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Re: Customize fringe widths

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Re: Customize fringe widths
Date: 23 Nov 2001 11:14:16 +0100
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"Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> writes:

> Maybe.  Note that both reasons you cite would indicate that the user
> indeed wants that space reclaimed, and doesn't seem to care about the
> special glyphs.  In any case, when Kim codes this feature, they'll see
> and will be able to decide.

I think that for some purposes, it will be desireable to avoid the
glyphs.  E.g. if we make a bitmap editing mode, then we would like the
frame/window to have the exact size of the bitmap.

To hide the newline at the end of each line, we could use the
following settings:
        truncate-lines: t
        automatic-hscrolling: nil
        left-/right-fringe-width: 0/0
        text-truncation-glyphs: nil  

Then the right-most column on the display will be available for a
"bitmap pixel", i.e. there is no superfluous -> (or $) glyph
indicating that there is a hidden newline.

The default for `text-truncation-glyphs' variable should be nil on
windows systems (i.e. those which support the fringe) and t otherwise.
[Currently, there is no easy way to support setting it to t on windows
systems, but setting it to nil on text based systems would be trivial].

So I really think we should keep the issue of fringe widths and showing
truncation glyps in the text as two separate issues.  It *is* more
general, and I don't think it is a useless feature!

Idea: when/if we implement showing the truncation glyphs in the text
on windows systems, I think it should still use the nice graphical
glyphs rahter than the (ugly) text-mode glyphs.

BTW, I've already made the necessary changes to resize/remove the
fringe for X (tested) and w32 (untested). I still need to apply my
changes to the mac port.

I'll try to find a system where I can test the w32 changes, but I know
for sure that I won't have a chance to test the mac changes!

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