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Re: i18n/gettext?

From: François Pinard
Subject: Re: i18n/gettext?
Date: 05 Dec 2001 13:55:33 -0500
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[Eli Zaretskii]

> I think Francois is talking about something much deeper and more complex
> than Pavel (and I think Karl as well) had in mind.

It may well be. :-)

Yet, when it is affordable to do so, and to spare the overall effort,
it is often a good thing to aim in directions which have less chance to
lead into dead ends, from which we might later have to backtrack from.
Yet, dead ends are not always technical, so sometimes, not always, dead
ends might be more fruitful than no road at all.  It is surely a fine art,
being able to choose the best roads, considering all issues.

My opinion is, when we are lacking of volunteer time, that the best road is
the one having the least steps in it, and this often means that backtracking
should be avoided.  Best is trying to do things the right way, even if not
everything gets done at once.  So steps accumulate constructively over time.

I feel a bit blunt in these remarks, sorry!  You surely all know that! :-)

François Pinard   http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard

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