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Re: several improvements in occur and *Occur* buffer functionality

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: several improvements in occur and *Occur* buffer functionality
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 12:14:36 -0700 (MST)

    Improvement 1:

    Occur functionality would be highly improved if mouse2 caused the
    selected *Occur* line to be moved to the top of the buffer.

That seems like a strange idea to me.

    Improvement 2:

    Point should also be moved to the line mentioned above, i.e. the
    selected line.  If this was done then I could leave my mouse over that
    one line and continue to click the selection button without having to
    move around to other lines.  It would greatly speed up the use of occur

I just added a C-o command in Occur mode which makes this easier.  So
C-n C-o will do something like this.  Please try it.

    Improvement 4:

    It would be *WONDERFUL* if a custom occur variable could be set to
    enable grep-like behavior in occur mode.  For example, I have M-` set to
    run "next-error".  If the custom setting is active then M-` might run
    occur-next ... or perhaps next-error could process the *Occur* buffer

This is a reasonable idea, if someone wants to do it.  Probably it
should operate on either a compilation buffer or an occur buffer,
whichever you made most recently.

    Improvement 5:

    A custom occur variable setting should enable multiple *Occur* buffers,
    where new *Occur* buffers have unique names and are associated with only
    the buffer from which the occur command was run.

We have adopted a different general approach to this sort of issue:
use M-x rename-uniquely to preserve a special buffer so that repeating
the command won't overwrite it.

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