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Re: idea -> internal frames?

From: Kevin A. Burton
Subject: Re: idea -> internal frames?
Date: 30 Oct 2001 19:48:07 -0800
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     Maybe.  Special frames like speedbar would probably have custom
>     commands jump the their frames if desired.  If there is no generic way
>     to get to these windows/frames, then it would be tough for a
>     programmer to fix mistakes on a terminal.
> (With this feature, these would not be special frames; they would not be
> separate frames at all.  They would be special windows.)

Could you "undock" them so that they run in a new frame?  I would assume that
since they are special windows you could do this easily.
>     A bug that annoys many w/ speedbar is when they try to close the frame
>     which hosts Speedbar's minibuffer, at which time it throws an error.  Such
>     a walk-windows feature would allow some bit of code to seek out frames
>     whos minibuffers are hosted in such another frame.
> Why does Speedbar use a minibuffer for this?  That seems like a very
> bizarre and inconvenient thing to do.

Maybe.. but it does.  By default the verbosity is set as 2 and you will see
messages like "refreshing directory ~"


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