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Re: Emacs can't be built on HPUX 10.

From: Kenichi Handa
Subject: Re: Emacs can't be built on HPUX 10.
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 20:36:48 +0900 (JST)

Dave Love <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>>>  "KH" == Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:
KH>  (1) HP-UX 10.20 now has X11R6.  As this change is harmless,
KH>  I've already installed it.

KH>     * s/hpux10.h (C_SWITCH_X_SYSTEM): Include -I/usr/include/X11R6 and
KH>     -I/usr/contrib/X11R6/include.
KH>     (LD_SWITCH_X_DEFAULT): Include -L/usr/lib/X11R6.

> It looks like an autoconf or configure.in problem if we don't get that
> right.  It's possible we should be using AC_PATH_XTRA rather than
> AC_PATH_X -- I don't recall the operational difference.

As I'm not Autoconf expert, I don't know the difference.

It seems that HPUX 10.20 supplies two sets of X (X11R5 and X11R6).  In
addition, for Xaw and Xmu, it has these files.
/usr/contrib/X11R6/lib/Xaw.a, /usr/contrib/X11R6/lib/Xmu.a,
/usr/lib/X11R6/llib-lXaw.ln, /usr/lib/X11R4/libXaw.sl,
/usr/lib/X11R6/llib-lXmu.ln, /usr/lib/X11R4/libXmu.sl,
(I have no idea about HPUX's file name convertion).

And, it seems that the definition of C_SWITCH_X_SYSTEM and
LD_SWITCH_X_DEFAULT in hpux10.h was a workaround for a bug
in configure.  But, I think fixing configure at this moment
is very dangerous, and it seems better to fix the workaround
works for HPUX 10.20 (and also for HPUX 11) is better.

By the way, I found another problem in hpux9.h and
configure.  It has this code:

/* HP-UX doesn't supply Xmu.  */
#define LIBXMU

But, (1) configure doesn't define HAVE_LIBXMU, (2) HPUX10.20 surely
supplies Xmu.

So, if I configure emacs with --without-gcc
--with-x-toolkit=athena (we need this argument because the
current configure can't find Athena support on HPUX),
compilation fails as below:

/usr/ccs/bin/ld: (Warning) At least one PA 2.0 object file (dispnew.o) was 
detected. The linked output may not run on a PA 1.x system.
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   XmuConvertStandardSelection (code)
   _XA_LENGTH (data)
   XmuRegisterExternalAgent (code)
   XmuCvtStringToShapeStyle (code)
   _XEditResCheckMessages (code)
   XmuCvtStringToCursor (code)

... because, src/Makefile.in has this line:

#ifndef LIBXMU
#define LIBXMU -lXmu

and as LIBXMU is already defined as NULL, ld doesn't get -lXmu arg.

I could compile Emacs by adding this workaround in hpux10.h.

#ifdef LIBXMU
#undef LIBXMU

My conclusion is that the current configuration for HPUX is severely
broken. :-(

All I can do is to try Emacs on HPUX 10.20 in a very adhoc way as
above.  I think we must find someone who knows HPUX 9, 10, and 11 well
and can test Emacs on them.

> Do other autoconf'ed programs which use X get this right
> on HP-UX?

Do you have any recomended X program to test?

Ken'ichi HANDA

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