,ns     4893  ns-face-at-pos incorrect
 emacs,ns     5011  23.1.50; The {}\ characters seems to be impossible to write
 emacs,ns     5051  23.1.50; Issues with Cocoa port on OS X
 emacs,ns     5084  23.1.50; Emacs.app doesn't follow Cmd-~ convention on Mac O
 emacs,ns     5133  23.1; ispell-buffer with LaTeX file VERY slow in nextstep p
 emacs,ns     5206  OPTION key combinations using international keyboards in th
 emacs,ns     5240  23.0.94; NS: crash upon ssh disconnect
 emacs,ns     5241  Fx_family_fonts crash on startup (NS)
 emacs,ns     5248  23.1.90; Patch for OS X drag-and-drop
 emacs,ns     5261  23.1.90; diary display
 emacs,ns     5269  Cocoa port renders the left margin with a broken vertical l
 emacs,ns     5331  Term mode doesn't set tty erase
 emacs,ns     5349  23.1; [dired] can't enter directories whose name starts wit
 emacs,ns     5355; Term mode does not color the first color escape 
 emacs,ns     5357  23.1; "Attempt to drag rightmost scrollbar"
 emacs,ns     5515  23.1.92; OSX: Emacs gets stuck while wanting to display a d
 emacs,ns     5542  23.1.90; (NS) Emacs.app does not like to open the Help menu
 emacs,ns     5683  23.1.93; list-colors-display doesn't show all colors
 emacs,ns     5693  23.1.93; Crash in Snow Leopard on recent trunk build
 emacs,ns     5750  SIGSEGV during build (nextstep build)
 emacs,ns     5855  23.1.95; OS X file drag-and-drop inserts into current buffe
 emacs,ns     6156  23.1.95; Sudden crash in '-nw' mode
 emacs,org-   1575  23.0.60; org mode help hangs
 emacs,org-   4068  23.1; M-x org-cdlatex-mode: cdlatex not found
 emacs,w32      61  offical Emacs 22.1: `term' problem on MS Windows
 emacs,w32     111  23.0.60; keyboard macro bug: <language-change> recorded
 emacs,w32     265  Build error with _UNICODE on w32.
 emacs,w32     549  emacsclient or emacsclientw not waiting in Windows
 emacs,w32     641  format-time-string %Z does not work, starting with Emacs 22
 emacs,w32     686  23.0.60; Wrong line end when opening files from *Backtrace*
 emacs,w32     865  23.0.60; The directory is unsafe today
 emacs,w32     942  NTEmacs hangs with cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\libXpm.dll
 emacs,w32     952  23.0.60; cons DIRNAME arg to `dired' makes it ignore SWITCH
 emacs,w32    1207  23.0.60; read-shell-command does not support Windows ".." q
 emacs,w32    1647  vc-bzr commit bug on win32
 emacs,w32    1819  Anyone knows why the majority of windowed proggies launched
 emacs,w32    2423  23.0.90; Incomplete text in tooltip for buffer's encoding
 emacs,w32    2503  23.0.91; poor performance of flyspell for text mode
 emacs,w32    2507  23.0.91; Stripping emacs.exe on MS-Windows produces an inva
 emacs,w32    3122  Error saving commit messages for bazaar (bzr).
 emacs,w32    3181  23.0.92; Windows: text-scale-decrease changes font family, 
 emacs,w32    3281  server-start in .emacs cause error when emacs startup
 emacs,w32    3332  23.0.93; Printing on MS Windows
 emacs,w32    3456  23.0.94; character duplicated when input with MS Japanese I
 emacs,w32    3650  M-x gdb unusable on Windows
 emacs,w32    3843  23.0.95; in windows(japanese version) can't display simplif
 emacs,w32    3859  23.1.50; (make-frame '(visibility)) problem on w32
 emacs,w32    3995  23.1; incorrect characters from Maltese keyboard on Windows
 emacs,w32    4034  w32 Gnu Emacs 23.1: browse-url launches Firefox with 2 tabs
 emacs,w32    4042  23.0.94; ftp problem in emacsW32
 emacs,w32    4197  23.1; error when try to run `server-start': directory .emac
 emacs,w32    4226  dired FTP trouble
 emacs,w32    4275  23.1; Printing
 emacs,w32    4306  Emacs system encoding error, with scandinavian letters in f
 emacs,w32    4792  23.1; dired-insert-directory: doesn't indent header lines i
 emacs,w32    4814  keyboard and system bug with Emacs CVS current through 2009
 emacs,w32    4832  emacs fails to open files
 emacs,w32    4836  "<S-packet> is undefined" when using AutoHotKey
 emacs,w32    5032  Emacs crashes when on a network drive
 emacs,w32    5040  23.1; w32-register-hot-key problem
 emacs,w32    5074  Emacs just aborted during url download
 emacs,w32    5247  23.1; Cursor disappearing when in reverse video
 emacs,w32    5337  23.1; Garbage collect problem
 emacs,w32    5359  23.1.91; CRITICAL BUG: process-send-region hangs ntEmacs if
 emacs,w32    5464  23.1.91; Mouse pointer shape in menus on Windows 7
 emacs,w32    5465  23.1.91; Tooltips lose descenders in Windows 7
 emacs,w32    5482  frame-invisible-p reports nil for iconified frames on w32
 emacs,w32    5486  23.1.91; emacsclient -c not working on windows
 emacs,w32    5628  minibuffer crash
 emacs,w32    5629  23.1; W32 MessageBox encoding tiny fix
 emacs,w32    5691  C-\ translates to \ on Windows Vista
 emacs,w32    5908  tooltip-show breaks with multiline tip on Emacs for Windows
 emacs21       132  emacs crashes on <up>
 emacs21      1382  segfault when killing unsaved buffer
 emacs21      4966  No response while opening large file.
 emacs21,cc   4187  Bug with indentation / parens matching in C++-mode
 emacs22       131  problem with tag-search while in outline-minor-mode
 emacs22       306  build problem w/ 22 branch: double DOC files
 emacs22       484  Font bug in 22 (Carbon): default "Monaco" has wrong (frame-
 emacs22       752  Freezes in 22
 emacs22      1009  Carbon: posix-file-name-to-mac
 emacs22      1050  Carbon Emacs: font setter / color setting
 emacs22      1199  bookmark.el in Emacs 22 doesn't handle old-style bookmarks 
 emacs22      1502  CR/LF Unicode Problem
 emacs22      1517  cursor doesn't track shell output for very long lines
 emacs22      1620  Carbon: hang when edit file on network
 emacs22      1628  Carbon: hang when edit file on network
 emacs22      2622  Segfault with org-mode
 emacs22      2857  GNU Emacs 22.3 for Mac missing executable
 emacs22      3296  crash in ediff
 notemacs      485  emacs hangs in nxhtml-mumamo mode
 notemacs      490  23.0.60; color-theme breaks input in *shell* buffer
 notemacs      877  23.0.60; c-mode indentation and php
 notemacs      880  23.0.60; c-mode indentation and php
 notemacs      894  completing-read in pcvs.el
 notemacs      939  completing-read in pcvs.el
 notemacs      945  completing-read in pcvs.el
 notemacs      948  completing-read in pcvs.el
 notemacs      984  23.0.60; Emacs.app segfaults on startup with the cairo back
 notemacs     1036  23.0.60; GTK+ scroll-bars don't show relation of viewport t
 notemacs     1475  Bind a few more common key combinations in mac-key-mode.el
 notemacs     1860  23.0.60; odd white block next to cursor, after typing some 
 notemacs     2481  23.0.91; javascript-mode indentation weirdness
 notemacs     2488  Desert theme
 notemacs     2642  Apparent regression on font-lock-compile-keywords
 notemacs     3726  Accessing texinfo-start-menu-description when AucTeX is ins
 notemacs     4905  Bzr head doesn't compile
 notemacs     5568  Man-follow-manual-reference vs. perl man pages
 notemacs     5679  terminus oblique fonts
 notemacs     5702  23.1; wrong repository information at https://savannah.gnu.
 notemacs     6031  gcc 4.5 breaks optimized builds of emacs
 notemacs     6039  Building Emacs BZR with GCC 4.5.0

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