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Re: Compiling current CVS Emacs on Windows NT

From: Harald . Maier . BW
Subject: Re: Compiling current CVS Emacs on Windows NT
Date: 06 Jan 2002 15:59:06 +0100
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Christoph Conrad <address@hidden> writes:

> I assume that's done there. But the problem was solved with the hint
> of another participant of the group. I had to do "make bootstrap", not
> "make".
> The only problem that remained was, that "lisp=$(CURDIR)" in a
> makefile couldn't be resolved (Windows NT with make 3.75 port). I
> assigned "lisp=." and it worked wonderful.

It's a known and documented problem. From the emacs/nt/INSTALL file:

--- snip ---
  For reference, here is a list of which builds of GNU make are known
  to work or not, and whether they work in the presence and/or absence
  of sh.exe, the Cygwin port of Bash. Note that any version of make
  that is compiled with Cygwin will only work with Cygwin tools, due to
  the use of cygwin style paths. This means Cygwin make is unsuitable
  for building parts of Emacs that need to invoke Emacs itself (leim and
  "make bootstrap", for example). Also see the Trouble-shooting section
  below if you decide to go ahead and use Cygwin make.
                                         sh exists     no sh

    cygwin b20.1 make (3.75):            fails[1, 5]   fails[2, 5]
    MSVC compiled gmake 3.77:            okay          okay
    MSVC compiled gmake 3.78.1:          okay          okay
    MSVC compiled gmake 3.79.1:          okay          okay
    mingw32/gcc-2.92.2 make (3.77):      okay          okay[4]
    cygwin compiled gmake 3.77:          fails[1, 5]   fails[2, 5]
    cygwin compiled make 3.78.1:         fails[5]      fails[2, 5]
    cygwin compiled make 3.79.1:         fails[3, 5]   fails[2?, 5]
    mingw32 compiled make 3.79.1:        okay          okay 
--- snip ---

Best solution is to use the mingw port (http://www.mingw.org/). The
make from there works fine as the table above states.


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