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[Emacs-buildstatus] emacs | Pipeline #1820 has failed for master | 83309

From: EMBA - Emacs Build Automation
Subject: [Emacs-buildstatus] emacs | Pipeline #1820 has failed for master | 833097cb
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 13:01:02 -0400

Your pipeline has failed.

Project: emacs ( https://emba.gnu.org/emacs/emacs )
Branch: master ( https://emba.gnu.org/emacs/emacs/commits/master )

Commit: 833097cb ( 
Commit Message: Fix handling of -xrm on MS-Windows broken by re...
Commit Author: Eli Zaretskii

Pipeline #1820 ( https://emba.gnu.org/emacs/emacs/pipelines/1820 ) triggered by 
EMBA bot ( https://emba.gnu.org/bot )
had 1 failed build.

Job #1930 ( https://emba.gnu.org/emacs/emacs/-/jobs/1930/raw )

Stage: test
Name: test-all
Trace: Removing test/src/timefns-tests.elc
Removing test/src/timefns-tests.log
Removing test/src/undo-tests.elc
Removing test/src/undo-tests.log
Removing test/src/xml-tests.elc
Removing test/src/xml-tests.log
HEAD is now at dd5ea0a068 Cleanup of TODO to prefer report-emacs-bug
fatal: unable to access 
'https://gitlab-ci-token:address@hidden/emacs/emacs.git/': Received HTTP code 
404 from proxy after CONNECT
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

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