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Re: [Xpert]Default fonts for menus, dialogues, etc

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [Xpert]Default fonts for menus, dialogues, etc
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:59:08 -0700 (MST)

      Xaw uses the resources XtDefaultBackground and XtDefaultForeground,

I am confused.  I thought a resource was something like
emacs.foreground that you can specify in .Xdefaults etc.
XtDefaultBackground looks like a function or variable name.  What is
it really?

    are actually the value of WhitePixelOfScreen and BlackPixelOfScreen, or the
    inverse if the resource reverseVideo is set.

This information might be everything we need.  Perhaps we just have to
check XtDefaultBackground and XtDefaultForeground.

      Unfortunately the values of {Black,White}Pixel of screen can only be set
    when running at 1bpp, but not all XFree86 drivers support 1bpp, and not all
    of them will use the XF86Config options to set these values.

I don't know what "1bpp" is.  What does it mean to "set" BlackPixel?

But those questions may not matter.  If the results of such
reconfiguration always show up in XtDefaultBackground and
XtDefaultForeground, then we don't need to know those details.

At least, that ought to work for the Athena widgets, from what you
have said.  Maybe not for others:

      I believe there is no rule for this, but every toolkit has some way to
    determine how it will look if no configuration was made, in the case of
    Athena, it will be a simple rectangular window with white-color background,
    black-color foreground, and 1 pixel black-color border.

That approach might work for LessTif and Motif as well, but we would
have to check.

Is there any chance you could tell us for LessTif and/or Motif?

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