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[Emacs-buildstatus] Success: Hydra job gnu:emacs-trunk:coverage on x86_6

From: Hydra Build Daemon
Subject: [Emacs-buildstatus] Success: Hydra job gnu:emacs-trunk:coverage on x86_64-linux
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 13:01:02 +0200


The status of Hydra job gnu:emacs-trunk:coverage (on x86_64-linux) has changed 
from "Failed" to "Success".  For details, see


This is likely due to 97 commits by Andreas Herrmann <address@hidden>, Aristid 
Breitkreuz <address@hidden>, Bjørn Forsman <address@hidden>, Bob van der 
Linden <address@hidden>, Cray Elliott <address@hidden>, Domen Kožar 
<address@hidden>, Eelco Dolstra <address@hidden>, Emery Hemingway 
<address@hidden>, Florent Becker <address@hidden>, Igor Pashev 
<address@hidden>, Michael Fellinger <address@hidden>, Michael Raskin 
<address@hidden>, Nathaniel Baxter <address@hidden>, Nicolas B. Pierron 
<address@hidden>, Nicolas Pierron <address@hidden>, Nixpkgs Monitor 
<address@hidden>, Oliver Charles <address@hidden>, Pascal Wittmann 
<address@hidden>, Peter Simons <address@hidden>, Rickard Nilsson 
<address@hidden>, Rob Vermaas <address@hidden>, Robert M. Mather 
<address@hidden>, Rüdiger Sonderfeld <address@hidden>, Vladimír Čunát <vcuna
 address@hidden>, William A. Kennington III <address@hidden>, gounnoticed 
<address@hidden> or taku0 <address@hidden>.



The Hydra build daemon.

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