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From: Miles Bader
Date: 17 Oct 2001 12:43:33 +0900

I've now converted all the other doc-string-in-command files.

Pavel, if you have commentified-but-unchecked-in files, you can use the
attached elisp code to convert them to the new format; be careful
though, as it can't cope with all code (though I encountered very
few problems).

To check whether things still worked, I just diffed the old DOC file
with the new one -- however, if you do this, you might want to use the
`-w' option with diff, as I've also modified make-docfile to strip
trailing whitespace (since the doc-string comments typically have
trailing whitespace, whereas the old string-form doc-strings did not).


Here's my conversion code:

Attachment: convert-doc-styles.el
Description: convert-doc-styles.el

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