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[debbugs-tracker] Processed: control message for bug 24128

From: GNU bug tracker automated control server
Subject: [debbugs-tracker] Processed: control message for bug 24128
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:48:01 -0400

Processing commands for address@hidden:

> forcemerge 2681 24128
bug#2681: 23.0.91; incorrect line shown by lisp compiler
bug#24128: 25.1; Strange warning from byte compiler in gud.el and gdb-mi.el
bug#8774: incorrect line numbers from byte-compile-file
bug#9109: 24.0.50; Warning: assignment to free variable (unwind-protect)
bug#22288: 25.0.50; Incorrect line and column number in byte-compilation warning
bug#24449: Emacs 25.1 RC2: Byte compiler reports error in wrong place.
Forcibly Merged 2681 8774 9109 22288 24128 24449.

End of message, stopping processing here.

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