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Re: display margins and modifying the buffer

From: Alloy Petrofsky
Subject: Re: display margins and modifying the buffer
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 15:32:43 -0800

> From: address@hidden (Juanma Barranquero)
> From a two-month old discussion regarding display margins, overlays,
> text properties and line numbers:
> Me:
> > but setting the display property of the overlay to show anything
> > in the margin makes the text covered by the overlay go invisible;
> Stefan Monnier:
> > if you use overlays, it's not a big problem since you can make
> > your overlay span 0 chars.
> Finally I've had the time to try it and it does not work: overlays of
> length 0 do not show anything in the margin. Making the span at least
> length 1 does make the margin text appear, at the cost of making
> invisible the text covered by the overlay.

There are two solutions:

  (1) Put a one-character overlay on each newline, and give this
  overlay both a marginal display property and an after-string
  property of "\n".

  or (2) Give a zero-length overlay an after-string property of some
  random string, and then put a marginal display property on the

Mention of the second option was added last month to the info node
(elisp) Display Margins.


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