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Re: euro symbol

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: euro symbol
Date: 26 Oct 2001 15:09:11 +0100
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>>>>> "FP" == Francesco Potorti` <address@hidden> writes:

 FP> It has the same character code.

... in some ISO 8859 encodings.

 FP> So, on a console, it depends on which font you have loaded.

The Linux console supports Unicode -- I assume it can display `€' as
well as `¤', but can't currently check.

Please don't treat Emacs as if it was mono-lingual.  Just DTRT and
change the display of the correct characters if your terminal doesn't
support them.  Note that I've often used an ansi-ish tty to edit the
multilingual support I've done.

 FP> On X, it shows the international currency symbol.

 FP> However, having  a simple  way to  input the
 FP> international currency symbol is good, in my opinion.  

C-x 8 $ is the simplest way, though it's bogus at present in that it
depends on the current coding system.  I have changes to DTRT.

 FP> You cannot always have a latin-9 font, while latin-1 is much more
 FP> common.

That's the rationale for latin1-disp.

 FP> More than that, I again ask if people think that the general
 FP> latin-1 and national input methods should have a similarly simple
 FP> method for entering the international currency symbol.

Sure, but it's not very useful.  The Latin methods should definitely
support entry of the euro sign generally.  (Things have moved on since
I added the Latin-9 support.)

[I personally find the TeX method most memorable/general/useful, but I
don't mostly type a specific Continental language.]

 FP> However, the tilde was maybe an unfortunate choice.  It certainly
 FP> is for Italian, as Italian keyboards do not have a tilde symbol.

Then, of course, pick something else appropriate, but try to base it
on existing practice.  I don't know where to look except, perhaps,
what's available for the Yudit editor.

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