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[debbugs-tracker] bug#8510: closed (24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: [debbugs-tracker] bug#8510: closed (24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently): void-variable symbol)
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 01:03:02 +0000

Your message dated Fri, 22 Feb 2013 20:01:07 -0500
with message-id <address@hidden>
and subject line Re: bug#8510: 24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently): 
void-variable symbol
has caused the debbugs.gnu.org bug report #8510,
regarding 24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently): void-variable symbol
to be marked as done.

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8510: http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=8510
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: 24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently): void-variable symbol Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 08:44:06 -0700
I ran into this from my own code.  This is not a recipe from emacs -Q.
But I suspect that the problem is in the vanilla code, possibly in the
C code for `documentation-property'.
Below is the backtrace from the error.  Note that the void variable
`symbol' seems to be in the vanilla code.  It is not in my code,
AFAICT.  And there is no occurrence of `symbol' in the backtrace.

The call that provokes the error is:
(documentation-property 'debug-on-error 'variable-documentation t)
However, if I eval that sexp at top level in emacs -Q using `M-:'
no error is raised.

And even if I eval (in emacs -Q, top level) the effective code that provoked the
error then no error is raised.  This is that code, in effect.  The last clause
of the `cond' is what gets executed (both in the case where the error is raised
and using emacs -Q):

(let ((cand  'debug-on-error))
  (cond ((get cand 'icicle-mode-line-help)) ; Help prop.
        ((fboundp cand)                     ; Function.
         (or (documentation cand t)         ; Functon's doc string.
             (if (string-match              ; Easy-menu item.
                  "^menu-function-[0-9]+$" (symbol-name cand))
                 (format "%s" (symbol-function cand))
               (format "Command `%s'" cand))))
        ((facep cand) (face-documentation cand)) ; Face.
        (t (documentation-property               ; Variable.
            cand 'variable-documentation t))))

My code does this not at top level but from the minibuffer (during `M-x
set-variable').  Dunno whether that is pertinent to the error.

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable symbol)
  documentation-property(debug-on-error variable-documentation t)
  (cond ((get cand (quote icicle-mode-line-help))) ((fboundp cand) (or (doc=
umentation cand t) (if (string-match "^menu-function-[0-9]+$" (symbol-name =
cand)) (format "%s" (symbol-function cand)) (format "Command `%s'" cand))))=
 ((facep cand) (face-documentation cand)) (t (documentation-property cand (=
quote variable-documentation) t)))
  (and cand (symbolp cand) (cond ((get cand (quote icicle-mode-line-help)))=
 ((fboundp cand) (or (documentation cand t) (if (string-match "^menu-functi=
on-[0-9]+$" (symbol-name cand)) (format "%s" (symbol-function cand)) (forma=
t "Command `%s'" cand)))) ((facep cand) (face-documentation cand)) (t (docu=
mentation-property cand (quote variable-documentation) t))))
  (cond ((and (stringp candidate) (get-text-property 0 (quote icicle-mode-l=
ine-help) candidate))) ((and cand (symbolp cand) (cond ((get cand (quote ic=
icle-mode-line-help))) ((fboundp cand) (or (documentation cand t) (if (stri=
ng-match "^menu-function-[0-9]+$" ...) (format "%s" ...) (format "Command `=
%s'" cand)))) ((facep cand) (face-documentation cand)) (t (documentation-pr=
operty cand (quote variable-documentation) t))))) ((and (consp cand) (eq (c=
ar cand) (quote lambda))) (format "%s" cand)) ((and (stringp cand) (member =
cand (quote ("Prefix key" "GO UP")))) cand) ((stringp candidate) (cond ((an=
d (or (icicle-file-name-input-p) icicle-abs-file-candidates) (file-exists-p=
 candidate)) (if (get-file-buffer candidate) (concat (icicle-help-line-buff=
er (get-file-buffer candidate) (quote no-bytes-p)) " " (icicle-help-line-fi=
le cand)) (icicle-help-line-file candidate))) ((get-buffer candidate) (icic=
le-help-line-buffer candidate)) (t nil))))
  (progn (when (stringp candidate) (setq candidate (icicle-transform-multi-=
completion candidate))) (cond ((and (stringp candidate) (get-text-property =
0 (quote icicle-mode-line-help) candidate))) ((and cand (symbolp cand) (con=
d ((get cand (quote icicle-mode-line-help))) ((fboundp cand) (or (documenta=
tion cand t) (if ... ... ...))) ((facep cand) (face-documentation cand)) (t=
 (documentation-property cand (quote variable-documentation) t))))) ((and (=
consp cand) (eq (car cand) (quote lambda))) (format "%s" cand)) ((and (stri=
ngp cand) (member cand (quote ("Prefix key" "GO UP")))) cand) ((stringp can=
didate) (cond ((and (or (icicle-file-name-input-p) icicle-abs-file-candidat=
es) (file-exists-p candidate)) (if (get-file-buffer candidate) (concat (ici=
cle-help-line-buffer ... ...) " " (icicle-help-line-file cand)) (icicle-hel=
p-line-file candidate))) ((get-buffer candidate) (icicle-help-line-buffer c=
andidate)) (t nil)))))
  (let* ((cand (cond ((consp lacarte-menu-items-alist) (cdr (assoc candidat=
e lacarte-menu-items-alist))) (icicle-completing-keys-p (if (string=3D ".."=
 candidate) "GO UP" (let (...) (if ... "Prefix key" ...)))) ((or (get-buffe=
r candidate) (icicle-file-name-input-p) icicle-abs-file-candidates) (icicle=
-transform-multi-completion candidate)) (t (intern-soft (icicle-transform-m=
ulti-completion candidate))))) (doc (progn (when (stringp candidate) (setq =
candidate (icicle-transform-multi-completion candidate))) (cond ((and (stri=
ngp candidate) (get-text-property 0 ... candidate))) ((and cand (symbolp ca=
nd) (cond ... ... ... ...))) ((and (consp cand) (eq ... ...)) (format "%s" =
cand)) ((and (stringp cand) (member cand ...)) cand) ((stringp candidate) (=
cond (... ...) (... ...) (t nil)))))) (doc-line1 (and (stringp doc) (string=
-match ".+$" doc) (match-string 0 doc)))) (when doc-line1 (put-text-propert=
y 0 (length doc-line1) (quote face) (quote icicle-mode-line-help) doc-line1=
) (icicle-show-in-mode-line doc-line1 (cond ((get-buffer-window "*Completio=
ns*" (quote visible)) "*Completions*") ((eq (current-buffer) (window-buffer=
 (minibuffer-window))) (cadr (buffer-list))) (t (current-buffer))))))
  (progn (let* ((cand (cond ((consp lacarte-menu-items-alist) (cdr (assoc c=
andidate lacarte-menu-items-alist))) (icicle-completing-keys-p (if (string=
=3D ".." candidate) "GO UP" (let ... ...))) ((or (get-buffer candidate) (ic=
icle-file-name-input-p) icicle-abs-file-candidates) (icicle-transform-multi=
-completion candidate)) (t (intern-soft (icicle-transform-multi-completion =
candidate))))) (doc (progn (when (stringp candidate) (setq candidate (icicl=
e-transform-multi-completion candidate))) (cond ((and ... ...)) ((and cand =
... ...)) ((and ... ...) (format "%s" cand)) ((and ... ...) cand) ((stringp=
 candidate) (cond ... ... ...))))) (doc-line1 (and (stringp doc) (string-ma=
tch ".+$" doc) (match-string 0 doc)))) (when doc-line1 (put-text-property 0=
 (length doc-line1) (quote face) (quote icicle-mode-line-help) doc-line1) (=
icicle-show-in-mode-line doc-line1 (cond ((get-buffer-window "*Completions*=
" (quote visible)) "*Completions*") ((eq (current-buffer) (window-buffer ..=
.)) (cadr (buffer-list))) (t (current-buffer)))))))
  (if icicle-help-in-mode-line-flag (progn (let* ((cand (cond ((consp lacar=
te-menu-items-alist) (cdr ...)) (icicle-completing-keys-p (if ... "GO UP" .=
..)) ((or ... ... icicle-abs-file-candidates) (icicle-transform-multi-compl=
etion candidate)) (t (intern-soft ...)))) (doc (progn (when (stringp candid=
ate) (setq candidate ...)) (cond (...) (...) (... ...) (... cand) (... ...)=
))) (doc-line1 (and (stringp doc) (string-match ".+$" doc) (match-string 0 =
doc)))) (when doc-line1 (put-text-property 0 (length doc-line1) (quote face=
) (quote icicle-mode-line-help) doc-line1) (icicle-show-in-mode-line doc-li=
ne1 (cond ((get-buffer-window "*Completions*" ...) "*Completions*") ((eq ..=
. ...) (cadr ...)) (t (current-buffer))))))))
  (when icicle-help-in-mode-line-flag (let* ((cand (cond ((consp lacarte-me=
nu-items-alist) (cdr (assoc candidate lacarte-menu-items-alist))) (icicle-c=
ompleting-keys-p (if (string=3D ".." candidate) "GO UP" (let ... ...))) ((o=
r (get-buffer candidate) (icicle-file-name-input-p) icicle-abs-file-candida=
tes) (icicle-transform-multi-completion candidate)) (t (intern-soft (icicle=
-transform-multi-completion candidate))))) (doc (progn (when (stringp candi=
date) (setq candidate (icicle-transform-multi-completion candidate))) (cond=
 ((and ... ...)) ((and cand ... ...)) ((and ... ...) (format "%s" cand)) ((=
and ... ...) cand) ((stringp candidate) (cond ... ... ...))))) (doc-line1 (=
and (stringp doc) (string-match ".+$" doc) (match-string 0 doc)))) (when do=
c-line1 (put-text-property 0 (length doc-line1) (quote face) (quote icicle-=
mode-line-help) doc-line1) (icicle-show-in-mode-line doc-line1 (cond ((get-=
buffer-window "*Completions*" (quote visible)) "*Completions*") ((eq (curre=
nt-buffer) (window-buffer ...)) (cadr (buffer-list))) (t (current-buffer)))=
  (progn (icicle-show-help-in-mode-line mode-line-help))
  (if mode-line-help (progn (icicle-show-help-in-mode-line mode-line-help)))
  (when mode-line-help (icicle-show-help-in-mode-line mode-line-help))
  (let ((word-complete-input "") (input-before-completion icicle-current-in=
put) return-value) (unless (and (stringp icicle-current-input) (stringp ici=
cle-last-input) (string=3D icicle-current-input icicle-last-input) (or (get=
 last-command (quote icicle-prefix-completing-command)) (get last-command (=
quote icicle-action-command))) (not word-p)) (unless (or icicle-edit-update=
-p (get-buffer-window "*Completions*" 0) no-display-p) (message "Computing =
completion candidates...")) (if (not word-p) (setq icicle-completion-candid=
ates (condition-case nil (if (icicle-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-name-p=
refix-candidates icicle-current-input) (icicle-prefix-candidates icicle-cur=
rent-input)) (error icicle-completion-candidates))) (setq word-complete-inp=
ut (icicle-input-from-minibuffer) return-value (let ((temp-buffer-show-hook=
 nil) (completion-auto-help nil) (minibuffer-message-timeout 0)) (icicle-cl=
ear-minibuffer) (insert icicle-current-input) (save-selected-window (minibu=
ffer-complete-word))) icicle-current-input (icicle-input-from-minibuffer)) =
(when (or icicle-edit-update-p (> (length icicle-current-input) (length wor=
d-complete-input)) (not (eq this-command last-command))) (setq word-complet=
e-input icicle-current-input icicle-completion-candidates (condition-case n=
il (if (icicle-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-name-prefix-candidates icicl=
e-current-input) (icicle-prefix-candidates icicle-current-input)) (error ic=
icle-completion-candidates))))) (message nil)) (unless word-p (setq return-=
value icicle-completion-candidates)) (icicle-save-or-restore-input) (cond (=
(null icicle-completion-candidates) (setq icicle-nb-of-other-cycle-candidat=
es 0) (let ((icicle-incremental-completion-flag (or (memq icicle-highlight-=
input-completion-failure ...) icicle-incremental-completion-flag))) (icicle=
-highlight-input-noncompletion)) (save-selected-window (icicle-remove-Compl=
etions-window)) (run-hooks (quote icicle-no-match-hook)) (unless (eq no-dis=
play-p (quote no-msg)) (minibuffer-message (case (icicle-current-TAB-method=
) (fuzzy "  [No fuzzy completions]") (vanilla "  [No vanilla completions]")=
 (swank "  [No swank (fuzzy symbol) completions]") (t "  [No prefix complet=
ions]"))))) ((null (cdr icicle-completion-candidates)) (when (and icicle-wh=
ole-candidate-as-text-prop-p (not icicle-expand-input-to-common-match-flag)=
) (setq icicle-common-match-string (icicle-expanded-common-match icicle-cur=
rent-input icicle-completion-candidates)) (when icicle-common-match-string =
(let ((common ...)) (unless (and ... ...) (setq icicle-current-input common=
))))) (when (icicle-file-name-input-p) (setq icicle-common-match-string (ic=
icle-expanded-common-match (car icicle-completion-candidates) icicle-comple=
tion-candidates)) (when icicle-common-match-string (let ((common ...)) (set=
q icicle-current-input common)))) (setq icicle-nb-of-other-cycle-candidates=
 0) (unless icicle-edit-update-p (icicle-clear-minibuffer) (let ((cand (car=
 icicle-completion-candidates))) (if (icicle-file-name-input-p) (cond (... =
...) (... ...) (t ...)) (setq icicle-last-completion-candidate cand))) (let=
 ((inserted (if ... ... icicle-last-completion-candidate))) (insert inserte=
d) (when (and (icicle-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-directory-p ...)) (se=
tq icicle-default-directory (icicle-abbreviate-or-expand-file-name inserted=
))))) (save-selected-window (icicle-remove-Completions-window)) (icicle-tra=
nsform-sole-candidate) (unless (boundp (quote icicle-prefix-complete-and-ex=
it-p)) (icicle-highlight-complete-input) (cond ((and icicle-top-level-when-=
sole-completion-flag (sit-for icicle-top-level-when-sole-completion-delay))=
 (set minibuffer-history-variable (cons icicle-current-input ...)) (conditi=
on-case icicle-prefix-complete-1 (throw ... ...) (no-catch ... icicle-curre=
nt-input) (error ...))) ((and icicle-edit-update-p (not ...)) (minibuffer-m=
essage (format ... icicle-current-input)) (setq mode-line-help icicle-curre=
nt-input)) ((not (eq no-display-p ...)) (minibuffer-message (case ... ... .=
.. ... ...)) (setq mode-line-help icicle-current-input))))) (t (if icicle-e=
dit-update-p (icicle-display-candidates-in-Completions nil no-display-p) (u=
nless word-p (icicle-clear-minibuffer) (save-window-excursion (select-windo=
w (active-minibuffer-window)) (insert icicle-current-input)) (when (and (bo=
undp ...) 1on1-fit-minibuffer-frame-flag (require ... nil t)) (1on1-fit-min=
ibuffer-frame))) (deactivate-mark) (icicle-highlight-initial-whitespace ici=
cle-current-input) (when (and (icicle-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-direc=
tory-p icicle-last-completion-candidate)) (setq icicle-default-directory (i=
cicle-abbreviate-or-expand-file-name icicle-last-completion-candidate))) (w=
hen (and (icicle-input-is-a-completion-p icicle-current-input) (not (boundp=
 ...))) (icicle-highlight-complete-input) (setq mode-line-help (icicle-mini=
buf-input-sans-dir icicle-current-input))) (cond ((get-buffer-window "*Comp=
letions*" 0) (if (and ... ... ...) (icicle-next-candidate 1 ...) (icicle-di=
splay-candidates-in-Completions nil no-display-p))) (icicle-TAB-shows-candi=
dates-flag (if (not ...) (icicle-display-candidates-in-Completions nil no-d=
isplay-p) (unless no-display-p ...) (icicle-next-candidate 1 ...))) ((and (=
get icicle-last-completion-command ...) (or ... ...) completion-auto-help) =
(if (or ... ...) (icicle-display-candidates-in-Completions nil) (icicle-nex=
t-candidate 1 ...))) ((and (member icicle-current-input icicle-completion-c=
andidates) (not ...)) (minibuffer-message "  [Complete, but not unique]")))=
))) (setq icicle-last-completion-command (if word-p (quote icicle-prefix-wo=
rd-complete) (if no-display-p (quote icicle-prefix-complete-no-display) (qu=
ote icicle-prefix-complete))) icicle-next-prefix-complete-cycles-p (equal i=
nput-before-completion (icicle-input-from-minibuffer (quote leave-envvars))=
)) (when mode-line-help (icicle-show-help-in-mode-line mode-line-help)) ret=
  (let ((ipc1-was-cycling-p icicle-cycling-p) (mode-line-help nil)) (setq i=
cicle-current-input (if (and icicle-last-input icicle-cycling-p (not icicle=
-edit-update-p) (eq icicle-current-completion-mode (quote prefix)) (or (not=
 word-p) (eq this-command last-command)) (symbolp last-command) (or (get la=
st-command (quote icicle-cycling-command)) (get last-command (quote icicle-=
action-command))) icicle-completion-candidates) icicle-last-input (if (icic=
le-file-name-input-p) (abbreviate-file-name (icicle-input-from-minibuffer (=
quote leave-envar))) (icicle-input-from-minibuffer))) icicle-current-comple=
tion-mode (quote prefix) icicle-next-apropos-complete-cycles-p nil icicle-i=
nput-fail-pos nil icicle-cycling-p nil) (when icicle-edit-update-p (setq ic=
icle-next-prefix-complete-cycles-p nil)) (let ((word-complete-input "") (in=
put-before-completion icicle-current-input) return-value) (unless (and (str=
ingp icicle-current-input) (stringp icicle-last-input) (string=3D icicle-cu=
rrent-input icicle-last-input) (or (get last-command (quote icicle-prefix-c=
ompleting-command)) (get last-command (quote icicle-action-command))) (not =
word-p)) (unless (or icicle-edit-update-p (get-buffer-window "*Completions*=
" 0) no-display-p) (message "Computing completion candidates...")) (if (not=
 word-p) (setq icicle-completion-candidates (condition-case nil (if (icicle=
-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-name-prefix-candidates icicle-current-inpu=
t) (icicle-prefix-candidates icicle-current-input)) (error icicle-completio=
n-candidates))) (setq word-complete-input (icicle-input-from-minibuffer) re=
turn-value (let ((temp-buffer-show-hook nil) (completion-auto-help nil) (mi=
nibuffer-message-timeout 0)) (icicle-clear-minibuffer) (insert icicle-curre=
nt-input) (save-selected-window (minibuffer-complete-word))) icicle-current=
-input (icicle-input-from-minibuffer)) (when (or icicle-edit-update-p (> (l=
ength icicle-current-input) (length word-complete-input)) (not (eq this-com=
mand last-command))) (setq word-complete-input icicle-current-input icicle-=
completion-candidates (condition-case nil (if ... ... ...) (error icicle-co=
mpletion-candidates))))) (message nil)) (unless word-p (setq return-value i=
cicle-completion-candidates)) (icicle-save-or-restore-input) (cond ((null i=
cicle-completion-candidates) (setq icicle-nb-of-other-cycle-candidates 0) (=
let ((icicle-incremental-completion-flag (or ... icicle-incremental-complet=
ion-flag))) (icicle-highlight-input-noncompletion)) (save-selected-window (=
icicle-remove-Completions-window)) (run-hooks (quote icicle-no-match-hook))=
 (unless (eq no-display-p (quote no-msg)) (minibuffer-message (case (icicle=
-current-TAB-method) (fuzzy "  [No fuzzy completions]") (vanilla "  [No van=
illa completions]") (swank "  [No swank (fuzzy symbol) completions]") (t " =
 [No prefix completions]"))))) ((null (cdr icicle-completion-candidates)) (=
when (and icicle-whole-candidate-as-text-prop-p (not icicle-expand-input-to=
-common-match-flag)) (setq icicle-common-match-string (icicle-expanded-comm=
on-match icicle-current-input icicle-completion-candidates)) (when icicle-c=
ommon-match-string (let (...) (unless ... ...)))) (when (icicle-file-name-i=
nput-p) (setq icicle-common-match-string (icicle-expanded-common-match (car=
 icicle-completion-candidates) icicle-completion-candidates)) (when icicle-=
common-match-string (let (...) (setq icicle-current-input common)))) (setq =
icicle-nb-of-other-cycle-candidates 0) (unless icicle-edit-update-p (icicle=
-clear-minibuffer) (let ((cand ...)) (if (icicle-file-name-input-p) (cond .=
.. ... ...) (setq icicle-last-completion-candidate cand))) (let ((inserted =
...)) (insert inserted) (when (and ... ...) (setq icicle-default-directory =
...)))) (save-selected-window (icicle-remove-Completions-window)) (icicle-t=
ransform-sole-candidate) (unless (boundp (quote icicle-prefix-complete-and-=
exit-p)) (icicle-highlight-complete-input) (cond ((and icicle-top-level-whe=
n-sole-completion-flag ...) (set minibuffer-history-variable ...) (conditio=
n-case icicle-prefix-complete-1 ... ... ...)) ((and icicle-edit-update-p ..=
.) (minibuffer-message ...) (setq mode-line-help icicle-current-input)) ((n=
ot ...) (minibuffer-message ...) (setq mode-line-help icicle-current-input)=
)))) (t (if icicle-edit-update-p (icicle-display-candidates-in-Completions =
nil no-display-p) (unless word-p (icicle-clear-minibuffer) (save-window-exc=
ursion (select-window ...) (insert icicle-current-input)) (when (and ... 1o=
n1-fit-minibuffer-frame-flag ...) (1on1-fit-minibuffer-frame))) (deactivate=
-mark) (icicle-highlight-initial-whitespace icicle-current-input) (when (an=
d (icicle-file-name-input-p) (icicle-file-directory-p icicle-last-completio=
n-candidate)) (setq icicle-default-directory (icicle-abbreviate-or-expand-f=
ile-name icicle-last-completion-candidate))) (when (and (icicle-input-is-a-=
completion-p icicle-current-input) (not ...)) (icicle-highlight-complete-in=
put) (setq mode-line-help (icicle-minibuf-input-sans-dir icicle-current-inp=
ut))) (cond ((get-buffer-window "*Completions*" 0) (if ... ... ...)) (icicl=
e-TAB-shows-candidates-flag (if ... ... ... ...)) ((and ... ... completion-=
auto-help) (if ... ... ...)) ((and ... ...) (minibuffer-message "  [Complet=
e, but not unique]")))))) (setq icicle-last-completion-command (if word-p (=
quote icicle-prefix-word-complete) (if no-display-p (quote icicle-prefix-co=
mplete-no-display) (quote icicle-prefix-complete))) icicle-next-prefix-comp=
lete-cycles-p (equal input-before-completion (icicle-input-from-minibuffer =
(quote leave-envvars)))) (when mode-line-help (icicle-show-help-in-mode-lin=
e mode-line-help)) return-value))
  call-interactively(icicle-prefix-complete nil nil)
  old-read-from-minibuffer("Set variable: " ("" . 1) (keymap (S-return . ic=
icle-apropos-complete-and-exit) (27 keymap (33554438 . icicle-read+insert-f=
ile-name) (33554435 . icicle-completing-read+insert) keymap (110 . next-his=
tory-element) (112 . previous-history-element) (109 . icicle-toggle-show-mu=
lti-completion) (67108902 . icicle-save-predicate-to-variable) (95 . icicle=
-dispatch-M-_) (38 . icicle-narrow-candidates-with-predicate) (42 . icicle-=
narrow-candidates) (43 . icicle-widen-candidates) (67108908 . icicle-toggle=
-alternative-sorting) (44 . icicle-dispatch-M-comma) (103 . icicle-toggle-C=
-for-actions) (126 . icicle-toggle-~-for-home-dir) (59 . icicle-toggle-sear=
ch-replace-common-match) (31 . icicle-toggle-proxy-candidates) (67108960 . =
icicle-toggle-literal-replacement) (67108910 . icicle-toggle-dot) (67108923=
 . icicle-regexp-quote-input) (10 . icicle-insert-list-join-string) (671089=
87 . icicle-candidate-set-retrieve-from-variable) (67108989 . icicle-candid=
ate-set-save-to-variable) (67108924 . icicle-candidate-set-retrieve) (67108=
905 . icicle-candidate-set-save-selected) (40 . icicle-next-S-TAB-completio=
n-method) (67108926 . icicle-candidate-set-save) (36 . icicle-candidate-set=
-truncate) (113 . icicle-dispatch-M-q) (104 . icicle-history) (67108911 . i=
cicle-prefix-complete) (124 . icicle-all-candidates-list-alt-action) (33 . =
icicle-all-candidates-list-action) (13 . icicle-candidate-read-fn-invoke) (=
32 . icicle-prefix-word-complete) (118 . icicle-scroll-Completions-backward=
) keymap (25 . icicle-yank-secondary) (33554438 . icicle-read+insert-file-n=
ame) (33554435 . icicle-completing-read+insert) (33554454 . icicle-scroll-b=
ackward) (22 . icicle-scroll-forward) (58 . icicle-pp-eval-expression-in-mi=
nibuffer) (107 . icicle-erase-minibuffer-or-history-element) (105 . icicle-=
clear-current-history) (111 . icicle-insert-history-element) (46 . icicle-i=
nsert-string-at-point) (114 . previous-matching-history-element) ...) (7 . =
icicle-abort-recursive-edit) (10 . icicle-insert-newline-in-minibuffer) (13=
 . minibuffer-complete-and-exit) keymap (67108896) (24 keymap (50) (49) (45=
 . icicle-doremi-zoom-Completions+) (35 . icicle-doremi-increment-max-candi=
dates+) (124 . icicle-doremi-inter-candidates-min-spaces+) (119 . icicle-do=
remi-candidate-width-factor+) (116 . icicle-cycle-image-file-thumbnail) (46=
 . icicle-toggle-hiding-common-match)) (46 . icicle-insert-dot-command) (22=
 . icicle-scroll-Completions-forward) (S-backspace . icicle-apropos-complet=
e-and-widen) (33554464 . icicle-apropos-complete-and-narrow) (33554433 . ic=
icle-toggle-case-sensitivity) (30 . icicle-dispatch-C-^) (67108923 . icicle=
-toggle-expand-to-common-match) (67108899 . icicle-toggle-incremental-compl=
etion) (67108910 . icicle-dispatch-C-\.) (67108900 . icicle-toggle-transfor=
ming) (67108924 . icicle-candidate-set-retrieve-more) (67108960 . icicle-to=
ggle-regexp-quote) (67108908 . icicle-change-sort-order) (67108922 . icicle=
-candidate-set-define) (67108901 . icicle-candidate-set-swap) (67108987 . i=
cicle-candidate-set-retrieve-persistent) (67108989 . icicle-candidate-set-s=
ave-persistently) (67108905 . icicle-candidate-set-save-more-selected) (671=
08904 . icicle-next-TAB-completion-method) (67108926 . icicle-candidate-set=
-save-more) (67108906 . icicle-candidate-set-intersection) (67108907 . icic=
le-candidate-set-union) (67108909 . icicle-candidate-set-difference) (67108=
990 . icicle-candidate-set-complement) (33554444 . icicle-retrieve-next-inp=
ut) (12 . icicle-retrieve-previous-input) (insert . icicle-save/unsave-cand=
idate) (C-insert . icicle-switch-to-Completions-buf) (C-M-pause . icicle-ot=
her-history) (C-pause . icicle-toggle-highlight-historical-candidates) (M-p=
ause . icicle-keep-only-past-inputs) (67108988 . icicle-all-candidates-alt-=
action) (67108897 . icicle-all-candidates-action) (C-return . icicle-candid=
ate-action) (23 . icicle-kill-region) (S-delete . icicle-delete-candidate-o=
bject) (delete . icicle-remove-candidate) (C-S-return . icicle-candidate-al=
t-action) (M-return . icicle-candidate-read-fn-invoke) (C-M-return . icicle=
-help-on-candidate) (C-M-f1 . icicle-help-on-candidate) ...) nil minibuffer=
-history nil t)
  read-from-minibuffer("Set variable: " ("" . 1) (keymap (S-return . icicle=
-apropos-complete-and-exit) (27 keymap (33554438 . icicle-read+insert-file-=
name) (33554435 . icicle-completing-read+insert) keymap (110 . next-history=
-element) (112 . previous-history-element) (109 . icicle-toggle-show-multi-=
completion) (67108902 . icicle-save-predicate-to-variable) (95 . icicle-dis=
patch-M-_) (38 . icicle-narrow-candidates-with-predicate) (42 . icicle-narr=
ow-candidates) (43 . icicle-widen-candidates) (67108908 . icicle-toggle-alt=
ernative-sorting) (44 . icicle-dispatch-M-comma) (103 . icicle-toggle-C-for=
-actions) (126 . icicle-toggle-~-for-home-dir) (59 . icicle-toggle-search-r=
eplace-common-match) (31 . icicle-toggle-proxy-candidates) (67108960 . icic=
le-toggle-literal-replacement) (67108910 . icicle-toggle-dot) (67108923 . i=
cicle-regexp-quote-input) (10 . icicle-insert-list-join-string) (67108987 .=
 icicle-candidate-set-retrieve-from-variable) (67108989 . icicle-candidate-=
set-save-to-variable) (67108924 . icicle-candidate-set-retrieve) (67108905 =
. icicle-candidate-set-save-selected) (40 . icicle-next-S-TAB-completion-me=
thod) (67108926 . icicle-candidate-set-save) (36 . icicle-candidate-set-tru=
ncate) (113 . icicle-dispatch-M-q) (104 . icicle-history) (67108911 . icicl=
e-prefix-complete) (124 . icicle-all-candidates-list-alt-action) (33 . icic=
le-all-candidates-list-action) (13 . icicle-candidate-read-fn-invoke) (32 .=
 icicle-prefix-word-complete) (118 . icicle-scroll-Completions-backward) ke=
ymap (25 . icicle-yank-secondary) (33554438 . icicle-read+insert-file-name)=
 (33554435 . icicle-completing-read+insert) (33554454 . icicle-scroll-backw=
ard) (22 . icicle-scroll-forward) (58 . icicle-pp-eval-expression-in-minibu=
ffer) (107 . icicle-erase-minibuffer-or-history-element) (105 . icicle-clea=
r-current-history) (111 . icicle-insert-history-element) (46 . icicle-inser=
t-string-at-point) (114 . previous-matching-history-element) ...) (7 . icic=
le-abort-recursive-edit) (10 . icicle-insert-newline-in-minibuffer) (13 . m=
inibuffer-complete-and-exit) keymap (67108896) (24 keymap (50) (49) (45 . i=
cicle-doremi-zoom-Completions+) (35 . icicle-doremi-increment-max-candidate=
s+) (124 . icicle-doremi-inter-candidates-min-spaces+) (119 . icicle-doremi=
-candidate-width-factor+) (116 . icicle-cycle-image-file-thumbnail) (46 . i=
cicle-toggle-hiding-common-match)) (46 . icicle-insert-dot-command) (22 . i=
cicle-scroll-Completions-forward) (S-backspace . icicle-apropos-complete-an=
d-widen) (33554464 . icicle-apropos-complete-and-narrow) (33554433 . icicle=
-toggle-case-sensitivity) (30 . icicle-dispatch-C-^) (67108923 . icicle-tog=
gle-expand-to-common-match) (67108899 . icicle-toggle-incremental-completio=
n) (67108910 . icicle-dispatch-C-\.) (67108900 . icicle-toggle-transforming=
) (67108924 . icicle-candidate-set-retrieve-more) (67108960 . icicle-toggle=
-regexp-quote) (67108908 . icicle-change-sort-order) (67108922 . icicle-can=
didate-set-define) (67108901 . icicle-candidate-set-swap) (67108987 . icicl=
e-candidate-set-retrieve-persistent) (67108989 . icicle-candidate-set-save-=
persistently) (67108905 . icicle-candidate-set-save-more-selected) (6710890=
4 . icicle-next-TAB-completion-method) (67108926 . icicle-candidate-set-sav=
e-more) (67108906 . icicle-candidate-set-intersection) (67108907 . icicle-c=
andidate-set-union) (67108909 . icicle-candidate-set-difference) (67108990 =
. icicle-candidate-set-complement) (33554444 . icicle-retrieve-next-input) =
(12 . icicle-retrieve-previous-input) (insert . icicle-save/unsave-candidat=
e) (C-insert . icicle-switch-to-Completions-buf) (C-M-pause . icicle-other-=
history) (C-pause . icicle-toggle-highlight-historical-candidates) (M-pause=
 . icicle-keep-only-past-inputs) (67108988 . icicle-all-candidates-alt-acti=
on) (67108897 . icicle-all-candidates-action) (C-return . icicle-candidate-=
action) (23 . icicle-kill-region) (S-delete . icicle-delete-candidate-objec=
t) (delete . icicle-remove-candidate) (C-S-return . icicle-candidate-alt-ac=
tion) (M-return . icicle-candidate-read-fn-invoke) (C-M-return . icicle-hel=
p-on-candidate) (C-M-f1 . icicle-help-on-candidate) ...) nil minibuffer-his=
tory nil t)
  (setq val (read-from-minibuffer prompt (cons init pos) (if (not require-m=
atch) (if (or (not minibuffer-completing-file-name) (eq minibuffer-completi=
ng-file-name (quote lambda)) (not (boundp (quote minibuffer-local-filename-=
completion-map)))) minibuffer-local-completion-map minibuffer-local-filenam=
e-completion-map) (if (or (not minibuffer-completing-file-name) (eq minibuf=
fer-completing-file-name (quote lambda)) (not (boundp (quote minibuffer-loc=
al-filename-must-match-map)))) minibuffer-local-must-match-map minibuffer-l=
ocal-filename-must-match-map)) nil histvar def inherit-input-method))
  (let ((pos 0) val histvar histpos position init) (setq init initial-input=
 minibuffer-completion-table collection minibuffer-completion-predicate pre=
dicate minibuffer-completion-confirm (if (eq require-match t) nil require-m=
atch)) (setq position nil) (when init (when (consp init) (setq position (cd=
r init) init (car init))) (unless (stringp init) (error "icicle-lisp-vanill=
a-completing-read, INIT must be a string: %S" init)) (if (not position) (se=
tq pos (1+ (length init))) (unless (integerp position) (error "icicle-lisp-=
vanilla-completing-read, POSITION must be an integer: %S" position)) (setq =
pos (1+ position)))) (if (symbolp hist) (setq histvar hist histpos nil) (se=
tq histvar (car-safe hist) histpos (cdr-safe hist))) (unless histvar (setq =
histvar (quote minibuffer-history))) (unless histpos (setq histpos 0)) (set=
q val (read-from-minibuffer prompt (cons init pos) (if (not require-match) =
(if (or (not minibuffer-completing-file-name) (eq minibuffer-completing-fil=
e-name (quote lambda)) (not (boundp ...))) minibuffer-local-completion-map =
minibuffer-local-filename-completion-map) (if (or (not minibuffer-completin=
g-file-name) (eq minibuffer-completing-file-name (quote lambda)) (not (boun=
dp ...))) minibuffer-local-must-match-map minibuffer-local-filename-must-ma=
tch-map)) nil histvar def inherit-input-method)) (when (consp icicle-filter=
ed-default-value) (setq icicle-filtered-default-value (car icicle-filtered-=
default-value))) (when (and (stringp val) (string=3D val "") icicle-filtere=
d-default-value) (setq val icicle-filtered-default-value)) val)
  icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing-read("Set variable: " [tramp-prefix-ipv6-f=
ormat :scan-depth normalized anything-inhibit-fit-frame-flag filesets-entry=
-get-open-fn etags-tags-completion-table ediff-get-combined-region filesets=
-be-docile-flag tramp-postfix-ipv6-regexp tramp-advice-make-auto-save-file-=
name tramp-ftp-unload-hook pic-cmd recentf-load-list anything-bug-report-sa=
lutation persistent-action external-viewer-def a-prev shell-process-popd fi=
lesets-update-cache-file-flag filesets-some gnus-set-file-modes test-icicle=
s/ table-string tramp-shell-prompt-pattern anything-reset-marked-candidates=
 tags-with-face separate ange-ftp-smart-gateway cl-keys-temp from-scratch-f=
lag buffer-s cookie-vector cl-seqs cl-copy filesets-eviewer-constraint-p ob=
j-temp anything-migrate-sources compiler-let ebnf-make-terminal anything-re=
sume-select-buffer 2009-08-12a-regions\.el tag-file-name-match-p cond-fn sl=
ot-unbound tramp-completion-dissect-file-name1 tramp-exists-file-name-handl=
er gnus-mode-string-quote tramp-handle-directory-files-and-attributes debug=
ger-batch-max-lines anything-output-filter ...] user-variable-p t "" minibu=
ffer-history nil t)
  (catch (quote icicle-read-top) (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing-read promp=
t collection predicate require-match initial-input address@hidden&^*z def i=
  (setq result (catch (quote icicle-read-top) (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completi=
ng-read prompt collection predicate require-match initial-input address@hidden
!$+&^*z def inherit-input-method)))
  (let ((minibuffer-prompt-properties (and (boundp (quote minibuffer-prompt=
-properties)) (icicle-remove-property (quote face) minibuffer-prompt-proper=
ties))) (minibuffer-completing-file-name (and (functionp collection) minibu=
ffer-completing-file-name))) (when (< emacs-major-version 21) (setq prompt =
(concat (and icicle-candidate-action-fn "+ ") prompt))) (setq result (catch=
 (quote icicle-read-top) (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing-read prompt collec=
tion predicate require-match initial-input address@hidden&^*z def inherit-i=
nput-method))) (icicle-unpropertize result))
  (cond ((not icicle-mode) (setq result (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing-rea=
d prompt collection predicate require-match initial-input address@hidden&^*=
z def inherit-input-method))) (t (let ((minibuffer-prompt-properties (and (=
boundp (quote minibuffer-prompt-properties)) (icicle-remove-property (quote=
 face) minibuffer-prompt-properties))) (minibuffer-completing-file-name (an=
d (functionp collection) minibuffer-completing-file-name))) (when (< emacs-=
major-version 21) (setq prompt (concat (and icicle-candidate-action-fn "+ "=
) prompt))) (setq result (catch (quote icicle-read-top) (icicle-lisp-vanill=
a-completing-read prompt collection predicate require-match initial-input h=
address@hidden&^*z def inherit-input-method))) (icicle-unpropertize result))=
  (let* ((minibuffer-history-variable minibuffer-history-variable) (minibuf=
fer-allow-text-properties t) (minibuffer-completion-table collection) (icic=
le-fancy-cands-internal-p (or icicle-whole-candidate-as-text-prop-p icicle-=
fancy-candidates-p (get-text-property 0 (quote icicle-fancy-candidates) pro=
mpt))) result) (when icicle-fancy-cands-internal-p (let ((c+p (icicle-mctiz=
e-all collection predicate))) (setq collection (car c+p) predicate (cadr c+=
p)))) (cond ((not icicle-mode) (setq result (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing=
-read prompt collection predicate require-match initial-input address@hidden
+&^*z def inherit-input-method))) (t (let ((minibuffer-prompt-properties (a=
nd (boundp ...) (icicle-remove-property ... minibuffer-prompt-properties)))=
 (minibuffer-completing-file-name (and (functionp collection) minibuffer-co=
mpleting-file-name))) (when (< emacs-major-version 21) (setq prompt (concat=
 (and icicle-candidate-action-fn "+ ") prompt))) (setq result (catch (quote=
 icicle-read-top) (icicle-lisp-vanilla-completing-read prompt collection pr=
edicate require-match initial-input address@hidden&^*z def inherit-input-me=
thod))) (icicle-unpropertize result)))) (when require-match (icicle-remove-=
Completions-window)) result)
  completing-read("Set variable: " [tramp-prefix-ipv6-format :scan-depth no=
rmalized anything-inhibit-fit-frame-flag filesets-entry-get-open-fn etags-t=
ags-completion-table ediff-get-combined-region filesets-be-docile-flag tram=
p-postfix-ipv6-regexp tramp-advice-make-auto-save-file-name tramp-ftp-unloa=
d-hook pic-cmd recentf-load-list anything-bug-report-salutation persistent-=
action external-viewer-def a-prev shell-process-popd filesets-update-cache-=
file-flag filesets-some gnus-set-file-modes test-icicles/ table-string tram=
p-shell-prompt-pattern anything-reset-marked-candidates tags-with-face sepa=
rate ange-ftp-smart-gateway cl-keys-temp from-scratch-flag buffer-s cookie-=
vector cl-seqs cl-copy filesets-eviewer-constraint-p obj-temp anything-migr=
ate-sources compiler-let ebnf-make-terminal anything-resume-select-buffer 2=
009-08-12a-regions\.el tag-file-name-match-p cond-fn slot-unbound tramp-com=
pletion-dissect-file-name1 tramp-exists-file-name-handler gnus-mode-string-=
quote tramp-handle-directory-files-and-attributes debugger-batch-max-lines =
anything-output-filter ...] user-variable-p t nil minibuffer-history nil t)
  read-variable("Set variable: ")
  read-var-and-value(read-variable set-variable-value-history nil)
  byte-code("\301\302\303#\207" [current-prefix-arg read-var-and-value rea=
d-variable set-variable-value-history] 4)
  call-interactively(set-variable record-it)
  (let ((enable-recursive-minibuffers t) (icicle-must-pass-after-match-pred=
icate orig-must-pass-after-match-predicate) (this-command cmd)) (call-inter=
actively cmd (quote record-it)))
  (cond ((arrayp fn) (let ((this-command cmd)) (execute-kbd-macro fn count)=
) (when (> count 1) (message "(%d times)" count))) (t (run-hooks (quote pos=
t-command-hook)) (run-hooks (quote pre-command-hook)) (let ((enable-recursi=
ve-minibuffers t) (icicle-must-pass-after-match-predicate orig-must-pass-af=
ter-match-predicate) (this-command cmd)) (call-interactively cmd (quote rec=
  (let* ((cmd (intern cmd-name)) (icicle-candidate-action-fn (and icicle-ca=
ndidate-action-fn (function (lambda (arg) (setq arg (icicle-transform-multi=
-completion arg)) (condition-case nil (funcall cmd arg) (wrong-type-argumen=
t ...) (wrong-number-of-arguments ...)) (select-window (minibuffer-window))=
 (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)))))) (fn (symbol-function c=
md)) (count (prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg)) (icicle-candidate-al=
t-action-fn nil) (icicle-all-candidates-list-alt-action-fn nil)) (when (and=
 suggest-key-bindings (not executing-kbd-macro)) (let* ((bindings (where-is=
-internal cmd overriding-local-map t)) (curr-msg (current-message)) (wait-t=
ime (if curr-msg (or (and ... suggest-key-bindings) 2) 0))) (when (and bind=
ings (not (and (vectorp bindings) (eq ... ...)))) (when (and (sit-for wait-=
time) (atom unread-command-events)) (let ((message-log-max nil)) (message "=
You can run the command `%s' with `%s'" (symbol-name cmd) (key-description =
bindings))) (when (and (sit-for wait-time) curr-msg) (message curr-msg)))))=
) (cond ((arrayp fn) (let ((this-command cmd)) (execute-kbd-macro fn count)=
) (when (> count 1) (message "(%d times)" count))) (t (run-hooks (quote pos=
t-command-hook)) (run-hooks (quote pre-command-hook)) (let ((enable-recursi=
ve-minibuffers t) (icicle-must-pass-after-match-predicate orig-must-pass-af=
ter-match-predicate) (this-command cmd)) (call-interactively cmd (quote rec=
ord-it))))) (setq new-last-cmd cmd))
  funcall(icicle-execute-extended-command-1 "set-variable")
  (let ((cmd-choice (completing-read (format "Execute command%s: " (if curr=
ent-prefix-arg (format " (prefix %d)" (prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-=
arg)) "")) obarray nil t nil (quote extended-command-history) nil nil))) (s=
etq icicle-candidate-action-fn nil) (funcall (quote icicle-execute-extended=
-command-1) cmd-choice))
  (condition-case act-on-choice (let ((cmd-choice (completing-read (format =
"Execute command%s: " (if current-prefix-arg (format " (prefix %d)" ...) ""=
)) obarray nil t nil (quote extended-command-history) nil nil))) (setq icic=
le-candidate-action-fn nil) (funcall (quote icicle-execute-extended-command=
-1) cmd-choice)) (quit (icicle-try-switch-buffer icicle-orig-buff) nil) (er=
ror (icicle-try-switch-buffer icicle-orig-buff) nil (error "%s" (error-mess=
age-string act-on-choice))))
  (let* ((icicle-orig-buff (current-buffer)) (icicle-orig-window (selected-=
window)) (last-command last-command) (use-file-dialog nil) (alt-fn nil) (or=
ig-must-pass-after-match-predicate icicle-must-pass-after-match-predicate) =
(icicle-must-pass-after-match-predicate (function (lambda (c) (commandp (in=
tern c))))) (icicle-candidate-alt-action-fn (or icicle-candidate-alt-action=
-fn (setq alt-fn (icicle-alt-act-fn-for-type "command")))) (icicle-all-cand=
idates-list-alt-action-fn (or icicle-all-candidates-list-alt-action-fn alt-=
fn (icicle-alt-act-fn-for-type "command"))) new-last-cmd (icicle-candidate-=
action-fn (lambda (candidate) (let ((minibuffer-completion-table minibuffer=
-completion-table) (minibuffer-completion-predicate minibuffer-completion-p=
redicate) (minibuffer-completion-confirm minibuffer-completion-confirm) (mi=
nibuffer-completing-file-name minibuffer-completing-file-name) (minibuffer-=
completing-symbol (and ... minibuffer-completing-symbol)) (minibuffer-exit-=
hook minibuffer-exit-hook) (minibuffer-help-form minibuffer-help-form) (min=
ibuffer-history-variable minibuffer-history-variable) (minibuffer-history-c=
ase-insensitive-variables minibuffer-history-case-insensitive-variables) (m=
inibuffer-history-sexp-flag minibuffer-history-sexp-flag) (minibuffer-messa=
ge-timeout (and ... minibuffer-message-timeout)) (minibuffer-prompt-propert=
ies (and ... minibuffer-prompt-properties)) (minibuffer-setup-hook minibuff=
er-setup-hook) (minibuffer-text-before-history minibuffer-text-before-histo=
ry)) (condition-case in-action-fn (cond (... ...) (... ...) (t ...)) (error=
 (unless ... ...) (when ... ... ...) (funcall ... candidate))) (select-wind=
ow (minibuffer-window)) (select-frame-set-input-focus (selected-frame)) nil=
)))) nil (condition-case act-on-choice (let ((cmd-choice (completing-read (=
format "Execute command%s: " (if current-prefix-arg ... "")) obarray nil t =
nil (quote extended-command-history) nil nil))) (setq icicle-candidate-acti=
on-fn nil) (funcall (quote icicle-execute-extended-command-1) cmd-choice)) =
(quit (icicle-try-switch-buffer icicle-orig-buff) nil) (error (icicle-try-s=
witch-buffer icicle-orig-buff) nil (error "%s" (error-message-string act-on=
-choice)))) (setq this-command new-last-cmd))
  call-interactively(icicle-execute-extended-command nil nil)
In GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600)
 of 2011-04-11 on 3249CTO
Windowing system distributor `Microsoft Corp.', version 5.1.2600
configured using `configure --with-gcc (4.5) --no-opt --cflags -Ic:/imagesu=

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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: bug#8510: 24.0.50; lexbind problem (apparently): void-variable symbol Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 20:01:07 -0500 User-agent: Gnus (www.gnus.org), GNU Emacs (www.gnu.org/software/emacs/)
Nothing can be done with this.
Please reopen (or may as well make a new report) if a reproducible
recipe appears.

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