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Emacs/W3 needs DEVELOPERS...

From: William M. Perry
Subject: Emacs/W3 needs DEVELOPERS...
Date: 31 Oct 2001 11:35:15 -0500
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The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to comp.emacs.xemacs,comp.emacs,alt.religion.emacs as well.

This is my semi-annual plea for help maintaining Emacs/W3, the web browser
and URL library for Emacs.  I have not had the time for quite a while to
work on it, and need people who can take on bits and pieces that can then
be glued into a full blown web browser, or reused by Gnus for its web-based
backends, etc.

For details, please see:


A short list of projects needing a maintainer:

- XML parser implementation
- HTML parser rewrite (PSGML?)
- DOM implementation sitting on top of XML & HTML parsers
- CSS level 2 stylesheet parser
- Rendering engine (would just work off of a DOM tree and CSS2
  stylesheet).  There is room for more than one - a lightweight one that
  would be really fast for Gnus & VM to use, and perhaps a `real' one for
  use as an honest-to-god browser.

Each of these is a fairly manageable task, but all of them is just too
large for one person to keep doing.

Ceterum censeo vi esse delendam

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