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Re: Status of my GTK efforts.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Status of my GTK efforts.
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 03:38:10 +0100
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It has been an interesting learning experience.  Both of emacs and GTK. The
sad news is that there is no way to make a "GTK only" port using GTK 1.2 and
probably not 1.3 either.  Maybe 2.0 is better.  The reason is that some things
are abstracted away in GTK.  These are the main points:

Any thoughts on qt??  IMO QT has a nicer design than GTK since they are both
GPL there shouldn't be any legal issues.

I guess I am just curious to see if anyone has looked at that.

I haven't looked at it. But I would be an interesting thing to do, since I'm basically an C++, OO kind of guy :-)

I don't know the policy for bringing in C++ code into Emacs, it may be out of the question.

Anyway.  I am glad to see that someone is working on this.  It made my holiday!


        Jan D.

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