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Re: strange behavior of customize widget buttons

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: strange behavior of customize widget buttons
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 07:06:10 -0800 (PST)
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"Jason Rumney" <address@hidden> writes:

> ****** Forwarded Message Follows *******
> Jason Rumney <address@hidden> writes:
> > While I was investigating this, I got a core dump, which appeared to
> > be somewhere in Fx_popup_menu (I forgot to bring the full stack trace
> > home from work). In the stack trace there was a Signal 14, followed by
> > a Signal 9, which caused a terminate with SEGV.
> Do you still have that backtrace, perhaps?

[1] _kill(0x0, 0xb, 0x0, 0x0, 0xef323138, 0xa3434), at 0xef308244
[2] fatal_error_signal(0xb, 0x0, 0xefffa190, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xa3434
---- called from signal handler with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) ------
[3] show_busy_cursor(), at 0x9981c
[4] alarm_signal_handler(0xe, 0x0, 0xefffa648, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0x1407fc
---- called from signal handler with signal 14 (SIGALRM) ------
[5] _memcmp(), at 0xef2719a4
[6] Fstring_equal(0xe86af4, 0x302957b4, 0xe86af4, 0x30e86af4, 0x126f030, 0x0), 
at 0x10b790
[7] compile_pattern(0x267ba0, 0x0, 0x10271c04, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xdf148
[8] fast_string_match(0xf83014, 0x30f83014, 0x10271c04, 0x10271c04, 0x2c, 0x0), 
at 0xdf7ec
[9] Ffind_file_name_handler(0x2ce4c4, 0x502ce44c, 0x269400, 0x7f5310, 
0x10271c04, 0x269000), at 0xce988
[10] Fexpand_file_name(0x30f83014, 0x10271c04, 0xcf00c, 0x269400, 0x10271c04, 
0x269000), at 0xcf03c
[11] Ffuncall(0x4017ecc8, 0xefffac30, 0xf55704, 0x3, 0x10271c04, 0xfffffff), at 
[12] Fapply(0x2, 0xefffadb4, 0x106a80, 0x269400, 0x2f, 0x269000), at 0x106cc0
[13] Ffuncall(0x4022c820, 0xefffadb0, 0x102cf004, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 0x0), 
at 0x1076a4
[14] Fbyte_code(0xefffadb0, 0x406a8f40, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x6a8f48, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[15] funcall_lambda(0x406a9d40, 0x3, 0x269000, 0xefffafc4, 0x2d, 0x0), at 
[16] Ffuncall(0x406a9d40, 0xefffafc0, 0xefffb478, 0xefffb0cc, 0x2c, 0x0), at 
[17] call3(0x106a534c, 0x102a2304, 0x30f83014, 0x10271c04, 0x8db088, 0x269000), 
at 0x1072cc
[18] Fexpand_file_name(0x30f83014, 0x10271c04, 0x30f83024, 0x303bea14, 0x63, 
0x0), at 0xcf05c
[19] Ffile_readable_p(0x30f83014, 0xd1264, 0x17ede8, 0x269400, 0x269000, 
0x30f83024), at 0xd1290
[20] Ffuncall(0x4017ede8, 0xefffb268, 0x102aa924, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x107680
[21] Fbyte_code(0xefffb268, 0x401d4904, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x1d490c, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[22] funcall_lambda(0x401d48b4, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffb474, 0x2b, 0x269000), at 
[23] Ffuncall(0x401d48b4, 0xefffb470, 0xefffb510, 0xefffbfa8, 0x25, 
0x30f833a4), at 0x10782c
[24] call1(0x401d48b4, 0x301d49b4, 0x1, 0x502f435c, 0x269000, 0x269000), at 
[25] mapcar1(0x3, 0x0, 0x0, 0x501d49ac, 0x8db088, 0x269000), at 0x110834
[26] Fmapc(0x401d48b4, 0x501d49ac, 0x1109ac, 0x269400, 0x21, 0x269000), at 
[27] Ffuncall(0x4022cfe8, 0xefffb6a0, 0x10271c04, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x1076a4
[28] Fbyte_code(0xefffb6a0, 0x401d4974, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x1d497c, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[29] funcall_lambda(0x401d4934, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffb8ac, 0x2a, 0x62), at 
[30] Ffuncall(0x401d4934, 0xefffb8a8, 0xefffb948, 0x269000, 0x1d4a84, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[31] call1(0x401d4934, 0x303bea14, 0x1, 0xefffbfa8, 0x25, 0x30f833a4), at 
[32] mapcar1(0x1d, 0x0, 0x3, 0x502f435c, 0x269000, 0x269000), at 0x110834
[33] Fmapc(0x401d4934, 0x502db8b4, 0x1109ac, 0x269400, 0x8db088, 0x269000), at 
[34] Ffuncall(0x4022cfe8, 0xefffbad8, 0x10296124, 0x269400, 0x21, 0x269000), at 
[35] Fbyte_code(0xefffbad8, 0x401d4adc, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x1d4ae4, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[36] Feval(0x3, 0xefffce30, 0xefffc568, 0x11, 0x269000, 0x10625c), at 0x10678c
[37] internal_catch(0x102fdebc, 0x10625c, 0x501d4aa8, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x62), at 0x104e30
[38] Fbyte_code(0xefffbd98, 0x401d4a7c, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x1d4a84, 
0x269000), at 0x135440
[39] funcall_lambda(0x401d4a04, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffbfa8, 0x25, 0x30f833a4), 
at 0x107d98
[40] Ffuncall(0x401d4a04, 0xefffbfa4, 0x1029601c, 0x10271c04, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[41] Fbyte_code(0xefffbfa4, 0x408db080, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x8db088, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[42] funcall_lambda(0x409fc920, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffc1ac, 0x21, 0x269000), at 
[43] Ffuncall(0x409fc920, 0xefffc1a8, 0x10294d9c, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x5eaf), at 0x10782c
[44] Fbyte_code(0xefffc1a8, 0x40d53d00, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd53d08, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[45] funcall_lambda(0x408ded80, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffc330, 0x1d, 0x5eaf), at 
[46] apply_lambda(0x1043225c, 0xefffc330, 0x1, 0x269400, 0x269000, 0xefffd070), 
at 0x107a28
[47] Feval(0x50432454, 0x268800, 0xefffc548, 0x22b894, 0x8, 0x269000), at 
[48] Feval(0x1, 0x268800, 0x269000, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 0xefffd1a0), at 
[49] Fprogn(0x5043242c, 0x43241c, 0x10271c04, 0x10271c34, 0xfffffff, 0x5eaf), 
at 0x103dac
[50] funcall_lambda(0x50432414, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffc718, 0x1c, 0x269000), at 
[51] apply_lambda(0x10271c04, 0xefffc718, 0x1, 0x269400, 0xfffffff, 0x5eaf), at 
[52] Feval(0x5048f99c, 0x268800, 0x2, 0xfffffff, 0x10271c04, 0x269000), at 
[53] apply_lambda(0x5048f99c, 0xefffc918, 0x1, 0x269400, 0x7, 0x5eaf), at 
[54] Feval(0x5048f984, 0x268800, 0x269000, 0x50a007b4, 0x269000, 0xefffd070), 
at 0x1068d0
[55] Fprogn(0x5048f97c, 0x48f964, 0x10271c04, 0x10271c34, 0x8, 0x269000), at 
[56] funcall_lambda(0x5048f95c, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffcc18, 0x1b, 0xefffd1a0), 
at 0x107d28
[57] apply_lambda(0x10271c04, 0xefffcc18, 0x1, 0x269400, 0xfffffff, 0x5eaf), at 
[58] Feval(0x50f51974, 0xefffce18, 0x10271c04, 0xa, 0x10625c, 0x269000), at 
[59] internal_condition_case_1(0x10625c, 0x50f51974, 0x1029407c, 0xadc64, 
0xfffffff, 0x5eaf), at 0x1053d4
[60] menu_item_eval_property(0x50f51974, 0x50f51a0c, 0x48f944, 0xfffffff, 
0x10271c04, 0x269000), at 0xadcfc
[61] parse_menu_item(0x10271c04, 0x10271c04, 0x0, 0x1, 0x7, 0x5eaf), at 0xae230
[62] single_menu_item(0x10d75c1c, 0x5048f91c, 0xefffd074, 0x1, 0x8, 
0xefffd070), at 0x3d840
[63] single_keymap_panes(0x50f51a1c, 0x50f51a3c, 0xfffffff, 0x1, 0x8, 
0x269000), at 0x3d6f0
[64] single_menu_item(0x108e76d4, 0x508fde6c, 0xefffd1a4, 0x1, 0x9, 
0xefffd1a0), at 0x3d894
[65] single_keymap_panes(0x5032ae74, 0x5032618c, 0xfffffff, 0x1, 0x9, 0x0), at 
[66] single_menu_item(0x108e7554, 0x50a009f4, 0xefffd2d4, 0x1, 0xa, 
0xefffd2d0), at 0x3d894
[67] single_keymap_panes(0x50a007b4, 0x50a007d4, 0xfffffff, 0x1, 0xa, 
0x269000), at 0x3d6f0
[68] keymap_panes(0xefffd468, 0x1, 0x1, 0xefffd400, 0x10271c04, 0x268800), at 
[69] Fx_popup_menu(0x10271c04, 0x50a007b4, 0x0, 0x269400, 0x6b, 0x6b), at 
[70] Ffuncall(0x4017b4e8, 0xefffd510, 0x102832d4, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x266e30), at 0x1076a4
[71] Fbyte_code(0xefffd510, 0x404a4920, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x4a4928, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[72] funcall_lambda(0x404a4880, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffd71c, 0x18, 0x46), at 
[73] Ffuncall(0x404a4880, 0xefffd718, 0x108e7524, 0x0, 0x10271c04, 0x0), at 
[74] Fbyte_code(0xefffd718, 0x40d52c00, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd52c08, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[75] funcall_lambda(0x408de980, 0x0, 0xefffd92c, 0xefffd92c, 0x18, 0x0), at 
[76] Ffuncall(0x408de980, 0xefffd928, 0xefffd928, 0x30edbc24, 0x269000, 
0x266e30), at 0x10782c
[77] Fbyte_code(0xefffd928, 0x407b8e00, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x7b8e08, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[78] funcall_lambda(0x40d37b80, 0x2, 0x269000, 0xefffdb54, 0x16, 0xefffda50), 
at 0x107d98
[79] Ffuncall(0x40d37b80, 0xefffdb50, 0x1031ffac, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[80] Fbyte_code(0xefffdb50, 0x40d40600, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd40608, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[81] funcall_lambda(0x409fcac0, 0x3, 0x269000, 0xefffdd5c, 0x13, 0x30edbc24), 
at 0x107d98
[82] Ffuncall(0x409fcac0, 0xefffdd58, 0x102d5124, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[83] Fbyte_code(0xefffdd58, 0x40d40c40, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd40c48, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[84] funcall_lambda(0x40d377c0, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffdf74, 0x11, 0x269000), at 
[85] Ffuncall(0x40d377c0, 0xefffdf70, 0x102d0584, 0x10271c1c, 0x269000, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[86] Fbyte_code(0xefffdf70, 0x408d3060, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0x8d3068, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[87] funcall_lambda(0x408d3520, 0x2, 0x269000, 0xefffe21c, 0xf, 0x269000), at 
[88] Ffuncall(0x408d3520, 0xefffe218, 0xefffe224, 0x50f74d44, 0x10271c04, 
0x269000), at 0x10782c
[89] Fapply(0x3, 0xefffe218, 0xefffe1f8, 0x269000, 0x1908d0, 0x269000), at 
[90] Fwidget_apply(0x3, 0xefffe32c, 0x111548, 0x269400, 0xe, 0x269000), at 
[91] Ffuncall(0x4022d0d8, 0xefffe328, 0x102caf04, 0x50f74d44, 0x269000, 0x0), 
at 0x1076a4
[92] Fbyte_code(0xefffe328, 0x40d40880, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd40888, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[93] funcall_lambda(0x408d3940, 0x2, 0x269000, 0xefffe53c, 0xd, 0xefffe438), at 
[94] Ffuncall(0x408d3940, 0xefffe538, 0x102caf04, 0x2a7, 0x269000, 0x0), at 
[95] Fbyte_code(0xefffe538, 0x40d8d800, 0x269000, 0x269000, 0xd8d808, 
0x269000), at 0x134f4c
[96] funcall_lambda(0x40490c20, 0x1, 0x269000, 0xefffe8bc, 0x3, 0x269000), at 
[97] Ffuncall(0x40490c20, 0xefffe8b8, 0x10271c04, 0x269400, 0x0, 0x0), at 
[98] Fcall_interactively(0x8, 0x260800, 0xefffe758, 0x1, 0x0, 0xfffffff), at 
[99] Fcommand_execute(0x40490c20, 0x10271c04, 0x10271c04, 0x1, 0x10271c04, 
0x20000000), at 0xb1eac
[100] command_loop_1(0x0, 0x266000, 0x269400, 0x436, 0xefffeb90, 0x266000), at 

Jason Rumney <address@hidden>
AT&T Labs (Redditch, UK)

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