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Re: doc-strings: T vs t

From: Pavel Janík
Subject: Re: doc-strings: T vs t
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 10:31:30 +0100
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   From: Richard Stallman <address@hidden>
   Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 16:53:22 -0700 (MST)

   > It is also somewhat undesirable to start a doc string (or a sentence)
   > with "t".  The best solution is to start with some other word.  For a
   > predicate, the solution is to start with "Return t".  For a flag, a
   > good solution is to write "Non-nil" rather than "t", since in such cases
   > any non-nil value will be equivalent.
   > Would you like to fix all of these, in the trunk only?

Yes. I have found and fixed these:

eval.c:     Fcommandp
keyboard.c: Finput_pending_p
buffer.c:   selective-display-ellipses
Pavel Janík

panic("bad_user_access_length executed (not cool, dude)");
                  -- 2.0.38 kernel/panic.c

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