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[debbugs-tracker] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: [debbugs-tracker] Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 16:23:04 -0500

The following problem reports have not yet been marked as `done' by a
message to address@hidden or `forwarded' by a
message to address@hidden

Maintainers with few outstanding bugs appear first, so as not to be
lost deep in the message.

 Package     Ref    Subject

address@hidden (1 bugs):
 woodchuck   10438  Use the cellular connection

address@hidden (2 bugs):
 idutils     16092  fix for spec file
 idutils     16538  fpending.c:27:1: error: redefinition of '__fpending'

address@hidden (6 bugs):
 sed         19414  bug in sed
 sed         19586  sed bug?
 sed         19713  Configuration mingw-w64
 sed         19827  sed 4.2.2 hangs when passed specially crafted program
 sed         19842  sed bug: using -e instead of a literal newline in s replace
 sed         19899  deleting lines of a file with sed - unexpected behaviour

address@hidden (9 bugs):
 org-mode    15888  24.3.50; Eval-after-load eval'ed twice
 org-mode    18870  25.0.50; \emsp and alignment in org clock report
 org-mode    18877  25.0.50; org-mode fontification error
 org-mode    19014  25.0.50; Disable Org, Tbl, & Text menu items that change bu
 org-mode    19448  25.0.50; org-mobile-push should offer to save unsaved agend
 org-mode    19561  25.0.50; Menu too wide in Org manual: 121 columns wide
 org-mode    19887  24.4; Cannot kill buffer; Wrong type argument: overlayp, ni
 org-mode    19914  25.0.50; `org-store-link' invokes function to add to `org-s
 org-mode    19915  25.0.50; defadvice for `org-store-link' makes code fail bec

address@hidden (10 bugs):
 gzip        15380  Bug in gzip.c buffering, and two feature requests
 gzip        16471  New entropy coding: faster than Huffman, compression rate l
 gzip        16472  PD: gzip - tree overflow protection algorithm doubt/suggest
 gzip        16876  Zutils vs single compressor utilities
 gzip        16951  zless error under ulimit -v
 gzip        17804  RFC: fixing the 32-bit size and time limits in gzip file fo
 gzip        18000  tar/gzip recognise ZIP mistake
 gzip        18427  Fwd: 'less' bug report
 gzip        19360  Support for .adz=.adf.gz
 gzip        19488  FYI: I've updated copyright dates -- and gnulib

address@hidden (10 bugs):
 debbugs.gn    936  messages injected by a newsgroup gateway do not reach debbu
 debbugs.gn   2645  23.0.90; [WISH] Bug reports movements should be available v
 debbugs.gn   5418  commenting on existing bugs via the web
 debbugs.gn   5419  Setting bug meta-data via the web
 debbugs.gn   5439  Per-bug subscription
 debbugs.gn   5455  suppress duplicate emails
 debbugs.gn   5789  there is a single mailing list for control messages
 debbugs.gn  13194  24.2; show-stopper in report-emacs-bug
 debbugs.gn  14811  Debbugs <at> spam countermeasure inadequate
 debbugs.gn  15361  git send-email creates one report per patch

address@hidden (14 bugs):
 emacs-xwid  10084  24.0.91; xwidgets-branch: segfaults
 emacs-xwid  10265  Endless PageDowns
 emacs-xwid  10266  Being at the middle, when go back
 emacs-xwid  10267  Fixed width and height
 emacs-xwid  10268  Internal links ?
 emacs-xwid  10269  Popping message boxes
 emacs-xwid  10270  Weird bugs with right-arrow
 emacs-xwid  10271  Feature: report-xwidget-bug
 emacs-xwid  10272  xwidget buttons/sliders with keyboard only
 emacs-xwid  12226  Subject: 24.1.50; build failure in emacs-xwidgets 100908
 emacs-xwid  12595  Subject: 24.2.50; flet deprecated
 emacs-xwid  12755  24.2.50; Segfaults for xwidget-demo-basic
 emacs-xwid  19592  25.0.50; Build problem with eww in xwidget branch
 emacs-xwid  19687  25.0.50, xwidget branch: Byte compilation of "slime.el" fai

address@hidden (15 bugs):
 auctex      19122  `\it' should be displayed with upright `\'
 auctex      19123  emacs --daemon stuck with (require 'latex) in ~/.emacs
 auctex      19124  Generated style files shadow upstream-provided versions
 auctex      19125  Prompts do not inherit input-method
 auctex      19126  cjk-latex should be supported by default
 auctex      19155  viewer for dvi output on mac os x
 auctex      19271  11.88; Colored Equation incorrect foreground color
 auctex      19499  11.88; preview-buffer with tikz and \newpage produces off b
 auctex      19504  11.88; [siunitx] unit appears without backslash
 auctex      19538  preview-1.287; Can't preview \item
 auctex      19589  11.88; the `$' in environment variables triggers math mode 
 auctex      19601  11.88; LaTeX found no preview images
 auctex      19602  11.88; LaTeX found no preview images
 auctex      19624  RefTeX TOC should not scan words in verbatim environments
 auctex      19715  reftex  under Xemacs 21.5.33 Mule

address@hidden (17 bugs):
 diffutils   15452  Comparing files whose name _do_ match a certain pattern
 diffutils   15685  identical errors
 diffutils   15774  rfc/pre-patch: automatic diff width from the terminal
 diffutils   16317  fail fast mechanism for GNU diff
 diffutils   16408  Bug#734840: diff -R (aka diff --reverse)? (fwd)
 diffutils   16467  Diffutils 3.3 v. VMS (et al.)
 diffutils   16613  diff -r with .gz files in the directories
 diffutils   17185  diff --help doesn't mention short forms of some options
 diffutils   18641  [PATCH] diff: Add --only=REGEX option to parse only files t
 diffutils   18655  Regression in 3.3 documentation versus 3.2
 diffutils   18973  diffutils-3.3 test-mbrtowc3.sh fails on Solaris without Eur
 diffutils   19489  FYI: I've updated copyright dates -- and gnulib
 diffutils   19508  [PATCH] diff: compare major, minor numbers of block/charact
 diffutils   19509  [PATCH] diff: treat fifos as identical
 diffutils   19794  Feature Request - CMP
 diffutils   19825  unified output format, number of consecutive unaffected lin
 diffutils   19835  RFC: diff: skip initial columns before comparing

address@hidden (35 bugs):
 gnus         9058  nnir not finding message
 gnus        11599  New Gnus reads full group information too often
 gnus        12133  initial sync, over and over
 gnus        12313  nnmairix bug when searching (End of file during parsing)
 gnus        12375  Broken matching of regexps in fancy splitting
 gnus        13808  Gnus gratuiously messes with the encoding of attachments
 gnus        15269  Infinite loop
 gnus        17061  24.3.50; Gnus fails for self-signed certs when gnutls-verif
 gnus        17550  Removing dead servers from the server list
 gnus        17665  gnus-delay-send-queue should not run message-send-hook
 gnus        17677  gnus: confusing error message from `gnus-topic-unindent'
 gnus        17679  Wrong :type for `gnus-signature-limit'
 gnus        17748  "Stack overflow in regexp matcher" error when calling gnus-
 gnus        17780  mml-smime/openssl fails to include intermediate certificate
 gnus        17789  `gnus-summary-make-false-root': `adopt' cascades?
 gnus        18043  message: Should know how to handle "application/mbox" parts
 gnus        18156  Thread sorting before loose threads are gathered
 gnus        18200  Mostly broken gnus-group-mark-article-read
 gnus        18255  Selecting a group with RET vs gnus-thread-hide-subtree
 gnus        18257  C-h b mentions "C-c C-f" as a valid binding in gnus-article
 gnus        18260  nnmaildir info doc - wrong keyboard shortcut in Summary mod
 gnus        18284  nnfolder-directory not honoring message-directory
 gnus        18311  wrong line numbers in summary lines
 gnus        18393  mm-view-pkcs7-verify ignores mml-smime-use
 gnus        18433  nnimap: all mails in INBOX maked as read
 gnus        18572  unbalanced parentheses
 gnus        18731  problem with mm in a message
 gnus        18830  gnus-summary-line-format text face
 gnus        18899  Incorrect date/time difference showing up in Article mode i
 gnus        19202  Suggestions for mml-attach-file
 gnus        19204  can't open gmane when starting gnus have to reopen it twice
 gnus        19623  Bug of nnimap-find-expired-articles
 gnus        19644  doc-view-mode overrides my .mailcap settings
 gnus        19683  Emacs commit fd62486 broke Gnus registry DB
 gnus        19703  gmane newsgroup always closed

address@hidden (48 bugs):
 grep        15444  One character can be lost if colors are enabled
 grep        15729  "make distclean", "./bootstrap", symlinks, and absolute pat
 grep        16444  grep -r fails with "Bad file descriptor" for mingw-w64
 grep        16757  [PATCH 1/2] search for pcre via pkg-config
 grep        16812  Eszett handling
 grep        16871  problems about matching newline (with -z)
 grep        16979  Strange behavior with "grep --color=auto" with dot in expre
 grep        17280  "Untangle" script to lay foundations for refactoring dfa.c
 grep        17381  _GL_ATTRIBUTE_PURE in dfa.h
 grep        17512  Valgrind and regression tests?
 grep        17687  enhancement request: contiguous lines
 grep        17711  Updated "untangle" script: More functional, and resynced wi
 grep        17712  Files created/modified by "untangle" script
 grep        17715  [PATCH] dfa: build struct dfamust on demand
 grep        17981  [PATCH] maint.mk: less syntax-check noise when SIGPIPE is i
 grep        18071  grep feature request: character mode
 grep        18097  -m breaks -A
 grep        18406  O_NOATIME patch
 grep        18454  Improve performance when -P (PCRE) is used in UTF-8 locales
 grep        18631  [PATCH] dfa: return NULL as can't find any predicates
 grep        18651  Clarify exit status description
 grep        18707  [PATCH] dfa: print detail of DFA states in a debug mode
 grep        18750  --line-buffered option doesn't work with --files-with-match
 grep        18777  [PATCH] dfa: improvement for checking of multibyte characte
 grep        18800  [PATCH 1/2] dfa: prefer bool at DFA interfaces
 grep        18888  new snapshot available: grep-2.20.72-d512
 grep        18892  few test failure with 'grep-2.20.72-d512'
 grep        18974  grep-2.20 test-mbrtowc3.sh fails on Solaris without Europea
 grep        18983  [PATCH] grep: check ja_JP.SJIS and ja_JP.PCK for Shift_JIS 
 grep        19000  portability is hard: don't assume zh_CN.UTF-8 is installed
 grep        19005  new snapshot available: grep-2.20.83-06900
 grep        19071  new snapshot available: grep-2.20.90-a07a4
 grep        19173  [PATCH] dfa: speed-up for long pattern
 grep        19193  Announcing "untangle" for Grep 2.21;  R.I.P. Dad
 grep        19230  Help! grepV2.21 treats ISO-8859 text files as if they are b
 grep        19293  failure in fmbtest after commit d48e658e03a70ff648801cbea69
 grep        19306  [PATCH 1/2] dfa: avoid execution for a pattern including an
 grep        19330  bug in grep -Pv ":\n" or even in rep -Pv ":\n"
 grep        19348  grep-2.21 cannot match patterns with NULLs in binary files
 grep        19358  [PATCH 1/3] grep: use Aho-Corasick algorithm to search mult
 grep        19361  [PATCH] dfa: more simplification of dfaexec_main
 grep        19420  intermittent segfault using grep -P
 grep        19486  copyright year updates, and gnulib
 grep        19563  grep -F: fix a heap buffer (read) overrun
 grep        19775  Test failing after the CVE fix
 grep        19777  Cross compiling grep for Mingw-w64 and wildcards don't work
 grep        19837  Announcing initial release of hstbm, Version 0.13.
 grep        19935  Checking whether C compiler handles -Wenum-compare does not

address@hidden (58 bugs):
 guix        14851  linux-libre-3.3.8-gnu disappeared
 guix        15284  wish: make the (name) field optional
 guix        15549  hydra.gnu.org uses nontrivial and nonfree javascript
 guix        15890  Please provide a way to delete old build directories.
 guix        16791  w3m fails to do any SSL certificate checking
 guix        17117  Not all downloaded files are printed
 guix        17150  Stale bootstrap/*/guile-2.0.9.tar.xz files are not detected
 guix        17152  GNU Guix backend for PackageKit / Gnome-Software
 guix        17200  Mailutils test failures
 guix        18080  Service list is validated when dmd.conf is generated
 guix        18085  libc locales moved to separate package
 guix        18221  MIT/GNU Scheme fails to build on non-Intel platforms
 guix        18261  Apparently intermittent failures to build gegl
 guix        18445  glib failing to build
 guix        18483  Fwd: Dmd tries to initialize my network interface before it
 guix        18542  gnome-vfs intermittent test failures
 guix        18553  Hydra: failures to create GC root /home/hydra/offload-*
 guix        18640  [wishlist] fontconfig's cache is not refreshed automaticall
 guix        18698  Our WindowMaker wrapper pollutes PATH in the entire X sessi
 guix        18700  GNU Lightning fails to build on all platforms
 guix        18742  gnunet intermittently fails its test suite on all platforms
 guix        18747  "preferLocalBuild" fails to distinguish between offload and
 guix        18838  zsh test suite failures, possibly due to 'noatime' mount fl
 guix        18926  cmake-build-system should set CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR and CMAK
 guix        18994  Daemon does not preserve supplementary groups of build user
 guix        19015  SDL_mixer not linked against libmikmod
 guix        19018  <ncursesw/ncurses.h> not provided by the ncurses library
 guix        19044  'guix-register -p' should perform deduplication
 guix        19144  Please provide a bootable ISO image
 guix        19190  Cannot boot with encrypted root
 guix        19219  Package names with digits following dashes
 guix        19278  guix needs to be installed for guix pull
 guix        19280  when btrfs used for root, initrd should contain fsck.btrfs
 guix        19318  %guix-version is incorrect in the presence of 'guix pull'
 guix        19439  guix download fails with "bad qstring header component"
 guix        19512  Failed substitution yields incomplete store item
 guix        19599  strace test suite failures
 guix        19671  Raw binary data in build log from substitute-binary
 guix        19733  disfunctional gcc binary when GCJ or gfortran is installed
 guix        19749  orpheus does not build on mips64
 guix        19757  ignore trailing slash for `guix gc -d' /gnu/store/...someth
 guix        19764  Downgrade reported as an ugprade
 guix        19772  Verbosity of guix build output
 guix        19778  file-system: (title 'uuid) is documented but not implemente
 guix        19779  dmd: service definition errors cause kernel panic
 guix        19780  Bootstrap bash binary segfaults on x86_64
 guix        19795  Allow for stateless users and groups in GuixSD
 guix        19797  hydra: drvs deleted by GC, leads to aborted unrestartable b
 guix        19803  gstreamer-0.10 fails tests
 guix        19805  Numpy failures
 guix        19806  substitute-binary --query busy for 36 minutes with no outpu
 guix        19811  Attempt to graft texlive times out after one hour
 guix        19816  'guix environment' always downloads all the outputs of depe
 guix        19819  Numpy failures
 guix        19821  Openssl 1.0.2 and cmake
 guix        19830  cannot use snippets with zip source
 guix        19866  Zip sources
 guix        19934  Failed run of make check

address@hidden (70 bugs):
 parted      15268  Add Intel Fast Flash(iFFS) partition type support on GPT di
 parted      15345  [PATCH 17/19] tests: Add btrfs and xfs to the fs probe test
 parted      15346  [PATCH 01/19] libparted: copy pmbr_boot when duplicating GP
 parted      15347  [PATCH 18/19] libparted: Flush parent device on open (#9626
 parted      15348  [PATCH 11/19] libparted: don't canonicalize /dev/md/ paths 
 parted      15349  [PATCH 10/19] libparted: mklabel to support EDEV DASD
 parted      15350  [PATCH 19/19] tests: Restrict gpt-header-munge to little-en
 parted      15351  [PATCH 09/19] libparted: Avoid dasd as default disk type wh
 parted      15352  [PATCH 04/19] libparted: preserve the uuid on dm partitions
 parted      15353  [PATCH 12/19] tests: rewrite t6001 to use /dev/mapper
 parted      15354  [PATCH 05/19] tests: Make sure dm UUIDs are not erased
 parted      15355  [PATCH 02/19] tests: test creating 20 device-mapper partiti
 parted      15490  [PATCH] Refactor device canonicalization
 parted      16053  [PATCH 1/2] "-Wall -Wextra -Werror" compilation patches - p
 parted      16055  [PATCH 2/2] "-Wall -Wextra -Werror" compilation patches - p
 parted      16134  libparted Atari partition table support
 parted      16139  Bug#239816: libparted Atari partition table support
 parted      16147  Bug#239816: libparted Atari partition table support
 parted      16367  Need to be able to resize partition without touching underl
 parted      16693  Bug report
 parted      16957  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.de.po'
 parted      17104  [PATCH 3/4] tests: Add emit_superuser_warning for gpt tests
 parted      17105  [PATCH 4/4] tests: Use msdos-overlap to setup t0283
 parted      17106  [PATCH 0/4] A few bugfixes
 parted      17107  [PATCH 2/4] tests: Fix the t0281 test to respond to the bac
 parted      17108  [PATCH 1/4] libparted: Check AlternateLBA against LBA-1
 parted      17364  possible bug in partprobe
 parted      17452  BUG: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-device-mappe
 parted      17593  [PATCH] tests: avoid false-positive failure due to symlink
 parted      17594  [PATCH] gnulib: update submodule to latest
 parted      17595  [PATCH] maint: remove doubled word: s/on on/on/
 parted      17596  [PATCH] maint: fix "make syntax-check" nits
 parted      17597  FYI, I've run "make update-copyright"
 parted      17795  boot flag bug report
 parted      17883  [PATCH] configure.ac: uclinux is also linux
 parted      17917  New template for 'parted' made available
 parted      17918  New German PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17919  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.de.po'
 parted      17920  New Dutch PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17921  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.nl.po'
 parted      17922  New Dutch PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17923  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.nl.po'
 parted      17924  New Polish PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17925  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.pl.po'
 parted      17930  New Ukrainian PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17931  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.uk.po'
 parted      17932  New Vietnamese PO file for 'parted' (version 3.1.90)
 parted      17933  Contents of PO file 'parted-3.1.90.vi.po'
 parted      17943  parted-3.1.90 alpha make check fails t0251-gpt-unicode on D
 parted      17994  Linux RAID MBR type code
 parted      18019  bug-parted Digest, Vol 140, Issue 9
 parted      18147  parted-3.2 build failure
 parted      18248  Parted 3.2 requires LVM2 but does not check for it
 parted      18258  t0251-gpt-unicode.sh fails when the C.UTF-8 locale is unava
 parted      18272  Fwd: french translation of parted 3.2.1 man page
 parted      18289  libparted ped_disk_clobber() overwrites firmware on some ar
 parted      18314  [bug] fail to print device info
 parted      18329  mkpart clearing GPT attributes
 parted      18549  parted causes scsi raid to not boot up.
 parted      18615  Can’t build parted
 parted      18660  Partprobe and advanced format disks
 parted      18754  tests/t0251-gpt-unicode.sh depends on C.UTF-8 locale
 parted      18984  Enhancement request: Handling of damaged partition tables
 parted      19038  confusing command completion
 parted      19135  mklabel gpt always creates 128 partition entries
 parted      19137  mklabel gpt created invalid Protective MBR
 parted      19295  [gnu.org #965686] GNU parted broken link feeback
 parted      19425  "You found a bug on GNU Parted!"
 parted      19534  Bad link in online docs
 parted      19836  Missing partition type in machine parseable output

address@hidden (114 bugs):
 guile       10225  Lock ordering mismatch
 guile       10492  primitive-exit documentation invalid links
 guile       10519  guile and (mini-)gmp
 guile       10627  char-ready? is broken for multibyte encodings
 guile       10836  guardians and weak references
 guile       11083  Guile 2.0.5 on Solaris 10
 guile       11198  serializing structs (prefabs)
 guile       11215  [feature request] better backtraces
 guile       11776  Guile 2.0.5 on GNU/Hurd
 guile       11783  Guile 2.0.5 on GNU/Hurd
 guile       11784  Guile 2.0.5 on GNU/Hurd
 guile       12207  repl and comments or tabs
 guile       12827  [2.0.6] web client: fails to parse 404 header
 guile       13382  propagating a coding setting across source files
 guile       13827  faulty range check in bytevector accessor
 guile       13966  Inconsistent truncation of multiple values, inlining issue?
 guile       13995  Problem with macros whose expansions define and use auxilia
 guile       14047  more aggressive inlining
 guile       14080  Guile bug building from source with pkg-config
 guile       14109  No code for 'bytevector->string' and 'string->bytevector'
 guile       14164  letrec: detect illegal accesses to vars before entering bod
 guile       14171  REPL doesn't work on windows min-gw
 guile       14186  take code from stdin with the flag -
 guile       14347  reset, shift, continuation values truncated inconsistently
 guile       14353  Implement array-fold and array-fold-all
 guile       14354  Implement array-fold and array-fold-all
 guile       14361  Building guile 2.0.9 under mingw + msys
 guile       14404  regexp_exec thread-unsafe
 guile       14549  warning while compiling guile 2.0.9
 guile       14599  An option to make vector allocation aligned
 guile       14640  SA_RESTART prevents execution of signal handlers
 guile       14653  Test failure when building on Debian armel
 guile       14756  threads - par-map - multicore issue
 guile       14789  Test failures under Cygwin (Guile master)
 guile       14849  (system vm coverage) `line-execution-counts' misleading out
 guile       14882  make check failures
 guile       14916  Fixnum procedures can be made to return non-fixnums
 guile       14917  Missing range check in fxcopy-bit can give SIGABRT
 guile       15123  Missing R6RS io port exports
 guile       15140  number->string doesn't accept the optional precision argume
 guile       15160  Is --disable-posix excluding too much?
 guile       15217  Community-page with table of contents
 guile       15221  provide a mechanism to activate readline systemwide
 guile       15223  website: Link learning guile and extending your program on 
 guile       15227  Possible bug in (web server)
 guile       15228  [PATCH] Close output port of I/O pipes
 guile       15253  readline completion for modules
 guile       15280  Building on native mingw fails
 guile       15330  defmacro and define-macros still remain in guile's sources
 guile       15359  Closing tag on empty elements for sxml->xml.
 guile       15536  Problem with listing of online Guile manuals on gnu.org
 guile       15540  Circular module imports vs. #:select (2.0.9)
 guile       15602  Compiling several files in the same session [2.0.9]
 guile       15620  guile 2.0.9 make check error, in bit-operations.test, elisp
 guile       15662  guile-2.0 does not work on ia64
 guile       15838  Guile 2.0.9 on BlueGene Q
 guile       16060  Attempt to mutate a literal pair results in segfault (maste
 guile       16314  Macro dependency tracking issue in guile auto compiler
 guile       16357  insufficient print abbreviation in error messages
 guile       16358  combinatorial explosion in elided stack trace
 guile       16363  interactive use subject to compiler limitations
 guile       16364  auto-compile noise can't be avoided by script
 guile       16365  (* 0 +inf.0) rationale is flawed
 guile       16451  autogen.sh fails on FreeBSD 9.1
 guile       16641  Assert triggered (hashtab.c:137) - Guile-2.0.9
 guile       16987  Bad default mantissa width for ~g format string
 guile       17060  libguile install-data-hook target fails on BSD make
 guile       17223  guile crash, signal 6, guile: ../nptl/pthread_mutex_lock.c:
 guile       17355  #:getter procedure returns unexpected value in GOOPS
 guile       17399  Problems building guile-2.0.11 with libunistring 0.9.0
 guile       17418  #:select gives access to private variables
 guile       17474  Making *unspecified* equivalent to (values) would seem conv
 guile       17485  (srfi srfi-1) reduce-right does not scale, version 2.0.9
 guile       17657  pretty-print #:width values above 49 don't work?
 guile       17940  Nitpick: (lambda () (begin)) errors
 guile       17941  `define-method' special-cases zero-subform body
 guile       17953  Cannot build Guile 2.0.11 on Mavericks
 guile       18224  Shared arrays are incompatible with bytevector accessors
 guile       18225  Lack of type-converting shared arrays (feature request)
 guile       18295  Radix points in non-decimal numbers
 guile       18477  Bug#758971: byte-compiled files have wrong permissions
 guile       18507  Incomplete type pollfd
 guile       18508  Incomplete type pollfd
 guile       18520  string ports should not have an encoding
 guile       18570  [stable-2.0] starting with 48ad85f, I can no longer compile
 guile       18583  possibly buggy top level behavior in master
 guile       18592  FFI should have portable access to ‘errno’
 guile       18604  master srfi-26 cute compile error
 guile       18646  procedure-name fails for inner procedures with primitive-ev
 guile       18835  load-from-path is inconsistent when looking for a compiled 
 guile       18914  2.0.11 REPL server listens on but not "localhost"
 guile       18932  string->number errors on e.g. "1e400xyz"
 guile       18945  Parallel compilation with jobs >= 12 fails on DOT_I_FILES
 guile       19019  Guile improperly assumes 'long' is the same size as pointer
 guile       19172  [PATCH 1/1] Remove unused funcs that cause a building error
 guile       19180  vacuum_weak_hash_table error
 guile       19235  make-fresh-user-module procedure leaks memory
 guile       19236  load-compiled procedure leaks memory
 guile       19365  2.0.11 fails to build on Solaris 10, x86
 guile       19366  Building Guile 1.8 with AddressSanitizer
 guile       19372  Compile Failure on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
 guile       19389  visit-entry argument problem in module/language/cps/verify.
 guile       19459  #:export does not honor the merge-generics contract
 guile       19469  minor nit: (sxml xpath) node-typeof?
 guile       19478  [PATCH] Improve SXPath documentation
 guile       19523  Segfault when creating thread with scm_with_guile
 guile       19540  minor: module path picking up ./././...
 guile       19581  'sleep' return value is incorrectly rounded
 guile       19646  [2.0.11] [sh4]: ((system-error "setaffinity" "~A" ("Functio
 guile       19676  madvise bug in guile-git
 guile       19770  goops - setter inheritance bug - serious
 guile       19793  please document level of R7RS[-small] support in Guile manu
 guile       19883  Smob's mark_smob has become unreliable in Guile 2.x
 guile       19939  http client: Chunks shouldn't be read at once

address@hidden (122 bugs):
 automake     7321  dejagnu support should provide for recheck target
 automake     7328  parallel installation ignores deps between libtool librarie
 automake     7562  automake-set variables don't get properly reordered when ov
 automake     7610  Stripping of comments with the `+=' operator
 automake     7621  add a way to pass link dependencies
 automake     7655  conditional _TEXINFOS should be supported
 automake     7656  MANS primary accepts too many prefixes
 automake     7657  TEXINFOS primary accepts too many prefixes
 automake     7671  Presetting various *CLEANFILES variables
 automake     7673  Bad option precedence: AM_AUTOMAKE_INIT and AUTOMAKE_OPTION
 automake     7763  Remake rules botch up when 'foreign' and 'ignore-deps' are 
 automake     7766  docs: work on index issues
 automake     7860  recursive autoreconf breaks AM_COND_IF conditionalization o
 automake     7868  parallel-tests and command-line length limit issue
 automake     7884  Yacc and FreeBSD make in VPATH builds
 automake     7994  make distcheck fails when latex is not installed
 automake     7995  Guile support in Automake
 automake     8022  use .MAKEFILEDEPS for FreeBSD make
 automake     8044  Automake should support autotest-based testsuites.
 automake     8076  PCH support / howto
 automake     8099  LaTeX and automake
 automake     8289  distcheck and make dvi
 automake     8319  latexmk in automake
 automake     8362  make install prefix inserted in source code with generated 
 automake     8635  Some Fortran files don't have the extensions automake wants
 automake     8665  automake should offer APIs to honour silent-rules verbosity
 automake     8945  tar-ustar as a default for automake
 automake     9037  distcheck should check for missing m4 files too (was: Re: b
 automake     9088  Better java support with new JARS primary
 automake     9231  Use of TAP in Automake's own testsuite: avoid NIH
 automake     9238  "make dist" when "." is in SUBDIRS
 automake     9240  docs: give an example about use of `include'
 automake     9289  Feature request: Better 'nobase_' support for nonrecursive 
 automake     9320  Documentation addition: AC_SUBSTed variables do not work wi
 automake     9512  TEXINFOS primary and nodist_ (was: Re: makeinfo in VPATH bu
 automake     9587  Automake claims $(*F), $(<D), etc. are non-POSIX.
 automake     9625  Overriding `check:' target
 automake     9822  AMTAR not used
 automake     9855  CFLAGS per source
 automake     9859  subdir-objects, dirstamps and --disable-dependency-tracking
 automake    10111  remake rules can fail in a weird corner case (VPATH into $d
 automake    10128  am_foo_OBJECTS is empty when ...
 automake    10371  Broken links in the on-line automake manual
 automake    10411  Add support for user-defined compressors (was: Re: Automake
 automake    10695  my_man_MANS does not work
 automake    10825  Better bison support in Automake (was: Re: FYI: master: cal
 automake    10828  POSIX will say running "rm -f" with no argument is OK
 automake    10852  VPATH builds cannot recover from missing parser header
 automake    10888  Wait, isn't rpath supposed to be set automagically?
 automake    10975  'make dist-gz dist-xz' fails
 automake    11078  Mailing lists missing from the Automake's savannah page
 automake    11089  LINK determination
 automake    11422  automake 1.12 info doc installation problem
 automake    11745  the new test-suite summary is confusing
 automake    11790  Automake-installed auxiliary scripts can get silently out-o
 automake    11834  supporting MSVC compiler in "make install"
 automake    11863  Building test plugins
 automake    12142  automake tries to compile a program when 'foo' and 'foo.cxx
 automake    12219  Could the --add-missing option be supported in AM_INIT_AUTO
 automake    12501  Automake generated makefiles can be less verbose when build
 automake    12513  Should aclocal warn when picking up system-wide installed m
 automake    12620  Parallel tests vs fast tests (and beyond)
 automake    13002  directory variables in VALAFLAGS are expanded after cd
 automake    13104  Extending automake rules w.r.t dependencies
 automake    13107  timestamp bug when files are created just before make is ru
 automake    13170  automake and pyconfigure: a future integration? (was: Re: [
 automake    13324  Improvements to "dist" targets (was: Re: EXTRA_DIST, direct
 automake    13349  Could we just assume support for make recursive variable ex
 automake    13355  Deprecating and removing the 'mkinstalldir' script
 automake    13378  Make the 'subdir-objects' setup the default, and only avail
 automake    13435  Please don't kill DJGPP support...
 automake    13624  ACLOCAL_PATH documentation
 automake    13761  FAIL: t/objc-megademo.sh (OS X 10.6)
 automake    13771  GNU make specific stuff cannot be used in RHS of "TESTS ="
 automake    13832  Tests fail because make runs with more than one jobs
 automake    13940  Spurious target redefinition warnings with Automake conditi
 automake    14059  broken link in autotools doku (sent to gnu webmasters and a
 automake    14126  dist_EXTRA_SCRIPTS
 automake    14132  check-build target
 automake    14177  Incorrect extending of rules in documentation
 automake    14196  Problem with invoking "missing" in directory with "(" in na
 automake    14245  nobase_foo_DATA vs nobase_dist_foo_DATA
 automake    14561  GNU make specific stuff cannot be used in RHS of "TESTS ="
 automake    14601  Unexplained failure in test 't/install-info-dir.sh'
 automake    14685  aclocal and AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR
 automake    14796  Support building Vala projects without distributing generat
 automake    14959  automake 1.14 failure on OS X 10.6.8: fort5
 automake    14960  automake 1.14 test failure on OS X 10.6.8 for ccnoco-lt
 automake    14961  automake 1.14 test failure on Mac OS X 10.6.8 for objc-mega
 automake    15256  GNU Automake 1.14 : FAIL 6 on Solaris 10 Sparc v9
 automake    15258  Fortran tests in configure script seem questionable
 automake    15885  Support golang
 automake    16341  vala does not respect -d/--directory to generate dependency
 automake    16527  1.14: (nodist_)python_PYTHON does not behave as bin_SCRIPTS
 automake    16588  TAP driver fails with DOS line endings
 automake    16714  make check failures
 automake    17327  Automake dying with internal error: "global options already
 automake    17614  parallel compilation fails
 automake    17764  autom4te version is not remembered (for maintainer mode)
 automake    17811  RFE: build against multiple python stacks
 automake    18274  [ENHANCEMENT] Additional Tables
 automake    18485  Naming of COPYING* files
 automake    18564  One test failed in automake 1.14.1
 automake    18662  Local -L flags for "make check" appear too late under HP-UX
 automake    18714  [mdate-sh] use specific timezone when producing input
 automake    18715  mdate-sh output is timezone dependant triggering rebuilds
 automake    18734  [PATCH] vala: Improper parsing of valac arguments leads to 
 automake    18822  Faulty $(address@hidden@bar_la_OBJECTS) substitution
 automake    18998  Unexplained failure in test 't/install-info-dir.sh'
 automake    19020  improve support for flex in C++ mode
 automake    19042  test-driver path in automake 1.14.1
 automake    19311  AC_PROG_CC can force wrong $ac_aux_dir definition in automa
 automake    19418  AC_CONFIG_FILES / stamp-h? problem
 automake    19539  [1.15] AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR should be called early
 automake    19541  info: non-POSIX "rm -f" still alive (NetBSD-1.6)
 automake    19579  Long lines, short awk
 automake    19614  make dist exits succesfully even when tar exits with error
 automake    19615  make dist tarball contains owner/group information from the
 automake    19616  dist tarball contains hardlinks
 automake    19692  "rm -f" without file operands specified displays error and 
 automake    19750  FAIL: t/fort4.sh on x86_64 darwin in automake 1.15
 automake    19847  Print full subdirectory path in "Making ... in ..." message

address@hidden (238 bugs):
 libtool      8441  Patches making libtool-2.4-1 build under GNU/Hurd
 libtool      8443  Updated patches: Re: bug#8441: Patches making libtool-2.4-1
 libtool      8444  Update: Re: Updated patches: Re: bug#8441: Patches making l
 libtool      8464  [PATCH] tagdemo: Link to libfoo
 libtool      8481  linking with externally generated objects
 libtool      8499  libtool, MSVC and asm files
 libtool      8503  Multiple definition errors when statically linking libstdc+
 libtool      8537  2.4 : triggers libc "nlist > 1" assertion failure from --li
 libtool      8542  2.4 : triggers libc "nlist > 1" assertion failure from --li
 libtool      8550  A libtool question (trying to compile with MS VC++ from VS 
 libtool      8557  libtool run against newly built libraries fails in setarch 
 libtool      8558  libtool must not depend on existence of system '/usr/lib*/*
 libtool      8588  i have met one bug about the version match error
 libtool      8605  a libtool + Mac OS X problem
 libtool      8656  [GNU Libtool 2.4.1a] testsuite: 37 115 failed
 libtool      8726  rpath encoded in binary linking a .la-.so file
 libtool      8734  Test results
 libtool      8746  /usr/bin/sed on HP-UX truncates, but not always
 libtool      8765  Incorrect library versioning on *BSDs
 libtool      8908  --silent doesn't silence warnings
 libtool      8912  cross-compile code for LD setup does not use the right syst
 libtool      8976  documentation / behavior discrepancy with lt_dlopenext
 libtool      9095  libtool is picking the wrong path for dependent libraries
 libtool      9210  Documentation: misleading wording
 libtool      9223  Random (re)-linking order
 libtool      9230  _LT_COMPILER_NO_RTTI
 libtool      9232  "make prefix=... install" failure on gcc
 libtool      9249  Does Libtool 2.4 support Solaris 2.8?
 libtool      9257  configure errors after upgrade to libtool 2.4
 libtool      9316  AIX and JNI: *.so versus *.a
 libtool      9322  Linking static libs into shared libs on HP-UX
 libtool      9376  MAC:libtool-2.4 alimahmood$ make check
 libtool      9464  repeated 'rm -f "./so_locations"' on make clean
 libtool      9489  Avoiding installation of .la files
 libtool      9492  cannot override CC when using system copy of libtool ("The 
 libtool      9505  libtool: breakage when /bin/sh points to different shells a
 libtool      9595  -module is not enough to get an .so
 libtool      9631  path in .la start with '='
 libtool      9667  [PATCH] Typo fix - change func_apped into func_append
 libtool      9728  Incorrect -L flags order for HP-UX
 libtool      9744  6 of 110 tests failed - report attached
 libtool      9795  Disabling fortran (what's it for?)
 libtool      9806  Fwd: [OMPI devel] make check fails for Intel 2011.6.233 (Op
 libtool      9827  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 85 115 failed, 83 passed une
 libtool      9848  libtool bootstrap fails with Solaris /bin/sh
 libtool      9872  hello project web page includes libc and autotools manuals?
 libtool      9916  [PATCH] echo: fix octal escaping with \1...\7
 libtool      9941  Handle truncated member names in LIBADD archive libraries
 libtool      9986  libtool-2.4 and MinGW+MSYS
 libtool     10005  pyexec_... target's dependency (via LIBADD) on lib_... targ
 libtool     10061  Version missmatch error
 libtool     10066  [libtool 2.2.6b] testsuite: 37 74 failed
 libtool     10088  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 87 failed
 libtool     10091  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 47 115 123 failed on Cygwin 
 libtool     10139  [GNU Libtool] testsuite: 67 70 113 114 115 
 libtool     10140  Libtool fails to build from sources on NetBSD 5.1, gcc 4.1.
 libtool     10141  Lots of testsuite failures on OpenBSD 4.6 (gcc 3.3.5)
 libtool     10142  Libtool fails to build from sources on Solaris 10 with gcc 
 libtool     10143  [GNU libtool] Various tests failed on Solar
 libtool     10152  errors
 libtool     10156  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 72 73 91 92 93 95 96 97 98 9
 libtool     10158  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 72 73 91 92 93 95 96 97 98 9
 libtool     10197  compilation failure with no message caused by libtool
 libtool     10198  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 71 87 91 110 112 failed
 libtool     10199  [GNU Libtool] testsuite: 65 72 73 74 7
 libtool     10202  [GNU Libtool] testsuite: 65 72 73 74 7
 libtool     10231  libtool.m4 makes the wrong shell (dash) run libtool
 libtool     10236  Enhancement: support for the nagfor compiler in Libtool
 libtool     10247  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 119 passed unexpectedly
 libtool     10303  Problems in $(LIBTOOL) definition: wrong shell used
 libtool     10312  lockfile method broken
 libtool     10358  libtool changing basename(argv[0])
 libtool     10359  libtool changing basename(argv[0])
 libtool     10484  glibtool is trying to include multiple copies of the same o
 libtool     10508  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 37 115 failed
 libtool     10509  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 33 34 35 36 39 45 48 49 52 5
 libtool     10510  libtool 2.4.2: 2 of 115 tests failed
 libtool     10524  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 42 75 78 79 86 102 104 115 f
 libtool     10525  test failure on AIX 7.1
 libtool     10526  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 41 115 failed
 libtool     10527  libtool 2.4.2 on IRIX 6.5
 libtool     10528  libtool 2.4.2 on OpenBSD 4.9
 libtool     10529  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 41 115 failed
 libtool     10562  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 72 73 91 92 93 95 96 97 110 
 libtool     10563  [libtool 2.2.8] testsuite: 61 62 79 80 81 83 84 85 97 98 99
 libtool     10569  libtool-2.4.2 4 of 102 tests failed
 libtool     10570  libtool-2.4 4 of 102 tests failed
 libtool     10571  libtool-2.2.10  4 of 102 tests failed
 libtool     10579  libtool-2.4.2: patch to accept -stdlib=* as linker flag
 libtool     10640  BUG REPORT libtool-2.4.2 Solaris 10 64bit
 libtool     10643  BUG REPORT libtool-2.4.2 Solaris 10 64bit - Update
 libtool     10672  [GNU Libtool 2.4] testsuite: 7 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
 libtool     10685  fixing -shared flags for the nagfor compiler in libtool
 libtool     10691  libtool adding -pthread to portland compilers
 libtool     10704  All GCC "libtool" libraries need relinking during installat
 libtool     10717  libtool-1.5.8
 libtool     10762  Dependency tracking looses libtool on OpenIndiana.
 libtool     10818  [GNU Libtool 2.4] testsuite: 76 failed
 libtool     10883  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 104 115 failed
 libtool     10949  bug in ltmain.m4sh (cygwin/mingw environment)
 libtool     10972  Some troubles with gfortran 4.6 and libtool
 libtool     11029  bootstrap problems
 libtool     11060  libtool to_tool_file_cmd left undeclared and uninitialized
 libtool     11064  CRITICAL: libtool makes static linking impossible
 libtool     11123  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 36 failed, 64 passed unexpec
 libtool     11161  [libtool 2.2.4] testsuite: 10 55 56 57 failed
 libtool     11179  There should be a way to suppress libtool support for C and
 libtool     11180  libtool should not check for <dlfcn.h> without LT_INIT([dlo
 libtool     11283  libtoolize --install is undocumented
 libtool     11423  x86_64-pc-solaris2.* GNU ld breakage due to _sol2 emulation
 libtool     11425  bootstrap script fails on a fresh checkout from git
 libtool     11426  Building static libraries with LT_INIT([disable-static])
 libtool     11465  libtool --mode=install: please add an option to install DSO
 libtool     11479  man page / info page
 libtool     11510  Getting errors for libtool 2.2.10 on armv7l board
 libtool     11537  Libtool 2.4.2 fails to handle library interdependencies
 libtool     11576  make install DESTDIR and libtool warnings
 libtool     11642  Libtool cannot find executables
 libtool     11752  libltdl (libtool 2.4.2) and FreeBSD 8.3 i386 (other version
 libtool     11871  "libtoolize -f" does not force links over real files.
 libtool     11895  libtool 2.4.2: Several tests trigger spurious output on OS 
 libtool     11911  libtool ignoring parameters in link mode ?
 libtool     11921  libtool --mode=link with indirectly involved libraries
 libtool     11972  failed bootstrap
 libtool     11973  test failure - darwin fat compile on OS X 4
 libtool     12057  LT_DLSYM_CONST not defined
 libtool     12063  build error
 libtool     12094  check failure on AIXv7.1 / xlc
 libtool     12143  libtool MacOS X exFAT links unsupported
 libtool     12156  bad tr command in SP2NL/NL2SP?
 libtool     12157  libtool 2.4.2 make check fails on AIX 6.1
 libtool     12185  libtool 2.4.2 - 6 of 111 tests failed
 libtool     12229  [GNU Libtool 2.4] testsuite: 37 failed
 libtool     12262  LT_CONFIG_H contains entire relative path when embedding li
 libtool     12304  libtool parse of nagfor -Wl,-Wl,, gives incorrect result
 libtool     12319  libltdl does not skip bad libs
 libtool     12355  [Libtool] report
 libtool     12543  libtool chokes when a space is in path
 libtool     12550  -fPIC?
 libtool     12613  Subordinate libltdl builds convenience library when it shou
 libtool     12637  'ar cru' rejecting empty object list on darwin11
 libtool     12663  help.at fails when tracing is already active
 libtool     12672  Wrong path to funclib.sh
 libtool     12711  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 32 33 3
 libtool     12786  [PATCH 0/2] AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS: implementation and docume
 libtool     12843  linktime optimizations and libtool
 libtool     12880  Incorrect handling -Wl,--no-as-needed with libtool 2.4.2
 libtool     13083  libtool.m4 forgets LD_LIBRARY_PATH when computing sys_lib_d
 libtool     13145  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 10 failed
 libtool     13201  libtool 2.4.2 does not hide dynamic symbols on GNU/Linux wi
 libtool     13202  Make Microsoft Visual C recognize the .S file extension
 libtool     13318  libtool make check errors
 libtool     13414  Valid DLL def file mangled by libtool
 libtool     13462  error: file 'build-aux/funclib.sh' not found
 libtool     13550  problem with linking libpthread
 libtool     13633  mips64el: Testsuite fails
 libtool     13910  failures running cross-compiled mingw32 tests under wine
 libtool     13920  link_all_deps and indirect dependencies
 libtool     13985  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 25 115 119 failed
 libtool     14016  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 78 87 88 89 91 92 93 95 96 9
 libtool     14022  libtool-gug
 libtool     14055  windows link problem with ".lib" files
 libtool     14155  libtool 2.4.2 bug: default " sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec" mi
 libtool     14195  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 42 86 115 failed
 libtool     14291  libtool 2.4.2 fails to build due to macro_revision reversio
 libtool     14364  Bug Report: Lacking '=' when specifying -soname
 libtool     14429  libdir does not take sysroot into account
 libtool     14485  Incompleteness in language autodetection, MPI compiler reco
 libtool     14519  Missing dlname='' in uninstalled .la file
 libtool     14579  locking breaks across filesystems
 libtool     14709  NetBSD: ld option -l:bar.so and libtool (_LT_CHECK_MAGIC_ME
 libtool     14990  Subject: [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 25 72 73 91 92 93 9
 libtool     15196  Use of rpath in libtool makes LD_LIBRARY_PATH useless
 libtool     15267  [GNU Libtool 2.4] testsuite: 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
 libtool     15276  libtool.mk incorrectly resolves lt_sysroot?
 libtool     15277  Missing quotes for $progpath in libtool
 libtool     15321  incorrect sys_lib_search_path_spec with mingw cross compile
 libtool     15406  buggy library symlink install due to use of ldconfig
 libtool     15471  "hardcode_directy=yes" on OpenBSD causes build DBus failure
 libtool     15554  [PATCH] libtool: accept GCC -specs=* flag
 libtool     15585  [GNU Libtool] testsuite: 120 failed
 libtool     15646  Multiple bugs related to -no-undefined and -nostdlib
 libtool     15673  Problem when linking non-libNAMEd modules on AIX 6.1
 libtool     15734  libtool in UnixWare
 libtool     15793  Bug: linking shared libraries on Cygwin results in undefine
 libtool     15823  default --tag does not work as documented
 libtool     15831  Absolute library paths with Cygwin + MSVC cl
 libtool     15845  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 55 95 96 97 107 115 failed
 libtool     15968  Wrong default value of OBJDUMP causes hard to diagnose prob
 libtool     16009  Apache Bug?
 libtool     16021  Fwd: Libtool v2.4.2 test failure on ARMv7h (ODROID XU) usin
 libtool     16037  Add 64 bit directories to sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec for Li
 libtool     16259  when cross-compiling with LT_INIT([win32-dll]) wrappers are
 libtool     16275  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 37 115 failed
 libtool     16384  libtool fails with uninstalled frameworks and the -F flag
 libtool     16437  Subject: [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 29 30 35 36 61 62 1
 libtool     16485  Using libtool in BusyBox
 libtool     16638  I was hoping the Libtool would manage ordering for me
 libtool     16833  nagfor needs linker indirection for --whole-archive and -so
 libtool     16972  Incorrect check for library target directory when relinking
 libtool     17094  Libtool bug with PGI Fortran compiler on OS X
 libtool     17113  header files not installed in --includedir?
 libtool     17186  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 25 115 failed
 libtool     17294  Bug - nm_test_func check is confused with -flto
 libtool     17689  [GNU Libtool 2.4] testsuite: 76 failed
 libtool     17747  Potential bug on Mac OS X 10.9 ignoring -rpath
 libtool     17750  libtool strips fcilkplus and sanitizer flags
 libtool     17802  Possible libtool bug in func_convert_core_msys_to_w32
 libtool     17840  [PATCH] libtool: Use 'file' instead of '/usr/bin/file' on G
 libtool     17988  make check 1 fail
 libtool     17995  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 1 2 3 4 5 6 70 failed
 libtool     18099  AIX TLS symbols do not make it into dynamic libraries
 libtool     18172  Ъompiler warning libltdl/ltdl.c:818 LT__UNUSED
 libtool     18325  libtool: flags to be passed through
 libtool     18450  [GNU Libtool 2.4.2] testsuite: 35 36 115 failed
 libtool     18458  Wrapper binary (.libs/lt-PROG.c) corrupts wide character ar
 libtool     18862  GNU Libtool-2.4.3 released [stable]
 libtool     18901  libtool-2.4.3 for x86_64-suse-linux yields a large number o
 libtool     18903  libtool mailing lists
 libtool     18905  GNU Libtool-2.4.3 released [stable]
 libtool     18910  GNU Libtool-2.4.3 released [stable]
 libtool     18916  libtool-2.4.3 caused autoconf test failure
 libtool     18917  --disable-static breaks unittests (runpath-in-lalib.at & ne
 libtool     18947  unexpected EOF while looking for matching
 libtool     19011  [GNU Libtool 2.4.3] testsuite: 122 123 124 125 129 failed
 libtool     19097  [GNU Libtool 2.4.3] testsuite: 122 123 124 125 129 failed
 libtool     19222  Some test failures with LibTool-2.4.4 on non GNU/Linux syst
 libtool     19239  Subject: [[GNU Libtool 2.4.4] testsuite: 69 105 108 109 116
 libtool     19370  LT 2.4.4 regression (vs. 2.4.2)
 libtool     19569  Problem with line splitting output from func_emit_wrapper
 libtool     19574  FW: Errors compiling Libtool-2.4.4
 libtool     19631  Libtoolize doesn't recognise local installations of m4
 libtool     19633  GNU libtool-2.4.5 released [stable]
 libtool     19656  [GNU Libtool 2.4.5] testsuite: 69 105 108 109 116 122 123 1
 libtool     19810  C++ library fails to compile/link with Sun C++ 5.12 with li
 libtool     19881  GNU libtool-2.4.6 released [stable]
 libtool     19890  [PATCH] Use after free in dld_link on error path
 libtool     19893  GNU libtool-2.4.6 released [stable]

address@hidden (408 bugs):
 coreutils    5776  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5778  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5779  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5780  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5781  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5783  [bug #29349] ls.c missing HAVE_NL_LANGINFO check
 coreutils    5832  Feature request: uniq -k
 coreutils    5918  [dd] conv=sparse option
 coreutils    5962  improving SHA1 using intel SS3 instructions
 coreutils    6048  [coreutils] Re: Feature: add ocfs2 reflink to cp(1)
 coreutils    6053  cp, ls, and mv bug: unknown error (252)
 coreutils    6056  base32 output for md5sum sha1sum etc.
 coreutils    6132  bug in date: --rfc-3339=TIMESPEC option doesn't print 'T'
 coreutils    6288  gnuwin32 du fails at "C:\Program Files"
 coreutils    6318  reindenting with uncrustify, maybe...
 coreutils    6323  Enhancement request: Add wronly to Coreutils
 coreutils    6331  [sshfs] df reports wrong disk space usage on solaris
 coreutils    6366  join can't join on numeric fields
 coreutils    6427  Autotest: enable colored test results.
 coreutils    6453  coreutils: date -- Add new options for ISO 8601 date format
 coreutils    6661  test "install/install-C" fails on Mac OS X 10.6.4
 coreutils    6667  dd ?bug? while making image of hdd with bad sectors
 coreutils    6707  cut is not multi byte (wide char) aware
 coreutils    6780  Add cut multi-character/expression delimiters
 coreutils    6816  df bug on 64-bit Solaris (need to use getextmntent)
 coreutils    6903  join: improve paralleles to sort?
 coreutils    6906  [PATCH] cp: copy entirely-sparse files oodles faster
 coreutils    6913  change file ownership/permissions from root to user fail ev
 coreutils    6934  "expand" miscalculate width of ideographs
 coreutils    6949  Uniq command should allow total to be displayed
 coreutils    6970  gnu cp problem
 coreutils    6986  [PATCH] test: add check to determine whether files are on t
 coreutils    7057  Use of JOIN with tab as delimiter
 coreutils    7068  Feature request: uniq --field-separator="SEP" --consider-fi
 coreutils    7073  no pthread_spinlock_t on Mac OS 10.6.4
 coreutils    7176  Feature request: add option to display full units in -h and
 coreutils    7184  Problems with timestamp on FAT32 directories
 coreutils    7214  sort --debug maps large old-style field number to 0 in diag
 coreutils    7254  [patch] making md5sum's --quiet and --warn independent, plu
 coreutils    7257  [PATCH] Correct typos in date
 coreutils    7313  sha1sum etc, output in base64
 coreutils    7372  fmt and multi-byte encodings
 coreutils    7389  rename() over NFS
 coreutils    7394  rename() over NFS
 coreutils    7399  du may count one file multiple times if it visible through 
 coreutils    7433  ls: [manual] description for --directory is insufficient
 coreutils    7455  cut - lack of --merge-delimiters option
 coreutils    7486  philosophical wishlist
 coreutils    7489  [coreutils] over aggressive threads in sort
 coreutils    7502  wc --verbose should say xx lines, yy words, zz characters
 coreutils    7523  chmod example in docs
 coreutils    7529  Bug#605639: deal better with different filesystem timestamp
 coreutils    7597  multi-threaded sort can segfault (unrelated to the sort -u 
 coreutils    7618  man mktemp/[deprecated] clarification
 coreutils    7649  sparse files and commands
 coreutils    7731  Bug in coreutils version 8.7 sort on i386 (Leopard) macinto
 coreutils    7829  locale-related printf bug when using formats with thousands
 coreutils    7858  coreutils-8.9 test failed on rh5 amd
 coreutils    7948  16-bit wchar_t on Windows and Cygwin
 coreutils    7960  [PATCH] fmt: fix formatting multibyte text (bug #7372)
 coreutils    7963  16-bit wchar_t on Windows and Cygwin
 coreutils    7968  RE : Re: 16-bit wchar_t on Windows and Cygwin
 coreutils    7971  Bug in libiconv?
 coreutils    7972  Bug df: GunWin32 coreutils-5.3.0 Windows 7 32bit and window
 coreutils    7997  Feature request for date command
 coreutils    8017  Error compiling coreutils
 coreutils    8032  Suggestion in re. error reports from 'comm'
 coreutils    8061  Introduce SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE to extent_scan module
 coreutils    8063  Bug with su in terminal
 coreutils    8090  strerror(1) and strsignal(1)?
 coreutils    8103  tac RFE: accept -z, --zero-terminated option
 coreutils    8199  df strangeness on solaris 9/sparc with nfs
 coreutils    8271  GNUwin32 --df- command in Windows 2008
 coreutils    8357  Improve yesterday and tomorrow calculations for common case
 coreutils    8411  due to missing sync even on 2.6.39, cp fails to copy an odd
 coreutils    8500  util: where am i
 coreutils    8527  cp/mv in coreutils don't respect the default ACL of parent 
 coreutils    8559  [Bug Report] gnulib pthread detection prevents coreutils so
 coreutils    8572  du/bigtime skip reason
 coreutils    8616  conflict between build-aux/compile script and coreutils Mak
 coreutils    8700  Simple way to switch user/group permissions without requiri
 coreutils    8736  chmod -p --parents
 coreutils    8749  mkdir: feature request --reference
 coreutils    8767  cp: --preserve=all doesn't work for the parents when --pare
 coreutils    8824  sort occasionally hangs - appears to be in a merge-sort loo
 coreutils    8960  stdbuf on bi-arch systems
 coreutils    9067  Feature patch for chroot, adding --hostname parameter
 coreutils    9086  'dircolors' request: support UPPERCASE suffixes, also, plea
 coreutils    9089  pipe failure with cat and head of coreutils 6.12
 coreutils    9101  timeout should use setitimer if available
 coreutils    9102  "timeout 0 FOO" should timeout right away
 coreutils    9129  Built-in printf Sits Awkwardly with UDP.
 coreutils    9140  [du] broken on OSX 10.7 (Lion) for >4TB file systems
 coreutils    9141  Coreutils Compiler Warnings on OSX 10.7 (Lion)
 coreutils    9191  dd does not use the given block size > 2GB
 coreutils    9207  nice -n man page clarifications
 coreutils    9263  mv overwrite message when owner different
 coreutils    9266  tail -F does not follow through symlinks
 coreutils    9297  po has no install-html target
 coreutils    9339  Feature suggestion --distribution
 coreutils    9365  TR operates on bytes, not characters
 coreutils    9370  "tail -f -1" should work
 coreutils    9394  coreutils-8.7 - few test cases failed
 coreutils    9430  [PATCH] Add new option --in-place
 coreutils    9446  Bug in cp (or strange behaviour and unclear documentation)
 coreutils    9472  rm --no-traverse-mount-points [Re: stop rm at same-dev bind
 coreutils    9500  [PATCH]: use posix_fallocate where supported
 coreutils    9513  cp -p fails to preserve permissions
 coreutils    9569  :upper: and :lower: not working with tr and utf8 character
 coreutils    9594  27.3 Numeric modes (File permissions): Special mode bits as
 coreutils    9614  date ignoring wrong TZ values
 coreutils    9680  [Bug 868747] Re: fmt -f <unlimited> should be supported
 coreutils    9715  coreutils-8.12/tandem build failure, with local patches
 coreutils    9718  bugs in `date` command?
 coreutils    9811  fstatat test error when cross compiling
 coreutils    9823  request for more correct error reporting of mv
 coreutils    9939  Problems with the SIZE description in man pages for <ls> an
 coreutils   10010  "su" *should* check on SUID bit
 coreutils   10013  [ls] document origin of name
 coreutils   10020  cp -i -l asks for permission to overwrite then fails to do 
 coreutils   10054  [cp] 8.13: cp -au may replace newer files [sr #107876]
 coreutils   10055  [sr #107875] BUG cp -u corrupts 'fs'' information if interu
 coreutils   10234  Coreutils incompatibility with POSIX make
 coreutils   10281  change in behavior of du with multiple arguments (commit ef
 coreutils   10282  change in behavior of du with multiple arguments (commit ef
 coreutils   10305  coreutils-8.14, "rm -r" fails with EBADF
 coreutils   10306  who and idle time
 coreutils   10311  RFE: Give chmod a "-h" option as well
 coreutils   10317  patch to su: -l and -p should not be used together
 coreutils   10363  /etc/mtab -> /proc/mounts symlink affects df(1) output for 
 coreutils   10376  [Bug 908354] Re: tail -0f /var/log/kern.log never prints an
 coreutils   10423  problem with "make check" coreutils-8.14 after build on AIX
 coreutils   10425  make check fails with "/bin/sh: not found" on AIX
 coreutils   10427  coreutils-8.14.116-1e18d: testsuite failures on NetBSD 5.1
 coreutils   10430  coreutils-8.14.116-1e18d: "make distcheck" failure on Debia
 coreutils   10446  GNU Youtube Advanced Command Line KungFu
 coreutils   10456  bug in "du"
 coreutils   10493  coreutils shred fat32
 coreutils   10545  make check failures on virtual machine at hoster 1und1.de
 coreutils   10639  BUG REPORT coreutils-8.15 Solaris 10 64bit
 coreutils   10679  mv --backup=numbered should perform an atomic update
 coreutils   10686  mv: moving hardlink of a softlink to the softlink does noth
 coreutils   10755  stat: Please add directive to display size on disk
 coreutils   10877  [sort] too eager to use temp files
 coreutils   10880  instead of characters, tr works on bytes
 coreutils   10900  [cp] "cp -r a a" gives error message but copies anyway
 coreutils   10921  who - insufficient memory
 coreutils   10924  Updated patch for Bug #6366
 coreutils   11023  coreutils-8.15.74-be17e3: testsuite failures on NetBSD
 coreutils   11043  chmod - new feature - restore default mode regarding the um
 coreutils   11044  RFE: fmt goal width
 coreutils   11085  RFE: teach factor to read/write hexadecimal
 coreutils   11108  [PATCH] chmod: fix symlink race condition
 coreutils   11115  linux date arithmetic
 coreutils   11184  [lfs-dev] uname -i, -p show 'unknown' after update to coreu
 coreutils   11187  [PATCH] Fix incorrect width handling of multibyte character
 coreutils   11316  coreutils 8.16: du
 coreutils   11429  regarding conflict type error in compilation process
 coreutils   11437  coreutils: Please disable misc/nice test on hurd-i386]
 coreutils   11443  linux "cp" and ocfs2 reflink/clone/fastcopy/copy on write
 coreutils   11449  RFE: support `install -D` with directory target
 coreutils   11526  "du -s . foo bar" only outputs size of first argument -- ve
 coreutils   11540  [PATCH] tee: add a flag to ignore SIGPIPE
 coreutils   11621  questionable locale sorting order (especially as related to
 coreutils   11671  Bootstrap randomly fails on Hydra
 coreutils   11748  "Asia" Timezone
 coreutils   11760  [mv] data loss after ctrl-C on ntfs -> ntfs move
 coreutils   11809  document "So how do we just simply make a backup file?"
 coreutils   11823  tail: unrecognized file system type 0x61756673 for ‘/var/
 coreutils   11835  tail: unrecognized file system type 0x61756673
 coreutils   11854  make syntax-check -j issue
 coreutils   11903  fold should mention what happens if the command is used on 
 coreutils   11956  misc/tty-eof: sometimes failure under heavy load
 coreutils   12014  cp -p fails to preserve permissions on sshfs
 coreutils   12020  ls should show when extended system attributes are set
 coreutils   12052  grep carriage return conflicts with output color highlighti
 coreutils   12192  tr - bytes vs characters
 coreutils   12224  Several testsuite failures on OpenIndiana (was: Re: [platfo
 coreutils   12225  One test failed on Solaris 10 (was: Re: [platform-testers] 
 coreutils   12248  sleep is not arware of suspend mode
 coreutils   12264  join command
 coreutils   12303  [MICROBUG]: gnulib doesn't add  lib/spawn.h to .gitignore?
 coreutils   12322  coreutils-8.1{8,9} with /etc/mtab as real file, df/total-un
 coreutils   12335  [cp] "cp -s" cannot create symbolic link in parent dir
 coreutils   12339  Bug: rm -fr . doesn't dir depth first deletion yet it is do
 coreutils   12400  rmdir runs "amok", users "curse" GNU...(as rmdir has no opt
 coreutils   12421  Issue of the cp on Ubuntu 10.10
 coreutils   12433  Slightly misleading documentation for cp -f
 coreutils   12445  ls --color does not color symlinks when not resolving them
 coreutils   12453  failed test suite on 64-bit debian squeeze
 coreutils   12461  unrecognized file system type 0xbacbacbc
 coreutils   12482  Feature Request: support for int, octal, and hex types in s
 coreutils   12523  Solaris 10 "cp -p" returns unknown error on NFSv4 share,per
 coreutils   12530  nice(1) man page, bad wording
 coreutils   12551  ls -l
 coreutils   12589  dirname manpage partially wrong/confusing
 coreutils   12601  du crashes on TMFS fuse filesystem
 coreutils   12630  dd doesn't print out the need for iflags=fullblocks, consis
 coreutils   12631  GNU coreutils 8.19: Failed Self-Tests
 coreutils   12642  Incorrect information in online manual
 coreutils   12650  Bug in date command
 coreutils   12656  cp since 8.11 corrupts files
 coreutils   12715  coreutils-8.20: bad dependency information with man page ge
 coreutils   12730  coreutils-8.20: FAIL: tests/du/bind-mount-dir-cycle.sh
 coreutils   12741  any cross-compile fails due to new make-prime-list
 coreutils   12765  "configure --disable-threads" doesn't work with coreutils-8
 coreutils   12778  Failure when running check-root make target
 coreutils   12783  info for sort has an illogical example
 coreutils   12790  building lfs on 64-bit debian squeeze
 coreutils   12793  FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE=1 - not really a bug, but friendline
 coreutils   12798  
 coreutils   12815  [bug-coreutils] build glitches in coreutils-8.20
 coreutils   12820  gnulib testsuite failure in latest master
 coreutils   12830  charset.alias incorrect path
 coreutils   12891  test-suite AIX 6.1 non-root xlC compiler
 coreutils   12899  Build failure from latest master
 coreutils   12961  address@hidden: Bug#525359: wish there was a libcore
 coreutils   12964  [PATCH] printenv: -n option added -- show names of variable
 coreutils   13001  Reporting potential bug | uname -p and uname -i return unkn
 coreutils   13028  inplace
 coreutils   13058  European date format
 coreutils   13075  fifo unlimited buffer size?
 coreutils   13120  Not quite a bug, but ...
 coreutils   13144  "comm" bug or strange behaviour
 coreutils   13216  head(1) man page not talking about kilobytes
 coreutils   13347  stat/fstat inappropriately used in cp, install, rm, sort, c
 coreutils   13352  [PATCH] cp: ignore EEXIST errors from mkdir
 coreutils   13354  sort: File Merge Order is Suboptimal with Many Passes
 coreutils   13360  removing @sc from manual
 coreutils   13362  tr does not work with UTF-8 locales
 coreutils   13371  removing @acronym from manual
 coreutils   13516  tests/rm/unread3 fails on Mac OS X 10.8
 coreutils   13555  printf ignores length modifier
 coreutils   13582  [PATCH] stat: add ext4 to the ext2/ext3 list
 coreutils   13601  mv should not silently lose file extended attributes
 coreutils   13635  Strange ls bug (Combination of -a and --color)
 coreutils   13737  Add -h option to 'users'
 coreutils   13738  Add --all option to 'users' command
 coreutils   13765  coreutils-8.21, some changes needed
 coreutils   13868  Little bug in "who"
 coreutils   13894  Bug when running unit test
 coreutils   13911  make check errors for coreutils-8.21 on Solaris 10
 coreutils   13938  Bug: date(1) -d "relative-to-skipped-time" problem (also in
 coreutils   13957  expand fails on non-ASCII
 coreutils   14012  [coreutils] Please add timestamps to the output of tail -f
 coreutils   14097  [PATCH] Add support for ISO 8601 basic format
 coreutils   14113  [PATCH] human: add unambiguous block_size_args
 coreutils   14158  Base64 -d is slow
 coreutils   14174  BUG REP: tee takes an annoyingly long time in some system.
 coreutils   14190  cat command bug
 coreutils   14224  Feature request for the `cut`: record delimiter
 coreutils   14229  invalid TZ and /bin/date
 coreutils   14231  mv, rm, cp -i need super clear explanation of -i...
 coreutils   14246  tee can't continue when receiving SIGPIPE + adding a text m
 coreutils   14253  Testsuite failure in gnulib-tests: test programs cannot be 
 coreutils   14275  cut: applying previous patch
 coreutils   14283  RFE: ls should display presence of capabilities on a file
 coreutils   14318  sort: unexpected results
 coreutils   14327  I am getting random hangs executing coreutils 8.21 sort.
 coreutils   14383  cp --one-file-system / will not copy whole root filesystem
 coreutils   14388  Bug in uname command - reg...
 coreutils   14416  cut -c --output-delimiter stops inserting delimiters : bug?
 coreutils   14456  Stat I18N problem with the format string.
 coreutils   14505  Bug in "cat" command
 coreutils   14525  ls -k produced no size, ls -lk lists in bytes?  What's up w
 coreutils   14530  [PATCH] od: -wN, N>64K, avoid misbehavior on systems with 3
 coreutils   14545  date --iso-8601 should use colon in time zone offset
 coreutils   14555  Facing Some problem in uniq command
 coreutils   14592  dd - possible error
 coreutils   14613  Date  -- incorrect invalid date
 coreutils   14618  Erroneous sparse copy command results in empty file
 coreutils   14622  gdate
 coreutils   14628  mv command (and suggesting a feature for it)
 coreutils   14649  Problems in chroot.2, ln.1, ptx.1, test.1, [.1
 coreutils   14703  stat no creation date on ntfs filesystem files which have c
 coreutils   14725  Documentation Bug: date
 coreutils   14768  portage build of sys-apps/coreutils-8.20 fails tests
 coreutils   14832  bug hostid
 coreutils   14846  dd how to skip one byte from reading the man page
 coreutils   14852  Fwd: mv fails when trying to overwrite a file in a (map) ne
 coreutils   14880  cp copy birth time
 coreutils   14913  [PATCH] :2013-07-19    Jeremy Wright   <address@hidden
 coreutils   14951  Cannot rm file
 coreutils   14971  split man page table mushed
 coreutils   15023  Coreutils on IRIX
 coreutils   15055  shuf --all-permutations
 coreutils   15056  Please indicate the meaning of block sizes in filesystem in
 coreutils   15077  Bug in Join
 coreutils   15083  mknod fails over NFS
 coreutils   15092  Dirname Bug
 coreutils   15157  join doesn't follow norms and dies instead of doing somethi
 coreutils   15168  mkdir alway creates a file instead a direktory if it is run
 coreutils   15232  cp -i a/s b/s c
 coreutils   15257  stat and df report different filesystems for /dev
 coreutils   15259  Request fror a feature rather
 coreutils   15278  -a vs -e
 coreutils   15308  ls -lk reports bytes, not kibytes
 coreutils   15328  Bug or dubious feature?
 coreutils   15409  commands not working on "Cygwin" window
 coreutils   15604  sha256sum (and others of the *sum family) lacks important o
 coreutils   15634  coreutils-8.21 possible coding error ?
 coreutils   15727  Bug: cp <-a|-archive> (w/<-f|--remove-destination>) breaks 
 coreutils   15738  Inconsistency & bug cp -a A B doesn't reliably create 'B' a
 coreutils   15757  "unknown" for uname -p  related
 coreutils   15779  timeout: Child gets SIGTTOU when run from a shell script
 coreutils   15781  timeout: Child gets SIGTTOU when run from a shell script
 coreutils   15785  Problem with incrementing date when clock goes back
 coreutils   15806  [cp] -R modifies dereferencing settings
 coreutils   15926  RFE: unlink command already uses 'unlink' call; make 'rm' u
 coreutils   15943  [PATCH] doc: enhance diagnostic when rm skips "." or ".." a
 coreutils   15945  chown: Does now allow setting user and users login group wi
 coreutils   15955  df hides original mount point instead of bind mount
 coreutils   16004  Multicore Core-utils
 coreutils   16100  Bug in uname command
 coreutils   16101  Doubt regarding uname command
 coreutils   16245  sha1sum - probable bug.
 coreutils   16249  inlining failed in call to always_inline 'readlinkat': recu
 coreutils   16282  revisit; reasoning for not using ENV vars to provide workar
 coreutils   16287  RFE rm "-x" == "--one-file-system"
 coreutils   16304  Upcoming clang-3.4 apparently miscompiles coreutils.
 coreutils   16309  cp is a cpu hog
 coreutils   16321  [cp] Feature request: create relative symlinks with "cp -r 
 coreutils   16468  join
 coreutils   16530  Bootstrapping fails with missing "m4/cu-progs.m4"
 coreutils   16549  bug
 coreutils   16669  inconsistent 'rm -ir' prompting behavior
 coreutils   16718  bug in vi on linux
 coreutils   16742  Bug
 coreutils   16756  Errors in LFS 5.18
 coreutils   16782  Insensitive behavior in date when given invalid fomatting s
 coreutils   16803  @kbd for long option names?
 coreutils   16831  don't say uniq -D -c is meaningless
 coreutils   16838  Confusing localization of seq
 coreutils   16940  [PATCH] tests: Do not access /dev/tty if it does not exist
 coreutils   16945  My previous message
 coreutils   16955  Please reopen #16530
 coreutils   17103  regression: cp -al doesn't copy symlinks, but tries to link
 coreutils   17138  how to respect target symlinks w/cp?  problem?
 coreutils   17161  Bug in date arithmetic of date
 coreutils   17196  UTF-8 printf string formating  problem
 coreutils   17224  UBUNTU 13.02 PROGRAMM-PROBLEM with : /dev/mapper/cryptswap1
 coreutils   17226  UBUNTU 13.04 PROGRAMM-PROBLEM with : /dev/mapper/cryptswap1
 coreutils   17242  fmt bug (?)
 coreutils   17252  'install' is too noisy when running as confined SELinux use
 coreutils   17451  date command: Bug?
 coreutils   17503  df (GNU coreutils) 8.21 not reporting for hfsplus ?
 coreutils   17546  Problem with du
 coreutils   17590  [PATCH] build: libstdbuf.so: avoid new OS X link failure
 coreutils   17669  Solaris acl woes
 coreutils   17676  btrfs subvolumes and bind-mounts make df report incorrect a
 coreutils   17774  AIX and lbracket ([) program - will not install on AIX usin
 coreutils   17904  issue with split command
 coreutils   17961  "od -c" producing numbers greater than 255 ?
 coreutils   17963  strange behavior of cp
 coreutils   18056  Coreutils 8.23 test-localename failure
 coreutils   18060  coreutils-8.23: make check failure
 coreutils   18062  [PATCH] chroot: always change to / if not changing credenti
 coreutils   18119  df --si misleading output units
 coreutils   18159  Bugin getting 'last month' on last day of the month
 coreutils   18168  Bug in "sort -V" ?
 coreutils   18186  cat.c needs fixing since 1998
 coreutils   18214  How to copy modification date with cp?
 coreutils   18264  stat -f still only says ext2/ext3
 coreutils   18280  chmod: race condition
 coreutils   18287  Minor bug in ls - background colour does not stop
 coreutils   18292  Unix Uniq Feature Proposal
 coreutils   18316  [PATCH] warn on too large file copies
 coreutils   18328  can't say date -d '8pm -0500' though other combos work
 coreutils   18386  logname fails with error "logname: no login name" (is there
 coreutils   18395  shred let me kill a mounted device
 coreutils   18479  date -d 'today - month'
 coreutils   18491  rm -r fails to delete entire hierarchy when path goes in an
 coreutils   18531  [PATCH] man: Fix an inverted test that prevented dummy-man 
 coreutils   18538  stdbuf: command not found
 coreutils   18567  strange tee behavior
 coreutils   18625  add stat(1) % operator to just give a link name
 coreutils   18735  Possible bug - df on Ubuntu's LTS 14.04 Trusty
 coreutils   18798  ls -Rd = ls -d so maybe warn
 coreutils   18808  implement 'tail -r' as synonym for 'tac'
 coreutils   18896  regressions in coreutils 8.23 on Yosemite
 coreutils   18949  Possible BUG in binary SEQ (1) / Bringing SEQ into endless 
 coreutils   18965  --block-size option of "du" command gives a wrong value
 coreutils   19051  rm symboliclink/ # "Is a directory"
 coreutils   19065  dd design bug
 coreutils   19154  [PATCH] Extend file size support in paste.
 coreutils   19183  trounbleshooting in my slave dns
 coreutils   19287  Request to improve the Man document for "sort."
 coreutils   19319  ? Unexpected behavior in diff(1)
 coreutils   19374  [PATCH 2/4] build: configure.ac: support a response file on
 coreutils   19375  [PATCH 1/4] doc: add $(EXEEXT) suffix to the executables
 coreutils   19376  [PATCH 4/4] build: use -pi.bak instead of -pi
 coreutils   19377  [PATCH] OS/2 patches
 coreutils   19378  [PATCH 3/4] cat, chcon, chgrp, chmod, chown, cp, du, head: 
 coreutils   19456  GNU coreutils - touch / add -v, --verbose option
 coreutils   19503  most translations of proper names aren't being used
 coreutils   19530  Solaris 10 df and zfs 
 coreutils   19544  RFE: please fix limited dd output control (want xfer stats,
 coreutils   19570  bug: df and bind mounts
 coreutils   19605  cp -v vs LC_ALL vs. quote marks
 coreutils   19617  bug in split
 coreutils   19681  [PATCH] sync: use syncfs(2) if any argument is specified
 coreutils   19760  [bug] "tail -f" with inotify fails to follow a file after a
 coreutils   19765  tail -F stops watching when read permissions are removed
 coreutils   19849  RFE: du output uses undefined screen-tabsize: expand tabs t
 coreutils   19856  Bad month translation printed with date command in Greek lo
 coreutils   19857  BUG with head "-n-0"
 coreutils   19922  mention "LS_COLORS="
 coreutils   19933  LC_TIME category in Coreutils

address@hidden (3688 bugs):
 emacs          10  url-gw should support HTTP CONNECT proxies
 emacs          18  Fine-grained revert-buffer
 emacs          52  FW: [mouse-1 in Customize should respect mouse-1-click-foll
 emacs          96  lgrep/rgrep not asking to save buffers
 emacs         135  eval-defun binds print-level during eval
 emacs         139  describe-key vs. widget red tape
 emacs         158  Etags completion problem for local tags table
 emacs         181  23.0.60; OSX: Case insensitive file name completion
 emacs         192  regexp does not work as documented
 emacs         195  menu bar misbehavior during (ispell-buffer)
 emacs         337  vc-diff forget previous point
 emacs         350  ido-mode not compatible with url-handler-mode
 emacs         354  "Added (how many lines, bytes?!) to file.txt"
 emacs         358  dabbrev-abbrev-char-regexp
 emacs         367  compilation-scroll-output not working on certain long line
 emacs         380  previous-matching-history-element beef up
 emacs         385  [PATCH] comment-indent doesn't respect comment-indent-funct
 emacs         397  23.0.60; T in Info when in (dir)
 emacs         400  23.0.60; C-h v should pick up lispified name in Customize
 emacs         401  bug in HTML or XML syntax highlighting code
 emacs         414  following links to numbered man pages in woman
 emacs         424  new feature: killed-buffer
 emacs         446  flyspelling in the minibuffer
 emacs         459  Zero-length overlays, overlay keymaps, and `overlays-at'
 emacs         475  23.0.60; [Feature request] activate kerning and standard li
 emacs         516  [PATCH] Minor Enhancement for grep.el: auto-input the symbo
 emacs         518  Dutch input method flooded with Turkish conversation sequen
 emacs         530  Emacs 22 occasionally loses undo buffer?
 emacs         560  image-mode: add rotation
 emacs         575  suggestion: add link to info doc in describe mode
 emacs         644  diary-anniversary to optionally show "negative" anniversari
 emacs         646  emacsclient with no args to behave like -a
 emacs         651  suggestion: replace xpm images format by png
 emacs         675  23.0.60; Edebugging track-mouse
 emacs         727  compilation-disable-input
 emacs         734  23.0.60; Interactively use a list argument to replace-strin
 emacs         753  [Fwd: sh-script.el: indentation of ( )]
 emacs         786  move verilog.el error patterns into compile.el
 emacs         787  Change in skeleton-insert behaviour
 emacs         793  23.0.60; dead keys not correctly in use
 emacs         808  Mouse clicks on the menubar don't currently work with a con
 emacs         829  23.0.60; wrong position of accents in X11
 emacs         830  23.0.60; window-size-change-functions sometimes not called
 emacs         837  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         841  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         843  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         844  23.0.60; ediff-merge-revision: Buffer exceeds maximum size
 emacs         865  23.0.60; The directory is unsafe today
 emacs         871  23.0.60; diff mode inverted logic
 emacs         889  23.0.60; "Recover Crashed Session" is misleading
 emacs         895  slow processing of process output
 emacs         896  Inclusion of jabber.el in Emacs 24
 emacs         952  23.0.60; cons DIRNAME arg to `dired' makes it ignore SWITCH
 emacs         963  no support for viewing bmp images?
 emacs         976  23.0.60; incorrect code for filesets-get-filelist
 emacs         997  perl mode blows "'" etc.
 emacs        1012  calculate-lisp-indent
 emacs        1028  Improvement: Persistent Hash Store with GDBM
 emacs        1029  Literate Programming: Emacs Lisp and Noweb
 emacs        1042  23.0.60; read-char can evaluate to non-character
 emacs        1092  compilation-goto-error goes to wrong location when buffer h
 emacs        1110  23.0.60; please provide a hook after ispell-change-dictiona
 emacs        1111  describe-key's key notation display inconsistency
 emacs        1119  elisp-index-search on current symbol
 emacs        1140  23.0.60; RMAIL: undigestify-rmail-message weird output
 emacs        1148  23.0.60; recursive edits can sometimes not be stopped in em
 emacs        1149  23.0.60; C-h m should mention command that toggles mode and
 emacs        1150  23.0.60; Ibuffer's menubar menu should be named Ibuffer, no
 emacs        1157  Window size problems
 emacs        1163  23.0.60; With SVN, vc-annotate doesn't display the date for
 emacs        1188  Info reader and newlines in dir file
 emacs        1206  double slash // in read-shell-command completion
 emacs        1218  Allow setting of quit-char
 emacs        1222  overlay display inherits face properties from buffer
 emacs        1254  23.0.60; linum-mode display problem with variable-pitch fon
 emacs        1255  23.0.60; linum-mode: no update after text-scale-adjust
 emacs        1282  Improvement to gud.el error message
 emacs        1292  23.0.60; key bindings in Emacs.app (and also launching it)
 emacs        1303  too many faces initialized for tooltip frames
 emacs        1305  All code that currently beeps should use visual bell instea
 emacs        1321  process-lines
 emacs        1338  uniquify uses advice
 emacs        1340  M-x shell-command sudo
 emacs        1343  [PATCH] trace package
 emacs        1355  suggestion on the modeline
 emacs        1367  23.0.60; Mailto service won't work
 emacs        1379  emacs --daemon not working with X11 dual-head
 emacs        1391  calendar numeric month names
 emacs        1394  `kbd' is wasteful
 emacs        1395  copyright.el: Switch to recommended form of GPLv3 permissio
 emacs        1396  Idea: unify *newline(-and-indent)
 emacs        1397  RFC: A "markup mode"
 emacs        1408  23.0.60; git/*vc-dir*: does not register a symbolic link wh
 emacs        1412  what-file-line, used when writing gdb script
 emacs        1428  backtrace from edebug does not have links
 emacs        1429  vc-BACKEND-program options
 emacs        1443  23.0.60; key bindings in help-mode
 emacs        1452  23.0.60; Problem with nextstep, longlines-mode,
 emacs        1453  23.0.60; Dead keys do not work in dired and similar modes i
 emacs        1457  23.0.60; C-h f timer-create
 emacs        1474  23.0.60; desktop.el don't check if pid in his lock file is 
 emacs        1496  23.0.60; comint-delete-output should copy region to the kil
 emacs        1501  Emacs 22 loses undo buffer
 emacs        1503  feature request: multiline header (and mode) lines
 emacs        1524  23.0.60; gs.el - This code is experimental.  Don't use it.
 emacs        1532  suggestion: open dir in dired using same buffer
 emacs        1536  diff-mode for git patches problem
 emacs        1537  diff-mode for git patches trouble
 emacs        1539  [PATCH] calendar/todo-mode.el: todo-expert-mode, New variab
 emacs        1540  emacsclient -t fails under su
 emacs        1542  link emacs functions in Info
 emacs        1578  23.0.60; [EmacsCarbon] emacsclient -c make emacs very slow 
 emacs        1598  Please add easy key bindings for outline-(minor-)mode
 emacs        1610  Add a functionality of bullet list and enumeration list to 
 emacs        1611  23.0.60; smooth-scroll sluggish
 emacs        1646  23.0.60; xim problom
 emacs        1647  vc-bzr commit bug on win32
 emacs        1682  23.0.60; XKB layouts
 emacs        1727  23.0.60; char syntax for non-breaking space
 emacs        1742  23.0.60; ediff-skip-merge-regions-that-differ-from-default 
 emacs        1746  Buffer swapping interface
 emacs        1771  23.0.60; suggest "both" option for copyright-at-end-flag
 emacs        1775  [Terran Lane] meta-delete has wrong default binding; should
 emacs        1779  23.0.60; proced with variable-pitch header line
 emacs        1785  Font scaling does not work for the default font in some cas
 emacs        1795  shell problem
 emacs        1808  23.0.60; picture-mode not considering double-width characte
 emacs        1819  Anyone knows why the majority of windowed proggies launched
 emacs        1831  23.0.60; Emacs.app cannot display acctended characters in *
 emacs        1849  Windows 7 Taskbar Support
 emacs        1863  Improved grep prompt
 emacs        1877  Request: Regular expressions that can match Unicode general
 emacs        1892  Please ship http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/ErcBar included 
 emacs        1902  23.0.60; Tooltips show up on the wrong space.
 emacs        1908  ange-ftp does not support extended passive mode
 emacs        1913  Identifier after reserved word "raise" is not always highli
 emacs        1948  confusion and bug in dabbrev.el
 emacs        1983  ns-use-system-highlight-color not working correctly with co
 emacs        1986  dir-locals.el take precedence over user's mode-hook changes
 emacs        2041  23.0.60; strange behaviour of Emacs.app with -q
 emacs        2048  Flymake Enhancement
 emacs        2093  23.0.60; vc-dir & vc-stay-local with Subversion 
 emacs        2099  23.0.60; `mark_object' with larger nested objects crashes E
 emacs        2148  In shell mode, comint-send-input seems to cut off at 254 ch
 emacs        2153  23.0.90; NS: Hang with do-applescript
 emacs        2160  23.0.60; Indentation of LOOP (cl-indent.el)
 emacs        2198  23.0.90; menu tooltip and pane glitches
 emacs        2204  23.0.90; minibuffer font and frame size
 emacs        2212  23.0.90; excessive redisplay
 emacs        2222  completion of labels in rmail
 emacs        2233  [Aquamacs-bugs] viper-mode cursor color does not reset to r
 emacs        2244  23.0.90; longlines-mode arrow key disabling bug
 emacs        2250  23.0.90; Ask the user before printing (sending to printer)
 emacs        2251  corrupted header in rmail
 emacs        2270  23.0.90; find-library: (1) doc string, (2) other-window ver
 emacs        2277  23.0.60; GUD tooltips don't work on OS X
 emacs        2291  23.0.90; finder-commentary
 emacs        2319  23.0.90; search and replace does not move the point correct
 emacs        2329  23.0.90; C-p misbehaves near end of visual line when displa
 emacs        2346  23.0.90; When starting emacs as a server, keybindings are d
 emacs        2350  23.0.90; compilation-mode inserts output in the wrong locat
 emacs        2360  23.0.90; redirect-frame-focus induces translucent tooltips/
 emacs        2374  23.0.60; Printing doesn't use face
 emacs        2375  23.0.90; ^ in gnus summary buffer does not work in the next
 emacs        2394  -iconic switch causes max button on window to not be there
 emacs        2405  Flyspell patch - Provide users with a way to specify their 
 emacs        2414  23.0.90; use dired-guess-default too for minibuffer-default
 emacs        2422  Programmer Dvorak keyboard
 emacs        2448  23.0.90; sliced Image not redisplayed when scrolling
 emacs        2473  usability issues on emacs's describe-mode
 emacs        2474  23.0.90; Use different faces in *Completion* buffers
 emacs        2491  23.0.90; Flymake too aggressive when responding to unusual 
 emacs        2501  22.2.1: terminal mrxvt white - font's are unreadable
 emacs        2503  23.0.91; poor performance of flyspell for text mode
 emacs        2504  ignore invalid font-backends
 emacs        2520  23.0.91; Dies on SIGHUP
 emacs        2530  23/NS: redraws according to mouse-face are slow
 emacs        2531  NS: excessive redisplay
 emacs        2536  23.0.90; ! in Dired does not shell-quote the command name a
 emacs        2541  23.0.91; doc-view: unexpected scrolling after returning to 
 emacs        2544  23.0.60; Could etags please try find a local tag first?
 emacs        2549  23.0.60; doc-view: scrolling other window wraps unexpectedl
 emacs        2550  NS: crash when disconnecting external display
 emacs        2551  23.0.91; doc-view: split window only updated with scroll-ba
 emacs        2556  23.0.91; gdb-ui sometimes messes up window handling
 emacs        2589  23.0.90; `C-x h' in minibuffer should not include prompt
 emacs        2591  Custom should warn if 'other is not the last in a choice
 emacs        2602  Emacs shell exits when executed command sets stdout and std
 emacs        2626  color-theme crash
 emacs        2630  most keywords in emacs-lisp-mode has no syntax highlight
 emacs        2653  shell terminates when cmd sets stdout to non-blocking
 emacs        2666  23.0.91; TeX calendar and UTF-8 encoding
 emacs        2677  23.0.91; need ability to run emacs --daemon in the foregrou
 emacs        2681  23.0.91; incorrect line shown by lisp compiler
 emacs        2706  23.0.91; error "Buffer exceeds maximum size"
 emacs        2739  diff-mode should highlight "diff:" messages
 emacs        2772  23.0.91; emacsclient loses keybindings after terminal suspe
 emacs        2777  refill-mode: Does not understand bullets
 emacs        2778  23.0.91; Emacs (cvs) hangs
 emacs        2807  Subject: 23.0.90; etags can't access .el.gz files
 emacs        2816  regexp-opt: does not optimize 'Abc' and 'abc'
 emacs        2841  23.0.92; Emacs.app loads Emacs Lisp file as text file
 emacs        2845  23.0.91; NS: 'Set Default Font' not preserved
 emacs        2864  running emacsclient uninstalled
 emacs        2887  Suggestions for simple.el
 emacs        2889  ibuffer: sorting by KEY + secondary key (buffer name)
 emacs        2891  23.0.92; 'Save Options' does not save font setting
 emacs        2910  23.0.60; Shell-script coloring bug
 emacs        2929  filling of multi-line comments
 emacs        2932  call-interactively wrongly calls mouse-leave-buffer-hook
 emacs        2940  23.0.92; C-s in dired fails to find files with umlauts
 emacs        2944  23.0.91; vc-dir confusing at startup
 emacs        2963  wishlist: improve speed of `make-overlay'
 emacs        2967  smart quotes in .emacs
 emacs        2987  23.0.92; hang in nextstep version
 emacs        3018  clone-indirect-buffer-hook should be make-indirect-buffer-h
 emacs        3038  23.0.91; after-change-functions and indirect buffers
 emacs        3039  23.0.92; Cannot "Set Default Font..." on NS Emacs
 emacs        3040  23.0.92; Emacs picks the italic version of a font when I ch
 emacs        3071  23.0.92; accept-process-output broken on MacOS
 emacs        3082  Crash in ns_draw_glyph_string
 emacs        3091  Hash and array face in cperl strings/comments
 emacs        3122  Error saving commit messages for bazaar (bzr).
 emacs        3124  23.0.92; emacs crash when start scim in shell
 emacs        3137  23.0.92; doc of compilation-get-file-structure
 emacs        3149  23.0.92; MacOS curly double quotes are double-wide.
 emacs        3174  NS: greek glyph rendering incoherent
 emacs        3175  23.0.92; [PATCH] Improve SQL-mode UX
 emacs        3179  Entering Chinese "zero": add U+3007
 emacs        3181  23.0.92; Windows: text-scale-decrease changes font family, 
 emacs        3192  23.0.92; disabling tooltip-mode inhibits showing Customize 
 emacs        3195  23.0.93; Shrinking frame with GTK+ tool bar in KDE with gtk
 emacs        3214  23.0.92; VC dir mode fails after commit when files are dele
 emacs        3219  Long Line Sluggishness
 emacs        3221  23.0.93; ns cannot handle nonascii file names
 emacs        3226  here-document syntax inference and completion is broken
 emacs        3229  23.0.93; ediff-directories isn't buffer coding system indep
 emacs        3281  server-start in .emacs cause error when emacs startup
 emacs        3285  23.0.91; Messaging propertized text increases minibuffer he
 emacs        3286  NS hang in event handling
 emacs        3301  23.0.93; menu bar bug with gtk-qt engine (KDE)
 emacs        3325  23.0.93; Unexpected font for composed character
 emacs        3332  23.0.93; Printing on MS Windows
 emacs        3336  fill-individual-paragraphs recently created bug
 emacs        3347  23.0.93; unnecessary display updates with mouse-drag-region
 emacs        3348; Ediff: Creating a multi-file patch
 emacs        3351  23.0.93; OSX sound support
 emacs        3360  gtk daemon close display hang
 emacs        3382  23.0.94; reveal-mode and outline-minor-mode
 emacs        3393  23.0.94; Document lisp-indent-function in Elisp manual
 emacs        3397  NS: modeline shows inactive frame after make-frame
 emacs        3400  bug in add-text-properties
 emacs        3416  down-list
 emacs        3418  Issue with compile.el and compilation-parse-errors-filename
 emacs        3425  23.0.94; Please make flyspell-generic-check-word-predicate 
 emacs        3447  suggest minibuffer M-< go to start of text
 emacs        3456  23.0.94; character duplicated when input with MS Japanese I
 emacs        3459  NS: mouse-face flicker
 emacs        3462  Auto-fill VC log contents
 emacs        3464  23.0.94; Please add new frame parameter for frame stacking 
 emacs        3465  23.0.94; feature request: be able to log minibuffer message
 emacs        3466  23.0.94; have `d' in debugger treat macro expansion like `c
 emacs        3467  23.0.94; let + make-local-variable => let value made global
 emacs        3468  drag and drop text
 emacs        3471  23.0.94; linum-mode and invisible lines
 emacs        3479  rgrep sends directories needlessly to grep
 emacs        3528  23.0.94; feature request: Add mode-line tooltips for buffer
 emacs        3540  Please reserve a ctrl-key combination for interoperability
 emacs        3550  23.0.94; When no fringe, line truncation should use $
 emacs        3552  23.0.94; backward-prefix-chars: Point before start of prope
 emacs        3553  23.0.60; smerge-mode: Remove trailing space in `smerge-base
 emacs        3554  Emacsclient over SSH switches behavior of C-backspace and C
 emacs        3566  23.0.94; explain why not to use group defined by define-min
 emacs        3568  23.0.94; no doc for character composition
 emacs        3569  sql-statement not propperly highlighted in sql-mode and pl-
 emacs        3588  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs        3593  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs        3594  Please make it easy to make ERC beep on /msg; better yet, m
 emacs        3596  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs        3616  23.0.94; vc-bzr coding system bug
 emacs        3625  save-some-buffers won't buzz off and let me just visit a fi
 emacs        3641  no antidote to vc-dir-hide-up-to-date
 emacs        3650  M-x gdb unusable on Windows
 emacs        3653  23.1.50; Gnus/Ido: Saving message's attachment adds filenam
 emacs        3663  Return of Bug 653 in emacs-23.0.95, Mac OS X 10.5.7
 emacs        3674  23.1.50; customising TeX-PDF-mode t makes Emacs.app fail to
 emacs        3687  23.1.50; inconsistency in multibyte eight-bit regexps
 emacs        3692  23.0.95; `i' in Info, when in multiple indexes but same tar
 emacs        3700  23.1.50; verbose execution of configure script, determining
 emacs        3702  Emacs fails to respect the intent in `C-u C-u C-x C-s' of m
 emacs        3727  NS: wrong font chosen
 emacs        3735  shell-mode editing, movement, and command entry broken by p
 emacs        3736  23.1.50; Please use null-device instead of /dev/null
 emacs        3751  23.0.95; C-h H does not display hourglass cursor
 emacs        3754  23.0.95; Wish: please provide kill-whole-visual-line functi
 emacs        3755  23.0.95; Wish: please provide kill-whole-visual-line functi
 emacs        3788  23.0.95; nxml-mode: close-start-tag-block == close-start-ta
 emacs        3807  23.1.50; vc-dir ignores .gitignore
 emacs        3824  23.1.50; too much effort is put into handling Scheme S-expr
 emacs        3827  23.0.96; doc view dependencies
 emacs        3829  23.0.96; Cannot read gpg file
 emacs        3838  23.0.96; printing.el - Be able to specify a printer using I
 emacs        3843  23.0.95; in windows(japanese version) can't display simplif
 emacs        3854  23.1.50; Error msg on OSX when starting second Emacs instan
 emacs        3860  vc-svn calls "svn resolved" without permission
 emacs        3883  Interleaved builds in separate trees create different versi
 emacs        3887  [PATCH] Hive support for sql-mode
 emacs        3900  fill-comment-paragraph fails (e.g.) in perl-mode POD
 emacs        3905  23.1.50; [PATCH] Hive support for sql-mode
 emacs        3909  23.1.50; Drag drop events in command history?
 emacs        3930  DocView failure - bad error message, insufficient documenta
 emacs        3938  23.0.96; regression: minibuffer-message interferes with C-u
 emacs        3950  23.0.91; hs-minor-mode should obey hs-search-mode for viper
 emacs        3956  23.1.50; Scrolling ugliness
 emacs        3963  23.0.94; Emacs on nextstep/Mac OS X should handle mailto: U
 emacs        3978  23.1; Slow scrolling
 emacs        3988  23.1; Emacs window clipped on OS X
 emacs        3994  23.1; Problem of rendering cyrillic fonts on Mac OS X
 emacs        3995  23.1; incorrect characters from Maltese keyboard on Windows
 emacs        4008  23.1; missing menus in mac os x build when using synergy
 emacs        4016  23.1.50; docview: scrolling up breaks after setting a slice
 emacs        4023  mwheel.el uses (point) instead of point-before-scroll
 emacs        4030  forward-sexp parses character literal ?; as comment
 emacs        4032  23.1; Minor inconvenience in toolbar implementation (perhap
 emacs        4042  23.0.94; ftp problem in emacsW32
 emacs        4048  23.1; erc-server-reconnect-attempts does not work
 emacs        4051  Character Soup
 emacs        4067  nxml-mode missed invalid element in document
 emacs        4077  Decrypting a file with EasyPG
 emacs        4091  No Japanese Katakana input with shift pressed in Japanese i
 emacs        4092  Toolbar problem with Cocoa port
 emacs        4108  23.1; MS Windows (tested on Vista and XP) scrolling stutter
 emacs        4110  23.1.50; Checkdoc should recognize "minor mode"
 emacs        4117  23.1; isearch + isearch-allow-scroll loses shift
 emacs        4118  23.1; eval-last-sexp-print-value is inconvenient
 emacs        4123  23.1.50; Using Emacs on files with very long lines makes it
 emacs        4128  too many key-bindings in ns-win.el?
 emacs        4136  23.1; delete-pair
 emacs        4137  23.1.50; vc-dir waits instead of error message
 emacs        4151  non-utf locale leads to errors in `decode-coding-region' (d
 emacs        4157  23.1.50; faulty character characterisation for ä
 emacs        4172  23.1; longlines-wrap-follows-window-size
 emacs        4175  23.1; nxml-mode: Internal error in rng-validate-mode trigge
 emacs        4179  vc-merge with svn: syntax error in revision arg.
 emacs        4197  23.1; error when try to run `server-start': directory .emac
 emacs        4204  23.1; css-mode does not syntax highlight new CSS3 pseudo-cl
 emacs        4226  dired FTP trouble
 emacs        4270  23.1.50; strange behaviour of a preloaded code containg mac
 emacs        4275  23.1; Printing
 emacs        4276  23.1.50; Repeated C-S-u (translated to C-u) acts like a sin
 emacs        4295  23.1; saving default font
 emacs        4306  Emacs system encoding error, with scandinavian letters in f
 emacs        4310  Flymake standardizing(slightly) patch
 emacs        4318  23.1; trouble indenting looooong lines with visual-line-mod
 emacs        4326  23.1.50; Emacs.app leaves a residual line on the display
 emacs        4332  Emacs 23.1 on Solaris 10/11 uses scalable fonts for umlauts
 emacs        4338  23.1; truncate-partial-width-windows yields too small width
 emacs        4341  23.1; M-x locate runs synchronously
 emacs        4359  23.1.50; ^G in M-x grep mode with git grep
 emacs        4373  23.1.50; sticky keys wanted
 emacs        4394  23.1; flashing when overlapping face and mouse-face propert
 emacs        4399  simple way to identify top-level --script file
 emacs        4402  Merge all platform-specific functions
 emacs        4422  diff-switches is a bad idea
 emacs        4428  23.1; xim hides minibuffer or bottom line of the frame
 emacs        4448  23.1; unrmail fails if buffer has mixed line endings (patch
 emacs        4449  23.1.50; ns: variable-pitch uses a strange font
 emacs        4469  23.1; visual-line-fringe-indicators w/ 80 column lines
 emacs        4476  23.1;  frame configuration,frame parameters - how about fra
 emacs        4477  23.1; logging minibuffer-message messages
 emacs        4478  23.1; key bindings for mouse wheel - unclear
 emacs        4482  23.1.50; "Mode Line" in the Emacs manual "Needs Work"(TM)
 emacs        4484  23.1.50; Null Byte Yank on Mac OS X
 emacs        4512  23.1; html-mode C-c C-f on runs of <P>
 emacs        4516  byte-compile-file does set up compilation-mode completely
 emacs        4526  23.1; shadowfile always fails
 emacs        4529  --enable-ns should be on by default on macs
 emacs        4540  Where are the menu sub-items 
 emacs        4558  forw_comment slowdown since 22.3
 emacs        4561  23.1; Crash when removing external display
 emacs        4566  23, NS: frames re-appear when app switching
 emacs        4585  A flaky temacs dump failure
 emacs        4587  23.1; sort-lines and sort-fields always set buffer modified
 emacs        4589  23.1; ERC reconnection -vs- /disconnect
 emacs        4597  Antwort: Re: bug#4587: 23.1; sort-lines and sort-fields alw
 emacs        4604  23.1.50; tramp + remote debugging works no longer 
 emacs        4609  gdb command history doesn't work with emacs-speaks-statisti
 emacs        4610  23.1; VC commit buffer should list files to be committed
 emacs        4616  23.1.50; empty script files
 emacs        4655  23.1.50; buffer-swap-text oddity
 emacs        4705  23.1.50; read-key makes menu-bar and tool-bar items disappe
 emacs        4710  23.1.50; Bad display of underlines crossing line boundaries
 emacs        4717  23.1.50; C-M-h in bibtex mode
 emacs        4724  23.1; emacsclient: Specify desired terminal type instead of
 emacs        4755  23.1; case where `C-M-x' on defcustom doesn't seem to work
 emacs        4759  23.1; Minor Visual Corruption ("Flyspecks") on 23.1/OSX
 emacs        4769  Emacs 23.1.1 crashes or hangs when pressing CMD-q while
 emacs        4782  23.1; (win32) emacs doesn't receive AltGr from synergy
 emacs        4784  variable telnet-remote-echoes non-nil causes comint-previou
 emacs        4787  23.1; in Customize, after showing Lisp expression, how to s
 emacs        4792  23.1; dired-insert-directory: doesn't indent header lines i
 emacs        4804  23.1; bookmark-bmenu-bookmark performances
 emacs        4814  keyboard and system bug with Emacs CVS current through 2009
 emacs        4816  change of coding system without inquiry
 emacs        4826  23.1; woman-manpath, woman-man.conf-path on MS Windows with
 emacs        4832  emacs fails to open files
 emacs        4833  23.1; Mode line is not ergonomic and not easily customizabl
 emacs        4835  something about message-log-max? - see msg#95
 emacs        4837  with-fewer-warnings ?
 emacs        4840  crash in 23.1 on osx 10.5.8 ppc when saving preferences
 emacs        4841  23.1.50; tramp su/sudo makes vc-dir hang with viper
 emacs        4845  23.1.50; Uninterned symbols in .elc files
 emacs        4846  23.1; File Shadow: Shadowing to FTP server does not work
 emacs        4848  23.1.50; \u and \x in string
 emacs        4854  23.1.50; before-string overlay and show-paren-mode
 emacs        4863  23.1; etags gets confused on GCC sources
 emacs        4882  byte compile defalias
 emacs        4887  globalized-minor-modes in new fundamental mode buffers
 emacs        4892  compute_motion, mouse_position
 emacs        4893  ns-face-at-pos incorrect
 emacs        4896  DocView: Continuous mode
 emacs        4897  23.1.50; Info-index and ? in minibuffer
 emacs        4902  23.1; directory-abbrev-alist is not handled early enough
 emacs        4909  23.1.50; in emacs -nw `read-char' should return with error 
 emacs        4911  mouse-face property should merge face attributes, not repla
 emacs        4915  23.1.50; problem with start-process and utf-16-le-dos codin
 emacs        4920  23.1; (check-parens) problem with bash script case items un
 emacs        4931  cua-selection-mode with Caps Lock turned on selects region
 emacs        4944  23.1.50; starting a server without forking a daemon
 emacs        4947  Comments on misearch.el [repost from emacs-devel]
 emacs        4948  Dead key misery
 emacs        4954  23.1; Emacs hangs when two run-at-time calls in effect
 emacs        4960  23.1.50; Please provide access to the tour on the Help menu
 emacs        4962  Please include tour parts 2 and 3, and the slideshow versio
 emacs        4963  Please copy Phil Sung's installation instructions into  www
 emacs        4973  23.1.50; Please provide access to Emacs's quick reference c
 emacs        4975  23.1; comint.el: command line is sometimes echoed in the co
 emacs        4976  23.1.50; ERC should paste the topic at point when you type 
 emacs        4979  23.1.50; describe-text-properties produces *Help* buffer wi
 emacs        4980  23.1.50; In File > Quit GUI, add "Cancel", write "Save", an
 emacs        4987  23.1; shell-command: optionally include working dir in prom
 emacs        5001  erc should use 'font-lock-face, not 'face
 emacs        5003  Allow marking a local variable as permanently unsafe
 emacs        5005  Let *Help* show custom option status
 emacs        5007  23.1; comint history doesn't handle multi-character delimit
 emacs        5011  23.1.50; The {}\ characters seems to be impossible to write
 emacs        5013  Enhancement to hideif.el
 emacs        5014  select-active-regions xplat clean-up
 emacs        5018  23.1.50; Feature request: truncate-lines text property
 emacs        5029  Give global minor mode some help
 emacs        5033  23.1; antlr-mode: antlr-indent-command broken for long gram
 emacs        5039  23.1.50; Info-index and Info-search should share the same h
 emacs        5050  23.1; efiff: Displaying bytes instead of characters in mess
 emacs        5079  extent of mouse links in ediff help buffer
 emacs        5080  indic text is not displayed correctly in emacs shell
 emacs        5081  zwj should not be ignored in indic text
 emacs        5107  23.1.50; Can't backspace indentions inserted by refill-mode
 emacs        5117  23.1.50; Weird display when wrap-prefix contains tabs
 emacs        5118  DocView: copy/search text
 emacs        5126  23.1; checkdoc-comment-style-hooks stops at first error
 emacs        5127  Indentation of top level tags when no single top level tag
 emacs        5130  23.1.50; Re: BibTeX completion via completion-in-region
 emacs        5131  Subject: 23.1; interaction of transpose-regions with marker
 emacs        5139  23.1.50; feature request: completion-buffer-sort-function
 emacs        5153  23.1.50; define-global-minor-mode and a new fundamental buf
 emacs        5179  23.1.90; Get rid of Rmail's constant swapping of text betwe
 emacs        5180  23.1.90; Secondary selection and M-w
 emacs        5183  23.1; doc for `font-lock-extra-managed-props'
 emacs        5185  23.1; Elusive *cvs* buffer.
 emacs        5206  OPTION key combinations using international keyboards in th
 emacs        5231  23.1.90; histograms with calc
 emacs        5234  23.1; move-to-(end|beginning)-of-line return value
 emacs        5235  23.1; Unibyte keyboard input problem
 emacs        5236  23.1.90; histograms with calc
 emacs        5248  23.1.90; Patch for OS X drag-and-drop
 emacs        5251  23.1; problem in decode_eol of coding.c
 emacs        5262  23.1; recover-this-file hint requires interaction
 emacs        5264  23.1; `repeat' should not hard-code the set of affected com
 emacs        5269  Cocoa port renders the left margin with a broken vertical l
 emacs        5282  Defaults for grep interface
 emacs        5293  23.1; unload-feature on buffer-local hooks
 emacs        5294  23.1; unload-feature disable minor-mode
 emacs        5301  23.1; unload-feature remove defadvice
 emacs        5302  Diff-mode fails on Bzr diffs
 emacs        5305  [patch] add defined-colors-with-face-attributes to faces.el
 emacs        5307  start of docs.google.com interface
 emacs        5308  23.1.91; Geometry quirk on OpenSuSE 11.2
 emacs        5314  23.1; Inconsistent treatment of auto-save files
 emacs        5315  url-copy-file does not use Last-Modified http header
 emacs        5316  make[1]: Leaving directory vs. RET
 emacs        5320  yank-pop does not work in table mode
 emacs        5331  Term mode doesn't set tty erase
 emacs        5344  23.1.91; bug/wish: vc does not honour GIT_DIR / GIT_WORK_TR
 emacs        5352  diff-jump-to-old-file inverts hunk application as well
 emacs        5358  23.1; Adding comment loses customizations in progress
 emacs        5359  23.1.91; CRITICAL BUG: process-send-region hangs ntEmacs if
 emacs        5360  23.1.91; rgrep forces me to choose a directory
 emacs        5362  23.1.91; browse-url-of-dired-file vs. files::with::colons
 emacs        5369  Emacs Compiler bug: freeze advice, dynamic-docstrings: nil
 emacs        5386  gtk daemon close display hang
 emacs        5397  23.1; Lack of point-motion property for overlays and text p
 emacs        5403  23.1.91; tilde completion
 emacs        5410  show-paren-mode and parens spread over multi-line comments
 emacs        5411  show-paren-mode and parens spread over multi-line comments
 emacs        5423  Multiline y-or-n prompt in files.el
 emacs        5424  Please make vc-annotate start from the revision of the curr
 emacs        5427  vc-annotate inconsistent output format
 emacs        5428  vc-annotate for Bzr does not show the date
 emacs        5440  23.1; buffer-file-format encoding temp buffers not reentran
 emacs        5464  23.1.91; Mouse pointer shape in menus on Windows 7
 emacs        5465  23.1.91; Tooltips lose descenders in Windows 7
 emacs        5466  Viper opens line in invisible part
 emacs        5467  Suggestion for web page http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/
 emacs        5473  Fwd: insert-text-button button does not always work
 emacs        5479  23.1.91; icomplete-mode should show file completion candida
 emacs        5482  frame-invisible-p reports nil for iconified frames on w32
 emacs        5483  23.1.91; EDE : proj-automake : files in subdirectories have
 emacs        5493  23.1.91; Visiting a versioned file while bzr is running sig
 emacs        5503  Font choice in Emacs 23 does not match weight/traits
 emacs        5512  Automatically saving and restoring an Emacs session in GNOM
 emacs        5515  23.1.92; OSX: Emacs gets stuck while wanting to display a d
 emacs        5522  emacs does not activate c++ mode when opening a cxxtest fil
 emacs        5535  23.1.50; emacs daemon high CPU load even while ununsed
 emacs        5538  23.1.92; Enhancement: bookmark.el should keep bookmarks sor
 emacs        5542  23.1.90; (NS) Emacs.app does not like to open the Help menu
 emacs        5553  23.1.92; Archives with wrong coding system
 emacs        5557  <left-margin> <double-wheel-down> is undefined
 emacs        5575  23.1.92; Flyspell makes neighboring Chinese text turn red t
 emacs        5582  23.1.92; Unnecessary headings in makefile-mode imenu
 emacs        5584  23.1.90; Setting enable-recursive-minibuffers to non-nil ig
 emacs        5586; Electric indentation and hungry backspace deleti
 emacs        5587  should have sort --unique function
 emacs        5588  23.1.50; C-M-d inside string in Lisp mode gets me out of st
 emacs        5595  comment-indent-new-line in f90-mode
 emacs        5605  etags of emacs 23.1 misses template specializations
 emacs        5607  23.1; compile error regexps for perl test scripts, mark 2
 emacs        5608  23.1.92; ibuffer.el lacks instructions
 emacs        5615  23.1.92; [PATCH] term.el: Calculation of window height is b
 emacs        5618  23.1.91; shell-command-on-region unexpectedly erases buffer
 emacs        5620; next-error no longer takes into account buffer m
 emacs        5624  23.1; etags elisp and scheme "=" in names
 emacs        5633  23.1.92; *compilation* hangs and fails to scroll
 emacs        5641  wishlist: menubar button for terminal buffers
 emacs        5644  23.1.92; info-lookup-symbol doesn't show CL package documen
 emacs        5650  23.1; ERC causes Emacs to hang on network dropouts
 emacs        5661  23.1.92; `find-library-name' should find a loaded library
 emacs        5662  flet not undone on lisp nesting error
 emacs        5663  vc-dir function to create ChangeLog entries
 emacs        5665  23.1; VC commands fail when the version control back end is
 emacs        5666  23.1; please define push-tag-mark in etags.el
 emacs        5676  23.1.93; scroll bar redisplay bug locks up Emacs hard
 emacs        5683  23.1.93; list-colors-display doesn't show all colors
 emacs        5700  [bug-gnu-emacs] emacs-23 and 8-bit characters in 128..255
 emacs        5706  23.1; Comments incorrectly detected in autoconf mode
 emacs        5718  scroll-margin in buffer with small line count.
 emacs        5727  23.1.92; Clicking size-indicator-mode indicator gives wrong
 emacs        5731  Html indent-region starts fine then starts failing
 emacs        5733  23.1.94; ps-print generates .ps files that can not be print
 emacs        5739  24.0.50; Gomoku mouse placement bug
 emacs        5740  24.0.50; Gomoku display bug
 emacs        5742  Customize and obsolete options
 emacs        5746  Minor ada-mode layout problem
 emacs        5750  SIGSEGV during build (nextstep build)
 emacs        5751  Strange behaviour of ff-find-other-file
 emacs        5761  Missing semantic-adebug
 emacs        5768  [24.3] [PATCH] vhdl-mode.el: vhdl-mode modelsim error parsi
 emacs        5773  23.1; vc-diff save buffer when re-diffing (or save whole fi
 emacs        5803  23.1.94; Using tq-enqueue in timer messes with keystroke ec
 emacs        5806  Tai Viet script
 emacs        5808  23.1; substitute-in-file-name $NOSUCH vs ${NOSUCH}
 emacs        5818  23.1; cperl-mode sees mismatched parens where there are non
 emacs        5833  23.1.94; Opening files on network shares on w32 is slow
 emacs        5838  23.1.94; C-h k mouse-1 on Info node name is incorrect
 emacs        5839  23.1.94; Remove `Narrow' from mode indicators for Info mode
 emacs        5842  Move Control modifier only in Emacs
 emacs        5844  Feature Request: ccmp feature for Indic Languages...
 emacs        5845  load-library vs. list-load-path-shadows
 emacs        5847  ETAGS: Segmentation fault, because of incorrect scope presu
 emacs        5852  23.1; Incorrect references in ses-mode
 emacs        5854  editor tabs
 emacs        5862  24.0.50; French quotation marks used in a German manner in 
 emacs        5863  defadvice in byte compiled file does not work
 emacs        5907  24.0.50; Alt-Tab from Emacs causes gnome-terminal to lose k
 emacs        5909  23.1; (feature request) scrollable "widget-choose" window
 emacs        5910  vc-hooks enhancement request: highlight checkouts
 emacs        5911  flymake.el - enhancement request - flymake-goto-next-error 
 emacs        5919  24.0.50; Feature request:winner-boring-buffer-regexp
 emacs        5923  23.1.95; minibuffer-message discards input events
 emacs        5950  defvaralias after defvar should be warned in runtime
 emacs        5952  23.1.95; Some new ido features on top of virtual buffers
 emacs        5974  23.1.95; enabling disabled cmd & saving doesn't respect `cu
 emacs        5976  23.1.93; yanking shell commands - converted to single lines
 emacs        5985  23.1.96; Mac OS X: Frames in other spaces erroneously thoug
 emacs        5989  23.1.96; bug 4209 not completely fixed (regression in re-se
 emacs        5990  23.1; Cannot type the word 買います
 emacs        5998  23.1.96; Breadcrumbs defeat C-u 1 C-v in Info
 emacs        6000  describe-text-sexp does not know window-width
 emacs        6002  23.1.96; bug#2319 still present
 emacs        6003  Conjunct 'sple' (as in display) in Malayalam (സ്പ്à
 emacs        6013  [cperl-mode] cperl-perldoc doesn't work anymore with file t
 emacs        6015  23.1.96; Internal error in rng-validate-mode for very long 
 emacs        6024  23.1; MacOS X (10.5.8); Unicode fonts not displayed well
 emacs        6026  23.1.96; Cursor drawing problems with the Khmer script
 emacs        6035  gud-key-prefix
 emacs        6058  22 and 23: yanking unreliable in telnet-mode
 emacs        6068  Please learn Emacs to distinguish between visible and activ
 emacs        6072  24.0.50; Problems with M-x gdb on MS-Windows
 emacs        6074  24.0.50; accept-process-output on listening sockets not inc
 emacs        6079  24.0.50; set-process-sentinel doesn't work inside sentinels
 emacs        6081  rmail: add ability to delete attachments
 emacs        6088  Please record all warnings and errors in the *messages* buf
 emacs        6093  24.0.50; kbd-macro breaks atomic-change-group
 emacs        6097  23.1; PDB should pop "up" the stack on return
 emacs        6102  24.0.50; Problems with Multi_Key
 emacs        6105  23.1.97; make-pointer-invisible does not affect Windows
 emacs        6106  24.0.50; info.el adds 'search-failed to debug-ignored-error
 emacs        6116  Emacs 23 is sluggish with Consolas font
 emacs        6129  23.1.96; Viper <I>nsert mode motion commands severely delay
 emacs        6130  23.1; artist-mode spray-can malfunction
 emacs        6133  Bug: create-image on console emacs
 emacs        6136  Emerge doesn't handle file names with spaces on MS Windows
 emacs        6140  24.0.50; Redisplay problem with the Lao script
 emacs        6141  23.2; comment-choose-indent does the wrong thing
 emacs        6178  [PATCH] Adding per-server email-userid support for erc
 emacs        6180  23.2; Windows XP: crash when scrolling down after 'M-x desc
 emacs        6191  invert-face: different behaviour under POSIX and MS-Windows
 emacs        6192  24.0.50; eldoc-mode: unexpected recentering
 emacs        6198  log-edit-insert-changelog option for file-names relative to
 emacs        6202  Async shell command, switching mode, and sleep-for
 emacs        6205  23.1; align.el error deleting a lot of whitespace
 emacs        6207  23.1; align.el vhdl rules setup
 emacs        6221  23.1; checkdoc-ispell-lisp-words when ispell already runnin
 emacs        6227  Color isearch regexp submatches differently
 emacs        6242  line-spacing and echo area
 emacs        6243  bug with serial-term
 emacs        6248  23.1; justify (esc q) broken in Latex mode
 emacs        6253  Please resize mini-buffer for queries even if resize-mini-w
 emacs        6259  24.0.50; `uniquify.el' advises `create-file-buffer'
 emacs        6261  enable sorting by version in `ls-lisp-handle-switches'
 emacs        6264  23; scrolling up erratic when line fractions visible at bot
 emacs        6267  23.1; invalid XML in nested comments produced by comment-re
 emacs        6269  EDT emulation, arrows
 emacs        6271  Auto-saving encrypted files
 emacs        6273  dired-current-directory with `t' arg returns empty string i
 emacs        6274  23.2; url-retrieve-synchronously freezes
 emacs        6276  Could indent-tabs-mode etc be made minor modes?
 emacs        6292  24.0.50; M-x shell gives clock icon when using su(1)
 emacs        6295  GUD not responding when breakpoint inside try/catch
 emacs        6310  hi-lock-set-pattern, font-lock-mode, overlays and occur
 emacs        6312  24.0.50; recursive copy message: one tree, not one file
 emacs        6316  24.0.50; unexpected region highlighting with disabled trans
 emacs        6338  23.2;  line-encoding not recognized in short files
 emacs        6345  css-mode `css-extract-keyword-list' does not actually [PATC
 emacs        6347  re-builder.el initial patch
 emacs        6351  23.1.95; `vc-print-log' should preserve point
 emacs        6355  24.0.50; sit-for 0.0 returns nil without user input
 emacs        6360  24.0.50; TRAMP with gud/gdb causing "File error: pty associ
 emacs        6370  24.0.50; alpha frame parameter: flashing if standalone mini
 emacs        6372  24.0.50; C-mouse-1 activates region
 emacs        6376  23.2; byte compile add-to-list report free variable
 emacs        6387  24.0.50; ESC TAB should be bound to `isearch-complete'
 emacs        6391  23.2; Wrong face with here-docs in sh-mode
 emacs        6392  24.0.50; Switching to emacs window reports "<Scroll_Lock> i
 emacs        6399  Confirm vc commits when the files do not match those marked
 emacs        6403  23.1.1; ispell: menu events undefined
 emacs        6404  23; NS: system scroll bar preference ignored
 emacs        6411  Ispell string or comment
 emacs        6415  23.1.50; edebug-eval-defun errors on dotted pair in some ma
 emacs        6416  next-error mis-highlights ocaml error message locations
 emacs        6418  speedbar clobbers frame titles on NS
 emacs        6419  A suggestion for easier editing of lists in Custom buffers
 emacs        6420  Some enhancements to debugging
 emacs        6425  23.2; Scrolling in a split window
 emacs        6429  23.2; Scrollbars slow emacs down
 emacs        6430  Emacs WINDOWS truncates exit status of processes to 8 bits
 emacs        6432  24.0.50; comint-write/read-input-ring ignore certain buffer
 emacs        6433  24.0.50; comint-write/read-input-ring ignore certain buffer
 emacs        6435  Go to eval-buffer: Reading at buffer position
 emacs        6436  23.2; C-h C-h incomprehensible to new users
 emacs        6446  23.2; doc-view-mode and C-x C-v
 emacs        6452  toolbar accidental clicking in windows
 emacs        6457  24.0.50; Inappropriate error msg for set-variable
 emacs        6462  `disabled-command-function' corrupts the `help-xref-stack'
 emacs        6464  emacs-lisp/trace.el needs a `trace-package' function
 emacs        6466  add gas-mode.el to emacs
 emacs        6471  Arabic display by emacs -Q on HELLO
 emacs        6484  23.1; I wish CEDET support for projects in Objective-C lang
 emacs        6491  24.0.50; list-buffers should not throw away marks
 emacs        6492  24.0.50; Scroll bar in minibuffer window doesn't scroll.
 emacs        6512  23.2; ediff-diff-options being ignored
 emacs        6513  vc-mtn to use "mtn automate"
 emacs        6527  C-h b alters key-translation-map (in a bad way)
 emacs        6530  patch for rst.el updated
 emacs        6531  patch for rst.el updated (patch format revised)
 emacs        6534  Suggestion for character references in html-mode
 emacs        6542  24.0.50; menu-bar-make-toggle
 emacs        6546  win32 grep/shell utf-8 encoding 
 emacs        6548  edmacro-mode omits to call `run-mode-hooks'
 emacs        6549  vc-checkin for Bzr needs support for --local (when using a 
 emacs        6550  FW: bug#5721: Feature request: Function that returnsabsolut
 emacs        6553  M-x grep should encourage the user to remember to add filen
 emacs        6556  html-mode does not align to prev non-empty line when indent
 emacs        6560  shell-script-mode A=B=C colors wrong
 emacs        6562  23.2; C-L Recenter issues (word-wrap?)
 emacs        6564  23.2; emacs gets stuck in the erase mode
 emacs        6566  23.2; error: (invalid-read-syntax "Dotted spec required.")
 emacs        6572  24.0.50; error string from `custom-variable-set'
 emacs        6578  24.0.50; defcustom :set does not apply to `set-variable'
 emacs        6581  24.0.50; `equal-including-properties' uses `eq' to compare 
 emacs        6583  23.2; cl loop macro with `and' clause
 emacs        6584  23.2; M-p (comint-previous-input) breaks intermittently in 
 emacs        6598  Documentation: progmodes/grep.el -- numerous errors ommissi
 emacs        6601  help-make-xref doesn't buttonize `help-variable-def' and pe
 emacs        6615  document how to specify the current filename in Local Varia
 emacs        6622  23.2; nxml-mode Indentation Behavior
 emacs        6640  23.2; Why is this regexp search taking so long? (and will i
 emacs        6652  [Feature Request] [emacs] location of file for help for var
 emacs        6668  23.1.90; desktop-read and/or hack-local-variables fails to 
 emacs        6679  locate-library does not provide a default when called inter
 emacs        6684  23.2; "C-c , J" fails in *Article* buffer
 emacs        6685  23.2; Discards control characters during boot.
 emacs        6690  24.0.50; tmm-get-keymap is broken
 emacs        6695  24.0.50; thing-at-point-url-at-point and ffap-guesser probl
 emacs        6705  w32 cmdproxy.c pass args to cygwin; erroneous charset conve
 emacs        6711  23.1.90; strange delete after search when repeating kbd-mac
 emacs        6716  23.2; Setting `find-function-source-path' has no effect.
 emacs        6718  23.2; Should align glyphs according to grid in ansi-term
 emacs        6719  Issues with Windows hibernation
 emacs        6721  X11 Compound Text vs ISO 2022
 emacs        6725  say what clients
 emacs        6736  Windows: make maintainer-clean does not restore fully clean
 emacs        6737  24.0.50; Feature request for vc-annotate.el
 emacs        6740  Spurious byte compiler warnings
 emacs        6741  24.0.50; ansi-term: spurious newlines (soft linebreaks beco
 emacs        6745  24.0.50; vc-annotate should allow to configure the width of
 emacs        6746  24.0.50; Add a key binding to get full commit log
 emacs        6749  Snake.el enhancements
 emacs        6755  24.0.50; Customize buffer is too wide. Put doc string on se
 emacs        6759  23.2; PDB on OS X does not work
 emacs        6795  rcirc: ERR_NICKNAMEINUSE causes infinite loop under certain
 emacs        6800  23.1; EOT / ^D inserted into comint input string
 emacs        6803  24.0.50; pc-selection-mode no longer plays nice with dired 
 emacs        6806  Set comment-multi-line in js-mode
 emacs        6811  add dump support for hpux ia64
 emacs        6815  23.2; no key binding in *vc-dir* for stash commands
 emacs        6817  (Feature request w/ patch) wdired should create directories
 emacs        6822  comment-padding skips first char in html-mode
 emacs        6823  24.0.50; Wdired or Dired enhancement
 emacs        6827  Emacs can't move to the cursor to the next line with C-n wh
 emacs        6836  23.2; ERC -vs- uniquify
 emacs        6841  Wishlist: Consider adding Ctrl + Left Click Buffer list in 
 emacs        6842  24.0.50; Emacs freezes when ibus is restarted.
 emacs        6843  23.1; grep-mode and filenames with colons
 emacs        6847  23.2; ibuffer-filter-by-filename ignores buffer directory n
 emacs        6848  insert-kbd-macro
 emacs        6850  24.0.50; emerge remote (Tramp) files fails
 emacs        6861  24.0.50; Scroll lock not bound
 emacs        6870  Make vc-root-diff work in more modes
 emacs        6871  Please make linum-mode per buffer, not per major mode
 emacs        6891  `string-to-number' doesn't recognize `#'' read syntax
 emacs        6892  Please add a way to jump to advices
 emacs        6896  In KDE window size changes when starting gnus
 emacs        6898  cursor in vip mode
 emacs        6915  Please consider making left-margin-width etc buffer local i
 emacs        6918  Colors of xbm image are swapped on Windows
 emacs        6920  23.2; ESC passed out of order to post-read-conversion
 emacs        6922  23.1; Setting read-only property in an overlay has no effec
 emacs        6926  24.0.50; widget-button-face should not be bold
 emacs        6927  24.0.50; JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks siz
 emacs        6931  24.0.50; fringe-mode
 emacs        6945  active-minibuffer-window returns nil when prompt overwritte
 emacs        6964  23.2; revert-buffer takes 60 times longer than initial read
 emacs        6965  23.2; tags search/replace order no longer sensitive to star
 emacs        6967  flymake not cleaning after itself (kill-buffer)
 emacs        6980  Could goto-char please have its own history list?
 emacs        6985  rx patterns don't compose
 emacs        6991  Please keep bytecode out of *Backtrace* buffers
 emacs        6997  Loading w32-fns under X11 signals an error
 emacs        7023  23.1; CEDET fails to infer type of exeption in catch block
 emacs        7027  24.0.50; Dired error (wrong-type-arg stringp nil) with cons
 emacs        7028  24.0.50; incomplete ns protocol implementations in nsmenu
 emacs        7031  hexl-mode ignores next-screen-context-lines
 emacs        7034  24.0.50; Emacs can't visit a remote file
 emacs        7037  23.2; Segmentation fault when compile CEDET
 emacs        7041  comint seems to truncate from places other than the top
 emacs        7043  24.0.50; VC mishandles abbreviated file names
 emacs        7046  23.1; Repeating emacs macro skipping every second line
 emacs        7050  24.0.50; Feature request: draggable tool bar placement
 emacs        7059  24.0.50; bitmap in toolbar of *unsent mail* buffer defectiv
 emacs        7066  23.2; w32: letter.xpm displayed in mode line with stray red
 emacs        7070  `load-time-value' local-vars this-kind and that-one
 emacs        7078  24.0.50; process-send-string doesn't work with long lines o
 emacs        7084  24.0.50; alpha frame parameter causes flashing with standal
 emacs        7091  23.2; Crashes after network disconnect
 emacs        7092  23.1; Dired slow using Emacs remotely
 emacs        7094  23.1; Feature Request: Ediff integration into VC mode
 emacs        7096  23.1; nxml-mode attribute validation with rnc
 emacs        7101  Please reveal-mode, don't hide my overlays!
 emacs        7107  Recursive copies of ... (yes or no) But then it says it onl
 emacs        7117  23.2.2 mangles terminal escape sequences
 emacs        7118  24.0.50; dired-subdir-alist, dired-directory, etc.: necessa
 emacs        7131  24.0.50; `dired' with cons arg should not ignore arg if buf
 emacs        7134  mode-line active/inactive face not following mouse in daemo
 emacs        7153  24.0.50; ediff-clone-buffer-for-region-comparison
 emacs        7164  23.2; error in process filter: gdb-starting: Unexpected `st
 emacs        7169  cannot specify coding via dir-locals
 emacs        7171  vc-mtn to use "mtn automate"
 emacs        7177  Global minor modes might tell there is a variable in the do
 emacs        7179  23.2; copyright-update on spanning copyright-limit
 emacs        7180  24.0.50; compilation-mode still has annoying issues with st
 emacs        7204  javascript in html-mode (multiple major modes)
 emacs        7218  24.0.50; Weird window resizing with ibuffer-auto-mode
 emacs        7219  Parentheses matching cursor blink in wrong place
 emacs        7221  timestamp in cvs-quickdir on Win32 system
 emacs        7229  23.1; ido guess and ffap bug
 emacs        7233  24.0.50; language-environments interact badly with LANG set
 emacs        7248  In term, SIGWINCH is delayed until a key is typed
 emacs        7258  24.0.50; footnote-mode doesn't detect existing footnotes
 emacs        7270  24.0.50; wish: emacs as WM: Being able to show arbitrary x-
 emacs        7279  24.0.50; print-escape-multibyte not honored
 emacs        7282  23.2; [PATCH] Improve text composition by Input Methods on 
 emacs        7287  epa-mail-decrypt changes the current major-mode
 emacs        7302  vcdiff using "sccs get" rather than "get" breaks bitkeeper 
 emacs        7303  Suggestion: Move minor mode menus to one common top-level s
 emacs        7318  23.2.50; Crash in GC system
 emacs        7339  23.2; term-mode vs clone-buffer
 emacs        7342  face remap per frame, not buffer
 emacs        7351  24.0.50; next-error no longer takes into account buffer mod
 emacs        7378  23.2; grep buffer misinterprets result if filename contains
 emacs        7381  24.0.50; Provide a hook run when a window is selected
 emacs        7385  24.0.50; Please index defcustom type constructs
 emacs        7387  23.2; Emacs port to HP-UX ia64
 emacs        7388  24.0.50; "Active processes exist; kill them and exit anyway
 emacs        7393  Please linkify the edebug backtrace
 emacs        7404  `cursor-in-non-selected-windows' needs dedicated face
 emacs        7412  24.0.50 and 23.2.*; Cursor disappears over embedded images 
 emacs        7413  Suggestion for adaptive-fill
 emacs        7426  23.2; term.el: After running stty -opost, printing \n\r ins
 emacs        7430  Bug in ediff's treatment of whitespace (this time with ALL 
 emacs        7459  23.2; "Salutation" should not actually be included in bug m
 emacs        7461  23.2; gud.el always uses comint-prompt-regexp; things can b
 emacs        7462  24.0.50; prefix arg breaks `last-command' for `mouse-save-t
 emacs        7466  24.0.50; (emacs) `Menu Mouse Clicks' conflicts with code ob
 emacs        7467  Could nxml-mode avoid reindenting <pre>...</pre>?
 emacs        7475  I wish query-replace-regexp would use perl regexps
 emacs        7476  24.0.50; tooltip-mode disabled interferes with x-popup-menu
 emacs        7485  23.2; Fix removing unrecognized ANSI sequences in ansi-colo
 emacs        7496  23.2; copy recursive keymap cause crash
 emacs        7498  23.2; scheme-mode.el doesn't parse racket file correctly
 emacs        7507  24.0.50; GDB dialog: default should not be `Yes' if GDB is 
 emacs        7513  24.0.50; shell-command-default-error-buffer should always a
 emacs        7519  24.0.50; list-buffers and Buffer-menu-select destroy marks
 emacs        7520  24.0.50; C-h k doesn't work for double-click bindings
 emacs        7522  24.0.50; point after `clear-rectangle' and `string-rectangl
 emacs        7524  Customize should wrap long lines and pretty print sexp valu
 emacs        7540  24.0.50; cursor annoyances during scrolling on mac os x
 emacs        7555  24.0.50; (elisp) bad organization - Frames submenus
 emacs        7565  24.0.50; "Buffer ... modified; kill anyway?" doesn't end up
 emacs        7575  gdb command history saving
 emacs        7584  23.1; Drag and Drop from smb fails
 emacs        7604  `loop', PATCH: loop, cl-parse-loop-clause, cl-map-intervals
 emacs        7605  variable to disable messages
 emacs        7627  improve flymake's handling of master files
 emacs        7631  24.0.50; inconsistency in event-convert-list and event-basi
 emacs        7632  23.2.91; url-retrieve doesn't read authinfo.gpg file
 emacs        7637  24.0.50; Caps Lock triggers set-mark-command
 emacs        7639  23.1; edebug parsing error
 emacs        7668  ispell and dictionary encodings
 emacs        7675  24.0.50; vc-checkin should prompt if the fileset changes
 emacs        7686  describe-key should say "It is ONLY bound to X"
 emacs        7691  24.0.50; x-popup-menu with keymap - :help keyword
 emacs        7693  24.0.50, 23.2.91; advice to kill-new causes warning
 emacs        7697  24.0.50; Wish: Include goto-chg.el - move the point to the 
 emacs        7718  23.2.91; Info-isearch-search fails isearch
 emacs        7726  reveal-mode bypassed by compile-goto-error
 emacs        7737  23.2.91; interactive code "r" error
 emacs        7741  23.2.91; Please allow emacs to run emacsclient
 emacs        7742  24.0.50; C-g does not dismiss popup menus
 emacs        7747  Allow choice of "default in M-n" vs "default in `initial'"
 emacs        7751  24.0.50; `fill-paragraph' on doc string with colons
 emacs        7755  24.0.50; Document that you can apply a keyword to a menu su
 emacs        7756  24.0.50; enhancements to package.el
 emacs        7764  23.2; mpc.el relies too much on the toolbar
 emacs        7765  another crash on mac os x
 emacs        7768  24.0.50; nXML mode misindents if CDATA on a new line
 emacs        7779  Miserable widget completion for type 'directory on w32
 emacs        7782  24.0.50; 24.0.50: set-scroll-bar-mode missing under non-GUI
 emacs        7784  executable-find does not find scripts on woe32
 emacs        7786  23.2; Encoding of PostScript files
 emacs        7787  23.2; wrong meaning for mouse-2 while in search mode
 emacs        7802  24.0.50; Extraneous `mouse-3' event when do `double-mouse-3
 emacs        7812  add a diff-list custom type; use it for compilation-error-r
 emacs        7827  Please do not give an error in help when it fails
 emacs        7837  23.2.91; Logging out is confusing if Emacs has background p
 emacs        7844  when ncurses not available, curses assumed
 emacs        7847  insert-sliced-image bug on darwin
 emacs        7851  `customize's presentation of :type (repeat plist) declarati
 emacs        7855  24.0.50; imenu support for defalias
 emacs        7861  vc-dir misses modified svn properties on "."
 emacs        7867  23.2.92; --fullscreen, --maximized
 emacs        7885  23.2.91; comint-previous/next-matching-input-from-input don
 emacs        7896  23.2.91; Multi-window gdb uses other frames confusingly
 emacs        7899  23.2.91; Unsatisfactory interaction between shell-mode-hook
 emacs        7902  Buffer->Frames->xxx don't work when "msb-mode" is enabled, 
 emacs        7906  minor display issue when getting new mail in rmail?
 emacs        7910  23.2; inconsistent scrolling
 emacs        7921  23.2.91; js-mode font lock problem with comments
 emacs        7923  23.2; Shell PATH environment variable problem
 emacs        7932  23.1; overprinting / cursor misalignment after certain char
 emacs        7937  nxml-mode.el indenting wrong when more than one <> on a lin
 emacs        7949  24.0.50; GNU Emacs with Xaw3d does not launch as X client
 emacs        7974  lisp-do-defun on defuns with trailing comments
 emacs        7975  23.2; emacsclient and first "C-c ..." command
 emacs        7979  24.0.50; emacs loops when it loses an emacsclient connectio
 emacs        7982  highlighted charactor still remains after moving cursol
 emacs        8002  (new) reproducible crash on mac os x
 emacs        8003  23.1; Background of mouse is incorrect
 emacs        8008  24.0.50; SIGSEGV on Woe32 with trunk
 emacs        8009  23.2.91; Ediff will not create new files
 emacs        8015  23.2; dired-do-rename-regexp doesn't reposition cursor
 emacs        8027  23.2; shell problem with $( and !!
 emacs        8035  Processing of .. in a file path after going thru symlink
 emacs        8051  24.0.50; drag and drop operations on mac os x not using dnd
 emacs        8057  documentation of Summary: etc in log-edit buffers
 emacs        8062  perl-mode final ); indenting
 emacs        8065  Nexstep/Cocoa Emacs 23.2 hangs randomly on OSX
 emacs        8077  cperl mode - indenting after long attribute list
 emacs        8083  cua global mark does much more than it announces
 emacs        8110  23.2; Crash when starting as root
 emacs        8114  macros fail in emacs 23.1
 emacs        8115  24.0.50; repeated crashes on mac os x.
 emacs        8116  24.0.50; `minibuffer-message': ignore mouse-up event for `s
 emacs        8129  "File exists, but cannot be read" message on Windows with N
 emacs        8130  23.2; transient-rectangle-mode
 emacs        8132  23.1; comint shell replaces \ in paths with /
 emacs        8140  byte-compiler to not warn about conditional defuns that are
 emacs        8155  23.2; erratic cursor movement with visual-line-mode and wra
 emacs        8157  emacs 23.1 hung on windows 7
 emacs        8158  Definition of auto-mode-alist
 emacs        8163  23.2; Feature request: dabbrev look at filenames or buffer 
 emacs        8165  24.0.50; cperl indentation
 emacs        8179  24.0.50; vc thinks that SVN takes care of all my files
 emacs        8180  24.0.50; verbose, confusing y-or-n-p prompts in `find-file-
 emacs        8186  dired-font-lock-keywords should warn about SUID files too!
 emacs        8189  24.0.50; indenting region with TAB deactivates region
 emacs        8203  sgml-delete-tag bug
 emacs        8206  24.0.50; flet breaks advised functions
 emacs        8211  uninitialized variable in detect_coding_iso_2022's end-of-c
 emacs        8213  Emacs 23.3.rc2: "Mouse 1: Select (drag to resize)" doesn't 
 emacs        8215  possibly uninitialized variable lower_xoff in produce_glyph
 emacs        8217  23.3; Runtime segmentation fault when compiled with -O2 on 
 emacs        8228  24.0.50; compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error should have m
 emacs        8229  possibly uninitialized variable in load_charset
 emacs        8233  23.3; faulty font used in mode-line of some buffers
 emacs        8235  23.2; slow scrolling w/ multiple frames visiting same file
 emacs        8237  keyboard translate occasionally fails
 emacs        8248  23.2; Emacs 23.2 very slow over ssh when vertical-scroll-ba
 emacs        8252  Please add a function to get files in *grep*
 emacs        8268  Windows Emacs Console persists while running running emacs.
 emacs        8272  Emacs with X11 forwarding
 emacs        8275  24.0.50; Intro to Emacs Lisp Issue
 emacs        8282  sgml-xml-auto-coding-function() should respect the *-with-s
 emacs        8283  sgml-xml-auto-coding-function() should respect the *-with-s
 emacs        8285  24.0.50; doc of `imenu-generic-expression' and `imenu--gene
 emacs        8287  24.0.50; regexp-builder, rx, sregex: (a) in manuals, (b) in
 emacs        8288  vc-git slow on large repository
 emacs        8291  24.0.50; Connect irc.ozinger.org with rcirc, *** glibc dete
 emacs        8297  expand self-documentation to show where things are redefine
 emacs        8313  23.3; MacBook Pro kp- keys don't work in Cocoa build
 emacs        8315  23.3; print-buffer may need improvement under MAC OSX
 emacs        8354  23.3; GDB doesn't work with C 
 emacs        8355  24.0.50; Boxes in mode-line and scrolling
 emacs        8358  24.0.50; `minibuffer-scroll-window' with active minibuffer:
 emacs        8366  wish: include vc-annotate-goto-line
 emacs        8368  24.0.50; "temp" means "help" - rename or at least document
 emacs        8379  The width of linum window is not adjusted after face-remapp
 emacs        8389  feature proposal: chng login vc-rcs-checkin
 emacs        8399  23.3; save-some-buffers ignores buffer names
 emacs        8402  24.0.50; Hex colors are not rendered correctly on OS X (Coc
 emacs        8409  speedbar has trouble with D: drive on MS Windows
 emacs        8414  describe-bindings does not list text properties and overlay
 emacs        8422  24.0.50; doc of `apropos-internal'
 emacs        8426  Glyph and cursor problem with emacs
 emacs        8427  [SECURITY] sql.el -- comint process passwords are leaked to
 emacs        8432  24.0.50; Eldoc highlighting is confused by dolist and dotim
 emacs        8436  Please coordinate key bindings for list-buffers, occur, gre
 emacs        8439  [PATCH] ffap.el -- detect paths with spaces
 emacs        8465  <XF86MonBrightnessDown> is undefined
 emacs        8472  24.0.50;  weird emacs bugs causing data lossage
 emacs        8474  23.2; smime feature requests
 emacs        8484  24.0.50; Dired problems with marking and hidden subdirs
 emacs        8488  print error messages about why specified font size is not u
 emacs        8491  24.0.50; File "proxy icon" in NS title bar on OS X is not r
 emacs        8492  23.3; Time to use a different binding for completion?
 emacs        8498  23.3; mail-abbrev-next-line expands abbrevs when it should 
 emacs        8501  24.0.50; Emacs daemon dies when GUI frame is closed
 emacs        8504  add more query-replace choice keys
 emacs        8509  24.0.50; cperl-mode with which-function-mode breaks font-lo
 emacs        8515  M-x indent-region should skip everything between <pre>-tags
 emacs        8517  Can't handle utf8 encoded filenames in locale 'de_DE.utf8'
 emacs        8519  24.0.50; doc-view: allow pdftotext -layout instead of -raw
 emacs        8531  eshell backslash handling
 emacs        8541  start-process fails when both the program path and an argum
 emacs        8545  issues with recent doprnt-related changes
 emacs        8549  23.3; Undocumented setting of eval-expression-debug-on-erro
 emacs        8561  24.0.50; Test programme to check net/if.h is faulty
 emacs        8566  23.3; fails to do correct parenthesis matching in Autoconf 
 emacs        8574  Emacs fails to build when Emacs is configured with --enable
 emacs        8592  24.0.50; improve describe-function/variable
 emacs        8603  23.3.50; vc-dir can easily guess wrong VCS
 emacs        8611  fixnum arithmetic should not wrap around
 emacs        8622  24.0.50; url-parse does not implement RFC3986 5.2
 emacs        8627  24.0.50: cursor property behaves irregularly in before-stri
 emacs        8634  24.0.50; `number-at-point' returns char value for `?' const
 emacs        8653  24.0.50; `M-x grep' output converts `~' to /cygdrive/c/...
 emacs        8686  24.0.50; `re-search-backward' does not respect `search-invi
 emacs        8688  23.2; search-whitespace-regexp not working as documented
 emacs        8693  24.0.50; doc strings in syntax.el
 emacs        8711  24.0.50; binding _ to unused values with lexical-binding
 emacs        8714  23.3.50; Flymake kills my computer on mass revert
 emacs        8716  23.3; :match-inline widget property undocumented
 emacs        8717  23.3; widget match functions should be passed internal repr
 emacs        8723  23.2; Flymake should go to error column
 emacs        8724  23.2; js-mode imenu should be more thorough
 emacs        8725  23.2; imenu--split-menu should not deliver surprises
 emacs        8737  23.2; garbage numbers
 emacs        8743  Strange '1;2600;0' symbols appear when starting from consol
 emacs        8754  submission of vimvars
 emacs        8758  New package: ninja
 emacs        8763  terminal-emulator mode confines output to 80 columns
 emacs        8774  incorrect line numbers from byte-compile-file
 emacs        8787  23.3; Unsafe directory at startup.
 emacs        8794  cons_to_long fixes; making 64-bit EMACS_INT the default
 emacs        8802  cperl-write-tags function in cperl-mode.el hard coded tags-
 emacs        8809  23.3; Macro problem
 emacs        8810  24.0.50; compilation with -fprofile-generate fails
 emacs        8822  23.1; Extended desktop garbles text
 emacs        8841  23.1.90; Bug in cl-seq's `union' implementation
 emacs        8860  24.0.50; Fontification in minibuffer when mixing local and 
 emacs        8861  24.0.50; Isearch: Repeating the last search
 emacs        8868  24.0.50; Scroll bar in the minibuffer
 emacs        8890  23.3; message writing slows emacs
 emacs        8897  `completion--insert-strings' clobbers user-added text prope
 emacs        8898  add a function to change button label
 emacs        8914  23.3; Overlay overlapping buffer-invisibility-spec behaves 
 emacs        8922  23.3.50; hide-ifdef-mode-prefix-key not customisable
 emacs        8925  23.2; all syntax highlighting disappears from ERC mode when
 emacs        8932  23.2; refcard names
 emacs        8944  23.3; Formatting of Labeled Constructs in Fortran
 emacs        8947  24.0.50; `describe-mode': `help-mode-map' pollutes minor mo
 emacs        8951  24.0.50; [PATCH] enhancement request: buttonize key names
 emacs        8952  GNU Emacs Bugs, Wishes, Etc.
 emacs        8953  23.3.50; Should desktop.el claim lock when told to ignore a
 emacs        8983  23.3; displayName is missing from ldap-attribute-syntaxes-a
 emacs        8990  23.3; ffap is confused by C++-style comments
 emacs        9008  23.2; Sluggishness when editing large latex files containin
 emacs        9021  24.0.50; epatch - weird, confusing, huh?
 emacs        9034  point adjustment after `end-of-visual-line' moves to the ne
 emacs        9047  24.0.50; Paging in tabulated-list-mode
 emacs        9048  23.3; stray pixels on MacOS
 emacs        9051  alternate editor does not allow program with arguments
 emacs        9054  24.0.50; show source in other window
 emacs        9065  Speed up compile.el scanning
 emacs        9068  cleanup: use only one of __sgi and IRIX6_5
 emacs        9092  movement cursor in speedbar
 emacs        9096  Don't clear the echo area automatically at every command ex
 emacs        9103  23.3.50; random* from cl does not support the whole range o
 emacs        9106  24.0.50; ./configure causes massive recompilation
 emacs        9109  24.0.50; Warning: assignment to free variable (unwind-prote
 emacs        9113  24.0.50; auth-sources: .authinfo versus .authinfo.gpg
 emacs        9115  `documentation' should let you choose whether to include `u
 emacs        9117  24.0.50; Document menu keyword `:selected'
 emacs        9134  don't force mystery on user trying to find out what is comp
 emacs        9135  24.0.50; Emacs doesn't work as system mail program in OS X
 emacs        9143  24.0.50; imagemagick loader has issues with some svg files
 emacs        9148  Make `comment-normalize-vars' more syntax-aware
 emacs        9150  24.0.50; process started with start-process is missing tty
 emacs        9151  js-mode indentation doesn't recognize brace-less function e
 emacs        9178  23.1; iimage mode copy and paste file corruption
 emacs        9192  Cross-compile for ARM
 emacs        9200  24.0.50; ido mode + big image bug
 emacs        9203  24.0.50; some Clang experience
 emacs        9205  24.0.50; colored mark in vc mode-line
 emacs        9217  23.1; can't escape quotes preceded by certain characters in
 emacs        9222  23.3.50; "void" is not "typeless" (but thanks for the koan!
 emacs        9248  23.2; Welcome screen
 emacs        9256  Erroneous output from "verify-visited-file-modtime" (fileio
 emacs        9286  fill-paragraph destroys URLs
 emacs        9287  Mention `displayed-month' and `displayed-year' in `diary-ma
 emacs        9288  23.3; next-line when global-visual-line, highlight-parenthe
 emacs        9293  say what they are shadowed by
 emacs        9300  24.0.50; `bounds-of-thing-at-point' does not return nil whe
 emacs        9309  24.0.50; hook for browse-url feature request
 emacs        9323  M-x compile does not work well with make -s
 emacs        9330  24.0.50; xassert failure in redisplay of composed character
 emacs        9342  24.0.50; `C-h v' output missing newline before complex valu
 emacs        9362  24.0.50; Explain in manual(s) Dired/ls permissions listing 
 emacs        9366  Display geometry change hook
 emacs        9373  23.3; [Themes] feature request: separate custom-enabled-the
 emacs        9379  24.0.50; M-x dirs doesn't work under, for instance, "a & b"
 emacs        9385  23.3; [feature request] Man-max-width
 emacs        9406  24.0.50; Use M-p/M-n to navigate through the kill ring
 emacs        9407  GNUmakefile mode thinks comments need a space before them a
 emacs        9409  24.0.50; log-view-msg-prev, easy-mmode
 emacs        9417  digit-argument doesn't work with `key-translation-map'
 emacs        9432  24.0.50; doc string of `next-error-highlight'
 emacs        9436  24.0.50; Segmentation fault during redisplay
 emacs        9441  Add GUD support for gdb's 'file' command
 emacs        9444  url-retrieve does not work with HTTPS on win32
 emacs        9445  24.0.50; `help-make-xrefs' has bad logic
 emacs        9454  24.0.50; thingatpt.el should be updated to respect field bo
 emacs        9478  23.3; custom-save-all could be faster
 emacs        9485  24.0.50; Frame size and position parameter problems in Wind
 emacs        9515  Some glyphs: wrong vertical position
 emacs        9516  imagemagick-register-types and image-file-name-extensions
 emacs        9519  24.0.50; the NS variant shows the U+20xy quotes always in u
 emacs        9529  `quit-window' should return the original window or nil if i
 emacs        9551  24.0.50; bold font overlapped on windows platform.
 emacs        9555  Improved method for shell directory tracking
 emacs        9558  Minimal emacs build runs out of memory
 emacs        9563  dired-copy-filename-as-kill doesn't copy file names to PRIM
 emacs        9570  24.0.50; "debug-on-entry: Definition of ... is not a list"
 emacs        9575  23.3; M-x describe-coding-system and auto-coding-alist not 
 emacs        9586  The Windows port does not support datagram sockets
 emacs        9589  23.1; Excessive CPU consumption for VERY long lines
 emacs        9596  24.0.50; region face on GTK+ build under KDE
 emacs        9597  23.3; [diff-mode] Can't quite cope with git patches
 emacs        9598  C-x b completion should also display current buffer.
 emacs        9609  Excessive transient region highlighting with highlight-nons
 emacs        9622  23.3; flet indentation
 emacs        9646  24.0.90; Daemon does not heed desired font
 emacs        9648  24.0.90; popup-menu doesn't work on Lucid Emacs
 emacs        9654  24.0.90; X11 frame leaves garbage when changing background 
 emacs        9655  24.0.50; `set-locale-environment' should use completion
 emacs        9670  Bad interaction between defining-kbd-macro and desktop
 emacs        9674  24.0.90; Closing an emacsclient frame always kills daemon
 emacs        9681  Broken behaviour of re-search-backward (.+ matching only a 
 emacs        9682  Segfault from trunk with Lucid
 emacs        9684  Emacs 23.3 and 24.0.90 don't build on IRIX 6.5
 emacs        9704  24.0.50; need command to fontify whole buffer
 emacs        9712  defcustom's initial value expression is not byte-compiled
 emacs        9717  emacs hanging in windows 7
 emacs        9729  24.0.50; can't editing buffers while in another buffer i'm 
 emacs        9730  24.0.50; `M-o' should not be _invoked_ in `global-set-key'
 emacs        9733  24.0.90; inadvertent paste during mouse-2 spell correction 
 emacs        9745  Restore vc-initial-comment functionality for VCS that suppo
 emacs        9747  C-x h TAB and M-x untabify
 emacs        9758  24.0.90; Elisp doc strings and fill-paragraph on region
 emacs        9761  proposed list-buffers change -- revert buffer if point is i
 emacs        9764  24.0.90; Stop tracing in Edebug
 emacs        9765  24.0.90; Multiple calls to desktop-read cause problems
 emacs        9766  24.0.50; rmail-forward makes attachment that doesn't read r
 emacs        9774  24.0.90; interrupting smtpmail
 emacs        9790  Cleaning up nobreak-char-display
 emacs        9791  23.1; Non latin characters display with next keystroke in e
 emacs        9792  24.0.50; process-file and space in filename
 emacs        9800  Incomplete truncated file buffers from the /proc filesystem
 emacs        9826  24.0.90; bold font overlapped
 emacs        9864  24.0.90; dired/copying+dwim-target : misplaced directory 
 emacs        9867  24.0.90; quit-window should provide quit-window-hook
 emacs        9871  `query-replace' and friends break text properties
 emacs        9875  24.0.90; Confusing description of the "window tree" in ELis
 emacs        9891  24.0.90; Duplicated entry at the info directory
 emacs        9897  24.0.90; w32 control character configuration is severely la
 emacs        9898  24.0.90; doc of :key-sequence
 emacs        9908  24.0.90; Improve mode-line's "flags" section
 emacs        9923  24.0.91; `where-is' does not find recentf menu items (cmds,
 emacs        9925  24.0.91; Maxmized, minimize, restore: emacs window hides un
 emacs        9940  23.3; SIGSEGV in XtInitializeWidgetClass
 emacs        9948  valgrind warning: Conditional jump or move depends on unini
 emacs        9953  allow for mixed line terminators in a given file
 emacs        9959  24.0.90; `count-words' command from a narrowed buffer
 emacs        9961  non-empty ~/.emacs_SHELLNAME causes multiple shell prompts
 emacs        9969  24.0.90; semantic/srecode : macro keyword not working outsi
 emacs        9970  24.0.90; Commandify set-frame-{height,width}
 emacs        9990  valgrind warning in add_row_entry
 emacs       10001  displayor -> displayer
 emacs       10024  24.0.91; save-restriction fails to restore the screen
 emacs       10037  24.0.91; `isearch-mouse-2' no good with standalone minibuff
 emacs       10048  uniquify -> uniquify, for more-consistent function names
 emacs       10056  24.0.91; `copy-to-register' does not deactivate the mark
 emacs       10069  colour -> color spelling change
 emacs       10072  23.3; invisible text
 emacs       10080  23.3; Rmail shows an extra blank line at the end when displ
 emacs       10085  24.0.91; completion-pcm--find-all-completions returns wrong
 emacs       10097  24.0.91; Lisp mode should use common-lisp-indent-function b
 emacs       10106  23.2; how to pass command arguments to gud-go
 emacs       10107  23.2; Add command gud-quit
 emacs       10112  ImageMagick doesn't display some image formats
 emacs       10113  24.0.91; Isearch & `M-e'
 emacs       10118  C-w folds case too eagerly
 emacs       10121  Undefined command: "-interpreter-exec".
 emacs       10122  24.0.91; C-x C-v, invisible text: "Cannot switch...dedicate
 emacs       10125  24.0.91; package.el (org): Macros in tar packages & order o
 emacs       10135  24.0.91; `special-display-regexps' is still not respected (
 emacs       10148  24.0.91; "pending" regexp Isearch
 emacs       10160  24.0.91; diff-hunk-file-names returns quoted file names
 emacs       10161  23.3; Autofill doesn't honour comment-multi-line variable
 emacs       10162  24.0.91; rcirc autojoin broken (freenode/oftc) when rcirc-a
 emacs       10171  24.0.91; request user option for dedicated-window behavior 
 emacs       10176  23.3; proteus avoidance mode leaves random pointer shape
 emacs       10178  24.0.92; emacs -q frame too short for fancy splash image
 emacs       10179  24.0.91; enforcing double-width CJK character display
 emacs       10186  23.3; save-some-buffers not making review windows large eno
 emacs       10204  runemacs -nw creates a console Emacs with a hidden console
 emacs       10211  24.0.92; Case folding on file name completion fails with um
 emacs       10222  intangible property and sentence movement
 emacs       10224  24.0.92; M-w inhibits echoing of prefix arguments
 emacs       10229  save-some-buffers, -action-alist
 emacs       10239  compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error vs. giant binary execu
 emacs       10277  24.0.91; memory leak when using vm
 emacs       10280  ruby-mode.el - Unknown finder.el keyword: ruby
 emacs       10285  gdb-mi should accept some process I/O before GDB actually s
 emacs       10291  calendar must use locale
 emacs       10292  following symlinks in byte-recompile-directory
 emacs       10296  24.0.92; check_glyph_memory still aborting
 emacs       10304  24.0.92: display bug
 emacs       10307  23.3; Shell fails to run when current-working-directory is 
 emacs       10318  23.2; HTML preview does not work for archive members
 emacs       10323  24.0.92; docstring diary-date-forms
 emacs       10344  24.0.92; make semantic more like tags
 emacs       10345  24.0.92; `save-buffer' and `basic-save-buffer': add MSG arg
 emacs       10346  24.0.92; doc string of `save-buffer'
 emacs       10364  bind C-tab to `widget-backward' inside editable-field widge
 emacs       10367  23.3.50; M-j in js-mode
 emacs       10372  Emacs+Ansi-Term Display Glitches
 emacs       10375  24.0.92; `cua-rectangle-mark-key' bindings and the minibuff
 emacs       10378  24.0.92; git-ignored files are shown by C-x v d
 emacs       10382  24.0.92; gratuituous `file-supersession' error for `menu-ba
 emacs       10387  CODE wishlist: search-prop.el
 emacs       10389  24.0.92; Emacs window needs resizing after Mac OS X monitor
 emacs       10391  24.0.92; feature request: delete-window-vertically
 emacs       10397  [PATCH] Under Remote Desktop, NUMCOLORS is unreliable; work
 emacs       10402  24.0.92; erc query buffers silently discard input when conn
 emacs       10404  [PATCH] Power: sleep longer than two seconds at a time
 emacs       10406  24.0.92; mail-extract-address-components returns strange re
 emacs       10409  Minibuffer sized according to default face, not minibuffer 
 emacs       10416  24.0.92; #'test-completion is inconsistent with symbol hash
 emacs       10439  24.0.92; semantic-complete-jump prefers declaration over de
 emacs       10458  24.0.92; ! in dired on a file starting with a hyphen
 emacs       10461  emacs is not a macro-editor
 emacs       10475  24.0.92; `C-h v' displays `*' indicating user option
 emacs       10476  unneeded functions invocation-name and invocation-directory
 emacs       10477  zap-to-char should allow picking from history
 emacs       10478  24.0.50; url-http-parse-headers can silently drop the respo
 emacs       10483  24.0.92; cperl-indent-exp hangs
 emacs       10487  24.0.92; [PATCH] Feature request: pcomplete/find, pcomplete
 emacs       10494  24.0.92; Syntax table and non-ASCII character interaction
 emacs       10495  24.0.92; pp-eval-last-sexp doesn't work on a `symbol' in qu
 emacs       10501  show all advice
 emacs       10502  24.0.92; Please add optional NAMES arg to `read-char-by-nam
 emacs       10504  24.0.90; url-retrieve https://bitbucket.org gives trailing 
 emacs       10512  Please support pseudo-elements in CSS syntax
 emacs       10534  23.3; wrong max size in windows
 emacs       10536  23.3; Make base64-decode more fault tolerant
 emacs       10539  24.0.92; low display-time-interval makes Emacs slow
 emacs       10540  24.0.92; DESCRIPTION arg for `custom-*' functions
 emacs       10551  23.3; MAC OS X Emacs doesn't get all colors
 emacs       10559  perl-indent-command vs. perldoc parts
 emacs       10560  perl-mode.el should recognize the new perl operators
 emacs       10572  ada-mode indentation for extended return is off by 1
 emacs       10576  Subject: 23.4; char class [:lower:] misses latin small lett
 emacs       10577  Subject: 23.4; edebug-defun fails with `completion-table-dy
 emacs       10578  warning about mismatch between compile and run-time PNG lib
 emacs       10585  Move general pcomplete/ commands from eshell to pcmpl-unix
 emacs       10604  23.2; variable lookup: make-local-variable interaction with
 emacs       10605  lexical-binding local variable must be on the first line
 emacs       10607  Handle all the escapes used by ls -b
 emacs       10608  local-enable-local-variables
 emacs       10609  inhibit-local-variables-regexps, auto-coding-alist, auto-mo
 emacs       10613  24.0.92; Odd behavior of kill interspersed with suspend: do
 emacs       10614  [EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Extending Isearch-repeat-forward/backw
 emacs       10615  Re: [EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Extending Isearch-repeat-forward/b
 emacs       10618  24.0.92; completion candidates consisting of newline chars
 emacs       10634  `forward-list' scan error
 emacs       10637  Source file `...' newer than byte-compiled file doesn't say
 emacs       10648  scrollbar width reset to default
 emacs       10654  24.0.93; isearch-yank-line moved from C-y
 emacs       10669  24.0.93; Emacs daemon high CPU load
 emacs       10670  `fullscreen' frame parameter ill-named
 emacs       10690  24.0.92; Can't set japanese font with cocoa
 emacs       10706  23.3; Imenu behaved differently with submenus
 emacs       10707  24.0.93; next-error jumps to wrong location for rgrep buffe
 emacs       10708  24.0.93; desktop.el doesn't restore buffers visiting files 
 emacs       10712  $MANPATH is ignored by man.el
 emacs       10723  24.0.93; bad pp formatting for `C-h v' with list value
 emacs       10725  Hexl-Mode:Feature: Direct hex input in hex-area
 emacs       10726  24.0.93; `find-file-noselect': why should it interrogate th
 emacs       10734  Proposal: comint-history-read-only
 emacs       10746  ImageMagick and priority of image loaders
 emacs       10747  ImageMagick does not return much metadata
 emacs       10754  define-minor-mode and doc of derived mode
 emacs       10758  thumbs and image-dired to use built-in ImageMagick
 emacs       10772  24.0.93; [patch] Convert tcl-auto-fill-mode to use define-m
 emacs       10773  define-derived-mode/define-minor-mode to declare hook varia
 emacs       10775  Feature request: avoid revert question in `find-file-nosele
 emacs       10784  23.1; info doesn't follow link in Bison TOC
 emacs       10787  23.4; hs-hide-* functions don't honor page break in Emacs-L
 emacs       10794  24.0.93; `kill-emacs-query-functions' and `save-buffers-kil
 emacs       10806  24.0.93; `cancel-edebug-on-entry': many tiny problems
 emacs       10813  finder returns too little / info-finder too much
 emacs       10814  commentaries reached via finder-list-keywords do not have l
 emacs       10820  24.0.93; semantic-mode: M-n and M-p not working after `C-c 
 emacs       10842  Cancelling a new mail in message-mode ignores rmail-mail-ne
 emacs       10853  describe-function could mention that a function is currentl
 emacs       10856  24.0.93; hs-hide-block changes cursor column when collapsin
 emacs       10864  kill output buffer on "no match"
 emacs       10867  23.4 must export LC_CTYPE to zh_CN.UTF-8 or similar CJK loc
 emacs       10870  24.0.92; ansi-term broken on some Solaris platforms
 emacs       10872  24.0.93; doc of `where-is-internal'
 emacs       10873  24.0.93; `report-emacs-bug' obscures bug-reporting buffer (
 emacs       10875  24.0.93; `where-is-internal' and command remapping
 emacs       10895  Quirky behaviours with Arabic text
 emacs       10897  copy-directory create new directory when copying a symlink
 emacs       10904  24.0.93; Infinite loop in GnuTLS code during Gnus nnimap-in
 emacs       10907  24.0.94; Updating display of Customize buffer
 emacs       10911  24.0.94; `ido-read-directory-name' should offer known hosts
 emacs       10916  Using occur to list occurrencies of the symbol at point
 emacs       10920  24.0.93; Poor response to display size changes
 emacs       10927  24.0.93; propose newline-and-indent to have numeric argumen
 emacs       10934  24.0.94; cperl system abbrevs fix
 emacs       10935  23.3; devanagari-itrans method incomplete
 emacs       10942  24.0.94; (emacs) `Modifier Keys'
 emacs       10945  Can't search through help menu.
 emacs       10947  24.0.92; The variable `erc-channel-users' can be invalid af
 emacs       10948  24.0.94; electric-pair-mode inserts unnecessary "
 emacs       10959  23.3; emacs -nw doesn't always restore the terminal screen
 emacs       10960  linum-mode does not work properly when changing font size
 emacs       10968  24.0.94; loop indentation with `C-M-q' broken
 emacs       10969  24.0.94; Annoying warning for `pop'
 emacs       10980  23.4; Variable init_environment incorrectly set
 emacs       10986  tmm-menubar won't let us use explore the menus without a co
 emacs       10989  --eval block sent to server don't handle errors quite right
 emacs       10990  24.0.94; Uncompressing files
 emacs       10993  24.0.94; `yes-or-no-p' inhibits `quit' handler in `conditio
 emacs       10998  Allow movements in bookmark-bmenu-search.
 emacs       10999  delete-other-windows should say why nothing happens sometim
 emacs       11014  cperl syntax highlighting breaking on certain complex regul
 emacs       11017  24.0.94; emacs-lock--kill-emacs-query-functions should ding
 emacs       11018  24.0.94; Edebug: bindings shadowed by view-mode
 emacs       11025  23.1; re-search-backward does not find the right beginning 
 emacs       11028  24.0.94; bad lighter and menus for `text-scale-mode'
 emacs       11033  emacsclient: create a new frame only if one doesn't exist
 emacs       11041  23.4; Shifted keystrokes are not passed into OS X Input Man
 emacs       11046  24.0.94; Customize: M-TAB moves cursor over tag; clicking b
 emacs       11049  24.0.93; SIGABRT when closing terminal, emacs running in TT
 emacs       11050  24.0.94; emacs hangs
 emacs       11054  cperl font-lock mode ought to ignore variables in comments
 emacs       11066  24.0.94; gdb-many-windows broken for remote debugging
 emacs       11070  24.0.94; Large stippled images not displayed consistently
 emacs       11072  Display of glyphless non-spacing modifiers via a static com
 emacs       11075  24.0.94; Arabic character composition
 emacs       11081  24.0.94; "emacsclient --create-frame" occasionally crashes 
 emacs       11099  23.2; Filter function causes flickering in minibuffer
 emacs       11106  24.0.94; enhancement request: have autoload treat faces lik
 emacs       11113  23.3; Access to the mini-buffer in auctex mode triggers win
 emacs       11116  finder-compile-keywords misses some packages
 emacs       11136  24.0.94; Doc-view does not display pdf correctly
 emacs       11140  Improve calendar-exit's window treatment
 emacs       11147  24.0.94; A problem in positioning point
 emacs       11149  24.0.94; NS variant crashes on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11, Tiger
 emacs       11151  24.0.94; [PATCH] Winner-mode doesn't handle regexps for bor
 emacs       11157  23.3; rcirc - /part <channel> <string> is confusing
 emacs       11168  All headers but one missing in main *Info* buffer
 emacs       11172  24.0.95; mini-buffer contents is overwritten by output in e
 emacs       11189  24.0.95; texinfmt deletes " and \ at bol
 emacs       11193  Incorrect indentation in the scheme-mode
 emacs       11195  no compiling message displayed
 emacs       11202  24.0.93; shell.el: Documentation for M-x shell sometimes sh
 emacs       11210  Windows emacs 23.4.1: scroll-conservatively > 0 results in 
 emacs       11211  23.3; Gnus - eudc/ldap - inline expansion does not work
 emacs       11216  23.4; parenthesis matching breaks on certain complex expres
 emacs       11218  with-demoted-errors use of condition-case-unless-debug; ert
 emacs       11224  23.2; `comint-history-isearch' with value 'dwim causes erro
 emacs       11233  24.1.50; Wishlist: dired mouse-2 other window behavior
 emacs       11234  23.4; Compose key does not work well in current Debian test
 emacs       11237  23.3; option word-wrap not saved or at least not used on ne
 emacs       11250  23.1; Feature: makefile-gmake-mode should have forward-cond
 emacs       11254  24.0.94; cannot find compilation-error locations for Java
 emacs       11264  23.4; shell-script-mode highlighting (coloring) bugs for ba
 emacs       11265  24.0.94; gdb-mi very slow on Windows
 emacs       11270  23.4; Emacs ignores input
 emacs       11272  24.1.50; `holiday-sexp' not always sufficient
 emacs       11274  23.1; auto-save invoked in read-only directories
 emacs       11278  24.0.95; count-screen-lines wrong value for a corner case?
 emacs       11281  DST has not effect on windows XP when system DST adjustment
 emacs       11299  24.1.50; Make `customize-mode' work for minor modes too, or
 emacs       11301  24.1.50; `define-minor-mode' should set `custom-mode-group'
 emacs       11303  Whitespace mode causes auto-save to malfunction
 emacs       11307  24.1.50; `testcover-start' fails for magit.el --text follow
 emacs       11308  24.1.50; More completion confusion
 emacs       11309  24.1.50; Case problems with [:upper:] and Cyrillic, Greek
 emacs       11312  24.1.50; allout widgets mode bug when deleting text from he
 emacs       11314  24.1.50; Regression: incorrect Lisp indentation for `if' wi
 emacs       11320  [PATCH 2/2] Useful behavior for ediff-inferior-compare-regi
 emacs       11321  24.0.95; forward-sexp fails on string
 emacs       11322  24.0.95; hs-find-block-beginning failure
 emacs       11325  24.1.50; regression: bad order for `substitute-command-keys
 emacs       11331  Emacs unnecessarily leaves behind stale auto-save files aft
 emacs       11333  Whitespace mode says it's enabled, when it's really not
 emacs       11335  line with too many colons fools next-error
 emacs       11338  24.1.50; read-buffer-completion-ignore-case fails on one-ch
 emacs       11339  24.1.50; read-{buffer,file-name}-completion-ignore-case fai
 emacs       11340  24.0.95; hide-show-mode hides only ever other subroutine in
 emacs       11349  24.1.50; TAB-completion of file names does not convert \ to
 emacs       11353  24.0.95; whitespace-mode
 emacs       11355  24.1.50; Middle click on flyspell-mode fixes a word, but al
 emacs       11357  24.0.95; Warning: (lambda (G11400) ...) quoted with ' rathe
 emacs       11358  24.1.50; Feature request: A way to abort emacs-client
 emacs       11360  ERC completion case-sensitive
 emacs       11364  24.1.50; mouse selection followed by cursor movment to exte
 emacs       11365  24.1.50; quitting gdb does not restore window configuration
 emacs       11378  24.1.50; Suggestion: Let M-i in isearch cycle `search-invis
 emacs       11390  24.1.50; Emacs on OSX -- strange artifacts in the buffer
 emacs       11395  24.0.96; Sporadic crashing
 emacs       11396  24.1.50; ansi-term issues after full "page" of display
 emacs       11400  24.0.95; `url-copy-file' doesn't respect the umask
 emacs       11412  24.0.95; auto-revert-mode doesn't revert buffer when file b
 emacs       11414  23.2; Caps lock problem on English-Dvorak layout
 emacs       11428  Fatal error (11)[1] - Segfault while using Magit mode
 emacs       11430  24.0.96; Customizing `inverse-video' has no effect on sessi
 emacs       11432  Application that sets LINES/COLUMNS env vars behaves weird 
 emacs       11434  24.0.96; Determining major mode for a given file extension
 emacs       11445  24.0.96; Customize buffer edit fields should have undo
 emacs       11446  "g" in vc-pull buffer runs `compile' instead of `vc-pull'
 emacs       11450  24.1.50; NS regression: fallback font used even when glyph 
 emacs       11463  24.1.50; vc-dir buffer is not updated correctly after commi
 emacs       11474  24.1.50; eval a command does the wrong thing with emacsclie
 emacs       11480  24.1.50; ediff command frame auto-shrinks to 1 column wide
 emacs       11481  24.0.94; Oracle interactive SQL mode not allowing & in subs
 emacs       11482  24.0.96; Keep `M-s' as a prefix key for search (conflict wi
 emacs       11501  Emacs 24.0.97 Pretest Windows Binaries + Win7 x64: create n
 emacs       11503  24.0.96; `defvaralias' doc string and alias name not respec
 emacs       11507  Improve configure's detection of /sw etc packages for OS X
 emacs       11509  24.0.97; hl-line overlay priority; column highlighting; cro
 emacs       11511  Input method of emacs
 emacs       11515  Letters flow right to left when reaching the bottom of my s
 emacs       11530  24.1.50; electric-pair does not insert closer for double op
 emacs       11531  24.1.50; electric-pair-mode needs to detect apostrophes in 
 emacs       11536  23.4; frequent spurious auto-save while typing
 emacs       11544  Subject: 24.1.50; ediff-buffers command window does not wor
 emacs       11546  23.4; printing.el does not print images
 emacs       11549  auto-revert doesn't revert file permissions as revert-buffe
 emacs       11562  24.0.97; Error "Not in an editable field" when `M-TAB' in e
 emacs       11563  24.0.97; doc string of command `dired-insert-subdir'
 emacs       11568  24.0.97; dired-aux.el menu items not there.  `C-h w' is wro
 emacs       11571  24.0.97; doc string of `dired-get-subdir-min'
 emacs       11575  24.1.50; rev 107888 breaks S-mouse mark region in cua-mode
 emacs       11605  24.1.50; vc-ediff revert annoyance
 emacs       11607  24.0.97; Directory tracking and file name completion are co
 emacs       11608  24.0.94; `shell-resync-dirs' fails if a directory name from
 emacs       11612  24.1; Defaults create warning on startup
 emacs       11622  Ediff frame loses focus under certain circumstance
 emacs       11629  24.1.50; Graphical Corruption
 emacs       11636  23.1; wrong comment indentation
 emacs       11639  24.0.95; Emacs daemon hangs when emacsclient was killed
 emacs       11650  24.1.50; "Simple" input methods do not allow selection of a
 emacs       11655  24.1; Customize: clicking down-pointing triangle should not
 emacs       11659  24.1.50; ede project not loaded
 emacs       11661  24.1; (wrong-type-argument stringp t) in `display-completio
 emacs       11676  24.1; Daemon crashes when ssh dies
 emacs       11679  24.1.50; gud/pdb3 hangs in lines with list comprehension
 emacs       11680  flyspell should use mouse-3 instead of mouse-2
 emacs       11681  GNU Emacs 24.1.1 (i386-mingw-nt6.1.7601) Save bug
 emacs       11682  23.3; meta key stops working if X modifier map becomes (tem
 emacs       11691  24.1; shell-command-on-region leaves region marked
 emacs       11694  24.1; in-is13194-devanagari with \200
 emacs       11697  24.1.50; ERC scroll-to-bottom functionality 'broken' in ema
 emacs       11701  24.1.50; SIGBUS in libMagickCore when reconverting pdf file
 emacs       11702  23.4; `grep-find-use-xargs' should be defined with `defcust
 emacs       11704  24.1.50; REL_ALLOC-related segfault on GNU/Linux
 emacs       11705  Strangest Emacs Bug I've ever seen
 emacs       11716  24.1; `substitute-command-keys' does not respect `defalias'
 emacs       11718  24.1.50; `all-completions' returns results with wrong case
 emacs       11722  24.1; cannot set-frame-font to a fontset
 emacs       11724  24.1; emacs freeze (full hang, ctrl+G or kill -15 do not he
 emacs       11728  24.1.50; vc-pull inconsistent behavior
 emacs       11729  24.1 dumps core on OSX in x_find_modifier_meanings
 emacs       11733  24.1; cperl indentation bugs
 emacs       11734  24.1; Save Toolbar not working
 emacs       11747  24.1.50; called-interactively-p vs. advice
 emacs       11756  24.1.50; mode-line string and properties
 emacs       11759  24.1.50; word-wrap should wrap on non-words if the current 
 emacs       11788  url-http does not properly handle https over proxy
 emacs       11795  24.1.50; wdired: C-c C-c loses marks and positions of renam
 emacs       11819  Wishlist: enriched mode, handle links like in LibreOffice, 
 emacs       11820  Wishlist: export enriched mode file as a html file
 emacs       11822  24.1; emacsclient terminal mode captures escape characters 
 emacs       11832  24.1.50; enhancement request: line truncation not dependent
 emacs       11840  24.1.50; nil keymap element on high priority overlay should
 emacs       11849  23.3; emacs freeze when vpn is connected
 emacs       11851  24.1.50; info.el: show messages only when interactive
 emacs       11860  24.1;  Arabic - Harakat (diacritics, short vowels) don't ap
 emacs       11864  24.1.50; error instrumenting pcase in completion-at-point f
 emacs       11881  23.3; m-! pwd shows true path but dired buffer shows symbol
 emacs       11882  tar-copy does not preserve the time
 emacs       11883  24.1.50; shell-mode doesn't colorize the prompt
 emacs       11890  24.1; (wrong-type-argument processp nil) in `shell-mode'
 emacs       11902  Emacs 23.2: dired rename file and file is hidden - Windows 
 emacs       11912  24.1; 'M' in Dired on a symlink does not refresh the displa
 emacs       11918  24.1; Spurious bytecomp warning "might not be defined at ru
 emacs       11919  24.1; term-emulate-term does not process bash's Ctrl-Z sign
 emacs       11926  24.1; emacsclient doesn't respect system locale settings
 emacs       11929  24.1.50; Globalized minor mode turn-on function is called t
 emacs       11934  24.1; provide variable for pp.el to control max display wid
 emacs       11944  24.1.50; newcomment needs comment-normalize-vars in more fu
 emacs       11948  24.1.50; word-wrap should allow wrapping at all breaking sp
 emacs       11952  can't compile latest emacs from git repo (msys)
 emacs       11960  Defective layout change on M-x ediff-buffers
 emacs       11962  23.4; shell-process-cd called before executing command in s
 emacs       11975  23.4; ediff-revision mix up Repository with Working revisio
 emacs       11982  24.1.50; (Contains ERT Test) show-paren-mode doesn't work i
 emacs       11983  24.1; Electric-command-loop broken?
 emacs       11993  Emacs frames on other display hang during recursive edit on
 emacs       11995  vc-compilation-mode name and implementation
 emacs       11996  Perl mode indentation does not know about the \() construct
 emacs       11997  24.1.50; Crash under MacOS X
 emacs       12012  feature request: scrollbar in fringe
 emacs       12016  24.1; ff-find-other-file is not considering cc-other-file-a
 emacs       12048  24.1; handling of non-breaking of hyphen with `escape-glyph
 emacs       12050  23.3; font trashes mode-line file name
 emacs       12056  24.1.50; Background color in selected and non-selected wind
 emacs       12065  24.1; `custom-magic-show': set to "no", cannot get back aga
 emacs       12066  24.1; Customize :type `restricted-sexp' :tag - use it for p
 emacs       12068  24.1; customizing debug-on-error to nil disables --debug-in
 emacs       12070  24.1.50; Help echo for mode-line MULE info is incorrect on 
 emacs       12075  24.1; doc out of date, unclear wrt *-selected-* and save-wi
 emacs       12078  24.1; Improve the I-search prompt
 emacs       12084  24.1; default value for defcustom :type `choice'
 emacs       12086  24.1; character groups and `glyphless-char-display-control'
 emacs       12098  How to trap errors in man?
 emacs       12102  24.1.50; Strange interaction between completion and savehis
 emacs       12105  24.1; `help-make-xrefs' should not create an xref to the cu
 emacs       12106  24.1; be able to prevent `help-make-xrefs' from creating a 
 emacs       12111  23.4; Display problem with devanagari
 emacs       12113  24.0.96; Incorrect echoing of gdb output
 emacs       12123  relocatable installation
 emacs       12124  24.1.50; warning pollution
 emacs       12126  24.1.50; compilation --with-wide-int on PowerPC 32-bit lead
 emacs       12149  24.1; `C-h f' is worse and worse at telling where a functio
 emacs       12153  24.1.50; vc-checkin fails when buffers of files doesn't exi
 emacs       12154  24.1; emacsclient: alternate editor does not inherit option
 emacs       12163  24.1; Can not input anything or showing none output when de
 emacs       12165  segmentation fault during run-lisp in emacs-24.1
 emacs       12170  save-excursion fails boundary case with recenter
 emacs       12180  Fwd: bug#12163: 24.1; Can not input anything or showing non
 emacs       12204  24.1.50; Binding mouse-movement interferes with "C-h c" for
 emacs       12205  Problem in Emacs maximization in KDE
 emacs       12237  24.2; info-look.el setup for awk no longer works with gawk 
 emacs       12253  Restore window start position
 emacs       12273  24.2.50; complex text layout
 emacs       12280  Bug#685872: emacs24 XHTML RELAX NG schema should support XH
 emacs       12291  [rev 109796] wrong UTF-8 handling
 emacs       12292  24.1.50; display of horizontal ellipsis on Mac OSX looks li
 emacs       12299  24.1; no byte compiler warning for inline function call wit
 emacs       12324  emacs crashes in gdb modus
 emacs       12329  24.1.50; edebug with defun* and defmacro*
 emacs       12337  24.2.50; when compiled with optimisation and LLVM GCC temac
 emacs       12349  24.2.50; Italic face is underlined instead of slanted
 emacs       12352  24.2.50; Failure to compose characters in mode-line input m
 emacs       12354  24.2; garbage inserted at the beginning of the buffer even 
 emacs       12363  24.2.50; pulse.el highlighting causes flickering
 emacs       12369  24.2.50; cl-loop: variable not left unused
 emacs       12373  24.1; cperl-mode syntax highlighting
 emacs       12377  24.2.50; `minibuffer-prompt-properties' should respect exis
 emacs       12378  24.2.50; `ibuffer' is broken for buffer names with newlines
 emacs       12379  24.2.50; display of text in buffer garbled
 emacs       12380  more control over window splitting
 emacs       12385  24.2.50 ; build fails on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger)
 emacs       12394  24.2.50; wdired: error when wdired-use-interactive-rename i
 emacs       12401  scroll-preserve-screen-position broken with font height fac
 emacs       12406  24.2.50; frame parameter `menu-bar-lines' and `menu-bar-mod
 emacs       12411  24.2.50; No `make help' target?
 emacs       12413  24.2.50; M-j should be bound to default-indent-new-line
 emacs       12415  vc-push & vc-pull support?
 emacs       12419  Mouse click changes layout
 emacs       12425  24.2.50; gud-mi failing with threads 'Cannot get thread eve
 emacs       12428  Display glitch in margin with linum-mode on macosx
 emacs       12431  [feature request] Add info on next-multiframe-window comman
 emacs       12436  24.2.50; rename `(next|previous)-multiframe-window'
 emacs       12440  24.2; process-send-string only sends 4K for long strings
 emacs       12443  24.2.50; Default values in the minibuffer prompt (fix incon
 emacs       12457  24.2.50; [patch] Use in `file-truename' in `flymake-create-
 emacs       12481  24.2.50; scroll bar always stays at the top on LUCID Emacs 
 emacs       12483  Feature request: reftex-citation: skip menu for exact match
 emacs       12484  bytecode.c compilation problem with old gcc
 emacs       12490  24.2; Search inside Minibuffer don't work with M-x (M-x C-s
 emacs       12491  24.2.50; `Info-insert-dir' should be able to not show msgs
 emacs       12492  24.2.50; Open vc-dir buffer easier and faster
 emacs       12493  24.1; thread apply all bt in GUD-mi doesn't work
 emacs       12496  24.2; global newline mode shows whitespace too
 emacs       12500  24.2.50; (search-failed "\n  debug(") in debugger
 emacs       12504  24.2.50; `bookmark-rename' and `bookmark-maybe-historicize-
 emacs       12507  24.2.50; `bookmark-write-file': use `write-file', not `writ
 emacs       12511  24.1; parse-netrc does not properly handle newlines
 emacs       12514  24.2; message-make-date returns a localized date after X re
 emacs       12518  outline-minor-mode doesn't work well in C(++) mode
 emacs       12533  24.2.50; incorrect behavior & formatting in Customize
 emacs       12535  24.2.50; [PATCH] `edmacro-parse-keys' is incorrect for M-<T
 emacs       12545  24.2; Updating packages does not reload files.
 emacs       12563  24.1; Autotyping Info Manual; Section 4 "Skeleton Language"
 emacs       12579  24.1; Emacs 24.1 /  24.2 (daily) crashes
 emacs       12585  diff refine should highlight space changes better (feature 
 emacs       12598  24.2; utf-8 codepoints in doc-strings and compression of .e
 emacs       12610  macros in defadvice are not expanded during byte-compilatio
 emacs       12611  Bugfix for broken hunspell choices
 emacs       12615  24.2.50; Non-ignored case in insert-char
 emacs       12635  A usability issue with the save dialog box
 emacs       12636  24.2.50; url-retrieve does not work as expected via local p
 emacs       12643  24.2.50; TRAMP and ps-spool functions
 emacs       12654  24.2; tags-table-files doesn't seem to be updated when it s
 emacs       12673  24.2; makefile-mode whitespace-cleanup
 emacs       12682  24.2.50; make server-execute less noisy
 emacs       12689  24.2; Eshell ${cmd} substitution
 emacs       12690  24.2; [FEATURE REQUEST] Make :annotation-function more flex
 emacs       12693  24.2.50; src/w32font.c should depend on ANSI code page
 emacs       12723  24.2; Improvement: changing text rectangle kill/past and it
 emacs       12739  24.2.50; selection-coding-system is set to ANSI code page o
 emacs       12747  Make diff-auto-refine-mode refine from jit/font-lock
 emacs       12767  24.1; ispell-buffer checks code as well as comments when in
 emacs       12777  24.2; Please support '$' in format specifications
 emacs       12791  24.2; An option to load user init file with -batch
 emacs       12796  Optimize `ido-completing-read' for larger lists with flex m
 emacs       12799  24.3.50; `scroll-conservatively', I-search and `C-g'
 emacs       12826  24.2.50; M-x term
 emacs       12828  missing final "done"s in *Messages*
 emacs       12833  24.2.50; Avoid questions asked in the echo area to be overr
 emacs       12840  24.2.50; ediff: mode-line of control buffer - improvement r
 emacs       12852  24.2; `exit-function' not supported in completion table's m
 emacs       12857  rcirc.el: make default PART and QUIT reasons customizable
 emacs       12864  24.3.50; bad & confusing Customize `State' Menu behavior
 emacs       12870  24.3.50; Crash: assertion failed during garbage collect
 emacs       12872  24.2; Provide a feature to trigger mode-line redisplay
 emacs       12873  24.2; undigestify-rmail-message in emacs 24.x still doesn't
 emacs       12876  24.3.50; DocView problem with cached files
 emacs       12878  24.2; Compiling failed on Windows 7 with VC 11 Express: _WI
 emacs       12890  read-face-attribute, face-valid-attribute-values do not han
 emacs       12895  24.3.50; Replacement for flet
 emacs       12898; Completion is not passed further on in emacs-lis
 emacs       12915  24.2.50; Visiting a file via drag-and-drop should add it to
 emacs       12916  24.2; Completion for "C-x b" does not include current buffe
 emacs       12921  24.2.50; resizing backtrace buffer not persistent (again)
 emacs       12922  24.3.50; `make-pointer-invisible' don't seem to work
 emacs       12923  24.2; epa-file--find-file-not-found-function: Opening input
 emacs       12924  24.3.50; Request: Provide a command to show the node in the
 emacs       12925  24.1; string-make-unibyte instead of string-as-unibyte
 emacs       12936  24.2; Setting 'jit-lock-defer-time' to number prevent some 
 emacs       12937  24.2; Fontification performed in 'jit-lock-defer-time' in a
 emacs       12939  24.3.50; [PATCH] `icomplete-mode' should respect `completio
 emacs       12944  Subject: 24.3.50; Crash while editing ESN files
 emacs       12946  23.2; log-edit-insert-changelog not inserting a description
 emacs       12949  24.3.50; request: use Customize to set local value (in addi
 emacs       12953  Implement line highlighting (à la hl-line) in the display 
 emacs       12956  24.2; Move hl-line-mode to display engine so performance re
 emacs       12976  24.2; C-c i is bound to custom function, but in a term buff
 emacs       12984  24.3.50; crashes when visiting etc/images/splash.* on Mac O
 emacs       12986  Pressing backspace during isearch exits case-sensitive and 
 emacs       12987  Mode switching during isearch isn't user friendly
 emacs       12988  isearch fails to persistently indicate case sensitivity
 emacs       12997  Add some way to mark autoloads as obsolete
 emacs       13004  24.2; vc-diff from vc-log doesn't show diff before renames 
 emacs       13006  recognizing compressed files with arbitrary names
 emacs       13007  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       13009  Logical line movement is illogical
 emacs       13011  24.2; Text flickering moving cursor with box around text en
 emacs       13012  Assertion failure in xdisp.c:window_outdated
 emacs       13020  24.3.50; assertion failed: XBUFFER (w->buffer) == current_b
 emacs       13023  24.3.50; lexical binding does not work within defadvice
 emacs       13029  24.3.50; coding system from .dir-locals.el doesn't work
 emacs       13041  24.2; diacritic-fold-search
 emacs       13044  24.2; mark-whole-buffer seems doesn't work with these code 
 emacs       13053  PATCH: Fullscreen frame support on Windows
 emacs       13057  BUG: gdb main window corrupt
 emacs       13059  frame-title does not update modified toggle on tmpfs
 emacs       13072  24.3.50; Fancy Diary display fontification failures
 emacs       13082  24.3.50; Enhancement request: let `compare-strings', like `
 emacs       13087  24.3.50; FFAP does not understand file at point
 emacs       13091  24.3.50; Using `ediff-buffers', get msg "Computing differen
 emacs       13092  24.3.50; regression: `icomplete-mode' does not echo key bin
 emacs       13094  Problem with emacsclient not raising frame is back
 emacs       13106  Graphical glitches in Cocoa Emacs
 emacs       13109  24.1; flyspell highlights words containing curly quotes whi
 emacs       13110  24.1; Problem chaining archive-mode and tar-mode.
 emacs       13129  24.1; Please add curly single quotes to text-mode's syntax 
 emacs       13130  24.2.90; :box face attribute problems
 emacs       13131  24.1; Allow curly quotes to be found by searching for strai
 emacs       13133  24.2.90; scroll-conservatively is too coarse a setting
 emacs       13148  flymake with separate object directory
 emacs       13156  dedicated face for parentheses in lisp modes
 emacs       13159  24.3.50; `find-file-noselect' should not display or log mes
 emacs       13161  indentation inside escaped parens in shell-script-mode
 emacs       13167  24.3.50; C-x right C-x left interferes with buffer order
 emacs       13171  24.2;xscheme
 emacs       13174  24.1; comment-region incorrectly handling XML comments alre
 emacs       13178  Query-replace fails soon after narrow-to-region
 emacs       13187  24.2; lisp/url/url-http.el
 emacs       13191  24.3.50; insert-directory: Always replace "total" with "tot
 emacs       13193  24.3.50; EasyPG with Gnupg set up to use card reader; handl
 emacs       13218  Disable menu by default on TTY frames
 emacs       13228  Request for highlighting back-quote/quote pair notation.
 emacs       13236  24.3.50; insert-char case-insensitivity damaged by completi
 emacs       13241  24.2; sh-mode, bash, font-lock; highlight variables in expr
 emacs       13242  24.2.91; dired-goto-file: read-file-name with nil MUSTMATCH
 emacs       13252  must load a package before instrumenting it with elp
 emacs       13255  24.2.50; output in nonvisible shell buffer changes prompt
 emacs       13269  24.3.50; modifying bindings in `visual-line-mode-map' has n
 emacs       13273  24.3.50; [PATCH] enhancement request: repeatable `visual-li
 emacs       13281  24.3.50; "Package-Requires" missing info in (elisp) `Librar
 emacs       13283  24.3.50; on PPC Tiger the HELLO buffer shows no non-Latin c
 emacs       13284  24.3.50; when launched with -Q the frame is as wide as the 
 emacs       13286  save-place-to-alist could call abbreviate-file-name
 emacs       13287  [PATCH] table.el: Wiki export
 emacs       13303  24.2.91; gdb under emacs broken for break commands
 emacs       13304  [PATCH] full-path gud breakpoints now don't get confused by
 emacs       13306  24.2; [WishList] rmail-next-error-move functionality for oc
 emacs       13308  24.2.91; Crash when minimizing the window
 emacs       13319  24.2.91; emacsclient doesn't find server with nonstandard n
 emacs       13322  24.3.50; `completion-all-sorted-completions': sorting and d
 emacs       13325  24.2.91; compilation-shell-minor-mode doesn't work in EShel
 emacs       13326  document how to include more types of error messages in vie
 emacs       13327  24.2; rmail-cease-edit adds content-type line to non-MIME m
 emacs       13328  24.2; Rmail does not properly decode MIME messages containi
 emacs       13329  24.2 post patch for #9521; Rmail forward does not correctly
 emacs       13333  24.3.50; (emacs) `Minibuffer History'
 emacs       13334  24.3.50; enhancement request: `C-0 M-n' reverses order of d
 emacs       13336  24.3.50; `next-frame' should not choose a frame (e.g. *Back
 emacs       13339  24.3.50; doc of `next-frame'
 emacs       13341  24.3.50; define minibuffer keymaps in Lisp
 emacs       13343  24.3.50; give examples using `gv-define-expander' and `gv-l
 emacs       13350  24.2; term.el is confused when bash prints almost 4096 byte
 emacs       13359  23.4; bad text pointer cursor: BadValue (integer parameter 
 emacs       13369  24.1; compile message parsing slow because of omake hack
 emacs       13399  24.3.50; Word-wrap can't wrap at zero-width space U-200B
 emacs       13400  23.4; overlapping process filter calls
 emacs       13401  24.2.92; Mail mode in Emacs FAQ
 emacs       13405  24.3; log-view-diff-changeset reports wrong results
 emacs       13407  23.2; nxml: fill-paragraph does not work before root elemen
 emacs       13411  24.2.91; Sorting in Buffer Menu Mode
 emacs       13417  24.2.92; Show number of errors in compilation mode
 emacs       13418  24.2.92; Canonicalise the term 'autoload'
 emacs       13423  24.1; Can't display (some) characters outside BMP
 emacs       13425  new css-mode indenter
 emacs       13429  24.2; `window-end' returns point after last point in window
 emacs       13431  24.2; UTF-8 causes bad reference position under Emacs Info
 emacs       13439  24.4.50; improvement of describe-variable/pp
 emacs       13442  24.1; Please add a function to hexify paths to url-util, e.
 emacs       13451  24.3.50; doc of `window-persistent-parameters' and window p
 emacs       13452  24.1; Macro Playback Fails When Buffer Scrolls
 emacs       13455  24.2.91; profiler.el: missing documentation, menu stuff etc
 emacs       13461  Subject: 24.2; highlight lines regexp does not highlight al
 emacs       13469  24.2; emacs has a tiny frame, when I embed it in a kmail te
 emacs       13473  24.3.50; Display Tables doc bug
 emacs       13474  24.3.50; Changing vertical-border face affects non-toolkit 
 emacs       13475  24.2.91; accept-process-output hangs emacs on killed sub-pr
 emacs       13476  24.3.50; Reverting scroll-bar face customization has no eff
 emacs       13479  Cross Compiling for ARM
 emacs       13480  24.3.50; `C-w' from Isearch should translate newlines to sp
 emacs       13486  24.2.92: large X-selections: timed out waiting for property
 emacs       13490  toolkit, toolkit, who's got the toolkit?
 emacs       13492  24.2.92; Buffer changing in dired-mark-pop-up
 emacs       13494  output from pdb++ never appears in *gud-FILE* buffer
 emacs       13506  24.3.50; loading emacsbug.el ignores customized `send-mail-
 emacs       13521  `sort-lines' on the empty region
 emacs       13522  24.2; save-buffer removes edited file under some conditions
 emacs       13531  24.2.92; Normally closed Emacs leaves autosave files
 emacs       13536  24.2; Patterns in `diary-european-date-forms' NOT mutually 
 emacs       13547  svn annotate - incorrect previous/next revision
 emacs       13551  24.3.50; epa-mail-encrypt chooses wrong key
 emacs       13552  24.3.50; glitch in Info formatting for cross reference
 emacs       13564  24.2.91; Reg-exp in directory-files stops working (badly af
 emacs       13568  24.3.50; wishlist: add a `group-p' predicate
 emacs       13569  24.3.50; gdb-control-commands-regexp has a typo
 emacs       13571  24.3.50; doc of `interactive'
 emacs       13572  24.3.50; `describe-function' -> "This function has a compil
 emacs       13575  24.1; dired-mark-sexp misparses directory contents
 emacs       13581  24.3.50; regression: defadvice does not work, to augment do
 emacs       13584  24.2; Emacs ignores system-wide hinting settings
 emacs       13586  pdbtrack doesn't jump to the source file location on the fi
 emacs       13589  24.2.92; wrongly escaped call-process arguments 
 emacs       13590  23.4; Cursor jumps around while typing
 emacs       13597  Feature request: Use ediff in log-view.el for git repositor
 emacs       13599  24.2; (max-char) is too low (and hard to change)
 emacs       13602  24.3.50; remove bindings for `icomplete-minibuffer-map' - m
 emacs       13603  24.2; Feature Request: Expose more libxml functionality
 emacs       13604  24.3.50; [Wishlist] Process list for server should include 
 emacs       13606  [24.3.50] cl manual index is incomplete
 emacs       13608  24.3.50; ERC doesn't realize the process is gone in ping ti
 emacs       13617  24.2.92; [PATCH] Add strip-string
 emacs       13619  24.3.50; Frequent network-related crashes
 emacs       13632  24.3.50; emacsclient: emacs accepts keypress after server-e
 emacs       13641  24.3.50; `minibuffer-inactive-mode' - hook seems wrong
 emacs       13646  Mode-specific and file-regexp-specific settings
 emacs       13648  24.3.50; remove-overlays bugs
 emacs       13649  boobytrapped dired-do-async-shell-command question
 emacs       13653  24.2.93; cygw32 in daemon mode aborts in response to kill c
 emacs       13655  23.2; sit-for doesn't return on input in other X displays
 emacs       13656  24.2; interactive calls with defadvice
 emacs       13670  24.3.50; `autoload-generate-file-autoloads' off-by-one bug
 emacs       13675  24.2.93; Extremely slow redisplay when lines are very long
 emacs       13677  24.2.50; workng on remote hosts with eshell is not very enj
 emacs       13685  a way to say that dir-locals should only apply to buffers w
 emacs       13690  24.3.50; scroll-conservatively and Info-up
 emacs       13691  24.3.50; Problem with glyphs in unibyte buffers
 emacs       13692  mouse clicks in vc-dir buffers accidentally changing marks
 emacs       13693  M-x grep should do some basic parameter checking
 emacs       13696  EastPG does not redraw the display after pinentry-curses
 emacs       13697  A way to tell if Emacs can interact with the user
 emacs       13707  24.3.50; (elisp) Pattern matching case statement: UPattern 
 emacs       13709  24.3.50; Evil breaks Meta on r111745
 emacs       13711  24.3.50; Crash - when applying solarized color theme.
 emacs       13716  24.3.50; `which-func-mode' is used in Emacs Lisp manual
 emacs       13718  [patch] prevents hl-line from overriding highlight-mode
 emacs       13732  24.3.50: X daemon font crash
 emacs       13740  About a coding convention
 emacs       13745  c1-acronyms
 emacs       13749  24.2; intermittent set-frame-width issue
 emacs       13752  Suggestions regarding the minibuffer
 emacs       13755  24.3.50; regression: incorrect font-lock highlighting
 emacs       13764  24.3.50; please do not use defsubst for `font-lock-(apply-h
 emacs       13776  24.3.50; Some items on the mode-line don't have a suitable 
 emacs       13777  [patch] Add toolbars for Edebug and debugger-mode
 emacs       13779  24.2; How to turn on flymake-mode automatically?
 emacs       13780  24.2; Making find-file-hook customizable seems to cause tro
 emacs       13790  Cannot paste with C-y into Homebrew emacs v24.2.1
 emacs       13791  24.3.50; scroll-margin docstring says "recenter"
 emacs       13795  24.3.50; epa-insert-keys improvements
 emacs       13810  24.3.50; Docstring of `newline' is confusing
 emacs       13814  24.3.50; Dynamic variables shadowing prevent defvar
 emacs       13815  Wrong mode for files with awkward shebang lines
 emacs       13824  24.3.50; :package-version not taking priority over :version
 emacs       13828  24.3.50; Emacs freezes when using the emacs server, and exi
 emacs       13833  24.2.93; Proper SOCKS support
 emacs       13836  24.3.50; `put-text-property' creates lock files for indirec
 emacs       13841  24.3.50; Regression - unreadable `C-h k' help
 emacs       13842  24.2.93; [feature request] Add value in apropos-variable
 emacs       13844  [PATCH] Fix html-mode quotes syntax in text
 emacs       13847  bzr trunk -- build failed -- SIGSEGV
 emacs       13850  Emacs for Windows: Launch better from a command prompt
 emacs       13855  A minor suggestion to "(eintr) Mail Aliases"
 emacs       13860  24.2; dir-locals-directory-cache unreliable in one rare cas
 emacs       13869  24.2; Theme slows emacs down
 emacs       13881  list-system-processes on OpenBSD
 emacs       13884  24.3.50; `mouse-secondary-save-then-kill' should not affect
 emacs       13887  24.3; doc-view will render blurry images when image-magick 
 emacs       13889  lenient loading, feature request
 emacs       13895  nXhtml - Emacs 24.2.1 warnings
 emacs       13917  24.3.50; Elisp manual: Font Lock Mode
 emacs       13918  polytonic Greek on Windows
 emacs       13924  24.2; Recompile and compile-environment
 emacs       13926  24.3.50; doc string of `visual-line-mode'
 emacs       13934  Minor bug in `command-line-functions'
 emacs       13941  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       13945  `abreviated-home-dir' isn't documented
 emacs       13949  24.3.50; `fill-paragraph' should not always put the buffer 
 emacs       13955  Subject: 24.3; (thing-at-point 'list) fails
 emacs       13956  24.3; An initial frame already exists before reading .emacs
 emacs       13960  24.3; applying stash in vc-dir doesn't revert buffer
 emacs       13961  24.3; ffap-url-unwrap-remote fails for remote file URIs
 emacs       13964  24.3; randomize_va_space is back
 emacs       13969  24.3; crash when increasing font size in HELLO buffer
 emacs       13971  [wishlist] Combine some features
 emacs       13973  Subject: 24.3; thingatpt.el, end-of-sexp
 emacs       13974  24.3.50; Height of font is not correct
 emacs       13993  24.3.50; doc of `complete-with-action'
 emacs       13994  End of buffer error for forward-sexp
 emacs       13996  24.3; Unify the value of interprogram-paste-function
 emacs       13997  building emacs 24.3 failed with seg fault during ./temacs -
 emacs       14006  24.3.50; doc of `completion-in-region-mode', `completion-in
 emacs       14009  24.3; 2 instances of modeline instead of mode-line 
 emacs       14013  24.3.50; dired-isearch-filenames-regexp is matching text ou
 emacs       14017  Highlight prefix line numbers in occur
 emacs       14018  24.3; Crashes after opening org-mode document in TRAMP mode
 emacs       14028  24.3; After customize-project inference rules, and restart,
 emacs       14030  24.3; expand-file-name expands remote file name on Windows 
 emacs       14033  24.3.50; Deleting frame and reconnecting to Emacs daemon re
 emacs       14036  24.2; seemingly random crashes
 emacs       14037  24.3.50; Transpose characters with negative argument does n
 emacs       14046  24.1.50; cannot uncomment region in configure.ac (autoconf-
 emacs       14049  24.3; set-frame-width didn't work in daemon mode
 emacs       14051  Fwd: 24.3; Slow scrolling in term modes
 emacs       14053  [Dan] csv-mode: can't have comma after "" in a quoted field
 emacs       14056  24.3; set-frame-height/width don't work when called first t
 emacs       14057  Make it easier to find the origin of the code
 emacs       14069  24.2; "Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil" in ERC tab complet
 emacs       14070  24.3.50; incorrect doc from `C-h f' when use `defadvice' wi
 emacs       14081  23.2; Hyperlinking the location in backtrace
 emacs       14083  24.3.50; Dired error deleting directory
 emacs       14084  24.3.50; `substitute-command-keys': allow for expansion of 
 emacs       14086  24.3.50; `substitute-command-keys': inappropriate "(that bi
 emacs       14088  24.3.50; Document <t> or replace it in `substitute-command-
 emacs       14090  24.1; Crash on Customize truncate-lines and update for curr
 emacs       14100  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14104  24.3.50; `elp-results' should show the buffer in special-mo
 emacs       14114  tango-dark: background highlighting not working properly
 emacs       14120  invalid load-history in emacsen that CANNOT_DUMP
 emacs       14130  24.3.50; doc/help for advice and advised functions
 emacs       14147  24.3.50; turn on `minibuffer-depth-indicator-mode' by defau
 emacs       14148  24.3; make ido-mode slightly more customizable
 emacs       14150  Customize within two Emacs sessions deletes saved customiza
 emacs       14170  24.3; linum won't create all overlays after a folding
 emacs       14173  comint file completion bug
 emacs       14175  24.3.50; Bad completion behavior with read-file-name-comple
 emacs       14185  24.3; pcl-cvs shows files as modified when just visited in 
 emacs       14192  24.3.50; recursive edit while running ispell not working us
 emacs       14194  24.3; Hexl-mode fontification
 emacs       14204  Interested in joining savannah emacs project
 emacs       14206  24.3.50; doc string of `execute-kbd-macro'
 emacs       14212  24.3.50; Dired-X manual - variables have no `Variable' or `
 emacs       14213  24.3; Redraw artifacts with emacs cursor and highlighting
 emacs       14220  24.3; Odd vertical height of some glyphs in certain fonts
 emacs       14221  24.2 or 24.1; fatal_error_signal: Process /usr/bin/emacs-24
 emacs       14234  24.3; symbol-at-point fails in (very) narrowed buffers
 emacs       14238  [PATCH] Help page for character description forgets the cha
 emacs       14242  vc-next-action with registered file [VC-mode with subversio
 emacs       14243  24.3; Shell mode file name expansion case-sensitive on Mac 
 emacs       14244  24.3.50; Make menu-bar `Buffers' menu be usable normally
 emacs       14247  24.3.50; Autoloaded defcustom in package loses saved settin
 emacs       14250  file locking fails if the hostname contains an @ character
 emacs       14256  Emacs crashed with EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using UTF8 in standa
 emacs       14257  24.3.50; (elisp) `Modifying Menus' - clarify second example
 emacs       14259  24.1; global-linum-mode slows down scrolling and user input
 emacs       14278  24.3.50; doc of `defstruct'
 emacs       14282  24.3; gud-gdb doesn't work
 emacs       14286  Tex-mode always picks the first command in tex-compile-comm
 emacs       14294  24.3; core dump
 emacs       14297  24.3.50; emacs subprocesses don't exit on "exit"
 emacs       14307  24.3; Extremely slow/laggy scrolling
 emacs       14319  Abort in ns_select - `accept-process-output' in menu
 emacs       14321  Documentation doesn't refer to set-scroll-bar-mode
 emacs       14322  24.3; emacsclient -c behavior regression
 emacs       14324  24.3; GTK scrollbar doesn't scroll proportionally when Line
 emacs       14328  buffer cloned with clone-indirect-buffer is refontified wit
 emacs       14329  delete_frame / expose_window_tree crash
 emacs       14333  24.3.50; Emacs hangs when trying to exit
 emacs       14338  24.3.50; ELPA package ack fails to install
 emacs       14340  24.3.50; Case insensitivity with read-file-name
 emacs       14341  adding an auto toggle update keybinding to proced
 emacs       14343  24.3; cperl font-lock (highlighting) bug after copy-paste
 emacs       14346  24.3; beginning-of-visual-line jumps to previous line in or
 emacs       14351  24.3; Using XIM with UIM
 emacs       14357  24.3; Directory tracking in ansi-term broken
 emacs       14358  Option to use GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick
 emacs       14359  read-from-minibuffer to respect standard-input
 emacs       14378  24.3; segfault in draw_glyphs
 emacs       14382  appearance of vc-log header separator line
 emacs       14385  24.3.50; Rename the `url' defstruct (for `url-p' etc.)
 emacs       14393  24.3; The highlight of the mark persists after C-c in cua-m
 emacs       14398  24.3.50; Customize: `Revert...' and `Apply'
 emacs       14401  su - nobody -c emacs gives "Could not open file: /dev/tty"
 emacs       14409  compile with Visual Studio 2003 on Windows
 emacs       14411  24.3.50; compile.el: Better file search for parallel builds
 emacs       14412  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14422  Apply eager-macroexpansion everywhere (eval-region, ...)
 emacs       14426  24.3; inaccurate statement in 7.10 of the manual
 emacs       14431  emacs 24.3 gud-gdb does not response with break command
 emacs       14432  character display bug Emacs23 or 24 on Ubuntu 12.04
 emacs       14442  On syntax decoration of identifiers containing underscore a
 emacs       14448  Wrong indentation in comment lines for F90 mode?
 emacs       14460  24.3.50; built fails on PPC Mac OS X 10.5.8, Leopard, due t
 emacs       14461  24.3.50; bad display for 'space' + (U+0336) unicode combina
 emacs       14464  24.3; require sets deactivate-mark causing problems with so
 emacs       14471  24.1.50; GTK3 shows resize handle which cannot be disabled
 emacs       14473  24.3; emacs locks up when eshell attempts to display a dial
 emacs       14474  24.3.50; Zombie subprocesses (again)
 emacs       14481  24.3.50; Highlighting escape sequences
 emacs       14484  24.3.50; doc of `after-find-file'
 emacs       14487  [Wish] Should ask before customizing send-mail-function
 emacs       14489  24.3; enriched-mod: indentation confusing
 emacs       14491  emacs -nw doesn't always restore the terminal screen
 emacs       14502  24.3; dired-load-hook should not be customizable
 emacs       14507  24.3; TAB in shell mode never ignores case, even though I w
 emacs       14509  Centerd calendar buffer
 emacs       14512  buffer-offer-save does not affect kill-buffer
 emacs       14516  24.3.50; vc-diff ignores the encoding of its input
 emacs       14518  abbrev edits - delay when saving
 emacs       14520  24.3; minibuffer resizes when message contains bold or ital
 emacs       14521  24.2; Wdired does not handle backslash in filename
 emacs       14524  wisent-javascript-jv-wy--token-table multiple defaults for 
 emacs       14526  24.3.50; Cannot update game score for `M-x bubbles'
 emacs       14529  gv--defsetter, advice--set-buffer-local compilation warning
 emacs       14531  24.3.50; `log-view-file-prev' doesn't move to the beginning
 emacs       14536  find-file asks for confirmation three times with ido
 emacs       14541  24.3.50; `ediff-buffers' does not play well with recent Cyg
 emacs       14543  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14544  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14547  24.3.1; line-break with pixel specification and word-wrap
 emacs       14551  compiler fails to track eval-when-compile in required files
 emacs       14553  24.3.50; C-g doesn't break inf-loop
 emacs       14554  24.3.50; incorrect key representation in Emacs manual: `C-M
 emacs       14559  24.3.50; accept-process-output hang
 emacs       14562  rectangle stuff hidden in cua-selection-mode
 emacs       14563  Add prefix arg to more isearch commands
 emacs       14567  Scrolling of large images
 emacs       14573  24.3.50; Modules scroll to bottom ceased to work
 emacs       14577  24.3.50; doc string of `interactive' is wrong
 emacs       14580  24.3; docview-mode doesn't work for multi-page pdf in 24.3
 emacs       14582; Strange overlay behavior, when window-start is i
 emacs       14585  24.3.50; building on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) fails bec
 emacs       14588  24.1; perldb broken
 emacs       14591  New keyword :local for defcustom
 emacs       14597  24.3.50; Can't stop the program being debugged with gdb-mi
 emacs       14603  MS Windows configure needs to be run via msysconfig.sh
 emacs       14604; Possibly incorrect behaviour of frame-selected-w
 emacs       14607  24.3; gdb shell command does not work properly (zsh: comman
 emacs       14619  24.3; Daemon mode and NS App could play nicer together
 emacs       14621  Emac generated postcript to pdf conversion
 emacs       14624  Some suggestions for webjump.el
 emacs       14625  Erc nick coloring broken
 emacs       14629  24.3.50; (elisp) `Face Attributes', :font -> "font object"
 emacs       14631  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14634  24.3.50; face attributes for font appearance (:font etc.)
 emacs       14635  24.3.50; Regression in Customize: no revert changes
 emacs       14641  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14642  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14645  Keep highlighting face foreground
 emacs       14647  24.3.50; doc of `set-face-font'
 emacs       14659  24.3.50; `modify-frame-parameters' raises error for font re
 emacs       14670  Highlight visited links
 emacs       14676  24.3.50; winner doesn't immediately notice windows created 
 emacs       14677  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       14679  24.3.50; emacs_bactrace.txt
 emacs       14680  24.3.50; `locate-file-completion' gives wrong candidates - 
 emacs       14687  24.3.50; Minor problem in files.el
 emacs       14693  24.3.50; Undoing yank-pop
 emacs       14696  24.3.50; order of items in `custom-file' (or init file)
 emacs       14701  23.4; gud toolbar versus gud tooltips
 emacs       14716  ede manual contains many very wide lines
 emacs       14719  24.3; Crashing when setting frames to random colors
 emacs       14720  24.2; EPA Verify fails with encrypted signed message
 emacs       14721  slow scrolling on windows 7
 emacs       14729  24.3.50; Isearch oddity
 emacs       14733  23.4; dired-jump
 emacs       14734  24.3.50; REGRESSION: defadvice broken wrt doc strings (C-h 
 emacs       14736  24.3; "Insert" key results in question mark mouse cursor an
 emacs       14742  24.3.50; enhancement request: be able to prepend stuff from
 emacs       14744  24.3.50; Flickering mouse-face on process output
 emacs       14750  [PATCH] Cleanup for "commit message"
 emacs       14754  24.3.50; `C-h v' needs to fill wide `pp' lines (493 chars w
 emacs       14759  24.3; customize-mode in m2-mode, sql-mode, and more
 emacs       14761, erg-deftest not fontified as keyword
 emacs       14764  24.3.50; width control for pretty printing
 emacs       14769  24.3.50; [PATCH] optimize `concat's literals
 emacs       14772  24.3; defvar and lexical-binding in interpreted elisp code
 emacs       14776  24.3.50; [PATCH] parse-time-string performance
 emacs       14779  24.3; Failure to resolve IPv6 addresses in make-network-pro
 emacs       14784  Occur from more Isearch types
 emacs       14786  24.3.50; `field-end' is now very slow
 emacs       14787  24.3, M-x query-replace - useless warning
 emacs       14788  frame-title-format unable to alter frame title
 emacs       14791  24.3.50; [PATCH] find-dired doesn't work correctly
 emacs       14793  23.4; Cannot bind a function to a sequence of two mouse key
 emacs       14794  24.3.50; `w32-register-hot-key' does not work on Windows 7 
 emacs       14797  24.3.50; new, undocumented menu structure using VECTORS?
 emacs       14799  Request for building PDF manuals in A4 format
 emacs       14807  24.3; Enhancement request: let options in customize group b
 emacs       14810  24.3.50; bothersome case where `input-pending' returns t bu
 emacs       14816; ispell remember position, feature request
 emacs       14819  Scrolling page up-page down with scroll bar does not work
 emacs       14820  24.3; elisp manual: How to write good idle timer worker fun
 emacs       14825  24.3.50; split-window-below miscounts window lines
 emacs       14844  24.3.50; `line-move-1': remove unused parameter _TO-END
 emacs       14853  24.3.50; fill-paragraph doesn't account for whitespace quit
 emacs       14854  A typo, IMHO
 emacs       14860  [Peter Vasil] emacs Byte compile warning Warning
 emacs       14875  24.3.50; doc of :variable in `define-minor-mode' - lamentab
 emacs       14878  24.2; emacs freezes during lengthy file load or autosave
 emacs       14886  Slowdown on font-lock-fontify-buffer
 emacs       14904  24.3.50; ido-display-buffer ignores the prefix argument
 emacs       14914  24.3.50; Menu item for `dired-hide-details-mode' should be 
 emacs       14915  [PATCH] Enhancement to fortune.el
 emacs       14919  24.3.50; Bad menu name: `Directory Search'.  Misleading ter
 emacs       14920  24.3.50; Move search menu items to Search menu
 emacs       14921  24.3.50; Disable mail menu items unless configured
 emacs       14925  24.3.50; `image-dired.el' code (minor)
 emacs       14931  24.3; marking extensions with dired-x
 emacs       14932  [wishlist] Let symbol-file handle functions defined in C so
 emacs       14940  24.3.50; [PATCH] enhancement for `dired-hide-details-mode'
 emacs       14942  24.3.50; Improve key descriptions for facemenu menu items
 emacs       14945  24.3.50; (elisp) `The Mark': mention that mouse selection t
 emacs       14947  Key bindings for info in other window or frame
 emacs       14949  Snapped window acts like a fullscreen one (Windows 7)
 emacs       14957  24.3.50; Flyspell language visible in mode line
 emacs       14958  24.2; emacs --daemon crashing when X-frames are removed ung
 emacs       14964  24.3.50; doc of `compare-window-configurations'
 emacs       14966  24.3.50; Char-displayable-p is a very long running function
 emacs       14967  24.3.50; package-delete deletes by trashing?
 emacs       14969  XBM image properties :foreground :background do not work on
 emacs       14973  Unfill for Emacs
 emacs       14980  24.3; C-u C-x C-e and C-x C-e print different strings
 emacs       14981  24.3.50; NS port error when closing maximized frames
 emacs       14983  24.3.50; url-http-end-of-document-sentinel does not work wi
 emacs       14984  24.3.50; "-bg black" command line option should automatical
 emacs       14985  24.3; rgrep and accents
 emacs       14993  [PATCH] Update information about fonts
 emacs       15002  24.3; W7 right-click "Open with ..." does not associate run
 emacs       15004  24.3; fill-paragraph on perl-mode indented comment at start
 emacs       15006  24.3; emacs manual comment-start-skip example grouping
 emacs       15012  23.3; read-char inappropriate echo area content
 emacs       15013  emacs -nw doesn't always restore the terminal screen
 emacs       15014  24.3.50; In text-mode, incorrect forward-sexp causes delete
 emacs       15016  24.3.50; return of #8789: touch border of *Backtrace* frame
 emacs       15017  24.3.50; `read-from-minibuffer' to allow transforming input
 emacs       15020  24.3.50; `kmacro-view-ring-2nd' wrong arg, confusion, more
 emacs       15021  24.3.50; `CL' manual: describe differences from Common Lisp
 emacs       15031  24.3.50; doc for `(cl-)defstruct' and its generated functio
 emacs       15032  /bin/sh and other binaries vs. M-x compile
 emacs       15042  24.3.50; while-no-input and input-pending-p
 emacs       15047  24.3.50; doc string of `find-listp-find-files' etc.
 emacs       15051  24.3; gdb -mi: breakpoint with in non-existent source file 
 emacs       15063  24.3; Text and Cursor display
 emacs       15069  Introduction to Elisp 14.3: Function 'count-words-defun' do
 emacs       15070; eval-buffer ignores the buffer local value of le
 emacs       15079  24.3.50; emacs using 100% cpu if frame closes after workspa
 emacs       15086  24.3.50; NS variant does not build on PPC Tiger because of 
 emacs       15088  24.3; Hard crash on OSX when editing header files
 emacs       15103  Spurious "unused lexical argument" warning from condition-c
 emacs       15107  24.3; replace-regexp-in-string wrong on \`
 emacs       15111  BYTE_CODE_THREADED breaks build
 emacs       15112  24.3; package.el byte compile autoloads
 emacs       15118  24.3.50; Flymake uses unrelated patterns to match error mes
 emacs       15122  24.3.50; [PATCH] byte-compiler warnings about destructive f
 emacs       15125  24.3; text menu switch automatically
 emacs       15151  24.3.50; flyspell-mode messes up input method
 emacs       15169  24.3.50; overwrite prompt for `write-region'
 emacs       15171  24.3.50; (cl) `Common Lisp Compatibility' is incomplete
 emacs       15178  command line argument "+" vs. inhibit-startup-screen
 emacs       15179  describe-variable vs. aliases
 emacs       15180  Using princ without ending newline
 emacs       15201  24.2; extensions/enhancements to package.el
 emacs       15202  sql-ms bug
 emacs       15205  24.3.50; notes-mode: Mention NOTES_BIN_DIR in Info manual
 emacs       15214  24.3.50; `Revert This Session's Customization' does not do 
 emacs       15216  cygwin: Can't modify initial frame appearance on gtk3 Emacs
 emacs       15219  Emacs Lisp mode and Lisp mode font-locking
 emacs       15224  24.3; newline does not move point to next line
 emacs       15225  24.3.50; todo-mode: Some bugs and suggestions
 emacs       15230  24.3; Inconsistency in Tools menu
 emacs       15235  24.3.50; package.el updates load-path too late
 emacs       15238  24.3.50; Frame focus not updated between 2 frames
 emacs       15261  24.2; Cursor not visible while moving point in transient ma
 emacs       15262  24.3.50; desktop does not save buffer-display-time
 emacs       15263  24.3.50; rcirc channel activity showing up and then dissapp
 emacs       15265  Emacsclient (Win32) has no "ignore parameter" parameter
 emacs       15266  24.3.50; Wheel scrolling & cursor location
 emacs       15272  24.3.50; Cannot open load file tex-site
 emacs       15273  24.3.50; Combining character sequences are displayed weirdl
 emacs       15274  24.3; space instead of codepoint 261 on windows console wit
 emacs       15289  24.3.50; cannot type non-ascii characters using right alt, 
 emacs       15303  24.3; [diff-mode] diff-hunk-kill doesn't update numbers in 
 emacs       15304  24.3, CEDET EDE documentation outdated (esp. ede-java-root)
 emacs       15310  24.3.50; [ELPA] Better commit notifications for upstream au
 emacs       15311  24.3; Infinite loop in x_make_frame_visible
 emacs       15322  VC log buffer scrolls itself
 emacs       15323  24.3; make hideshow use outline-minor-mode-prefix or a simi
 emacs       15324  24.3; make hideshow bindings similar to outline minor mode 
 emacs       15335  emacs -Q usability
 emacs       15336  24.3.50; Bad computation of window height
 emacs       15339  24.3.50; Control characters are displayed as square in desc
 emacs       15342  24.3.50; isearch wrap is replaced with multi-isearch
 emacs       15358  24.3.50; Remove message: "You can run the command `make-fra
 emacs       15362  24.1; pcomplete unnecessarily restricts tab-completion entr
 emacs       15364  24.3; git emacs segfault on loading local wubi phrases
 emacs       15382  desktop restores buffers in wrong order
 emacs       15385  [Eshell] Directory completion overwrites preceding characte
 emacs       15386  24.3; [Eshell] Second completion unsuccessful if equal to f
 emacs       15390  24.3; scrolling in emacs,w32 uses 100% cpu
 emacs       15396  permanent-local truncate-lines
 emacs       15398  24.3; Frame redraw completely screwed
 emacs       15414  24.3; piping problems in eshell
 emacs       15420  24.3; Symbols like 🚴 (U+1F6B4) are not displayed by defa
 emacs       15422  24.3.50; `read-string': different parameter name from `read
 emacs       15427  24.3.50; `customize-face' in Customize, show `Background' a
 emacs       15431  configure --enable-gcc-warnings fails to build
 emacs       15436  24.3.50; reads ~/.mailcap only once
 emacs       15443  hs-forward-sexp design issue
 emacs       15445  24.3.50; Should (emacs) `Exiting' mention `kill-emacs-hook'
 emacs       15448  24.3; ido mode pegs cpu at 100% when auto-merge is triggere
 emacs       15449  gdb assembler no '=>' arrow in source
 emacs       15451  24.3; temp-buffer-browse-mode and edebug key conflicts
 emacs       15453  24.3.50; Point moved away by Flyspell
 emacs       15469  24.3; emacsclient -c fails to grab focus when asking “Rev
 emacs       15476  24.3; called-interactively-p fails when innermost advice is
 emacs       15479  Feature request: defcustom inherit type
 emacs       15485  add-abbrev: don't use hard-coded forward-word
 emacs       15494  [PATCH] 24.3.50; Processes running under TRAMP can't cleanl
 emacs       15496  completion--capf-wrapper blocks first completion
 emacs       15504  24.3; find-dired's numerous prompts are inflexible and anno
 emacs       15506  24.3; checkdoc docstrings "non-nil"
 emacs       15507  24.3.50; emacsclient -c is broken for cygw32 builds when DI
 emacs       15508  24.3.50; file missing in dired
 emacs       15513  Isearch should clear shift-selected region
 emacs       15514  24.3.50; Re: Issue with fonts on macosx
 emacs       15523  24.3.50; Package installed in an earlier (stable) version o
 emacs       15526  24.3; Sort `Weight' options when customizing a Face by degr
 emacs       15539  24.3; setting user-emacs-directory at command line invocati
 emacs       15541  24.3; RTL in visual-line-mode
 emacs       15543  24.3; Common Lisp simple loop differentiation
 emacs       15555  24.3; Bidirectional display very slow with long lines
 emacs       15559  24.3.50; epg.el: pinentry prompt is not specific
 emacs       15567  Point jumps around madly in XML file when undoing while aut
 emacs       15572  24.3; Emacs crash when start from unicode path with right c
 emacs       15576  24.3.50; Some minor issues regarding the new TTY menus
 emacs       15577  24.3; dir-local variables not applied when switching major-
 emacs       15582  js-mode indent bug
 emacs       15587  [PATCH] Edebug `destructuring-bind' dotted spec
 emacs       15592  24.3.50; TTY redisplay screwed by frequently resized mini-w
 emacs       15596  Let's improve the default workings of electric-indent-mode.
 emacs       15631  24.3; ido : invert effect of ido-restrict-to-matches with p
 emacs       15636  Problem installing emacs on Kali Linux
 emacs       15641  24.3; [PATCH] Add find-definition for M-.
 emacs       15642  24.3.50; css-mode indents the second attribute for each blo
 emacs       15645  24.3; Suggestions for more helpful log-edit-mode
 emacs       15651  24.3.50; `menu-bar-select-buffer' - Remove it? Move it to m
 emacs       15653  24.3; call-interactively not sending keys
 emacs       15658  24.1; (wishlist) Easy way to make a file-local variable als
 emacs       15659  24.1; (wishlist) Simple method for preserving minor-mode
 emacs       15660  24.3.50; (NS) Non-BMP character 🔔 not shown
 emacs       15666  24.3.50; regression: `defadvice' of a special form
 emacs       15667  24.3.50; ns-win.el -- keymap assignments for isearch-repeat
 emacs       15669  24.2; smtpmail asks for password for anonymous logins
 emacs       15682  24.3.50; `:link' in `defgroup' does not respect `mouse-1-cl
 emacs       15686  24.3.50; Face related crash in current trunk
 emacs       15687  Disabling custom theme does not reset vars
 emacs       15689  24.3.50; Error in Customize: Symbol's function definition i
 emacs       15695  24.3; multiple async shell commands at once run randomly
 emacs       15696  24.3; vc-git-annotate-command -- ambiguous short commit has
 emacs       15697  library for "standard" link between a programming mode buff
 emacs       15698  Show commit revision
 emacs       15700  24.3; calling dired results in resized frame (it gets wider
 emacs       15714  24.3.50; Confusing documentation of face attributes
 emacs       15715  24.3; Sanity check of ARGLIST when calling `defun'
 emacs       15716  24.3.50; redisplay bug for display-table update
 emacs       15718  24.3.50; `C-M-x' does not work, with `defcustom' inside `wh
 emacs       15721  24.3; Error in post-command-hook (flyspell-post-command-hoo
 emacs       15725  24.3; Using C-x C-c to close Emacs running in windowed mode
 emacs       15735  locate-file-completion-table should not accept incomplete i
 emacs       15736  24.3; crash many times a day
 emacs       15740  24.3.50; enabling & disabling custom themes is slow
 emacs       15742  24.3; package-x.el keep modtime on upload
 emacs       15744  23.3; ansi-term: prompt moves to bottom of screen
 emacs       15746  24.3; [PATCH] bookmark should confirm when overwrite
 emacs       15747  Patch to optionally display raw bytes in hexadecimal
 emacs       15748  24.3.50; `customize-group': Provide a way to hide/show all 
 emacs       15749  24.3.50; reduced font size for *Backtrace* is lost for each
 emacs       15760  24.3; move-to-window-line goes to wrong line
 emacs       15763  autoload-generate-file-autoloads can put package--builtin-v
 emacs       15765  Crash in directory_files_internal
 emacs       15775  24.3.50; "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" in Com
 emacs       15777  24.3.50; cl symbols are no more fontlocked
 emacs       15780  24.3; flymake may fail on symlinked files
 emacs       15783  24.3; posn-at-x-y is relative to the buffer area, posn-at-p
 emacs       15789  24.3.50; backtrace produces unreadable output
 emacs       15790  Including php-mode
 emacs       15794  Core dump after SIGTERM during GC marking
 emacs       15803  default-file-name-coding-system: utf-8 better than latin-1 
 emacs       15809  24.3.50; wrong defcustom type for `suggest-key-bindings'
 emacs       15811  24.3.50; enhancement request: provide history for *Pp Eval 
 emacs       15821  a better M-SPC
 emacs       15833  24.3.50; sit-for and sentinels
 emacs       15839  24.3.50; `isearch-allow-scroll': be able to scroll point of
 emacs       15843  24.3.50; Edebug feature request
 emacs       15844  24.3.50; Segfault in redisplay_internal
 emacs       15849  24.3.50; lexical-binding in first line ugly
 emacs       15855  (info "(emacs) Text Scale") should say how to make stay put
 emacs       15856  Pick a Font window should have a third button so it needn't
 emacs       15857  24.3.50; semantic-symref-hide-buffer should use quit-window
 emacs       15859  24.3.50; Calc - dimensionless units again
 emacs       15862  aliases to macros at compile time
 emacs       15863  Segmentation fault when traversing long lines
 emacs       15873  24.3.50; Make F10 toggle the tmm menu
 emacs       15875  24.3.50; diff-mode counts first column when determining tab
 emacs       15876  24.3.50; Highly degraded performance between rev 114715 and
 emacs       15878  24.3.50; enhancement request: Add a working substitute for 
 emacs       15883  24.3.50; Mercurial view changeset diff in *view-change-log*
 emacs       15886  24.3.50; Incorrect window-text-height with non-zero line-sp
 emacs       15894  24.3.50; unwarranted horizontal auto-scrolling
 emacs       15900  24.3.50; foreground-color-at-point returns wrong results
 emacs       15902  24.3.50; Auto-save file not deleted when quitting Emacs (an
 emacs       15905  24.3; url-copy-file sometimes silently downloads garbage or
 emacs       15906  24.3.50; Rename `highlight-*' functions
 emacs       15909  24.3.50; please fix `read-face-name' brain-dead PROMPT hand
 emacs       15917  24.3.50; manual: mention keys reserved for users
 emacs       15918  24.3; package-delete backtrace
 emacs       15920  24.3; [PATCH] etags doesn't recognize functions with [<=>] 
 emacs       15925  24.3.50; error when customizing whitespace-display-mappings
 emacs       15928  24.3.50; Emacs manual: index `hooks'
 emacs       15929  point position with electric-pair-mode
 emacs       15934  [Feature request] Highlight full lines
 emacs       15944  24.3.50; Compile mode does not detect error correctly
 emacs       15946  24.3; Mac OS X, Mavericks, distnoted process
 emacs       15947  DocView interferes with etc/enriched.doc
 emacs       15958  some lines throw M-x compile error finder way off track in 
 emacs       15959  24.3.50; align.el not working
 emacs       15960  24.3.50; Provide a good way to tell when in `mouse-drag-tra
 emacs       15977  24.3.50; enhancement request: `sample' for Customize colors
 emacs       15979  24.3.50; Bad display in *vc-log* buffer
 emacs       15983  24.3; Emacs Not Killing Child Process
 emacs       15985  24.3.50; package-install fails in non-interactive sessions
 emacs       15987  24.3; diary-add-to-list ignored by diary-mark-entries
 emacs       15988  24.3; Pointer in new frames does not move
 emacs       15989  24.3; crashes after C-x c and kill active process
 emacs       15990  Bug-report: `sleep-for' doesn't sleep for expected period, 
 emacs       15996  24.3.50; imenu inconsistencies
 emacs       15997  24.3.50; Emacs crash
 emacs       15998  24.3; forward-sexp (scan-sexps) doesn't do well with some S
 emacs       16000  emacs hangs at start
 emacs       16002  an improved input method for Esperanto
 emacs       16005  inferior-lisp and filenames with spaces
 emacs       16006  24.3; *grep* fails to display line numbers with global-linu
 emacs       16008  semantic/grammar-wy.el cannot be bootstrapped
 emacs       16012  24.3.50; Multi-line shell commands appear as one-liners in 
 emacs       16013  24.3.50; Rows in height is interpreted as pixels.
 emacs       16018  24.3.50; OSX: crash with Font `Menlo' is not defined
 emacs       16019  Undocumented interaction with descendants of process create
 emacs       16022  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16024  24.3.50; [PATCH] `switch-to-buffer*': prefix arg kills orig
 emacs       16031  references to X windows (sic) 
 emacs       16034  24.3.50; scrolling is very long to happen or never happen
 emacs       16039  repeated emacs crashes (in GC?)
 emacs       16050  24.3; let copy-to-register choose default location of point
 emacs       16052  24.3.50; `set-frame-parameter` broken for `tool-bar-lines`
 emacs       16054  24.3; Disabling menu bar when minibuffer is active causes c
 emacs       16056  dired-do-chmod vs. dired-get-filename message
 emacs       16059  24.3.50; Running curses applications under term and ansi-te
 emacs       16062  24.3; Missing .png file gives poor error message when opene
 emacs       16063  24.3.50; Suggest inclusion of faceup, a regression test sys
 emacs       16065  24.3.50; C-x SPC no longer sets breakpoints
 emacs       16068  24.3; Printing doesn't work
 emacs       16069  Sigsegv, libxft, emacs --daemon, emacsclient
 emacs       16071  Erc re-binds [home] even if not beginning-of-line
 emacs       16073  24.3.50; core dumped
 emacs       16074  24.3.50; enhancement request: Remove "pop" from command nam
 emacs       16076  24.3.50; no focus on my desktop after quitting emacs
 emacs       16077  24.3; cleanup flymake
 emacs       16078  Extensive docs and tests for `ruby-forward-string' (PATCH)
 emacs       16082  iso-transl: expand towards ISO 10646 from just ISO 8859-1 
 emacs       16083  24.3.50; another core dumped
 emacs       16088  24.3; ERC buffer name
 emacs       16096  emacs_abort in bidi_initialize + 126 / Fselect_frame -- uni
 emacs       16097  [PATCH] Treat windows on other spaces as not visible in Coc
 emacs       16105  (setq ns-auto-hide-menu-bar t) unhides the dock on S.L. 10.
 emacs       16111  (erc-current-logfile buf) behavior differs to with-current-
 emacs       16113  24.3.50; autorevert shall use file notifications for symlin
 emacs       16114  24.3.50; wishlist (enhancement request): easier way for use
 emacs       16117  24.3; emacsclient -q enhancement request please also suppre
 emacs       16119  24.3.50; emacs aborted -- [xcb] Unknown request in queue wh
 emacs       16124  24.3.50; Another GC-related segfault in trunk
 emacs       16127  24.3.50; emacs crashes with macfont_free_entity
 emacs       16128  24.3.50; SIGSEGV at font.c:2901 : eassert (FRAME_DISPLAY_IN
 emacs       16136  24.3.50; `minibuffer-prompt-properties' for `face'
 emacs       16152  ptys on MS Windows
 emacs       16155  electric indent gripes
 emacs       16156  electric indent gripes
 emacs       16160  [PATCH] define-derived-mode clobbers syntax tables
 emacs       16163  24.3.50; segfault at xdisp.c 20044 -- (can not reproduce)
 emacs       16164  24.3.50; Segmentation fault at malloc.c:4615
 emacs       16172  24.3.50; C-g in minibuffer hangs Emacs
 emacs       16177  24.3.50; Display glyphs for hard spaces in color
 emacs       16180  M-x align eats text
 emacs       16181  23.1; losing track of point
 emacs       16185  24.3.50; C-o in Dired mode sometimes displays file in same 
 emacs       16196  24.3.50; Disable ding when scrolling
 emacs       16197  24.3.50; no completion on commands following "sudo" in shel
 emacs       16200  shr should allow user to toggle HTML-specified colors on an
 emacs       16202  24.3.50; lisp-mode's indent-sexp might be buggy (for slime 
 emacs       16206  24.3; Incorrect unused variable byte-compiler warning in do
 emacs       16209  24.3.50; menubar not updated when exiting from splash scree
 emacs       16214  Consistency in dired-, occur-, and grep-mode
 emacs       16218  compilation-auto-jump-to-first-error vs. /bin/sh boobytrap 
 emacs       16223  24.3.50; Segfault in search.c
 emacs       16226  [patch] icomplete can't display completions on initial disp
 emacs       16239  24.3.50; completion when evalling within ibuffer
 emacs       16242  24.3; wish: set init directory (.emacs.d) by commandline fl
 emacs       16248  24.3.50; [PATCH] rename Command Index to Command and Functi
 emacs       16250  Feature request: package license information and home page
 emacs       16254  24.3.50; bzr error on emacs trunk using vc-print-log
 emacs       16260  24.3.50; shell-command-completion and removal of exec-direc
 emacs       16264  GC crash
 emacs       16266  24.3; `load-theme' prevents immediate setting of themed var
 emacs       16269  24.3; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16271  warn about quoted const's in defcustom
 emacs       16273  24.3.50; `report-emacs-bug' puts wrong text in mail-client 
 emacs       16274  24.3.50; Error in post-command-hook (icomplete-post-command
 emacs       16276  defcustom should require a :type
 emacs       16288  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16294  24.3.50; debugger error: "button-at: Args out of range: 0"
 emacs       16298  24.3.50; Customize settings for color scheme don't take eff
 emacs       16301  24.3.50; [Feature] Split add-change-log-entry to make it re
 emacs       16306  24.3.50; font change creates blank column on Lucid
 emacs       16311  24.3.50; Crash in next_interval
 emacs       16312  24.3.50; Docstring fix for `set-transient-map' (and tangent
 emacs       16315  Slow paste
 emacs       16318  24.3; customize-group shows variables from overloaded built
 emacs       16324  24.3.50; Crashing on OSX 10.6.8 (built --with-ns)
 emacs       16332  24.3; emacs -nw in M-x term: term and ansi-term should subs
 emacs       16333  24.3.50; Info manuals: link defined terms to their glossary
 emacs       16339  24.3; slow initial display on the shell
 emacs       16344  24.3; xml-parse-region stuck on specific input, uses lots o
 emacs       16345  24.3; url-http sometimes closes connection prematurely
 emacs       16349  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16355  Crash/Hang when restoring via Mac "resume" [Mac/NS]
 emacs       16366  24.3.50; [PATCH] GDB Registers buffer - wrong values fontif
 emacs       16368  24.3; freeze in cperl mode when editing a regexp
 emacs       16369  24.3.50; Crash in macfont_has_char + 214
 emacs       16373  24.3; json-encodes escapes / in strings
 emacs       16374  password not hidden in shell when mounting cifs partition
 emacs       16387  24.3.50; unquittable infloop
 emacs       16390  24.3.50; [PATCH] texinfo-mode does not fontify @math{2^{61}
 emacs       16391  Windows 7 (32-bit ) installation problem - can't find "term
 emacs       16393  windows 7 32-bit again - got it to work, but still curious
 emacs       16395  Tab-containing lines displayed with different background?
 emacs       16397  24.3; Ediff
 emacs       16400  24.3.50; [PATCH] Add menu entry for Global Auto Revert mode
 emacs       16403  24.3.50; Rectangular selection visually disturbing
 emacs       16406  load prefers directories rather than searching load-path
 emacs       16407  Info-directory-list should always put this Emacs's info dir
 emacs       16411  undo-only bugs
 emacs       16413  24.3.50; Inconsistent behavior of text property functions i
 emacs       16415  24.3.50; Handle adjacent links correctly in shr
 emacs       16416  24.3; [SMIE] Assertion failure in smie-prec2->grammar
 emacs       16418  24.3; ERC "error in process filter" on windows
 emacs       16420  24.3; Drawing an overlay causes 100% cpu utilization
 emacs       16427  unexec doesn't work with GCC AddressSanitizer
 emacs       16429  EMACSDATA in the MS Windows registry can interfere with bui
 emacs       16432  24.3.50; [vc-hg] vc dir fails on nested hg repos
 emacs       16435  Missing email notification for commit in ELPA
 emacs       16436  feature request: select-window-hook
 emacs       16439  [feature request] Highlighting of strings within Info buffe
 emacs       16449  24.3.50; emacs hangs while deleting comment in xml file wit
 emacs       16454  Enhancement: emacs library jka-compr
 emacs       16458  24.3.50; Slow update of region higlight when Follow mode is
 emacs       16460  mark by regexp in vc-dir
 emacs       16469  24.3.50; Emacs in fullscreen mode doesn't respect Win+M sho
 emacs       16473  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16475  24.3.50; enhancement request: remove vertical scroll bar au
 emacs       16479  24.3.50; daemon freeze with tty menus
 emacs       16482  24.3; crash clicking menu in slime repl
 emacs       16483  24.3.50; `read-face-name' is a mess now (regression)
 emacs       16489  24.3.50; Enhancement request: provide `wave' style also for
 emacs       16492  Emacs won't bootstrap with clang 3.4 on Cygwin
 emacs       16493  24.3.50; (setq search-invisible t) is useless, let's allow 
 emacs       16495  problems emacs emacs 24.3.50 with mumamo and nxhtml modes
 emacs       16496  24.3.50; Some completion functions in Emacs still return a 
 emacs       16497  24.3.50; `move-to-column' ignores invisible text at the beg
 emacs       16500  24.3.50; Wrong font-lock backquote highlighting in plan9 rc
 emacs       16501  24.3; emacs crash during load-theme
 emacs       16503  24.3; make-frame's user-position doesn't work
 emacs       16504  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16507  24.3; systemd unit for a GNU Emacs daemon
 emacs       16508  24.3; Slash matching in HTML mode
 emacs       16510  Assertion failure during GC while displaying etc/HELLO
 emacs       16513  24.3.50; doc string of `use-empty-active-region'
 emacs       16514  24.3.50; Region overlay looks bad on refined hunks in diff-
 emacs       16515  24.3; Images do not automatically revert on file modificati
 emacs       16518  24.3.50; Emacs hangs
 emacs       16524  24.3.50; read-string executes minibuffer-exit-hook *before*
 emacs       16528  24.3; too many keybindings in minibuffer-local-completion-m
 emacs       16531  24.3.50; Emacs crashes on server startup when running set-f
 emacs       16533  24.3.50; "s" no longer works as documented in dired
 emacs       16536  24.3.50; RET or clicking on button in *Packages* list does 
 emacs       16541  23.3; doc-view-open-text should grab place in current doc
 emacs       16542  24.3.50; When finding a file via a bookmark, that file is n
 emacs       16545  24.3.50; Patch to coalesce calls to linum-update-current
 emacs       16552  24.3.50; regression: mouse-face does not turn off when move
 emacs       16554  24.3.50; doc string of `dired-up-directory': say what prefi
 emacs       16556  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16557  24.3; foreground-color-at-point does not define a color pro
 emacs       16562  dired-do-shell-command's docstring should mention where the
 emacs       16563  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16570  24.2; emacs ediff-directories segmentation fault
 emacs       16575  Unwanted interaction between Emacs & Oxford English Diction
 emacs       16577  Add regexp-based version of completion-ignored-extensions
 emacs       16579  24.3.50; Implement system_process_attributes on Darwin
 emacs       16583  Possible bug in inhibit-quit
 emacs       16590  flyspell-auto-correct-word dabbling deep into document
 emacs       16594  24.3.50; very slow redraw when resizing windows horizontall
 emacs       16596  24.3.50; unable to move cursor while newsticker fetching da
 emacs       16601  C-h k mouse-1 on header-line does not work
 emacs       16607  hippie-expand, a patch
 emacs       16616  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16621  24.3.50; Periodic timer + overlays = flickering near point
 emacs       16622  Flymake uses message-box, not standard warning infrastructu
 emacs       16634  24.3.50; extra newline in skeleton {} in sh-mode
 emacs       16639  24.3.50; Invalid-function "convenience"
 emacs       16640  24.3; x-popup-menu navigation on darwin
 emacs       16645  24.3; in xterm, keypad = is translated to M-o x
 emacs       16648  [PATCH] Improved ffap-completable
 emacs       16650  url-cookie-list - confirm, or undoable, deletion
 emacs       16652  Texinfo index entries should not contain colons
 emacs       16653  24.3.50; unexpected results and errors with semantic comple
 emacs       16654  Inverted logic in docstring for kill-line?
 emacs       16655  24.3.50; M-q on a command line does mix up commands and com
 emacs       16660  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16661  24.3.50; standalone minibuffer frame gets renamed with name
 emacs       16667  Accented home dir stops ELPA package
 emacs       16668  24.3; Feature Request: Face to indicate lines displayed in 
 emacs       16675  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16678  24.3.50; REGRESSION: text selection is broken in Customize 
 emacs       16679  24.3.50; can't create a newly encrypted gpg file with easyp
 emacs       16680  24.3; select-frame-set-input-focus: not an in-range integer
 emacs       16681  mouse-autoselect-window missing when switching frames
 emacs       16684  Sometimes a frame is not drawn properly
 emacs       16685  Emacs crash when interacting with newsticker
 emacs       16687  24.3.50; completion doc errors
 emacs       16688  24.3; slow select region on X over SSH
 emacs       16691  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16697  24.3.50; ERC scrolltobottom module does not work anymore
 emacs       16706  emacs 24.3.1; calc/A command
 emacs       16708  24.3.50; font-lock nadvice mechanism
 emacs       16710  24.3.50; emacs crash.
 emacs       16711  24.3.50; Error: pre-redisplay-function
 emacs       16712  emacs_backtrace
 emacs       16715  24.3.50; REGRESSION: `report-emacs-bug' replaces `=' by `=3
 emacs       16720  24.3; snake key mapping
 emacs       16722  24.3.50; `M-x man' does not handle case appropriately
 emacs       16724  24.3.50; Buffer *Backtrace* loses text scaling - unusable
 emacs       16725  24.3.50; (wrong-type-argument stringp t) with `apropos-docu
 emacs       16728  24.3.50; bug? (with-temp-buffer (insert "foo")) deactivates
 emacs       16731  24.3.50; Latin small letter sharp s is not considered lower
 emacs       16735  Not very useful "Keywords:" headers in some elpa packages
 emacs       16737  24.3.50; Yank causes hang
 emacs       16741  Crash while using org-mode, narrowing, and vc-git
 emacs       16745  Can't send SIGTSTP from Emacs through GDB
 emacs       16746  support ctrl-left, ctrl-right etc for term-mode
 emacs       16750  add images to manuals
 emacs       16752  24.3.50; pp-to-string deactivates mark
 emacs       16760  Ellipses lose all decorative features when 'invisible' over
 emacs       16761  24.3.50; focus-in-hook not running accurately when frame sw
 emacs       16763  24.3.50; electric-indent annoyance: C-j doesn't indent
 emacs       16764  24.3.50; Insertion point stops flashing when Emacs not hung
 emacs       16765  24.3.50; wrong key-binding syntax in Info: <C-j> vs `C-j'
 emacs       16767  24.3.50; `C-x 5 b' for special-display buffers
 emacs       16770  Erroneous interaction between electric-indent-mode and elec
 emacs       16771  24.3.50; pcase generates irritating warnings 
 emacs       16774  Enabled minor mode lists
 emacs       16775  dbus interacts poorly with lisp-level event loops
 emacs       16780  24.2.91; Emacs crash when C-c C-c on captured item
 emacs       16783  24.3.50; Deadlock when archiving entry org
 emacs       16785  24.3.50; Highlighting bug with ffap on a url
 emacs       16786  24.2; PostScript file with long lines locks up UI
 emacs       16788  local abbrev-file-name ignored
 emacs       16790  local-abbrev-table misnamed
 emacs       16792  24.3.50; wish: following a variable name should show the va
 emacs       16796  24.3.50; global value of after-change-functions reset witho
 emacs       16797  24.3.50; `emacs-lisp-mode' does not derive from `lisp-mode'
 emacs       16798  Diff could also show the changes within lines
 emacs       16800  24.3; flyspell works slow on very short words at the end of
 emacs       16804  24.3.50; [PATCH] fix with-silent-modifications
 emacs       16805  24.3.50; url-cookie-write-file: set print-length 
 emacs       16810  24.3.50; `with-eval-after-load'
 emacs       16813  24.3.50; `package--initialized'
 emacs       16815  24.3.50; Provide completion for `describe-font' (enhancemen
 emacs       16817  Emacs core dump during GC during timer_check
 emacs       16818  Undo in region after markers in undo history relocated
 emacs       16820  24.3; nxml comment block indentation issue
 emacs       16821  24.3; fill-paragraph adds garbage text
 emacs       16822  24.3.50; show-paren-mode adds confusion to active region
 emacs       16828  24.3.50; eval-expression, character representation of integ
 emacs       16837  24.3.50; Allow a HISTORY arg for `read-file-name', `read-fi
 emacs       16839  24.3.50; image-mode-fit-frame fails to use all display spac
 emacs       16840  24.3.50; Jerky motion and up/down asymmetry scrolling image
 emacs       16849  24.3.50; Error running timer `battery-update-handler': (wro
 emacs       16852  24.3.50; Elisp indentation bug in `indent-for-tab-command'
 emacs       16853  24.3.50; ert-run-tests-interactively difficult to abort
 emacs       16856  24.3.50; Cursor leaves garbage in fringe (and a request: wi
 emacs       16861  24.3; Eshell /.. eshell/pwd Bug
 emacs       16869  24.2.50; auto-complete
 emacs       16880  24.3; oauth2: 401-responses not handled transparently [oaut
 emacs       16881  24.3.50; line 584 of tex-mode.el [^'\">{]+ is not working c
 emacs       16886  24.3.50; Lisp nesting exceeds `max-lisp-eval-depth' with `M
 emacs       16888  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16891  24.3; [PATCH] align-regexp now has a separate history for i
 emacs       16899  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16900  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16901  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16902  24.3.50; why vc-revert keeps its diff-buffer around?
 emacs       16903  emacs 24.3 on powerpc-apple-darwin: bus error with signal E
 emacs       16904  24.3; [PATCH] ff-find-other-file and friends now work with 
 emacs       16907  24.3.50; [ruby-mode] %w/W literals have incorrect indentati
 emacs       16908  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16909  24.3; scrolling *Completions* window with tab sometimes cho
 emacs       16913  Please extend case-fold-search on-the-fly toggling
 emacs       16915  24.3.50; [ruby-mode] Comments in regexps using the extended
 emacs       16918  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16921  Suggested grep-files-aliases entry for GNU build systems
 emacs       16923  24.3.50; reression: `set-frame-size' loses mode line
 emacs       16924  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16926  ffap vs. partial or non matches
 emacs       16928  24.3.50; file _flymake not deleted on remote hosts
 emacs       16931  24.3; C-g fails to deactivate region while background proce
 emacs       16936  24.3; lexical-let does not take function arguments into acc
 emacs       16937  Proposed feature (with patch): sort on multipart keys with 
 emacs       16939  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16943  24.3.50; [PATCH] `icomplete-exhibit' needs `with-current-bu
 emacs       16946  24.3; Rmail behaviour with a username containing "@"
 emacs       16947  24.3.50; Crash when editing a file on 2014-03-05 nightly
 emacs       16949  24.3; [PATCH] insert-pair now leaves the point where the do
 emacs       16953  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16954  24.3.50; desktop.el: messages for autosaved files unnoticea
 emacs       16960  24.3.50; Infinite loop in url-retrieve-synchronously if met
 emacs       16962  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16963  A patch to create a list-with-tail primitive.
 emacs       16967  frame related race condition
 emacs       16968  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16969  Isearch: lazy-highlight face sometimes has foreground and b
 emacs       16974  24.3.50; [Wishlist] Feature to automatically adjust foregro
 emacs       16975  24.3.50; redisplay--update-region-highlight: (wrong-type-ar
 emacs       16980  eieio-generic-call shouldn't load libraries
 emacs       16983  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       16984  dired-do-rename susceptible to .../~/... hijack
 emacs       16989  24.3; Crashes on Mac 10.7.5
 emacs       16990  24.3.50; Return a useful value for motion functions
 emacs       16992  feature request: background images
 emacs       16995  24.3; CPU usage spikes to 100% for minutes at a time
 emacs       16996  24.3.50; [ruby-mode] Incorrect indentation for implicit has
 emacs       16998  with-slots should expand to cl-symbol-macrolet
 emacs       16999  calc crashes when computation limit is increased
 emacs       17003  M-x customize-face do not list font list
 emacs       17005  24.3.50; semantic is not finding cl-defun's and friends
 emacs       17006  *GNU Emacs* does not change font
 emacs       17014  24.3; Emacsclient freezes if mutt attaches a signature
 emacs       17018  24.3; log4slime log4slime-mode crash on click of menu
 emacs       17021  24.3.50; extension to hi-lock.el
 emacs       17024  24.3.50; eieio-compiled-function-arglist is broken
 emacs       17026  24.3.50; x-get-selection: Timed out waiting for reply from 
 emacs       17036  Continuation for Emacs: invoking a process on exit?
 emacs       17039  24.3.50; doc of `kbd`: arg format
 emacs       17042  24.3; manoj theme breaks layout
 emacs       17045  24.3.50; feature request: rcirc-reconnect
 emacs       17048  minibuffer history should filter out impossible entries
 emacs       17051  Order of evaluation in .dir-locals.el
 emacs       17052  substitute-command-keys strips text properties
 emacs       17053  Emacs hangs when typing in the minibuffer
 emacs       17059  24.3; cannot view extracted text for a pdf
 emacs       17062  24.3 current-fill-column breaks fill-match-adaptive-prefix
 emacs       17064  24.3.50; Enhancement request: dired: fontification of symli
 emacs       17065  24.3.50; Revise line 5944 of window.el to use `window-width
 emacs       17067  24.4.50; indent-rigidly's minor mode does not play with del
 emacs       17068  24.3.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17090  desktop.el saves unusable register data in register-alist
 emacs       17091  24.3.50; Info-index doesn't call its completing-read in cur
 emacs       17093; fill-paragraph
 emacs       17101  24.3.50; can't paste into emacs
 emacs       17111  24.3.50; server: C-x # inconsistent and barely documented
 emacs       17114  24.3.50; right box line around image at first row and first
 emacs       17119  24.4.50; enhancement request: Add zooming in/out to Image m
 emacs       17120  Fwd: Error displaying a frame modified with (tool-bar-lines
 emacs       17124  24.3.50; Occasional Extremely Slow Redraws in OSX Emacs
 emacs       17127  `call-process' circumvents password concealment w/ `read-pa
 emacs       17129  24.3.50; Emacs crash when finalizing Org capture
 emacs       17130  24.4.50; Deficient Unicode case folding
 emacs       17132  24.3.50; modified syntax table leads to error: "Point befor
 emacs       17133  json-encode-string incorrectly encodes extra-BMP characters
 emacs       17137  autoload-generate-file-autoloads should respect finder--bui
 emacs       17139  Race condition in complete-in-region: should we be using pr
 emacs       17140  24.4.50; Modified mouse-click events are not translated to 
 emacs       17144  24.3; Some unicode characters show in many lines
 emacs       17148  Revert buffer menu-item and file permission changes
 emacs       17158  24.4.50; sh-mode does not use auto-mode-interpreter-regexp 
 emacs       17162  24.3; GDB interface stops working in some circumstances
 emacs       17164  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17165  24.4.50; icomplete-exhibit: (wrong-type-argument number-or-
 emacs       17166  24.3; ediff-swap-buffers doesn't swap per-difference colors
 emacs       17170  24.3.50; debug: Terminal 3 is locked, cannot read from it
 emacs       17171  Non-reproable crash in ns_read_socket
 emacs       17172  24.3.50; Timeouts when pasting from mouse
 emacs       17173  24.4.50; Emacs partially loses display, and redisplay via `
 emacs       17178  24.3.50; Crash from current HEAD of the trunk
 emacs       17180  [PATCH] eldoc doesn't find docstrings for variable aliases
 emacs       17182  emacs crashes repeatedly on MAC OSX 10.9.2
 emacs       17190  24.4.50; fill-flow checks quoted lines after deleting leadi
 emacs       17193  24.4.50; `menu-bar-make-toggle': allow :keys
 emacs       17194  24.3.50; ComposeKey not working
 emacs       17205  24.3.50; dired and directory variables
 emacs       17207  24.3; html-mode incorrect indentation inside template synta
 emacs       17211  Empty items show up in kill-ring if mouse-drag-copy-region 
 emacs       17213  24.3.50; ruby-mode: misindented continuation method calls i
 emacs       17214  24.3.50; C-q F1 does not display help, inserts null
 emacs       17219  24.3.50; wrong alignment when a list is given to dired
 emacs       17222  24.3; In f90-mode variables declared in continuation lines 
 emacs       17231  [PATCH] term.el: unreliable directory tracking
 emacs       17239  24.3.50; competion error (cl-assertion-failed (string-prefi
 emacs       17241  24.3; Deadkeys
 emacs       17250  24.3; find-variable gives search-failed error message
 emacs       17251  24.4.50; `dired-guess-default': wrong logic
 emacs       17256  24.3.50; minibuffer in main window
 emacs       17261  Some combining characters don't combine (Emacs 24 regressio
 emacs       17263  24.4.50; doc string of `backward-delete-char-untabify': act
 emacs       17266  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17270  24.3.90; REGRESSION: `revert-buffer' puts face `next-error'
 emacs       17272  24.4.50; obsolete messages hides warning on startup
 emacs       17284  24.3.90; Host name completion in shell mode take 45 seconds
 emacs       17293  24.4.50; C-g often fails in minibuffer under X
 emacs       17298  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace
 emacs       17299  24.4.50; `C-h f' for alias is wrong
 emacs       17307  24.3.90; find-dired
 emacs       17310  24.3; clarify emacsclient(1) manpage link to "(emacs)Emacs 
 emacs       17316  24.3.90; Ispell doesn't support Hunspell's "multiple dictio
 emacs       17318  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17321  24.3.50; Fill paragraph fails with period in fill-column
 emacs       17326  24.3.90; find-tag sets global value of tags-file-name
 emacs       17330  files.el cd-absolute overcome false negative from file-exec
 emacs       17340  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17342  24.3.50; MAC OS Crash using emacs shell streaming output fr
 emacs       17344  24.3.90; REGRESSION: tooltip semi-transparent in *Completio
 emacs       17346  24.4.50; Why is the goal column limited to C-n and C-p ?
 emacs       17347  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17349  24.3.50; display-battery-mode stops updating after closing 
 emacs       17352  .emacs.desktop has become unportable between GUI and TTY.
 emacs       17357  24.4.50; garbage characters when pasting in an OS X termina
 emacs       17358  24.4.50; emacs not recognizing process-exit correctly?
 emacs       17361  Tramp does not save history across sessions.
 emacs       17368  24.3; Inconsistent behavior of scroll-bar-mode
 emacs       17373  24.3.50; match data is incorrect if there are too many grou
 emacs       17378  24.3.1: xterm-mouse-event: Wrong type argument: wholenump, 
 emacs       17383  24.3; flickering of windows separator in single Emacs frame
 emacs       17385  24.3.90; Hang (sending mail from Gnus)
 emacs       17386  24.3.90; emacs_abort in cmcheckmagic
 emacs       17387  24.4.50; comint-interrupt-subjob: Text is read-only
 emacs       17390  24.4.50; Doc bug: Batch Mode
 emacs       17394  24.4.50; enhancement request: split `next-error-function' f
 emacs       17395  GC during idle time becomes fatal
 emacs       17397  24.4.50; REGRESSION: `temp-buffer-show-hook' is no longer i
 emacs       17400  makefile mode wrong colors upon shell ':' command
 emacs       17401  24.4.50; Narrow to {region,page,defun} in an indirect clone
 emacs       17403  24.4.50; package-alist doc-string error
 emacs       17404  Scrolling is painfully slow
 emacs       17405  C-g C-g in GC does not autosave
 emacs       17406  C-g C-g in GC causes crash
 emacs       17407  obsolete-autoloads can clobber regular autoloads
 emacs       17411  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17412  24.3; Unicode key events broken, not usable in input method
 emacs       17414  24.3.50; eww ignores scaled text
 emacs       17426  24.3.90; interactive mysql mode should support mariadb
 emacs       17436  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace
 emacs       17437  24.3; ispell uses typographically correct apostrophe as wor
 emacs       17440  .xsession-errors 82gigs and growing. 
 emacs       17441  24.3; Should not offer to "create an RCS repository"
 emacs       17444  24.3; cannot C-u M-x recompile (interactively) from outside
 emacs       17446  24.4.50; What is the situation around `called-interactively
 emacs       17453  Isearch doesn't work properly with Follow Mode.
 emacs       17456  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17465  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17467  24.3; locate-library returning spurious path
 emacs       17469  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17483  24.4.50; Emacs cannot display some gif images correctly und
 emacs       17488  24.3; mail-sendmail-undelimit-header doesn't respect mail-h
 emacs       17489  24.3; Major mode spec in .dir-locals.el breaks dired
 emacs       17496  frequent crashing on cygwin
 emacs       17497  24.4.50; TTY menu glitches
 emacs       17507  Documentation for `add-text-property' and relatives
 emacs       17513  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17517  Eager macro-expansion failure: (error "Lisp nesting exceeds
 emacs       17518  24.4.50; Warning should mention file, if possible: "`lexica
 emacs       17521  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17522  diff-mode frustrates attempt to correct corrupted diff file
 emacs       17530  24.4.50; `package-load-list': incorrect defcustom type
 emacs       17532  24.4.50; Options > `set-frame-font' does not work as docume
 emacs       17535  24.3.91; Problems with profiling memory
 emacs       17538  24.3; sh-mode comment font-lock sees "\ " as whitespace ins
 emacs       17544  24.3; [PATCH] Improved diff-mode navigation/manipulation
 emacs       17555  24.4.50; 'mark-paragraph' does not allow extending the regi
 emacs       17558  24.4.50; global-subword-mode breaks ERC 
 emacs       17559  `initials' does not complete underscore delimited input
 emacs       17565  24.3.91; numpad inserts wrong digits
 emacs       17566  24.4.50; describe parameters in doc string: `dired-move-to-
 emacs       17567  24.4.50; doc string of `define-derived-mode'
 emacs       17568  24.4.50; Unknown button type 'help-xref' when do C-x C-s in
 emacs       17571  24.4.50; doc string of `advice-function-mapc' etc.
 emacs       17573  24.3; Please display maintainer in list-packages.
 emacs       17574  24.3; Please implement :around methods in EIEIO
 emacs       17582  24.4.50; once `eldoc-mode' has been enabled, its timer rema
 emacs       17586  * lisp/vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-create-tag)(vc-hg-retrieve-tag): 
 emacs       17589  24.3.91; lisp/frameset.el
 emacs       17603  completion of previous input
 emacs       17609  24.4.50; trunk r117096: disappearing cursor in X
 emacs       17612  24.3; Negative :box line-width still affects width
 emacs       17620  sh-mode indentation of continued do loop lists
 emacs       17623  24.4.50; incorrect example for `apply-partially' in (elisp)
 emacs       17627  24.3.91; Spurious "Warning: the function `cl-member' might 
 emacs       17638  24.3; Can't close modal dialog on OS X
 emacs       17644  24.4.50; provide access to all mode-line lighters (e.g. tho
 emacs       17645  record metadata when installing packages
 emacs       17654  latin-pre.el input-methods are not consistent
 emacs       17656  24.3; default-directory with aliases in shell-mode
 emacs       17663  24.4.50; arc-mode.el has unrar-free hard-coded
 emacs       17674  24.3; "emacs --batch -batch" fails with "Unknown option `-b
 emacs       17675  24.4.50; *gud* buffer keeps on getting buried
 emacs       17678  24.4.50; Feature Request -- calculate new `window-start` & 
 emacs       17681  24.3.91; "Arithmetic Error" in hide-ifdef mode when using s
 emacs       17682  24.3; Missing `emacs-bug' alias for `report-emacs-bug'
 emacs       17684  24.4.50; Feature Request -- Vertical Lines to the Left of a
 emacs       17685; help-C-file-name failes to create temp buffer " 
 emacs       17688  24.3.90; segmentation fault in deselect_palette
 emacs       17706  24.4.50; locked file error in rmail-insert-inbox-text
 emacs       17707  24.4.50; doc string of `align-newline-and-indent'
 emacs       17709  24.3; `tool-bar-map' seems inadaquately documented
 emacs       17710  24.3; fonts got stuck
 emacs       17713  24.3.91; Emacs hung in GC?
 emacs       17716  24.4.50; doc string of `winner-mode'
 emacs       17717  24.4.50; `defadvice' not in Elisp manual's index
 emacs       17718  24.4.50; doc string of `display-buffer-alist'
 emacs       17719  24.4.50; REGRESSION: `switch-to-buffer-other-frame' does no
 emacs       17720  24.3; EUDC LDAP duplicate mail handling broken.
 emacs       17727  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17730  24.4.50; (elisp) `Syntactic Font Lock': undescribed OTHER-V
 emacs       17733  24.4.50; [ruby-mode] Font-locking of true, false and nil
 emacs       17735  add ability to spell-check only new changes in a diff
 emacs       17736  24.4.50; *-mouse-1 acts on wrong frame
 emacs       17738  24.4.50; (jit-lock-mode nil) in indirect buffer: wrong mess
 emacs       17739  24.3; Dotted circle does not combine with Thai vowel marker
 emacs       17742  Support for enchant?
 emacs       17749  24.3.91; Crash on mwheel-scroll of org file
 emacs       17751  24.4.50; More memory leaks under OS X Mavericks
 emacs       17752  24.4.50; Scrolling other window while skeleton reads input 
 emacs       17757  24.4.50; Whitespace changes break signature mark
 emacs       17758  24.3; The line isn't wrapped during printing if it contains
 emacs       17775  24.4.50; `ispell-command-loop` -- portion of code occasiona
 emacs       17779  24.4.50; (elisp) `Using Interactive'
 emacs       17781  24.3; When CapsLock is on, Emacs regards Ctrl-letter as shi
 emacs       17782  24.3; package.el: searches don't see elided chars of packag
 emacs       17783  24.4.50; ERC: custom-set-variables with erc-modules after a
 emacs       17784  hilit-chg.el marks bigger change than necessary
 emacs       17787  Redundant runs of window-scroll-functions
 emacs       17788  24.3; ruler-mode: column indicators "hop" left if you drag 
 emacs       17791  24.3; dead keys
 emacs       17792  24.3; hintstyle specified via fontconfig is ignored by Emac
 emacs       17797  24.3; Include ert-buffer.el in Emacs
 emacs       17805  Fwd: 24.3.50; Crash in -[EmacsApp / Faccept_process_output
 emacs       17814  24.3.91; better string manipulation in subr-x
 emacs       17817  24.3.91; Assertion failure in bidi.c (Cygwin-w32 build)
 emacs       17822  bs-show with mulitbyte characters doesn't work well
 emacs       17824  24.4.50; Cursor interferes with underline and bold of overl
 emacs       17826  24.4.50; compile.el: gcc-include is now all INFO, not WARNI
 emacs       17830  24.4.50; smie: inners and up-list
 emacs       17832  24.4.50; `apropos-library' behavior for a top-level library
 emacs       17836  24.3; `describe-fontset' confused about e.g. ?\C-@
 emacs       17837  24.4.50; Search very slow
 emacs       17841  24.3; Info description of Emacs startup could better descri
 emacs       17847  24.3; Emacsclient hang/crash
 emacs       17848  add suffix search to -l even when directory part in argumen
 emacs       17851  Some ert tests fail when run compiled
 emacs       17852  some eieio tests fail when run compiled
 emacs       17862  24.3; regexp-opt docstring is incorrect
 emacs       17871  24.4.50; (elisp) `Core Advising Primitives': interactive sp
 emacs       17872  24.4.50; "primitive" in (elisp) `Advising Functions' and si
 emacs       17876  24.3; Incorrect frame resize
 emacs       17879  24.3.92; package-refresh-contents hangs at contacting host 
 emacs       17880  24.4.50; [FEATURE] abbrev with skeleton
 emacs       17882  24.3; *Backtrace* buffer appearing in the wrong frame
 emacs       17885  24.3; Emacs Crash in Mac OSX
 emacs       17888  24.4.50; key binding not shown in menu item for alias comma
 emacs       17893  24.4.50; (error "Marker does not point anywhere")
 emacs       17895  24.3.91; electric-indent-mode not quite right with comments
 emacs       17897  24.4.50; Customize face-font-family-alternatives could lead
 emacs       17899; dabbrev-completion incorrectly searches all buff
 emacs       17900  24.4.50; Tramp Does not recognize .ssh/config file
 emacs       17911  24.3.50; ido-delete-file-at-head deleting files with no pro
 emacs       17916  24.4.50; `write-region' doc for numeric APPEND arg
 emacs       17929  24.3.92; incorrect font-locking in texinfo
 emacs       17938  Very long path name can not handle in windows mingw emacs.
 emacs       17945  24.4.50; vc-git-annotate-command is too slow
 emacs       17948  24.3; cperl: Needs an equivalent to `c-file-style'
 emacs       17949  24.3; .dir-locals.el needs a way to construct paths relativ
 emacs       17954  24.4.50; [patch] `menu-bar-make-toggle' should allow for ke
 emacs       17955  24.3.92; octave.el: indentation following ... or \
 emacs       17957  24.3.92; Bad interaction between "emacs --daemon" and "desk
 emacs       17962  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       17964  24.3; xml-print inserts spurious whitespace
 emacs       17972  frameset to save/restore frames on the right workspace in v
 emacs       17975  24.3.92; assertion failure deleting frames with varying nam
 emacs       17976  24.3; url-retrieve-synchronously doesn't fallback to IPv4
 emacs       17978  24.3; forward-paragraph broken with javadocs
 emacs       17979  24.3.92; Unhelpful error message with bad mail-user-agent
 emacs       17980  perl-mode here document colors
 emacs       17982  24.3.92; extra pixel line at scroll bar's right
 emacs       17987  24.3.92; C-q does not echo itself and the following input
 emacs       17989  24.4.50; doc string of `hi-lock-find-patterns'
 emacs       17991  shell-mode: fails to recognize .bashrc files as shell scrip
 emacs       17992  24.4.50; Possible bytecompiler issue with macroexpansion?
 emacs       17993  24.4.50; doc string of `hi-lock-file-patterns-prefix'
 emacs       17996  24.4.50; `theme-value' in (elisp) `Standard Properties', `V
 emacs       17998  24.3; generic-x - improper highlighting of string with doub
 emacs       17999  24.4.50; `define-minor-mode' creates doc-string lines that 
 emacs       18005  24.4.50; In Emacs manual, tell users how to enter debugger 
 emacs       18008  24.4.50; doc string for `font-lock-mode' is too wide
 emacs       18009  24.4.50; Add hooks for `rename-file' and `delete-file'
 emacs       18012  24.3; Can't print a huge list structure in IELM
 emacs       18013  looking-back is inefficient
 emacs       18014  24.3; Unused Lexical argument warning, when argument is use
 emacs       18017  24.4.50; Isearch case sensitivity broken/confusing
 emacs       18018  24.4.50; (emacs) `Special Isearch'
 emacs       18020  24.3; sh-script comment indent failure involving apostrophe
 emacs       18024  24.4.50; doc of `y-or-n-p' misses the main functionality: w
 emacs       18026  24.4.50; doc string of `delete-whitespace-rectangle': conti
 emacs       18027  24.4.50; doc of `rectangle-mark-mode'
 emacs       18028  24.4.50; doc of `clipboard-kill-region' `clipboard-kill-reg
 emacs       18029  24.4.50; bad shell-script-mode indentation due to ^[{([] in
 emacs       18032  Crash with etags
 emacs       18034  toggle-read-only used in the code
 emacs       18039  24.3; Broken docstring in cl-style functions
 emacs       18041  24.3; Exiting emacsclient kills emacs --daemon
 emacs       18044  24.3; `info-display-manual' should use completing input for
 emacs       18046  24.4.50; wrong-type-argument
 emacs       18059  24.3.92; defvar and special variables
 emacs       18066  sql-postgres bug (possibly, comint bug?)
 emacs       18069  24.4.50; doc of rectangle highlighting & redisplay code
 emacs       18074  24.3.50; `default' clause in face specs with custom-theme-s
 emacs       18077  24.4.50; Info-quoted face should inherit default
 emacs       18079  Remove redundant spaces in `mode-line-buffer-identification
 emacs       18083  24.4.50; (emacs) Arguments and (elisp) Prefix Command Argum
 emacs       18086  24.4.50; NEWS entry for `kill-region'
 emacs       18087  24.4.50; doc string of `kill-region'
 emacs       18088  24.4.50; `region-extract-function': (1) NEWS, (2) return va
 emacs       18089  24.4.50; doc string of `delete-selection-helper'
 emacs       18090  24.4.50; `delete-selection-helper' logic changed for non-mo
 emacs       18092  24.4.50; doc string of `define-prefix-command'
 emacs       18093  24.4.50; `delsel.el' fixes for use with `completion.el'
 emacs       18094  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       18098  Unity top bar integration
 emacs       18100  24.4.50; Restore simplicity of (put 'self-insert-command 'd
 emacs       18102  24.3; emacs stops responding to keyboard after closing fram
 emacs       18105  term, ansi-term: allow to pass arguments to command
 emacs       18106  term, ansi-term: clarify documentation
 emacs       18108  24.3.92 : eshell-visual-options fails with some output.
 emacs       18109  24.4.50; `compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist': wrong rege
 emacs       18110  24.4.50; [PATCH] vc-git-expanded-log-entry no longer strips
 emacs       18111  24.3; makefile-gmake-mode: Doesn't fontify `subst' calls pr
 emacs       18120  cua-rect.el issue on help
 emacs       18123  emacs -nw segmentation fault
 emacs       18125  file-precious-flag breaks symlinks
 emacs       18128  Diff-mode doesn't refine hunks automatically
 emacs       18130  rmail: allow for imaps proto
 emacs       18131  24.4.50; View-search-... skips all matches between (point) 
 emacs       18132  Time for a smarter dired-guess-shell-alist-default? (dired-
 emacs       18133  Suppressing asynchronous command output
 emacs       18135  Emacs bug # 3735 definitely not fixed (5 years later)
 emacs       18137  24.3; closing a tty emacsclient leaves remaining clients un
 emacs       18139  24.4.50; called-interactively-p and skip advice:
 emacs       18143  Vertical scroll bar does not work with Image files
 emacs       18149  OS X crash when passing '-nw'
 emacs       18150  24.3.92; Uppercase umlauts and case-fold-search t
 emacs       18151  24.3.92; term: slow ansi colors rendering
 emacs       18152  24.3.92; Crash in emacs 24 while reverting a buffer
 emacs       18153  segfault on C-e/End in Ack-and-a-half
 emacs       18154  24.4.50; eval-buffer ignores debug-on-error sometimes
 emacs       18155  24.3.92; Honor toolBar resource *before* showing frame
 emacs       18157  24.4.50; battery-pmset fails to report critical battery sta
 emacs       18164  24.3.92; appt-mode-line is missing a white-space (in conjun
 emacs       18165  24.3.92; cedet: semanticdb-needs-refresh-p sometimes report
 emacs       18170  24.3.92; window-atom and window-side parameters
 emacs       18171  24.3.92; pdb gud-print shows "Text is read only"
 emacs       18182  24.3.92; C-[ does not work as ESC in viper-mode
 emacs       18183  24.3; table-fixed-width-mode fails with kill/yank
 emacs       18188  Please make it possible to have a directory-local setting f
 emacs       18190  24.4.50; doc string of `auth-source-backend-child-p'
 emacs       18192  Incorrect implication in delete-{backward,forward}-char doc
 emacs       18197  24.3.92; Get rid of ellipsis at beginning of window
 emacs       18201  24.4.50; doc string of `file-accessible-directory-p'
 emacs       18202  24.4.50; doc string of `next-error-buffer-p'
 emacs       18203  24.4.50; `ffap-url-p' should NOT be a defsubst
 emacs       18204  24.4.50; `ediff-file-compressed-p'
 emacs       18205  Obsolete patterns in auto-mode-alist
 emacs       18207  erc-truncate-buffer-on-save: misleading variable name and d
 emacs       18209  Add ability to truncate long grep matches
 emacs       18211  24.4.50; doc string of `posnp'
 emacs       18215  24.4.50; OSX 10.6.8; set-frame-size by pixelwise does not w
 emacs       18217  24.3; font_unparse_xlfd generates defective font names
 emacs       18219  24.3; font_unparse_xlfd generates defective font names (con
 emacs       18226  why emacs will crash everytime i wanna close it?
 emacs       18229  LIBS vs LIBOBJS in src/Makefile.in
 emacs       18236  diff-apply-hunk interacts poorly with line endings
 emacs       18238  Fix for DOS build when using more accurate config[.h].in
 emacs       18240  24.3; sql-postgres password with cygwin psql
 emacs       18241  24.4.50; [PATCH] I can now highlight-lines-matching-regexp 
 emacs       18244  24.3.92; Error with semantic-mode when python buffers are p
 emacs       18249  24.3; expected a button click, text pasted into button labe
 emacs       18250  24.3; ERC display commands in current buffer
 emacs       18251  24.4.50; defvar-local not in imenu index in Emacs Lisp Mode
 emacs       18256  24.4.50; `windmove-do-window-select: change `error' to `use
 emacs       18259  24.3; comint-interrupt-subjob fails to interrupt pthreaded 
 emacs       18263  occur-edit-mode can lose its text properties
 emacs       18268  24.3.92; Make imenu sort submenus also (fix included)
 emacs       18270  Crash in lates emacs-24 branch on ubuntu 14.04
 emacs       18275  Bug#656042: /usr/share/emacs/23.2/lisp/ido.elc: help for id
 emacs       18278  [PATCH] bug#18130: rmail.el: handle imaps, pops, and local 
 emacs       18279  24.4.50; [PATCH] add language environment for the Catalan l
 emacs       18281  24.4.50; doc of `customize-apropos*'
 emacs       18283  24.4.50; Feature Request -- OSX -- add -- <key>NSAppleScrip
 emacs       18285  24.3.92; A combination of `display' on text and `invisible'
 emacs       18288  pcase documentation rewrite
 emacs       18290  24.3.93; url-http-parse-headers not handling 301 responses 
 emacs       18293  Emacs ignores the ":aspect=N" specification of xft fonts
 emacs       18294  24.3; gud and/or gdb: Add hooks to detect when a source fil
 emacs       18296  24.4.50; doc string of `whitespace-mode'
 emacs       18300  erc-format-target-and/or-network: do not rename server buff
 emacs       18302  MSYS2 build issues
 emacs       18312  PATCH: using `revert-buffer' to restart a closed telnet ses
 emacs       18313  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       18315  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       18317  24.4.50; doc string of `find-file-literally'
 emacs       18318  24.4.50; doc of `file-readable-p'
 emacs       18321  24.4.50; EIEIO and (defmethod (setf ...))
 emacs       18324  plots hang in inferior octave mode
 emacs       18327  24.4.50; [PATCH] vector QPattern for pcase
 emacs       18332  24.3.93; Convenience is a malformed function when installin
 emacs       18333  24.3.93; ImageMagick: ICO image in multiple sizes is not sh
 emacs       18336  24.4.50; When editing externally changed file, Emacs asks t
 emacs       18337  24.4.50; apropos fails on "scroll"
 emacs       18340  24.4.50; Bad UI for `find-file-literally'
 emacs       18342  24.3.93; jumping to compilation error location gives the wr
 emacs       18343  24.4.50; REGRESSION: `help-echo' property is not added, so 
 emacs       18345  Crash in ns_read_socket
 emacs       18346  Missing feature; smart contextual documentation (help buffe
 emacs       18348  24.4.50; `common-lisp-indent-function'
 emacs       18353  24.4.50; unicode chars in mode-line on tty
 emacs       18359  Macro expansion failure [MSYS2-MinGW64]
 emacs       18362  ffap vs. #! in URLs
 emacs       18364  24.4.50; GDB Many Windows: error in process filter: Bad str
 emacs       18367  24.4.50; [PATCH] Text property `font-lock-ignore', to prote
 emacs       18369  24.4.50; interactive spec of `facemenu-add-face'
 emacs       18370  insert-file-contents: forbids also beg, end for non-regular
 emacs       18372  Bug#755351: blink-cursor-mode should respect GTK+ setting b
 emacs       18378  wrong fontification of Java code
 emacs       18379  24.3.93; Bash font lock: pretty inconsistent treatment of `
 emacs       18380  24.3.93; sh-script multiline quoted subshell wreaks havoc w
 emacs       18388  24.4.50; REGRESSION: incompatible change to `replace-match-
 emacs       18390  24.4.50; REGRESSION: `split-window' error
 emacs       18392  Bug#759400: emacs24-nox: segfault when saving emacs lisp fi
 emacs       18397  24.3; [PATCH] follow-minor-mode now has an indicator in the
 emacs       18405  24.3.93; bat-mode.el
 emacs       18407  Strange problem with Emacs and Auctex on retina macbook-pro
 emacs       18411  24.3; Emacs (daemon) core dumps after save-buffers-kill-ter
 emacs       18412  24.3.93 regression: undo boundary inserted by delete-select
 emacs       18417  24.3.93; posn-at-point confused by fill-column-indicator
 emacs       18421  24.4.50; Allow Dired to use unrelated dir trees?
 emacs       18423  24.3; emacs crash when ecb is called
 emacs       18426  24.3; imenu-auto-rescan-maxout not mentioned in manual
 emacs       18429  24.3; Emacs window doubles in size upon second focus on hig
 emacs       18431  24.3; emacsclient spurious error message
 emacs       18437  24.3.93; cursor changes color and size at end of line
 emacs       18438  24.4.50; assertion failed in bidi.c
 emacs       18441  tab bug
 emacs       18442  24.3; easy-menu-define docstring of menu :label and :help
 emacs       18443  24.3.93; Feature request - Add a variable for byte-compile 
 emacs       18444  24.3.93; Error running timer 'compilation-auto-jump' from g
 emacs       18447  24.3; transfer case doesn't work in some instances
 emacs       18448  Problems installing (M)ELPA packages
 emacs       18452  24.3; line number section width problem
 emacs       18457  GC crashes followed by update_syntax_table/interval_of cras
 emacs       18459  24.3.93; [feature request] Color for region in "inactive" f
 emacs       18460  24.4.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       18461  `vc-svn-registered' signals an error if a directory has be 
 emacs       18463  play-sound crashes emacs if file does not exist
 emacs       18466  24.4.50; Failure to byte-compile rmailmm.el
 emacs       18471  perl mode here doc colors thrown off by quote marks
 emacs       18472  24.3; scan error using C-c TAB b in Octave mode
 emacs       18475  24.4.50; Wdired: cannot use C-k to delete a dir name if -F 
 emacs       18478  24.4.50; doc string of `clone-indirect-buffer'
 emacs       18480  24.3.93; Popups "broken" with lines of different heights
 emacs       18481  vc/vc-git.el: use `with-demoted-errors' instead of `ignore-
 emacs       18484  24.3.93; term-suppress-hard-newline breaks command history
 emacs       18487  `server-running-p' not autoloaded
 emacs       18494  24.4.50; defclass creates undocumented *-list-p function
 emacs       18497  24.4.50; Completion List Mode should use font-lock-face rat
 emacs       18501  24.3.93; OS X; crash in free() when calling macfont_close()
 emacs       18509  24.3.93; [patch] erc completion case inconsistency
 emacs       18513  24.3; message-mode sends unencrypted on error
 emacs       18514  24.3; vc-dir sometimes guesses the wrong backend
 emacs       18515  24.3; Documentation of `call-process'
 emacs       18517  24.3.93; `--eval' option to "emacsclient -a ALTEDITOR" shou
 emacs       18527  24.3; ERC does not reconnect when server disconnects me
 emacs       18530  24.3; Emacs unable to handle very large lines
 emacs       18532  24.3.93; C-@ not "seen" by Windows Emacs
 emacs       18533  24.4.50; flyspell-prog-mode and lisp interaction
 emacs       18541  24.3; ruler-mode: margins are reset when doing next-buffer/
 emacs       18543  24.3.93; On w32 help-echo for menus doesn't pop up when cur
 emacs       18546  24.4.50; active display table
 emacs       18548  Emacs whitespace mode
 emacs       18555  24.4.50; butlast and nbutlast doesn't handle improper lists
 emacs       18556  24.4.50; update-file-autoloads never ends
 emacs       18558  24.4.50; Debugger slow with long strings
 emacs       18560  On MS-Windows vc commit truncates message to the first line
 emacs       18566  24.3.93 Unable to use a command such as dired which involve
 emacs       18569  24.3; Eshell: piping 'find' through 'xargs' reports random 
 emacs       18573  24.3.93; set-face-attribute crashes Emacs on OS X 10.9.4
 emacs       18576  24.3.93; fail to list elpa packages
 emacs       18577  Regexp I-search: [(error Stack overflow in regexp matcher)]
 emacs       18578  24.3; CSS mode does not highlight CSS3 pseudo-classes
 emacs       18587  24.4.50; error from cl-assert with a symbol argument
 emacs       18588  24.4.50; bug-reference-bug-regexp misses a useful bug id
 emacs       18590  24.3.93; Scrolling changes/forgets selection
 emacs       18593  24.4.50; grep-files-aliases should use major mode instead
 emacs       18602  24.4.50; tramp/eshell hangs emacs if remote goes down
 emacs       18606  25.0.50; SES: Copy&Paste row doesn't keep attributes
 emacs       18607  24.3.93; Warn user if finding fqdn is too slow
 emacs       18609  24.3.93; Feature request: highlight backtraces in emacs-lis
 emacs       18611  24.3; macre step edit and use of registers
 emacs       18618  25.0.50; `window-end win t` produces erroenous result with 
 emacs       18626  24.3.94; communication with subprocess is slow
 emacs       18627  24.3; M-x info does not give sycalls page
 emacs       18628  Emacs hangs trying to open "CON" file (on Windows)
 emacs       18630  24.3; After some time, new X frames can no longer be create
 emacs       18632  24.3.94; image-dired fail when `image-dired-dir' doesn't ex
 emacs       18633  24.3; `customize-save-customized' should be handled as a tr
 emacs       18634  24.4.50; doc string of `font-lock-remove-keywords'
 emacs       18635  24.4.50; doc string of `font-lock-keywords' - lines too lon
 emacs       18637  24.4.50; doc of frame parameter DISPLAY vs actual value on 
 emacs       18643  25.0.50; elisp--expect-function-p
 emacs       18644  24.4.50; [ruby-mode] Font-lock bug for hash literals
 emacs       18657  24.4.50; positioning frames on multi-monitor displays
 emacs       18658  24.3; deformed server-socket-dir
 emacs       18659  24.3.94; Crash in deselect_palette (Cygwin-w32 build)
 emacs       18667  24.3.94; Error "Point 5215 after end of properties" inside 
 emacs       18668  24.3.94; Assertion violation in add_text_properties_1
 emacs       18676  24.3; auto-revert-buffers tries to cancel nil timer
 emacs       18677  25.0.50; on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) build failure with
 emacs       18678  25.0.50; on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) font in menus and 
 emacs       18682  flymake-mode does not find makefiles named "makefile" or "G
 emacs       18683  Patch for wish-list item: 560
 emacs       18684  24.3; keystrokes come out of order
 emacs       18686  25.0.50; incorrect signature in doc string of `create-fonts
 emacs       18687  mw 0.1: modular MediaWiki interface for Emacs 
 emacs       18691  25.0.50; Ido manual: index stuff (commands, keys, concepts)
 emacs       18692  25.0.50; (emacs) `Backup Names' is not the place for `backu
 emacs       18693  25.0.50; backup user options
 emacs       18694  25.0.50; `ibuffer(-saved)-filter-groups', `ibuffer-saved-fi
 emacs       18696  Emacs freezes for a while visitin Conf (.ini)) buffers
 emacs       18697  25.0.50; [PATCH] hi-lock interactive functions now default 
 emacs       18705  24.3.93; Hang in ns_select -> [NSApp run] -> oo
 emacs       18708  24.4.50; kmacro-step-edit-macro: Error in post-command-hook
 emacs       18709  24.3; vc-revert inconsistency in *vc-dir*
 emacs       18713  Very slow startups with TERM=xterm
 emacs       18716  24.3; dired-omit-extensions's default value omits COPYING.L
 emacs       18717  24.4.50; morse-region/unmorse-region roundtrip not working
 emacs       18721  25.0.50; choose major mode from .dir-locals.el
 emacs       18724  Emacs 24.4: M-x customize-group paren-showing-faces doesn't
 emacs       18727  25.0.50; Paste to isearch-repeat-forward does not work
 emacs       18733  24.3.94; completion default with icomplete-show-matches-on-
 emacs       18739  24.3; Request for a hook to be provided when scrolling will
 emacs       18743  25.0.50; Clang 3.0 fails to compile src/fns.c, GCC 4.8 cann
 emacs       18752  24.3.94; Why is Cygwin Emacs 2x quicker than Windows Emacs?
 emacs       18753  [PATCH] .rbw and .pyw support, more Ruby files recognized
 emacs       18759  24.3.94; Yank from clipboard crashes
 emacs       18763  Emacs is segfaulting
 emacs       18764  24.4; electric-indent in *scratch* signals an error
 emacs       18769  24.4; assertion failed in emacs-24.4 on cygwin x86_64
 emacs       18771  24.4.50; znc-erc (wrong-type-argument arrayp nil) Robert Ci
 emacs       18780  24.4; configure script should disable PIE on all platforms
 emacs       18781  24.4.50; emacs crash while running helm-prelude
 emacs       18783  24.4; fixup-whitespace at end of line leaves a trailing spa
 emacs       18784  Coultdn't compile emacs-24.4
 emacs       18788  24.4; vc-git-working-revision vs mode-line gives error
 emacs       18790  24.4; package-install no longer allows interactive updating
 emacs       18793  24.4; zero width rectangular selection displaces text
 emacs       18797  24.4; Unable to do image transforms even when emacs is comp
 emacs       18801  24.4; Ediff control window not visible
 emacs       18809  25.0.50; doc string of `insert-pair-alist'
 emacs       18810  24.4; browse-url-of-dired-file not bound to any key
 emacs       18812  24.4; url.el user agent does not include Emacs version
 emacs       18815  25.0.50; emacs crash
 emacs       18818  Incorrect font weight in dark background, Emacs 24.4 on Mac
 emacs       18823  Built-in support for visiting compressed files
 emacs       18824  split diff-check-labels off diff-no-select 
 emacs       18828  24.4; Early collision warning when 'create-lockfiles' is se
 emacs       18829  25.0.50; (emacs) manual: relation between `package-initiali
 emacs       18833  24.4; Mac OS top menu: wrong menus pop up if system zoom is
 emacs       18836  25.0.50; `insert-directory' barfs on nonexistent file, but 
 emacs       18837  25.0.50; `sort` -- modify function to preserve original lis
 emacs       18847  24.4; Inconsistent behaviour of M-h with negative arguments
 emacs       18849  24.4; Crash on Mac OS X 10.10 when automatically launched a
 emacs       18850  smerge-mode: use diff-check-labels 
 emacs       18851  24.4; emacs cannot be started if the current directory has 
 emacs       18853  25.0.50; REGRESSION: arity change for `bookmark-edit-annota
 emacs       18855  25.0.50; 123-char line in Org manual top menu
 emacs       18859  24.3; ibuffer-mark-by-file-name-regexp does not match displ
 emacs       18860  24.4; packages don't download consistently from https
 emacs       18864  24.4; F4 may be inserted into emacs macro when blink-matchi
 emacs       18865  24.4; hanging when saving file over smb:// file share
 emacs       18869  25.0.50; Font-related problems when starting with --daemon
 emacs       18871  24.4; nxml-mode: DTD edition breaks the file structure
 emacs       18872  24.4; nxml-mode: non-working indentation after yank
 emacs       18875  25.0.50; Dired -- add support for ls --time-style with a sp
 emacs       18878  24.3; (setq rmail-nonignored-headers nil) causes rmail-copy
 emacs       18879  24.3; flymake error window is wider than screeny
 emacs       18882  24.4; Segmentation fault while typing in minibuffer or runn
 emacs       18883  24.4; auto-revert-mode with notify doesn't work with symlin
 emacs       18885  25.0.50; build fails with ASan enabled
 emacs       18886  24.4; M-v no longer works in CUA-mode.
 emacs       18890  23.4; current-input-mode differs whether or not -t/-c switc
 emacs       18894  24.4.51; Erratic freezing on Cygwin
 emacs       18902  Emacs 24.4 doesn't respect X resources
 emacs       18907  25.0.50; long pause when auto-save fails
 emacs       18909  24.4.50; unexpected (prin1-to-string '(foo "bar") t)
 emacs       18913  24.4.51; point going back to bol after every insertion
 emacs       18915  24.3; Feature: Prompt to make executable on write-file
 emacs       18922  24.3; Not clear how to use TeX input method
 emacs       18923  Alternative scrolling model
 emacs       18924  visiting files in relocated Bazaar lightweight checkout
 emacs       18925  On Mac emacs -nw crashes, emacs doesn't
 emacs       18928  24.4; viper-save-setting produces invalid configuration fil
 emacs       18931  24.4; delete-frame suspends tty when running emacs on virtu
 emacs       18934  24.4; ibuffer with double-width characters doesn't work cor
 emacs       18938  Emacs 24.3: newline-and-indent has two undo boundaries
 emacs       18939  24.4; a left-click in Emacs sometimes modifies the PRIMARY 
 emacs       18944  24.4; perl-mode electric-indent inside here documents
 emacs       18951  24.4.51; eshell-pcomplete removes asterisk when attempting 
 emacs       18954  24.4; vc-log Summary: header is included in log message wit
 emacs       18957  25.0.50; document #: in Elisp manual
 emacs       18959  25.0.50; vc-change-log displays "show 2x entries" even when
 emacs       18963  25.0.50; byte compiler confuses compilation-mode
 emacs       18966  25.0.50; unhelpful error message from byte compiler
 emacs       18967  Tramp disables important SSH security features
 emacs       18969  25.0.50; byte compiler warnings don't conform to GCS
 emacs       18971  25.0.50; incorrect warning from byte compiler
 emacs       18975  24.4; vc-svn does not recognize file externals as svn-manag
 emacs       18976  25.0.50; packages with elisp in subdirectories
 emacs       18977  25.0.50; Enhance (fix) incremental `indent-rigidly'
 emacs       18978  25.0.50; Emacs (i686-pc-mingw32) of 2014-11-03 ge
 emacs       18979  24.4; EPG is incompatible with GnuPG 1.2 (Workaround enclos
 emacs       18981  24.3; gs and filenames with percent signs
 emacs       18985  24.3; cperl-mode misindents hash keys that start with an au
 emacs       18989  Emacs freezes after using the “eval line and step” icon
 emacs       18990  25.0.50; Scroll bar display problems
 emacs       18992  24.4; describe-mode
 emacs       18996  24.4; Pressing Alt-g shows Esc g- when running emacs inside
 emacs       18997  24.4; IDLWAVE: Emacs crashes when trying to change the wind
 emacs       19001  24.4; Flyspell mode introduces strange behavior of keyboard
 emacs       19002  24.4, minor incompatibility in gnus' epg-list-keys with gnu
 emacs       19004  24.4; Please provide a non-regexp interface to occur
 emacs       19006  24.4; Package 'debbugs' on elpa ships with .texi but no .in
 emacs       19007  24.4; copy-file-locals-to-dir-locals generates malformed ex
 emacs       19008  25.0.50; (wrong-type-argument stringp (require . fit-frame)
 emacs       19009  Buffer tabs in tabbar mode almost hidden in current trunk (
 emacs       19016  24.4.50; tq.el does the wrong thing when enqueuing inside a
 emacs       19023  24.4; Long pause when evaluating numeric expression
 emacs       19024  24.4; nxml-mode: C-c C-i sometimes says "Not in a start-tag
 emacs       19026  24.4.50; rmail-summary-by-topic
 emacs       19029  Cut down on useless "really edit the buffer?" prompts
 emacs       19031  24.4; find-file in icomplete-mode shows completions with no
 emacs       19032  24.4; icomplete cannot select matches with C-x b with no in
 emacs       19033  25.0.50; (elisp) `Advising Named Functions' does not descri
 emacs       19034  24.4; erc mishandles a response to a NAMES request that it 
 emacs       19036  24.4; Crashes during load-theme, enable-theme and color-the
 emacs       19039  24.3; latex-mode paragraph-separate of \pagebreak[0]
 emacs       19046  24.4; url-retrieve-synchronously does not use username/pass
 emacs       19052  24.4; Undocumented behaviour change of ada-capitalize-word 
 emacs       19053  25.0.50; docview fails on 24.4 and 25.0
 emacs       19055  comint-previous-matching-input-from-input broken by fix for
 emacs       19057  24.4; "Fatal Error 10: Bus Error" for Athena and Motif buil
 emacs       19062  25.0.50; `Info-bookmark-jump' changes frames - see FIXME in
 emacs       19064  25.0.50; `message' overwrites `y-or-n-p' prompt, so user mi
 emacs       19066  25.0.50; nadvice and interactive-form
 emacs       19070  25.0.50; Provide a user option that filters the buffer list
 emacs       19075  `toggle-frame-maximized' and `toggle-frame-fullscreen' on W
 emacs       19076  25.0.50; Switching vertical scroll bars off makes the mode 
 emacs       19079  24.4; smie mis-highlights unmatchable keywords
 emacs       19080  24.4; wish: enable show-paren-mode to highlight matching sa
 emacs       19081  24.4.50; Input method polish-slash should not use keyboard 
 emacs       19082  24.4.50; seconds-to-time: Autoloading failed to define func
 emacs       19085  25.0.50; eww: text fields and undo
 emacs       19088  24.3; rmail-summary-by-regexp only searches the raw Subject
 emacs       19091  24.4; help autocompletion glitch
 emacs       19092  25.0.50; [PATCH] ispell-message spell checks marked parts o
 emacs       19093  Problem with whitespaces during copy paste in text-mode
 emacs       19096  25.0.50; suggest-key-bindings doesn't work with a nil value
 emacs       19104  eww.el vs. plist-put documentation (docstring, doc/lispref/
 emacs       19107  25.0.50; emacs-lisp-mode: help-echo in font-lock-extra-mana
 emacs       19113  Generate a ChangeLog file from commit logs
 emacs       19114  25.0.50; doc string of `eval-expression-print-format' is in
 emacs       19115  25.0.50; give users an easy way to control how much info `e
 emacs       19116  25.0.50; doc string of `eval-expression'
 emacs       19120  25.0.50; macosx: f10 does NOT go to the menu bar
 emacs       19139  [PATCH] * etc/emacs.appdata.xml: Extend the description
 emacs       19145  24.4; prettify-symbols-mode inconsistent behavior
 emacs       19146  25.0.50; RFE: non-interactive package upgrade
 emacs       19151  24.4; Batch mode doesn't call package-initialize, can't fin
 emacs       19152  25.0.50; "You can run the command `debug-on-entry' with M-x
 emacs       19163  24.3; segment fault
 emacs       19164  24.3; Feature request: describe-key-briefly with prefix arg
 emacs       19167  24.4; newsticker eats 100% cpu
 emacs       19174  Wishlist/suggestion for emacs/lisp/calendar/cal-french.el
 emacs       19175  24.4; make-frame-on-display fails if emacs started with -nw
 emacs       19176  24.4; sh-mode & zsh: wrong indentation for alternate forms 
 emacs       19177  25.0.50; pretty printer
 emacs       19182  24.4; which-function-mode end of function detection (easy s
 emacs       19185  25.0.50; Strangeness with mouse-1 button up events
 emacs       19189  25.0.50; tango-dark: cursor and highlight look too similar
 emacs       19191  24.4; su command in *shell* buffer does not work
 emacs       19194  24.4.50; `window-body-width' is not dynamic relative to fon
 emacs       19195  ibuffer-do-view-other-frame does not open frame
 emacs       19197  25.0.50; vc.el with RCS: `vc-master-name' returns nil where
 emacs       19200  Point adjustemnt moves *into* invisible text
 emacs       19208  replace-match unhelpful error message
 emacs       19209  25.0.50; doc string of `mwheel-scroll' is incorrect
 emacs       19210  25.0.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       19212  24.3; Signaled error doesn't show `error-message'
 emacs       19213  25.0.50; [PATCH] * editfns.c (Ftranspose_regions): memmove 
 emacs       19214  25.0.50; Incorrect custom type for `cursor-in-non-selected-
 emacs       19215  25.0.50; doc string of `cursor-type'
 emacs       19217  25.0.50; `C-M-x' (`eval-defun') on a `defface' that is not 
 emacs       19223  24.4; ELPA suggest description in gnu-emacs-sources message
 emacs       19224  24.4; elisp manual mode-line example mode-line-mode-name
 emacs       19229  ispell-phaf: No matching entry for ...
 emacs       19232  25.0.50; ring.el: why not autoload `ring-member' etc.?
 emacs       19244  24.3; ido-find-file bug
 emacs       19249  dired-do-hardlink should refresh the whole directory
 emacs       19255  25.0.50; doc string of `compare-buffer-substrings'
 emacs       19256  24.3; Bad interaction between calendar.el and pop-up-frames
 emacs       19259  25.0.50; Be able to use `compare-windows' in either directi
 emacs       19265  24.4; Crash on startup on OS X
 emacs       19266  24.4; Font-related window redrawing delays on OS X
 emacs       19267  25.0.50; Enhance cycle-spacing with a state where only whit
 emacs       19272  25.0.50; electric-indent-mode: Appears to do the opposite
 emacs       19276  25.0.50; Crash on startup on OS X with -Q
 emacs       19282  24.3; Emacs crashes as g_main_context_prepare() is called r
 emacs       19283  25.0.50; imap.el with man-in-the-middle vulnerability
 emacs       19284  25.0.50; tls.el uses option --insecure
 emacs       19285  24.4; ruby-imenu-create-index-in-block gets confused by reg
 emacs       19291  25.0.50; Command that returns URL to current Info node on t
 emacs       19292  24.3; [PATCH] erc-server-ping-timer-alist now has at most o
 emacs       19298  25.0.50; `set-frame-font': non-nil FRAMES argument
 emacs       19302  24.4.51; `date-to-time' fails after 2038
 emacs       19303  25.0.50; infinite loop (stack overflow) in mark_object
 emacs       19304  25.0.50; vc-dir hangs forever
 emacs       19309  ediff: How to turn off pulsing icon in toolbar
 emacs       19310  25.0.50; mouse-yank-primary cannot handle multibyte text co
 emacs       19314  25.0.50; Core Dump on Mint 17.1
 emacs       19320  24.4; pselect wrapping around, temporarily hanging emacs
 emacs       19326  24.4; tex-validate-buffer error "Buffer is read-only"
 emacs       19327  24.4.51; Wrong advice class reported
 emacs       19328  [PATCH] Add mechanism to prompt about unsaved customization
 emacs       19331  24.4; segmentation fault during tramp completing read from 
 emacs       19334  25.0.50; Display bug with zero width fringe
 emacs       19335  24.4.51; ido.el: Include bookmark-files as virtual buffers
 emacs       19336  24.4; icomplete-mode error when icomplete-show-matches-on-n
 emacs       19339  face-remapping-alist ignored in echo-area
 emacs       19340  24.4-3; word-search
 emacs       19341  Change Log mode filling of multi-line file lists
 emacs       19342  auto-fill scan-error in sh-mode
 emacs       19343  25.0.50; [vc-git] Unregistered file becomes `up-to-date' in
 emacs       19344  25.0.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       19345  24.4; Opening buffer-menu causes periodic auto-recentering 
 emacs       19347  24.4.50; Display of bengali text
 emacs       19349  25.0.50; Can not use package manager after emacs upgrade. I
 emacs       19350  24.4; Incorrect quoting of %-signs for Windows command shel
 emacs       19359  [PATCHES] Buttons in man pages
 emacs       19362  25.0.50; Fix `pp.el' in line with new `elisp-mode.el'
 emacs       19368  25.0.50; NSM prompt is not self-explanatory enough
 emacs       19369  24.4; srecode can't start
 emacs       19371  25.0.50; doc of functions and macros defined in macroexp.el
 emacs       19379  25.0.50; segfault in backward-prefix-chars
 emacs       19384  24.4; variable-pitch-mode should turn itself on when passed
 emacs       19385  default align rules doesn't know about Java arrays
 emacs       19391  25.0.50; eshell-buffer-shorthand breaks command dollar expa
 emacs       19392  Emacs searches for dabbrevs in archive buffers
 emacs       19393  25.0.50; Emacs cannot determine coding system of ISO-8859 e
 emacs       19394  25.0.50; mpc does not handle MPD_HOST=socket
 emacs       19395  25.0.50; Setting left fringe to 0 messes up window-width
 emacs       19399  24.4; fill-paragraph always errors on second slash of // in
 emacs       19401  25.0.50; metar.el (metar-convert-temperature) wrong type ar
 emacs       19407  `vc-dir' not usable under Subversion
 emacs       19408  25.0.50; Incorrect handling of face-font-rescale-alist on s
 emacs       19409  25.0.50; package-list-packages: Failed to verify signature
 emacs       19410  [PATCH] bug#19391: 25.0.50; eshell-buffer-shorthand breaks 
 emacs       19412  24.3; ido-write-file sometimes writes to a different direct
 emacs       19413  24.4; (desktop-save-mode 1) save frame as page and desktop 
 emacs       19416  25.0.50; enhancement of xterm mouse tracking: draging the m
 emacs       19419  24.3; hunspell problems
 emacs       19421  25.0.50; doc string of `browse-url' must describe parameter
 emacs       19422  25.0.50; `remove-overlays` needs one additional `point` at 
 emacs       19424  23.4; incorrect byte-compiler warning for `mode-line-format
 emacs       19431  24.4; Bad handling of RFC2047 encoded headers by 'mail-extr
 emacs       19432  backtrace for errors that occur inside process sentinels
 emacs       19440  24.4; M-x run-scheme doesn't pop up a buffer
 emacs       19441  [PATCH] thingatpt.el (thing-at-point-uri-schemes): Recogniz
 emacs       19452  24.4; sql-connect fails in first invocation: "Attempt to se
 emacs       19453  Bad interaction between daemon mode and desktop-save-mode
 emacs       19455  24.4; sh-mode highlighting breaks with ZSH glob modifiers
 emacs       19457  24.4; exec_sentinel_error_handler and read_process_output_e
 emacs       19460  25.0.50; help-function-arglist returns (&rest rest) for adv
 emacs       19461  25.0.50; doc of `display-buffer-*' functions that take ALIS
 emacs       19462  shr: use wrap-prefix when possible, instead of filling the 
 emacs       19464  24.4; Customizing either scroll-step or scroll-conservative
 emacs       19467  25.0.50; Default arguments for 'yes-or-no-p'
 emacs       19468  25.0.50; UI inconveniences with M-.
 emacs       19470  24.4; isearch-occur via global-map
 emacs       19471  Emacs can't copy text
 emacs       19474  24.4; icomplete fails to insert character with C-x 8
 emacs       19477  24.4; Init script from su terminal
 emacs       19479  Package manager vulnerable
 emacs       19480  Tool-bar modifications not reflected on display
 emacs       19481  package.el: support .tar archives featuring a pax_global_he
 emacs       19482  Changing to big font cause display problem
 emacs       19487  24.3; Compose key does not work
 emacs       19490  Unclear info about libraries/packaging in manual
 emacs       19492  How to neatly call interactive commands interactively?
 emacs       19493  [PATCH] Fix trailing ... for outline-toggle-children
 emacs       19494  25.0.50; infinite loop in readable_event on master branch
 emacs       19495  25.0.50; `message` -- optional argument to suppress echo ar
 emacs       19497  24.4; erc-tls uses wrong default port number
 emacs       19500  25.0.50; Non-t follow-link property doesn't work
 emacs       19505  25.0.50; Defining a chomp function breaks electric pairing
 emacs       19506  25.0.50; [PATCH] Use conf-mode for VC config files
 emacs       19513  shift-select-mode fails to be fully buffer-local
 emacs       19515  24.4; Doc for cl-loop always clause
 emacs       19521  25.0.50; EDE show "Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" when 
 emacs       19524  24.4; term.el directory tracking documentation
 emacs       19526  24.4; Wrapping text with pairs in electrical-pair-mode
 emacs       19528  25.0.50; Add electric-pair-local-mode
 emacs       19529  24.3; Missing completion candidate variable
 emacs       19537  Manual documents nonexistent functionality of package-uploa
 emacs       19543  24.4; vc-mode: 'Fileset is up-to-date' even when vc-diff sh
 emacs       19545  24.4.51; VC doesn't support SMerge mode with Git back-end
 emacs       19546  25.0.50; erc /notify command needs module activation
 emacs       19547  25.0.50; throw-on-input "fires" when switching workspace
 emacs       19548  VC changes under-documented, needlessly incompatible
 emacs       19550  25.0.50; `define-minor-mode' no explanation of form of LIGH
 emacs       19552  25.0.50; void-function class-slot-initarg with new EIEIO ch
 emacs       19556  eww: make URI rewriting fully customizable 
 emacs       19557  25.0.50; ido-insert-buffer does not insert virtual buffers.
 emacs       19558  ispell in 24.4: hunspell cannot check German text
 emacs       19559  24.3; C-n in doc-view-mode
 emacs       19560  24.3.50; Handle adjacent links correctly in shr
 emacs       19562  25.0.50; emacs_backtrace.txt
 emacs       19564  24.4; eieio backward compatibility
 emacs       19565  Emacs vulnerable to endless-data attack (minor)
 emacs       19568  24.3; not documented: Which system settings affect the choi
 emacs       19576  24.4; Broken function in `window-size-change-functions' cau
 emacs       19582  25.0.50; [PATCH] Calc: glitches with negation of units
 emacs       19587  shr: produces an extra newline before a block element in <l
 emacs       19588  24.4.51; [NS] Crash in mouseMoved
 emacs       19591  24.4; file & buffer compare failures
 emacs       19594  url-ftp: should not be aliased to url-file; url-file: use T
 emacs       19595  25.0.50; python-mode no longer indents docstrings
 emacs       19603  24.4.51; Improve emacs startup message.
 emacs       19607  issue with Emacs 24.4.1 but not with 24.3.1 : changed on di
 emacs       19611  25.0.50; Edebug eval expression broken
 emacs       19612  24.4; `bibtex-next-field' don't do next field if at EOL rig
 emacs       19620  25.0.50; Eieio constructor behaviour changed and broke pcac
 emacs       19622  25.0.50; Spell checking and Unicode don't mix...
 emacs       19626  25.0.50; eshell: extended directory syntax ("...") does not
 emacs       19627  25.0.50; eshell: only the first item from eshell-visual-opt
 emacs       19635  24.4; server-kill-emacs-query-function only prompts if ther
 emacs       19636  [TRAMP] global minor mode hangs connection when accessing f
 emacs       19638  24.4; eww-browse-url loses session and history
 emacs       19639  24.4: eww.el: adverse effects of C-x C-w
 emacs       19640  24.4: eww-restore-history destroys non-eww buffers
 emacs       19648  Emacs 24.4.1 stops displaying text
 emacs       19649  24.4; OPascal Mode Incorrect Backslash String Parsing
 emacs       19653  ispell misalignment with hunspell when Unicode apostrophe i
 emacs       19655  24.4; search doesn't work in emacs help-for-help window
 emacs       19659  24.4; unpredictable intermittent crashes
 emacs       19661  wrapping before window-width (new wrap-column text property
 emacs       19662  24.4: history bloat and navigation trouble
 emacs       19665  25.0.50; python.el: mark defun bug when point is in class s
 emacs       19678  [PATCH] EUDC does not support BBDB 3.x
 emacs       19679  25.0.50; find-function-on-key shouldn't use the other windo
 emacs       19680  24.4; option --no-bitmap-icon not working
 emacs       19682  25.0.50; `other-window' doc string should say that by defau
 emacs       19684  25.0.50; `this-command` is set to `nil` before `window-scro
 emacs       19688  [patch] add support for emacs daemon on Windows
 emacs       19700  24.4; Message in minibuffer put by y-or-n-p function does n
 emacs       19704  25.0.50; funcall with hard-quote inside cl-labels uses the 
 emacs       19706  25.0.50; (+ nil nil -1) in desktop-restore-frameset
 emacs       19709  Problem with indentation for the closing parenthesis in cpe
 emacs       19711  25.0.50; (ad-is-adviced sym) is inconsistent with (advice--
 emacs       19712  24.4; GNUmakefile mode: C-c C-c does not comment lines in r
 emacs       19716  Excessive Windows registry accesses
 emacs       19717  24.4.50; printing.el still uses ps-eval-switch
 emacs       19718  read_filtered_event echos mouse events until character is i
 emacs       19720  24.4; minor mode's font-lock-add-keywords & auto-mode-alist
 emacs       19722  25.0.50; (elisp) `Tool Bar': Add xref to doc for image spec
 emacs       19723  24.4; octave.el; graphics window behaves incorrectly
 emacs       19726  24.4; When sending email, all lines starting with `from' ge
 emacs       19729  25.0.50; url-retrieve-synchronously never returns when ther
 emacs       19736  python.el: native completion breaks ipython magic completio
 emacs       19737  24.4; Shift selection misses beginning of region
 emacs       19739  25.0.50; Python tests fail on MS-Windows
 emacs       19740  25.0.50; Bad comment indentation by `C-M-q' in `emacs-lisp-
 emacs       19741  25.0.50; find-tag completion uses an outdated cache of the 
 emacs       19745  25.0.50; startup error
 emacs       19746  25.0.50; Emacs should treat synthetic up-events gracefully
 emacs       19748  python.el: navigate to beginning of defun gets stucked
 emacs       19752  25.0.50; fonts in HTML
 emacs       19753  25.0.50; html rendering
 emacs       19754  sh-script.el: mostly wrong defun-prompt-regexp
 emacs       19755  python.el: native completion: more problems (and solutions)
 emacs       19758  Release 24.5
 emacs       19759  Release 25.1
 emacs       19762  25.0.50; html rendering
 emacs       19767  25.0.50; cl-defgeneric docs
 emacs       19773  23.2; kill-rectangle documentation
 emacs       19774  25.0.50; Emacs crashes when C-u <N> on a Gnus folder (repro
 emacs       19776  25.0.50; HTML rendering is very slow
 emacs       19787  25.0.50; Unable to send mail
 emacs       19788  24.4; wishlist: gnus-dired like function in a summary buffe
 emacs       19790  [PATCH] destructive splicing in backquote
 emacs       19791  25.0.50; Bad HTML rendering
 emacs       19792  Emacs and Voiceover
 emacs       19800  25.0.50; package-upload-file garbles tar files
 emacs       19801  25.0.50; eww uses incorrect base paragraph direction displa
 emacs       19804  24.4; Cannot send mail with gmail smtp in 24.4 
 emacs       19807  24.4; Percentage symbol not displayed in column header in t
 emacs       19812  24.4; suggest `shell-mode' not interactive
 emacs       19822  url-retrieve: allow to fail when no document is associated 
 emacs       19824  25.0.50; Support goal column in multi-line minibuffer
 emacs       19829  25.0.50; query-replace in rectangle regions do not honor bo
 emacs       19831  25.0.50; Can't build emacs 25.0.5 with libpng16 support (on
 emacs       19838  25.0.50; incompatible change not documented
 emacs       19839  24.4; ffap does not detect file paths with curly braced she
 emacs       19843  comint-mode obliterates previous faces with `comint-highlig
 emacs       19848  Minibuffer completion does not work with ECB package?
 emacs       19851  25.0.50; package-install-{file,from-buffer} broken
 emacs       19852  25.0.50; show-paren-mode in sh-mode freezes Emacs
 emacs       19853  25.0.50; ElDoc is displayed whether eldoc-mode is enabled o
 emacs       19854  25.0.50; completion-extra-properties in emacs-25
 emacs       19855  package-installed-p returns nil for installed packages
 emacs       19860  25.0.50; One url-retrieve-synchronously call running concur
 emacs       19863  20.0.50; browse-url.el: Add support for Conkeror
 emacs       19865  tar-untar-buffer: should honor default-directory 
 emacs       19868  25.0.50; Compilation eats buffers
 emacs       19873  Ill-formed regular expression is constructed in forward-par
 emacs       19874  25.0.50; encode-time not working as expected
 emacs       19877  24.4; highlight-regexp displays nonsense options for faces
 emacs       19878  24.4; Syntax class [:alpha:] wrongly matches the Indian dig
 emacs       19879  24.4; Hang on startup on OS X (GUI only)
 emacs       19880  24.4; info-look.el latex2e.info setup
 emacs       19882  25.0.50; Backwards font-lock regex in m4-mode
 emacs       19889  tex-verbatim face: don't specify :family?
 emacs       19892  25.0.50; hideshow: hs-hide-all-non-comment-function example
 emacs       19895  24.4; battery.el does not support /sys/class/power_supply/B
 emacs       19896  23.1; reverse-region is slow compared to sort-columns
 emacs       19900  24.4; info-look.el quotes from makeinfo @item
 emacs       19901  24.4; gud-gdb: breakpoint hit covers *gud_gdb* buffer with 
 emacs       19902  25.0.50; [PATCH] Make eww entry point more info-like
 emacs       19905  Provide support for truncation in column data
 emacs       19906  python.el: indenting parenthesized lists
 emacs       19907  24.4; mml-mode PGP encryption should do case-insensitive ma
 emacs       19908  python.el: minimal cython indentation support
 emacs       19909  [PATCH] Error out if with-file-notification=w32 is specifie
 emacs       19910  24.4; Japanese font names are decoded incorrectly in Cygwin
 emacs       19911  24.4; shell-mode command completion - smarter handling of b
 emacs       19912  facemenu-add-face: does not handle 'face being set to a pro
 emacs       19917  25.0.50; [shr] failing to make links
 emacs       19918  25.0.50; links in *Backtrace* & *Help* go to the wrong func
 emacs       19919  24.4; crash on OS X
 emacs       19920  24.4;  tab behavior in Outline mode with tab width 4
 emacs       19921  Support URL open for upcomming Mozilla Firefox 36
 emacs       19924  24.4; incremental search for octal character
 emacs       19925  25.0.50; mouseover menu items takes up to 30sec to show the
 emacs       19927  24.4.90; su command in *shell* buffer does not work
 emacs       19929  24.4; sh-mode: sh-electric-here-document-mode gets in the w
 emacs       19930  25.0.50; REGRESSION: accessing minibuffer from 2nd frame fo
 emacs       19931  24.4; Support for OS X press and hold
 emacs       19932  25.0.50; doc string of `elisp--eval-last-sexp'
 emacs       19940  25.0.50; Infinite loop in `studlify-word' with Subword mode
 emacs, gnu  18198  Gnus fails to read ~/.newsrc with group names which are not
 emacs,auct  16573  24.3; Auctex (11.87.2) in Elpa issues hundreds of warnings 
 emacs,cc-m    341  c-indent-command misindents?
 emacs,cc-m    681  Wrong C++ indentation in batch mode
 emacs,cc-m    710  qt-special labels not syntactically recognized?
 emacs,cc-m    715  qt-special labels not syntactically recognized?
 emacs,cc-m    738  indenting in cc whitesmith mode broken in emacs 22.2, works
 emacs,cc-m   1177  23.0.60; cc-mode cannot recognize pointer array declaretion
 emacs,cc-m   2203  C Mode:  C-M-a fails at BOD re_comp, src/regex.c L6534
 emacs,cc-m   2732  23.0.91; Please add support for Objective-C++
 emacs,cc-m   3972  23.1.50; c-mode sets M-q to c-fill-paragraph
 emacs,cc-m   4019  command to move point to #else (or #elif) in c-mode
 emacs,cc-m   4100  23.1; Minor bugs in Emacs 23
 emacs,cc-m   4192  23.1; special fontification for "//" in cc-mode
 emacs,cc-m   4828  23.1.50; c-newline-and-indent and indent-line-function
 emacs,cc-m   5457  [PATCH] [RFC] C++1x support for cc-mode
 emacs,cc-m   5490  23.1.91; CC Mode, after a while, everything is topmost-intr
 emacs,cc-m   5560  23.1.92; parens matching in c-mode broken
 emacs,cc-m   5570  Emacs C++ mode "ESC C-q" and TAB indenting issue.
 emacs,cc-m   5701  23.1; Auto-ident problem in c-mode
 emacs,cc-m   5786  new cc-mode <>-matching barfs in complex case
 emacs,cc-m   5851  24.0.50; first character after opening quote often gets eat
 emacs,cc-m   5932  feature request - C# as a formally supported language 
 emacs,cc-m   5953  23.1.95; objc-mode doesn't fontify Objective-C 2.0 keywords
 emacs,cc-m   6617  linux kernel C style (fwd)
 emacs,cc-m   6899  [java-mode] values of an enum implementing an interface are
 emacs,cc-m   6952  jit-lock with default, small chunk-size causing incorrect f
 emacs,cc-m   6959  [PATCH] Add Microsoft support to cc-mode
 emacs,cc-m   6978  show-paren-mode doesn't match when scope "::" operator is u
 emacs,cc-m   7075  Various problems in syntax highlighting and indentation in 
 emacs,cc-m   7275  24.0.50; Incomplete font locking in c++-mode with Emacs 24
 emacs,cc-m   7326  24.0.50; cc-mode: No instant fontification of certain typed
 emacs,cc-m   7327  24.0.50; cc-mode: default indentation inconsistent with typ
 emacs,cc-m   7916  [PATCH] cc-mode does not fontify constructors and destructo
 emacs,cc-m   7917  [PATCH] cc-mode: not all templates are types
 emacs,cc-m   7918  [PATCH] cc-mode: only the first clause of a for-loop should
 emacs,cc-m   8348  CC Mode 5.31.8; c-end-of-macro does not handle macro with c
 emacs,cc-m   8494  Java indentation with anotations
 emacs,cc-m   8923  23.3; Indentation c++0x
 emacs,cc-m   9383  24.0.50; Comment-line continuation not highlighted correctl
 emacs,cc-m   9501  24.0.50; c-end-of-defun and c-beginning-of-defun are not co
 emacs,cc-m   9544  24.0.50; cc-mode does not indent Qt class correctly
 emacs,cc-m   9860  24.0.90; no auto-fill in c-mode when line begins with #
 emacs,cc-m  10149  Emacs 24 hangs for several minutes with very large c++ file
 emacs,cc-m  10590  c++-mode closing nested template angle braces breaks font-l
 emacs,cc-m  10884  24.0.93; c-mode + electric-indent-mode + M-j
 emacs,cc-m  10899  24.0.93; c-forward-conditional should not move the mark
 emacs,cc-m  10932  23.4; imenu fails on c functions with pointers to function 
 emacs,cc-m  11137  24.0.94; c-tab-always-indent and tab-always-indent
 emacs,cc-m  11162  24.0.95; emacs hangs when jit fontifying C header file
 emacs,cc-m  11165  24.0.95; c-indent-new-comment-line bug or feature?
 emacs,cc-m  11223  24.0.94; C++11 initializer lists cause wrong indentation
 emacs,cc-m  11545  24.0.96-mac-2.92; Strange speed problem scrolling in C++ co
 emacs,cc-m  11865  24.1.50; doxygen comments not highlighted in c++-mode
 emacs,cc-m  12199  c-guess doesn't guess indent-tabs-mode
 emacs,cc-m  12263  24.2; c-at-expression-start-p
 emacs,cc-m  12266  24.1; c-looking-at-inexpr-block: wrong type argument
 emacs,cc-m  12298  24.2; wrong font locking for < in comments
 emacs,cc-m  12527  24.2; idented preprocessor directives confusing cc-mode ind
 emacs,cc-m  12546  24.2; font-lock doesn't work correctly in c++-mode
 emacs,cc-m  12641  Backslash in the end of comment lines in C/C++
 emacs,cc-m  12825  24.2; Broken autoindentation in C header file
 emacs,cc-m  12926  emacs 4.2: cc-mode confused by indented preprocessor statem
 emacs,cc-m  13100  24.2; c-guess-basic-syntax of cc-engine returned wrong synt
 emacs,cc-m  13244  cc-mode indentation fails depending on the phase of the moo
 emacs,cc-m  13367  24.1; Wrong switch/case indentation inside some c++11 lambd
 emacs,cc-m  13574  24.2.92; java-mode builds wrong imenu index
 emacs,cc-m  13713  24.3.50; C indent produces error when narrowing is active
 emacs,cc-m  14005  24.3.50; cc-mode: Incorrectly-indented C code (wrong syntax
 emacs,cc-m  14008  Better autoindent for C++11 code?
 emacs,cc-m  14496  cc-bytecomp-obsolete-fun doesn't work
 emacs,cc-m  14593  24.3; java-mode indentation of try-with-resources statement
 emacs,cc-m  14626  CC Mode 5.32.5 (C++/l); indentation problem involving overr
 emacs,cc-m  15011  24.3; Scrolling Performance
 emacs,cc-m  15124  24.2; comment indentation functions are messed up
 emacs,cc-m  15212  24.3.50; c++-mode doesn't support raw string literals
 emacs,cc-m  15611  24.3; "args out of range" error in C mode fontification
 emacs,cc-m  15784  24.3.50; cc-mode bug reporting
 emacs,cc-m  16081  Subject:  c++-mode indentation "*wedging*"
 emacs,cc-m  16399  24.3.50; scrolling up with mouse feels harder than scrollin
 emacs,cc-m  16580  24.2; C++ mode tab
 emacs,cc-m  16759  CC Mode modes: mode hooks are called twice.
 emacs,cc-m  17409  24.3; c-mode customisation
 emacs,cc-m  18072  24.3; cc-mode indentation is broken
 emacs,cc-m  18134  24.3; Doxygen comments trigger anomalous C++ major mode beh
 emacs,cc-m  18158  Fix extra indent of d-mode "else static if" statements in c
 emacs,cc-m  18307  24.3; emacs freeze when open java file in aosp
 emacs,cc-m  18749  24.3.94; CC Mode 5.32.5 (C/l); cc-mode state cache failure 
 emacs,cc-m  19134  24.4.51; Error using mark-defun in c++-mode
 emacs,cc-m  19846  25.0.50; Problem with auto-fill-mode and C mode
 emacs,cc-m  19867  c++-mode indentation issues with C++1x initializer lists
 emacs,gnus  13802  stack overflow in mm-add-meta-html-tag
 emacs,gnus  16026  Gnus shouldn't use old connections
 emacs,gnus  16666  Gnus hangs while marking articles
 emacs,gnus  16773  Gnus reset my IMAP subscription lists
 emacs,gnus  16906  24.3.50; Gnus hangs on g command (gnus-group-get-news) afte
 emacs,gnus  17175  24.3.50; continuing mail doesn't select "unsent mail" buffe
 emacs,gnus  17338  Bug#745553: emacs24-el: mml2015-always-trust should default
 emacs,gnus  17391  Bug#745553: emacs24-el: mml2015-always-trust should default
 emacs,gnus  17743  24.3; auth-source.el option "auth-source-do-cache" ignored
 emacs,gnus  18330  24.4.50; gnus and "Waiting for async article..."
 emacs,gnus  18522  occasional slow performance in some Gnus code
 emacs,gnus  18529  24.4.50; gnus-asynchronous and long waits
 emacs,gnus  18718  Encrypted messages expose Bcc identities
 emacs,gnus  18792  multipart/related with "cid:" image not shown
 emacs,gnus  18820  25.0.50; message-mode: incorrect: newline-and-reformat on "
 emacs,gnus  18881  24.3; Escaping of MML tags is not documented
 emacs,gnus  19583  nntp-open-server: wrong buffer for nnoo-change-server; brea
 emacs,gnus  19585  23.4; message-mode quietly saves plaintext in draft folder 
 emacs,gnus  19872  24.4; UTF8 characters of unusual width (Gnus markers)
 emacs,mh-e  16982  Mail displayed improperly after,viewing email with HTML ins
 emacs,org-   2409  23.0.90; org-mode + viper-mode + ns make typing unresponsiv
 emacs,org-   4068  23.1; M-x org-cdlatex-mode: cdlatex not found
 emacs,org-   7506  org-html to use htmlfontify
 emacs,org-   7528  24.0.50; (org) Visibility Cycling
 emacs,org-   7980  Org links does not allow () - at least http links can conta
 emacs,org-  10289  24.0.92; Sneaky clobbering of user key binding
 emacs,org-  11700  24.1.50; Bad interaction between BiDi and org-tables
 emacs,org-  11710  24.1.50; Bidi attributes are not exported in org-mode html 
 emacs,org-  12972  24.3.50; Move `org-open-file' and associated code out of Or
 emacs,org-  14910  org-mode `org-open-at-point' doesn't follow id links
 emacs,org-  15164  overline attribute and face background
 emacs,org-  15598  24.3.50; documentation: org-mode calendar interaction
 emacs,org-  17523  24.1; code block ":noweb no" ignored in org-mode
 emacs,org-  17651  24.3.91; Emacs hangs in Org
 emacs,org-  18035  Linum-mode + org-indent-mode results in graphical bug
 emacs,org-  18104; Infloop when capturing Org note
 emacs,org-  18414  org-mobile checksum stuff supressing errors and using incon
 emacs,org-  18617  24.3; loading simple-wiki-mode breaks org-mode
 emacs,org-  18785  24.4.1; Emacs hangs with Org mode when point is in LOGBOOK
 emacs,org-  19606  24.4; Emacs hangs when editing a 5-line Org file

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