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[debbugs-tracker] bug#11204: closed (automake-1.11.4 test failures, powe

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: [debbugs-tracker] bug#11204: closed (automake-1.11.4 test failures, powerpc-darwin8)
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:04:01 +0000

Your message dated Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:01:41 +0100
with message-id <address@hidden>
and subject line Re: bug#11204: automake-1.11.4 test failures, powerpc-darwin8
has caused the debbugs.gnu.org bug report #11204,
regarding automake-1.11.4 test failures, powerpc-darwin8
to be marked as done.

(If you believe you have received this mail in error, please contact

11204: http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=11204
GNU Bug Tracking System
Contact address@hidden with problems
--- Begin Message --- Subject: automake-1.11.4 test failures, powerpc-darwin8 Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 15:48:30 -0400 (EDT)

Getting 17 test failures on powerpc-darwin8:

make  check-TESTS
PASS: pm/Condition.pl
SKIP: get-sysconf.test
PASS: pm/DisjConditions.pl
PASS: pm/Condition-t.pl
PASS: pm/Version.pl
PASS: pm/Wrap.pl
PASS: self-check-env-sanitize.test
PASS: self-check-report.test
PASS: pm/DisjConditions-t.pl
PASS: aclocal.test
PASS: aclocal3.test
PASS: aclibobj.test
PASS: aclocal4.test
PASS: aclocal5.test
PASS: aclocal6.test
PASS: aclocal8.test
PASS: aclocal9.test
PASS: aclocal7.test
PASS: acloca10.test
PASS: acloca11.test
PASS: acloca12.test
PASS: acloca13.test
PASS: acloca15.test
PASS: acloca16.test
PASS: acloca17.test
PASS: acloca14.test
PASS: acloca19.test
PASS: acloca20.test
PASS: acloca21.test
PASS: acloca18.test
PASS: acloca22.test
PASS: aclocal-acdir.test
PASS: aclocal-install-absdir.test
PASS: aclocal-print-acdir.test
PASS: aclocal-path.test
PASS: aclocal-path-install.test
PASS: aclocal-path-nonexistent.test
PASS: aclocal-path-precedence.test
PASS: aclocal-path-install-serial.test
PASS: aclocal-install-fail.test
PASS: aclocal-no-install-no-mkdir.test
PASS: aclocal-verbose-install.test
PASS: acoutnoq.test
PASS: aclocal-install-mkdir.test
PASS: acoutpt.test
PASS: acoutqnl.test
PASS: acoutpt2.test
PASS: acoutbs.test
PASS: acoutbs2.test
PASS: acsilent.test
PASS: acsubst.test
PASS: acsubst2.test
XFAIL: all.test
PASS: alloca.test
PASS: all2.test
PASS: alloca2.test
PASS: alpha.test
PASS: alpha2.test
SKIP: amhello-cross-compile.test
PASS: amhello-binpkg.test
PASS: amassign.test
PASS: amhello-cflags.test
PASS: ammissing.test
PASS: amopt.test
PASS: amsubst.test
PASS: ansi.test
PASS: ansi2.test
PASS: ansi2knr-deprecation.test
PASS: ansi3.test
PASS: ansi4.test
PASS: ansi3b.test
PASS: ansi5.test
PASS: ansi6.test
PASS: ansi8.test
PASS: ansi7.test
PASS: ansi9.test
PASS: ar-lib.test
PASS: ar-lib2.test
PASS: ansi10.test
PASS: ar-lib3.test
SKIP: ar-lib5a.test
PASS: libtool-macros.test
PASS: ar-lib7.test
PASS: ar-lib5b.test
PASS: ar.test
PASS: ar2.test
PASS: ar3.test
PASS: ar4.test
PASS: ar5.test
PASS: asm.test
PASS: asm2.test
PASS: autodist.test
PASS: asm3.test
PASS: autodist-acconfig.test
PASS: autodist-subdir.test
PASS: autodist-acconfig-no-subdir.test
PASS: autodist-aclocal-m4.test
PASS: autodist-config-headers.test
PASS: autodist-no-duplicate.test
PASS: autodist-configure-no-subdir.test
PASS: autohdr.test
PASS: autohdr2.test
PASS: autodist-stamp-vti.test
PASS: autohdr3.test
PASS: autohdr4.test
PASS: automake.test
PASS: autohdrdry.test
PASS: auxdir.test
XFAIL: auxdir2.test
PASS: auxdir3.test
PASS: auxdir4.test
PASS: backsl2.test
PASS: backsl.test
PASS: backsl3.test
PASS: badline.test
PASS: backsl4.test
PASS: badopt.test
PASS: badprog.test
PASS: block.test
PASS: bsource.test
PASS: canon.test
PASS: canon2.test
PASS: canon3.test
PASS: canon4.test
PASS: canon-name.test
PASS: canon5.test
PASS: ccnoco2.test
PASS: ccnoco.test
PASS: check.test
PASS: ccnoco3.test
PASS: check2.test
PASS: check3.test
PASS: check4.test
PASS: check5.test
PASS: check6.test
PASS: check7.test
PASS: check8.test
PASS: check9.test
PASS: check10.test
PASS: check11.test
PASS: check-exported-srcdir.test
PASS: check-tests-in-builddir.test
PASS: check-tests_environment.test
PASS: check-concurrency-bug9245.test
PASS: tests-environment-backcompat.test
PASS: checkall.test
PASS: clean.test
PASS: clean2.test
PASS: check12.test
PASS: colneq.test
PASS: colneq2.test
PASS: colon.test
PASS: colon2.test
PASS: colon3.test
PASS: colon4.test
PASS: colon5.test
PASS: colon6.test
PASS: colon7.test
PASS: color.test
PASS: comment.test
PASS: color2.test
PASS: comment3.test
PASS: comment2.test
PASS: comment4.test
PASS: comment5.test
PASS: comment7.test
PASS: comment6.test
PASS: comment9.test
PASS: comment8.test
PASS: commen10.test
PASS: commen11.test
PASS: compile.test
PASS: compile2.test
PASS: compile3.test
SKIP: compile4.test
PASS: comments-in-var-def.test
PASS: compile6.test
SKIP: compile5.test
PASS: compile_f90_c_cxx.test
PASS: compile_f_c_cxx.test
PASS: cond.test
PASS: cond2.test
PASS: cond3.test
PASS: cond5.test
PASS: cond6.test
PASS: cond7.test
PASS: cond4.test
PASS: cond8.test
PASS: cond10.test
PASS: cond9.test
PASS: cond13.test
PASS: cond14.test
PASS: cond11.test
PASS: cond15.test
XFAIL: cond17.test
PASS: cond16.test
PASS: cond18.test
PASS: cond20.test
PASS: cond19.test
PASS: cond21.test
PASS: cond23.test
PASS: cond22.test
PASS: cond24.test
PASS: cond25.test
PASS: cond26.test
PASS: cond27.test
PASS: cond28.test
PASS: cond29.test
PASS: cond30.test
PASS: cond31.test
PASS: cond32.test
PASS: cond33.test
PASS: cond34.test
PASS: cond36.test
PASS: cond35.test
PASS: cond37.test
PASS: cond38.test
PASS: cond40.test
PASS: cond41.test
PASS: cond39.test
PASS: cond43.test
PASS: cond42.test
PASS: cond44.test
PASS: cond45.test
PASS: condhook.test
PASS: condd.test
PASS: condinc.test
PASS: condhook2.test
PASS: condinc2.test
PASS: condlib.test
PASS: condman.test
PASS: condman2.test
PASS: configure.test
PASS: condman3.test
PASS: confdeps.test
PASS: conff2.test
PASS: conff.test
PASS: conffile-leading-dot.test
PASS: confh4.test
PASS: confh.test
PASS: confh5.test
PASS: confh6.test
PASS: confh7.test
PASS: confincl.test
PASS: confh8.test
PASS: conflnk.test
PASS: conflnk2.test
PASS: conflnk3.test
PASS: conflnk4.test
PASS: confvar.test
PASS: confsub.test
PASS: confvar2.test
PASS: copy.test
PASS: ctarget1.test
PASS: cxx.test
PASS: cxx2.test
PASS: cxxansi.test
PASS: cxxcpp.test
PASS: cxxlibobj.test
PASS: cxxlink.test
PASS: cxxnoc.test
PASS: cxxo.test
PASS: dash.test
PASS: cygwin32.test
PASS: defun.test
PASS: defun2.test
PASS: dejagnu.test
PASS: dejagnu2.test
PASS: dejagnu3.test
PASS: dejagnu4.test
PASS: dejagnu5.test
PASS: dejagnu6.test
PASS: dejagnu7.test
PASS: dejagnu-absolute-builddir.test
PASS: dejagnu-relative-srcdir.test
PASS: dejagnu-siteexp-append.test
PASS: dejagnu-siteexp-useredit.test
PASS: dejagnu-siteexp-extend.test
PASS: deleted-am.test
PASS: depacl2.test
PASS: depcomp.test
PASS: deleted-m4.test
PASS: depcomp2.test
PASS: depcomp3.test
SKIP: depcomp5.test
PASS: depcomp6.test
PASS: depcomp4.test
PASS: depcomp8a.test
PASS: depcomp7.test
PASS: depcomp9.test
SKIP: depcomp10.test
PASS: depdist.test
PASS: depend.test
PASS: depend2.test
PASS: depend3.test
PASS: depcomp8b.test
PASS: depend4.test
PASS: depend5.test
PASS: depend6.test
PASS: dirlist.test
PASS: dirlist2.test
PASS: destdir.test
PASS: discover.test
XFAIL: dist-auxfile-2.test
PASS: dist-included-parent-dir.test
XFAIL: dist-auxfile.test
PASS: dist-missing-am.test
PASS: dist-missing-included-m4.test
XFAIL: dist-pr109765.test
PASS: dist-missing-m4.test
PASS: distcom2.test
PASS: distcom3.test
PASS: distcleancheck.test
PASS: distcom4.test
PASS: distcom5.test
PASS: distcom6.test
PASS: distcom7.test
PASS: distlinks.test
PASS: distdir.test
PASS: distname.test
PASS: distlinksbrk.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags-am.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags-subpkg.test
PASS: distcheck-hook.test
PASS: distcheck-hook2.test
PASS: distcheck-missing-m4.test
PASS: distcheck-pr9579.test
SKIP: distcheck-pr10470.test
FAIL: distcheck-override-infodir.test
PASS: distcheck-outdated-m4.test
PASS: doc-parsing-buglets-colneq-subst.test
PASS: dmalloc.test
PASS: doc-parsing-buglets-tabs.test
PASS: dollar.test
PASS: dollarvar.test
PASS: double.test
PASS: dup2.test
PASS: else.test
PASS: empty.test
PASS: empty2.test
PASS: dollarvar2.test
PASS: empty3.test
PASS: empty4.test
PASS: exdir.test
PASS: exdir2.test
PASS: exdir3.test
PASS: exeext.test
PASS: exeext3.test
PASS: exeext2.test
PASS: exsource.test
PASS: ext.test
PASS: exeext4.test
PASS: ext2.test
PASS: extra-portability2.test
PASS: extra-portability3.test
PASS: extra.test
PASS: extra2.test
PASS: extra-portability.test
PASS: extra3.test
PASS: extra4.test
PASS: extra5.test
PASS: extra6.test
PASS: extra8.test
PASS: extra7.test
PASS: extra10.test
PASS: extra11.test
PASS: extra12.test
PASS: extradep.test
PASS: f90only.test
PASS: extradep2.test
PASS: flibs.test
PASS: fn99.test
PASS: fn99subdir.test
PASS: fnoc.test
PASS: flavor.test
PASS: fo.test
PASS: forcemiss.test
PASS: forcemiss2.test
PASS: fort1.test
SKIP: fort4.test
SKIP: fort5.test
PASS: fort2.test
PASS: fonly.test
PASS: fortdep.test
PASS: gcj.test
PASS: gcj2.test
PASS: gcj3.test
PASS: gcj5.test
PASS: gcj4.test
XFAIL: gcj6.test
PASS: gettext-macros.test
PASS: gnumake.test
PASS: gnuwarn2.test
PASS: gnuwarn.test
PASS: gnits.test
PASS: gnits2.test
PASS: hdr-vars-defined-once.test
PASS: gnits3.test
PASS: help.test
PASS: header.test
PASS: help2.test
PASS: help3.test
PASS: help4.test
PASS: help-depend.test
PASS: help-depend2.test
PASS: help-dmalloc.test
PASS: help-init.test
PASS: help-lispdir.test
PASS: help-multilib.test
PASS: help-python.test
PASS: help-regex.test
PASS: help-upc.test
PASS: help-silent.test
PASS: hfs.test
PASS: implicit.test
PASS: info.test
PASS: init.test
PASS: hosts.test
PASS: init2.test
PASS: insh2.test
PASS: install2.test
PASS: installdir.test
PASS: instsh.test
FAIL: install-info-dir.test
PASS: instsh3.test
PASS: instsh2.test
PASS: instdat.test
PASS: instdat2.test
PASS: instdir.test
PASS: instdir2.test
PASS: instdir-cond.test
XFAIL: instdir-cond2.test
PASS: instdir-java.test
PASS: instdir-lisp.test
PASS: instdir-no-empty.test
PASS: instdir-ltlib.test
PASS: instdir-prog.test
PASS: instdir-python.test
PASS: instexec.test
PASS: instdir-texi.test
FAIL: instfail-info.test
PASS: instfail.test
SKIP: instfail-libtool.test
PASS: instfail-java.test
PASS: instman.test
PASS: instman2.test
PASS: insthook.test
PASS: instmany.test
PASS: instmany-mans.test
PASS: instmany-python.test
PASS: interp.test
PASS: interp2.test
PASS: java.test
PASS: java2.test
PASS: java3.test
PASS: java-check.test
PASS: java-empty-classpath.test
PASS: javadir-undefined.test
PASS: javaprim.test
PASS: javasubst.test
PASS: java-clean.test
XFAIL: java-nobase.test
PASS: java-compile-install.test
PASS: java-sources.test
PASS: java-no-duplicate.test
PASS: java-mix.test
SKIP: ldadd.test
SKIP: ldflags.test
PASS: lex.test
PASS: lex2.test
PASS: lex3.test
PASS: lex4.test
PASS: lex5.test
XFAIL: lex-subobj-nodep.test
PASS: lflags.test
PASS: lflags2.test
PASS: libexec.test
PASS: libobj2.test
PASS: libobj3.test
PASS: libobj4.test
PASS: libobj5.test
PASS: libobj7.test
PASS: libobj8.test
PASS: libobj10.test
PASS: libobj11.test
PASS: libobj12.test
PASS: libobj13.test
PASS: libobj14.test
PASS: library.test
PASS: library2.test
PASS: library3.test
SKIP: libtool.test
PASS: libtool2.test
PASS: libtool3.test
PASS: libtool4.test
PASS: libtool5.test
PASS: instspc.test
PASS: libtool6.test
PASS: libtool8.test
PASS: libtool7.test
PASS: libtool9.test
PASS: libtoo10.test
PASS: libtoo11.test
PASS: license.test
PASS: license2.test
PASS: link_c_cxx.test
PASS: link_dist.test
PASS: link_f90_only.test
PASS: link_cond.test
PASS: link_fc.test
PASS: link_fccxx.test
PASS: link_fcxx.test
PASS: link_f_only.test
PASS: lisp2.test
PASS: lisp3.test
PASS: lisp4.test
PASS: lisp5.test
PASS: lisp6.test
PASS: lisp7.test
PASS: lisp8.test
SKIP: listval.test
PASS: lispdry.test
PASS: location.test
PASS: longline.test
PASS: longlin2.test
PASS: ltcond.test
PASS: ltcond2.test
SKIP: ltdeps.test
PASS: ltconv.test
PASS: ltinit.test
SKIP: ltlibobjs.test
SKIP: ltlibsrc.test
PASS: ltinstloc.test
PASS: lzip.test
PASS: lzma.test
PASS: m4-inclusion.test
PASS: ltorder.test
PASS: maintclean.test
PASS: maintclean-vpath.test
PASS: maintmode-configure-msg.test
PASS: makefile-deps.test
PASS: make.test
PASS: makej.test
PASS: makej2.test
PASS: maken.test
PASS: make-dryrun.test
PASS: makevars.test
PASS: man.test
PASS: maken3.test
PASS: man2.test
PASS: man3.test
PASS: man5.test
PASS: man4.test
PASS: mdate.test
PASS: mdate2.test
PASS: mdate3.test
PASS: mdate4.test
PASS: mdate6.test
PASS: mdate5.test
PASS: missing.test
PASS: missing3.test
PASS: missing2.test
PASS: missing5.test
PASS: missing4.test
PASS: mkinstall.test
PASS: missing6.test
PASS: mkinst3.test
PASS: mkinst2.test
PASS: mmode.test
PASS: mmodely.test
PASS: nobase.test
PASS: multlib.test
PASS: nobase-libtool.test
PASS: nobase-python.test
PASS: nobase-nodist.test
PASS: nodef.test
PASS: nodep.test
PASS: nodef2.test
PASS: nodep2.test
PASS: nodepcomp.test
PASS: nodist.test
PASS: nodist2.test
PASS: nodist3.test
PASS: nogzip2.test
PASS: nogzip.test
PASS: noinst.test
PASS: noinstdir.test
PASS: nolink.test
PASS: notrans.test
PASS: nostdinc.test
PASS: number.test
PASS: objc.test
PASS: objc2.test
XFAIL: objext-pr10128.test
PASS: order.test
PASS: outdir.test
PASS: obsolete.test
PASS: output.test
PASS: output2.test
PASS: output3.test
PASS: output4.test
PASS: output5.test
PASS: output6.test
PASS: output7.test
PASS: output8.test
PASS: output9.test
PASS: output10.test
PASS: output11.test
PASS: output12.test
PASS: output13.test
PASS: overrid.test
PASS: output-order.test
PASS: parallel-am2.test
PASS: parallel-am.test
PASS: parallel-tests.test
PASS: parallel-am3.test
PASS: parallel-tests3.test
PASS: parallel-tests2.test
PASS: parallel-tests4.test
PASS: parallel-tests6.test
PASS: parallel-tests7.test
PASS: parallel-tests5.test
PASS: parallel-tests9.test
PASS: parallel-tests10.test
PASS: parallel-tests8.test
PASS: parallel-tests-dryrun.test
PASS: parallel-tests-unreadable-log.test
PASS: parallel-tests-harderror.test
PASS: parallel-tests-subdir.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-2.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-1.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-recheck.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-compiler-example.test
PASS: test-extensions.test
PASS: test-extensions-cond.test
PASS: parse.test
PASS: percent.test
PASS: percent2.test
PASS: phony.test
PASS: pluseq.test
PASS: pluseq2.test
PASS: pluseq3.test
PASS: pluseq4.test
PASS: pluseq6.test
PASS: pluseq5.test
PASS: pluseq7.test
PASS: pluseq8.test
PASS: pluseq9.test
PASS: pluseq10.test
PASS: pluseq11.test
PASS: ppf77.test
PASS: postproc.test
PASS: pr2.test
SKIP: pr72.test
PASS: pr9.test
PASS: pr204.test
PASS: pr87.test
PASS: pr211.test
PASS: pr220.test
PASS: pr229.test
PASS: pr224.test
PASS: pr243.test
PASS: pr279.test
PASS: pr266.test
PASS: pr279-2.test
PASS: pr287.test
PASS: pr300-lib.test
PASS: pr300-prog.test
PASS: pr300-ltlib.test
PASS: pr307.test
PASS: pr401.test
PASS: pr401c.test
PASS: prefix.test
PASS: primary.test
PASS: primary2.test
PASS: pr401b.test
PASS: primary3.test
PASS: primary-prefix-valid-couples.test
PASS: primary-prefix-invalid-couples.test
PASS: primary-prefix-couples-documented-valid.test
PASS: primary-prefix-couples-force-valid.test
PASS: py-compile-basic.test
PASS: proginst.test
PASS: py-compile-basic2.test
PASS: py-compile-destdir.test
PASS: py-compile-env.test
PASS: py-compile-option-terminate.test
PASS: py-compile-usage.test
PASS: py-compile-basedir.test
PASS: python.test
PASS: python3.test
PASS: python4.test
PASS: python2.test
PASS: python6.test
PASS: python5.test
PASS: python7.test
PASS: python8.test
PASS: python9.test
PASS: python10.test
PASS: python11.test
PASS: python12.test
PASS: python-pr10995.test
PASS: recurs.test
PASS: recurs2.test
PASS: remake.test
PASS: remake2.test
PASS: remake3.test
PASS: remake4.test
PASS: remake5.test
PASS: remake6.test
PASS: remake7.test
PASS: remake-subdir-from-subdir.test
PASS: remake-subdir-gnu.test
PASS: remake-subdir.test
PASS: remake-subdir2.test
XFAIL: remake-am-pr10111.test
PASS: remake-subdir-long-time.test
XFAIL: remake-m4-pr10111.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am-2.test
PASS: remake-renamed-am.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am-subdir.test
PASS: regex.test
PASS: regex-obsolete.test
XFAIL: pr8365-remake-timing.test
PASS: req.test
PASS: reqd.test
PASS: rulepat.test
PASS: reqd2.test
PASS: sanity.test
PASS: scripts.test
PASS: seenc.test
PASS: silent.test
PASS: silent2.test
PASS: silent3.test
PASS: silent4.test
PASS: silent7.test
PASS: silent6.test
PASS: silent9.test
PASS: silentcxx.test
PASS: silentf77.test
PASS: silentf90.test
PASS: silent-many-gcc.test
PASS: silent-lex-gcc.test
PASS: silent-many-generic.test
PASS: silent-nested-vars.test
PASS: silent-lex-generic.test
PASS: silent-yacc-gcc.test
PASS: silent-yacc-generic.test
PASS: srcsub.test
PASS: silent-configsite.test
PASS: srcsub2.test
PASS: space.test
PASS: specflg.test
PASS: specflg2.test
PASS: specflg3.test
PASS: specflg6.test
PASS: specflg7.test
PASS: specflg9.test
PASS: specflg8.test
PASS: specflg-dummy.test
PASS: spell.test
PASS: spell2.test
PASS: spell3.test
PASS: spelling.test
PASS: specflg10.test
PASS: spy.test
PASS: stamph2.test
PASS: stdlib.test
SKIP: stdlib2.test
PASS: stdinc.test
SKIP: strip2.test
SKIP: strip3.test
PASS: subdir.test
PASS: subdir2.test
PASS: strip.test
PASS: subdir3.test
PASS: subdir4.test
PASS: subdir6.test
PASS: subdir7.test
PASS: subdir5.test
PASS: subdir9.test
PASS: subdir8.test
PASS: subdir10.test
PASS: subcond.test
PASS: subdirbuiltsources.test
PASS: subcond2.test
PASS: subcond3.test
PASS: subobj.test
PASS: subobj2.test
PASS: subobj4.test
PASS: subobj3.test
PASS: subobj5.test
PASS: subobj7.test
PASS: subobj8.test
PASS: subobj6.test
PASS: subobj10.test
PASS: subobj11a.test
PASS: subobj11b.test
PASS: subobj11c.test
PASS: subobj9.test
PASS: subobjname.test
PASS: subpkg2.test
PASS: subpkg.test
PASS: subpkg3.test
PASS: subpkg4.test
PASS: subst.test
PASS: subst2.test
PASS: subpkg-yacc.test
PASS: subst3.test
PASS: subst4.test
PASS: substref.test
PASS: substre2.test
PASS: substtarg.test
PASS: suffix.test
PASS: suffix2.test
PASS: suffix3.test
SKIP: suffix5.test
PASS: suffix4.test
PASS: suffix6.test
PASS: suffix7.test
PASS: suffix9.test
PASS: suffix8.test
PASS: suffix10.test
PASS: suffix11.test
PASS: suffix12.test
PASS: symlink.test
PASS: symlink2.test
PASS: syntax.test
PASS: tags.test
PASS: tagsub.test
PASS: suffix13.test
PASS: tar.test
PASS: tar2.test
PASS: tar3.test
PASS: tar-override.test
PASS: targetclash.test
PASS: target-cflags.test
PASS: txinfo.test
PASS: txinfo2.test
PASS: txinfo4.test
XFAIL: txinfo5.test
FAIL: txinfo3.test
PASS: txinfo6.test
PASS: txinfo5b.test
PASS: txinfo7.test
PASS: txinfo9.test
PASS: txinfo8.test
PASS: txinfo10.test
FAIL: txinfo13.test
PASS: txinfo17.test
FAIL: txinfo16.test
FAIL: txinfo19.test
FAIL: txinfo18.test
PASS: txinfo20.test
FAIL: txinfo22.test
FAIL: txinfo23.test
PASS: txinfo21.test
FAIL: txinfo24.test
FAIL: txinfo26.test
PASS: txinfo27.test
FAIL: txinfo25.test
PASS: txinfo29.test
PASS: txinfo30.test
FAIL: txinfo28.test
PASS: txinfo31.test
PASS: txinfo32.test
PASS: transform.test
PASS: transform2.test
PASS: uninstall-pr9578.test
FAIL: txinfo33.test
PASS: unused.test
PASS: uninstall-fail.test
PASS: upc2.test
SKIP: upc.test
PASS: vala.test
SKIP: vala1.test
SKIP: vala2.test
SKIP: vala3.test
SKIP: upc3.test
SKIP: vala5.test
PASS: vala-vpath.test
PASS: vala-mix.test
PASS: vala4.test
PASS: vars.test
PASS: vars3.test
PASS: vartar.test
PASS: version.test
PASS: version2.test
PASS: vala-mix2.test
PASS: version3.test
PASS: version4.test
PASS: version6.test
PASS: version8.test
PASS: vpath.test
PASS: vtexi.test
PASS: vtexi2.test
FAIL: version7.test
PASS: vtexi3.test
PASS: warnopts.test
FAIL: vtexi4.test
PASS: werror.test
PASS: werror3.test
PASS: whoami.test
PASS: xsource.test
PASS: werror2.test
PASS: yacc.test
PASS: xz.test
PASS: yacc2.test
PASS: yacc3.test
PASS: yacc5.test
PASS: yacc4.test
PASS: yacc7.test
PASS: yacc6.test
PASS: yaccdry.test
PASS: yaccpp.test
PASS: yacc8.test
PASS: yaccvpath.test
PASS: yflags.test
PASS: yacc-dist-nobuild-subdir.test
PASS: yflags2.test
PASS: check-concurrency-bug9245-p.test
PASS: check-exported-srcdir-p.test
PASS: check-tests_environment-p.test
PASS: check-tests-in-builddir-p.test
PASS: check-p.test
PASS: check11-p.test
PASS: check10-p.test
PASS: check2-p.test
PASS: check3-p.test
PASS: check4-p.test
PASS: check5-p.test
PASS: check6-p.test
PASS: check12-p.test
PASS: check7-p.test
PASS: check9-p.test
PASS: check8-p.test
PASS: color-p.test
PASS: color2-p.test
PASS: comment9-p.test
PASS: dejagnu-p.test
PASS: exeext4-p.test
PASS: maken3-p.test
PASS: ar-lib6a.test
PASS: ar-lib4.test
PASS: ar-lib6b.test
PASS: gettext2.test
PASS: gettext3.test
PASS: gettext.test
17 of 921 tests failed
(29 tests were not run)
See tests/test-suite.log
Please report to address@hidden
make[3]: *** [test-suite.log] Error 1
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 2
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

Anything known about these?

David Fang

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: bug#11204: automake-1.11.4 test failures, powerpc-darwin8 Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:01:41 +0100

On 04/13/2012 10:45 AM, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
> On 04/13/2012 10:33 AM, David Fang wrote:
>> Stefano Lattarini wrote:
>>> What happens if you use GNU info instead?  Do the testsuite failures
>>> persist?
>> Already using GNU info (previous report):
> Sorry, I meant GNU 'install-info' (instead of dpkg 'install-info').
This thread has seen no activity in several months; in addition, the
1.11.x releases are quite outdated now, and Automake has seen several
important changes since then (especially in the testsuite).  I'm thus
closing this bug report, to avoid keeping the bug tracker overly
cluttered.  If a similar failure crops up with more modern Automake
releases, feel free to open a new bug report.


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