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Re: timer handlers and ^G

From: Gerd Moellmann
Subject: Re: timer handlers and ^G
Date: 23 Oct 2001 16:25:05 +0200
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Ken Raeburn <address@hidden> writes:

> Problem 2: In timer.el, all event handlers are run with quits
> disabled.  I can understand not wanting the handler list to get
> corrupted, but not being able to interrupt the handler seems like a
> poor idea. 

We had that on pretest-bug recently.  I think it's not generally a
good idea, from the perspective of the user, to let C-g interrupt
functions run from a timer because (a) the user might not be aware
that such a function is running, and (b) because not all such
functions can cope with being interrupted.  I suggested to Simon
Josefson, I believe, to explicitly bind inhibit-quit to nil in Gnus if
Gnus can cope with that.

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