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query: removing standout support for `magic cookie' terminals

From: Miles Bader
Subject: query: removing standout support for `magic cookie' terminals
Date: 16 Oct 2001 01:52:12 +0900

[This message was also posted to the `comp.emacs' newsgroup, so
 apologies if you're seeing it twice.]

I'd like to remove the support for inverse video on terminals that use a
`magic cookie' standout mode, as it (1) adds a lot of hair, (2) doesn't
work in the latest version of emacs anyway (although it could be
resurrected with some effort), (3) won't ever work with new emacs
features such as faces on ttys, and (4) is probably used very rarely, as
all the terminals that need such support are very old.

Of course emacs would still work on these terminals, just not
inverse-video mode-lines.

Terminals with a `magic cookie' standout mode include:

   abm85       bobcat      intext      prism7      sbi         tvi924
   adm1178     contel300   intext2     prism8      t10         tvi925
   adm21       contel301   ncr160      qvt101      t1061       tvi92B
   adm5        dku7003     ncr260      qvt102      tandem653   tvi92D
   altos2      dt100       ncr7900i    qvt119+     tek4023     tvi950
   altos3      f1720       osexec      regent100   tvi803      vp60
   altos7      hp2         p8gl        regent40    tvi910      wy100
   ampex210    hp300h      pe1251      regent60    tvi912      wy350
   ampex232    hpterm      prism4      sb1         tvi920b     xtalk
   aws         ims950      prism5      sb2         tvi921      zen50

[this list is extracted from the terminfo database, so I can't vouch for
its accuracy]

Note that some common terminals use magic-cookies when emulating other
terminals (even xterm can), but you really don't want to be using such
emulation modes to run emacs.

If you have have such a terminal, and need to run emacs on it, please
post a reply to this message, or send one to me.


Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it
 has to be us.  -- Jerry Garcia

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