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Re: ruler-mode.el 1.0

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ruler-mode.el 1.0
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:49:18 -0500

> The only (minor?) problem remaining is when the same buffer is
> displayed in multiple windows/frames. In this case the ruler (header
> line) always reflect the state of the selected window and can look
> strange in other windows.  I don't have any idea on how to solve this
> issue (Why the header-line-format is not window local instead of
> buffer local?).  So any help will be appreciated.

A similar problem appears with which-func-mode where the "current function"
displayed in the modeline cannot be different in different windows showing
the same buffer.
I'm not sure how the line-number information manages to be per-window,
but I assume it's a special hack at the C level.  Maybe it would
be good to make it possible to use the same trick from elisp.


PS: and of course, it would also be neat to make the line-number info
    (computed for the modeline) available to speed up things like `what-line'
    and `goto-line'.
PPS: another problem evidenced by ruler-mode is that the header-line face
     is not buffer-local.  I like it to be helvetica for *Info* buffers
     (prettier and more concise, thus less risk of truncation), but that
     clearly doesn't work right for ruler-mode.

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