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Re: ill-advised changes [was key bindings in hideshow.el]

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: ill-advised changes [was key bindings in hideshow.el]
Date: 14 Feb 2001 11:23:51 +0100
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On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Richard Stallman wrote:

>     Example: If a base folding/summarizing/overview library was
>     concocted, would RMAIL use it?  Would an RMAIL like interface
>     with a separate summary buffer be useful for a C file?
> Probably not.  RMAIL is rather specialized.  But that is an
> implementation issue, which is separate from the question of how
> to use M-o.

For the first question, it really seems pointless to reimplement
RMAIL, since it is working so well already.

But for the second question, don't you think an RMAIL like interface
for the C functions would be useful?  There is already an RMAIL like
interface for the sections in a LaTeX file (RefTeX) and I use it
extensively.  Very nifty.  I think something similar for the functions
in a C file would be cool.  (It could use the imenu code to find out
which functions exist.)

>     Example: In C, a base folding library may hide function bodies
>     (like hide-show).  Would that same code be useful in RMAIL or
>     Gnus in hiding quoted text?
> Likewise.

Only an implementation issue?

I think providing a general framework is useful, even if the existing
modes are not reimplemented.  Maybe somebody wishes to do this some
day in the future.

Be indiscrete.  Do it continuously.

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