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bug#34762: closed (26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid or prematurely-freed au

From: GNU bug Tracking System
Subject: bug#34762: closed (26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 0x1040021e0.)
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 20:52:02 +0000

Your message dated Tue, 8 Sep 2020 21:51:41 +0100
with message-id <20200908205141.GE93185@breton.holly.idiocy.org>
and subject line Re: bug#34762: Acknowledgement (26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid 
or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 0x1040021e0.)
has caused the debbugs.gnu.org bug report #34762,
regarding 26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 
to be marked as done.

(If you believe you have received this mail in error, please contact

34762: http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=34762
GNU Bug Tracking System
Contact help-debbugs@gnu.org with problems
--- Begin Message --- Subject: 26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 0x1040021e0. Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 20:48:44 +0000
Open any remote file over TRAMP (ssh), click any menu:

objc[33826]: Invalid or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 0x10300a208.
Process 33826 stopped
* thread #1, queue = 'com.apple.main-thread', stop reason = signal SIGABRT
    frame #0: 0x00007fff68a3801e libsystem_kernel.dylib`__abort_with_payload + 10
->  0x7fff68a3801e <+10>: jae    0x7fff68a38028            ; <+20>
    0x7fff68a38020 <+12>: movq   %rax, %rdi
    0x7fff68a38023 <+15>: jmp    0x7fff68a1a3b7            ; cerror_nocancel
    0x7fff68a38028 <+20>: retq   
Target 0: (Emacs) stopped.

xcode 10.1, OSX Mojave
branch: emacs-emacs-26.1.92 

./configure --with-ns --with-modules --with-wide-int --without-makeinfo
--without-sound  --without-x  --without-dbus  --without-gsettings
--without-selinux --without-gconf --without-libotf --without-m17n-flt
--disable-acl --with-file-notification=kqueue
--enable-checking='yes,glyphs' --enable-check-lisp-object-type
CFLAGS='-O0 -g3'


(lldb) bt all
* thread #1, queue = 'com.apple.main-thread', stop reason = signal SIGABRT
  * frame #0: 0x00007fff68a3801e libsystem_kernel.dylib`__abort_with_payload + 10
    frame #1: 0x00007fff68a33541 libsystem_kernel.dylib`abort_with_payload_wrapper_internal + 82
    frame #2: 0x00007fff68a334ef libsystem_kernel.dylib`abort_with_reason + 22
    frame #3: 0x00007fff6781bd3d libobjc.A.dylib`_objc_fatalv(unsigned long long, unsigned long long, char const*, __va_list_tag*) + 108
    frame #4: 0x00007fff6781bbff libobjc.A.dylib`_objc_fatal(char const*, ...) + 127
    frame #5: 0x00007fff6780e8a9 libobjc.A.dylib`(anonymous namespace)::AutoreleasePoolPage::pop(void*) + 957
    frame #6: 0x00007fff3b5c8f32 CoreFoundation`_CFAutoreleasePoolPop + 22
    frame #7: 0x00007fff3d961c4e Foundation`-[NSAutoreleasePool release] + 144
    frame #8: 0x000000010048700c Emacs`ns_update_menubar(f=0x0000000104062c30, deep_p=true, submenu=0x0000000000000000) at nsmenu.m:462
    frame #9: 0x000000010048705e Emacs`x_activate_menubar(f=0x0000000104062c30) at nsmenu.m:481
    frame #10: 0x00000001001e0bbd Emacs`kbd_buffer_get_event(kbp=0x00007ffeefbfd8c0, used_mouse_menu=0x00007ffeefbfebff, end_time=0x0000000000000000) at keyboard.c:3955
    frame #11: 0x00000001001dfa44 Emacs`read_event_from_main_queue(end_time=0x0000000000000000, local_getcjmp=0x00007ffeefbfe580, used_mouse_menu=0x00007ffeefbfebff) at keyboard.c:2153
    frame #12: 0x00000001001ce0a9 Emacs`read_decoded_event_from_main_queue(end_time=0x0000000000000000, local_getcjmp=0x00007ffeefbfe580, prev_event=(i = 0), used_mouse_menu=0x00007ffeefbfebff) at keyboard.c:2217
    frame #13: 0x00000001001ca9af Emacs`read_char(commandflag=1, map=(i = 4382275843), prev_event=(i = 0), used_mouse_menu=0x00007ffeefbfebff, end_time=0x0000000000000000) at keyboard.c:2808
    frame #14: 0x00000001001c3d6a Emacs`read_key_sequence(keybuf=0x00007ffeefbff210, bufsize=30, prompt=(i = 0), dont_downcase_last=false, can_return_switch_frame=true, fix_current_buffer=true, prevent_redisplay=false) at keyboard.c:9157
    frame #15: 0x00000001001c23b6 Emacs`command_loop_1 at keyboard.c:1368
    frame #16: 0x00000001002fd9cf Emacs`internal_condition_case(bfun=(Emacs`command_loop_1 at keyboard.c:1259), handlers=(i = 18720), hfun=(Emacs`cmd_error at keyboard.c:938)) at eval.c:1336
    frame #17: 0x00000001001def21 Emacs`command_loop_2(ignore=(i = 0)) at keyboard.c:1110
    frame #18: 0x00000001002fcbc8 Emacs`internal_catch(tag=(i = 48048), func=(Emacs`command_loop_2 at keyboard.c:1106), arg=(i = 0)) at eval.c:1101
    frame #19: 0x00000001001c0f3d Emacs`command_loop at keyboard.c:1089
    frame #20: 0x00000001001c0d57 Emacs`recursive_edit_1 at keyboard.c:695
    frame #21: 0x00000001001c118a Emacs`Frecursive_edit at keyboard.c:766
    frame #22: 0x00000001001be7d1 Emacs`main(argc=1, argv=0x00007ffeefbff988) at emacs.c:1717
    frame #23: 0x00007fff688e0ed9 libdyld.dylib`start + 1
    frame #24: 0x00007fff688e0ed9 libdyld.dylib`start + 1
  thread #5
    frame #0: 0x00007fff68a1bb6a libsystem_kernel.dylib`__workq_kernreturn + 10
    frame #1: 0x00000000000186a6
    frame #2: 0x00007fff68ad3405 libsystem_pthread.dylib`start_wqthread + 13
  thread #6
    frame #0: 0x00007fff68a1bb6a libsystem_kernel.dylib`__workq_kernreturn + 10
    frame #1: 0x00007fff68ad3630 libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_wqthread + 446
    frame #2: 0x00007fff68ad3405 libsystem_pthread.dylib`start_wqthread + 13
  thread #7
    frame #0: 0x00007fff68a215aa libsystem_kernel.dylib`__select + 10
    frame #1: 0x0000000100457cad Emacs`-[EmacsApp fd_handler:](self=0x000000010306ea00, _cmd="fd_handler:", unused=0x0000000000000000) at nsterm.m:5851
    frame #2: 0x00007fff3d970104 Foundation`__NSThread__start__ + 1218
    frame #3: 0x00007fff68ad4305 libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_body + 126
    frame #4: 0x00007fff68ad726f libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_start + 70
    frame #5: 0x00007fff68ad3415 libsystem_pthread.dylib`thread_start + 13
  thread #8, name = 'com.apple.NSEventThread'
    frame #0: 0x00007fff68a1a17a libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg_trap + 10
    frame #1: 0x00007fff68a1a6d0 libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg + 60
    frame #2: 0x00007fff3b5f7158 CoreFoundation`__CFRunLoopServiceMachPort + 336
    frame #3: 0x00007fff3b5f66a6 CoreFoundation`__CFRunLoopRun + 1661
    frame #4: 0x00007fff3b5f5dd6 CoreFoundation`CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 467
    frame #5: 0x00007fff38b42f89 AppKit`_NSEventThread + 160
    frame #6: 0x00007fff68ad4305 libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_body + 126
    frame #7: 0x00007fff68ad726f libsystem_pthread.dylib`_pthread_start + 70
    frame #8: 0x00007fff68ad3415 libsystem_pthread.dylib`thread_start + 13

Configured using:
'configure --with-ns --with-modules --with-wide-int --without-makeinfo
--without-sound --without-x --without-dbus --without-gsettings
--without-selinux --without-gconf --without-libotf --without-m17n-flt
--disable-acl --with-file-notification=kqueue
--enable-checking=yes,glyphs --enable-check-lisp-object-type
'CFLAGS=-O0 -g3'

Configured features:

Important settings:
  value of $LANG: en_US.UTF-8
  locale-coding-system: utf-8-unix

Major mode: Lisp Interaction

Minor modes in effect:
  ivy-mode: t
  global-company-mode: t
  company-mode: t
  dumb-jump-mode: t
  projectile-mode: t
  savehist-mode: t
  show-paren-mode: t
  delete-selection-mode: t
  global-display-line-numbers-mode: t
  display-line-numbers-mode: t
  shell-dirtrack-mode: t
  smooth-scrolling-mode: t
  tooltip-mode: t
  global-eldoc-mode: t
  eldoc-mode: t
  electric-indent-mode: t
  mouse-wheel-mode: t
  tool-bar-mode: t
  menu-bar-mode: t
  file-name-shadow-mode: t
  global-font-lock-mode: t
  font-lock-mode: t
  blink-cursor-mode: t
  auto-composition-mode: t
  auto-encryption-mode: t
  auto-compression-mode: t
  line-number-mode: t
  transient-mark-mode: t

Load-path shadows:
/Users/.emacs.d/elpa/lv-20181110.1740/lv hides /Users/bc/.emacs.d/elpa/hydra-20190213.1849/lv

(shadow sort mail-extr emacsbug message rmc puny rfc822 mml mml-sec epa
derived epg gnus-util rmail rmail-loaddefs mm-decode mm-bodies mm-encode
mail-parse rfc2231 mailabbrev gmm-utils mailheader sendmail rfc2047
rfc2045 ietf-drums mm-util mail-prsvr mail-utils cl-extra help-mode
counsel xdg dired dired-loaddefs swiper ivy colir color ivy-overlay ffap
elec-pair company-oddmuse company-keywords company-etags company-gtags
company-dabbrev-code company-dabbrev company-files company-capf
company-cmake company-xcode company-clang company-semantic company-eclim
company-template company-bbdb company-anaconda company pcase
anaconda-mode url url-proxy url-privacy url-expand url-methods
url-history url-cookie url-domsuf url-util mailcap pythonic python json
map paradox paradox-menu paradox-commit-list hydra lv cus-edit wid-edit
paradox-execute paradox-github paradox-core spinner subr-x dumb-jump
popup f dash s etags xref project tramp-cache tramp-sh projectile grep
compile ibuf-ext ibuffer ibuffer-loaddefs thingatpt savehist paren
delsel display-line-numbers cus-start cus-load dracula-theme rx tramp
tramp-compat tramp-loaddefs trampver shell pcomplete comint ansi-color
ring parse-time format-spec smooth-scrolling advice finder-inf edmacro
kmacro info package easymenu epg-config url-handlers url-parse
auth-source cl-seq eieio eieio-core cl-macs eieio-loaddefs
password-cache url-vars seq byte-opt gv bytecomp byte-compile cconv
cl-loaddefs cl-lib time-date tooltip eldoc electric uniquify ediff-hook
vc-hooks lisp-float-type mwheel term/ns-win ns-win ucs-normalize
mule-util term/common-win tool-bar dnd fontset image regexp-opt fringe
tabulated-list replace newcomment text-mode elisp-mode lisp-mode
prog-mode register page menu-bar rfn-eshadow isearch timer select
scroll-bar mouse jit-lock font-lock syntax facemenu font-core
term/tty-colors frame cl-generic cham georgian utf-8-lang misc-lang
vietnamese tibetan thai tai-viet lao korean japanese eucjp-ms cp51932
hebrew greek romanian slovak czech european ethiopic indian cyrillic
chinese composite charscript charprop case-table epa-hook jka-cmpr-hook
help simple abbrev obarray minibuffer cl-preloaded nadvice loaddefs
button faces cus-face macroexp files text-properties overlay sha1 md5
base64 format env code-pages mule custom widget hashtable-print-readable
backquote threads kqueue cocoa ns multi-tty make-network-process emacs)

Memory information:
((conses 16 329036 10859)
(symbols 48 31676 1)
(miscs 40 64 197)
(strings 32 72037 1681)
(string-bytes 1 2045007)
(vectors 16 51624)
(vector-slots 8 894652 12280)
(floats 8 263 209)
(intervals 56 662 16)
(buffers 992 11))

--- End Message ---
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: bug#34762: Acknowledgement (26.1.92; objc[27300]: Invalid or prematurely-freed autorelease pool 0x1040021e0.) Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 21:51:41 +0100
On Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 03:38:08PM -0400, Win Treese wrote:
> Here’s a second attempt. Let me know if it’s not quite right.

The only thing is a bit funny. The first line of the commit message
shouldn't end in a full stop (period). I've fixed it and pushed it to
master, so I think we can close this bug report.

Thank you!

Alan Third

--- End Message ---

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