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Emacs and GTK.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Emacs and GTK.
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 21:15:46 +0100
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My name is Jan Djärv (swedish). Richard Stallman asked me a while back if I could help out with emacs, bugs or new features. I responded that I would be glad to, I use emacs daily. As for bugs, I haven't had much time, my employer actually expects me to do work (imagine that!).

My main interest however is getting GTK into emacs (or is it emacs into GTK?). In the long term to turn emacs into a reusable component, like bonobo. I said I could start in december, and here we are.

I have looked at it now, and I got the file selector window done at least (probably the easiest task :-).

It looks like more work than I initially thought, but it will take the time it takes. I was thinking of getting GTK in the same way as Motif is in emacs, but since GTK does not use Xt, and really insists on doing everything its own way, that is out. GTK really requires it's own event loop for instance.

So, I'd appreciate any input. For example, have any of looked at the problem and have any thoughts? Or perhaps you already have started on it, or are done :-).

I'm also kind of worried that I will have to duplicate lots of X things into GTK things, and that this will be hard(er) to maintain.

I haven't looked at XEmacs, but I understand they have some GTK support. Is it OK to look what they have done? Or are they so different that it is of little use? I also hear that they have support for creating GTK widgets from elisp, but I wasn't planning on doing that.

I haven't done much "serious" GTK programming, but I am experienced in Motif. There are similar stuff in both, but somethings differ very much (laying out of widgets for example). Part of my interest is of course to get to learn GTK better. It seems to be the way to go. I've been doing C/C++ programming for 13 years (how time flies :-), so I think I got that part under control.

Well, thats about it. Any thoughts, pointers, ideas, suggestions you might have are most welcome. Just remember to Cc me, as I am not on this list.


        Jan D.

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