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Re: Unicode fonts

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: Unicode fonts
Date: 26 Oct 2001 15:20:57 +0100
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>>>>> "FW" == Florian Weimer <address@hidden> writes:

 FW> There is GNU Unifont:

 FW> http://czyborra.com/unifont/

 FW> I don't know it's license, though.

It's free.  It appears to be the only reasonable choice for
maths/technical symbols; I'd be happy to hear of others.

 FW> OTOH, I don't think the idea of a single font for all of Unicode
 FW> is suitable for most applications.

[Emacs displays <= U+00ff using a Latin-1 font by default.]

 FW> Mapping Unicode characters to multiple fonts seems desirable for
 FW> me,

Emacs can do that fine, in case it's not clear.

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