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Re: tool-tip default

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: tool-tip default
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 22:04:01 GMT
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/21.0.90

>>>>> "RJC" == Robert J Chassell <address@hidden> writes:

 RJC> The /etc/emacs/site-start.el file and the contents of the
 RJC> /etc/emacs/site-start.d/ directory are both installed
 RJC> autmatically when Emacs is installed

You are using a Debian system with a packaged Emacs, and I claim my
£5!  Various bets are off.  That stuff isn't installed if you build a
straight GNU distribution.

[The worst thing about this is that there's no indication that you're
getting a more-or-less hacked-up Emacs (GPL notwithstanding) and no
user doc as far as I know about what's entailed.  It's confused me
when I've used a packaged version.  I don't think it's even necessary
to modify the sources to get the same effect.  I wonder what will
happen with the proposed --pristine startup option (which I forgot to
add to TODO)...]

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