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Viper generates lots of X11 traffic -- how to debug?

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Viper generates lots of X11 traffic -- how to debug?
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 13:56:37 +0200
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I routinely use Emacs remotely with X11 redirection over a 64kBit ISDN
line.  Because of this slow X11 connection, I see some things that
most other people probably don't see.

I have the following in ~/.viper:

(setq viper-insert-state-cursor-color "seagreen")
(setq viper-replace-overlay-cursor-color "firebrick")

And I use Gnus with message-x.el.  Message-x.el allows me to hit TAB
in a mail header for completion.  In the To/Cc headers, it invokes
bbdb-complete-name.  If the header is complete already, it advances to
the next header (or to the body) with message-position-point.

Now, when I hit TAB on the To header, the address is completed.  Good.

But when I then hit TAB again, message-x notes that no additional
completion is possible and calls message-position-point.  And during
this process, I can see the cursor change color from green to black to
red back to green again.  (Maybe red to black rather than black to

Is there any way how I could figure out why this happens?  I'd think
that Emacs display optimization would prevent such things.

Of course, when running Emacs locally, this color change cannot be
observed and the cursor moves instantaneously, but when running Emacs
remotely, it's actually possible to see the color changes and the
cursor movement isn't instantaneous at all.

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