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Re: Emacs can't be built on IBM's AIX.

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Emacs can't be built on IBM's AIX.
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 17:45:05 GMT
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>>>>> "JK" == Josh Knight <address@hidden> writes:

 JK> I think the key is to make sure that gcc *IS NOT* in your
 JK> path when you configure.  There have been problems building
 JK> emacs with gcc on AIX, but it seems to build OK with cc (the
 JK> IBM product C compiler).

I assume this is an unexec problem, in which case it may actually be
the assembler or linker using a different layout which causes the
trouble rather than the compiler per se.  Not that that probably helps
a lot...

What is the version of the IBM compiler (suite?) that is known to
work?  We can note that.

By the way, I gather that AIX can be 64-bit.  It might now be simple
to make a 64-bit Emacs work under it if anyone is interested.  OTOH,
maybe unexec then needs work...

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