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Re: [Manuel Serrano <address@hidden>] Re: flyspell before and after-stri

From: Manuel Serrano
Subject: Re: [Manuel Serrano <address@hidden>] Re: flyspell before and after-string
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:15:18 +0100

> >>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Serrano <address@hidden> writes:
>     Manuel> The strings "->" and "<-" are still on the screen. Is this
>     Manuel> really normal?  For your information, XEmacs 21.4 removes
>     Manuel> the strings.
> In XEmacs the overlay API is implemented using the extent primitives,
> and by default new extents are "detachable":
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Detached Extents
> ================
>    A detached extent is an extent that is not attached to a buffer or
> string but can be re-inserted.  Detached extents have a start position
> and end position of `nil'.  Extents can be explicitly detached using
> `detach-extent'.  An extent is also detached when all of its characters
> are all killed by a deletion, if its `detachable' property is set; if
> this property is not set, the extent becomes a zero-length extent.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> See also C-h f set-extent-property RET.
> So if you set the detachable property to nil, you should get the same
> behavior as in Emacs.  Depending on how you manipulate those extents
> you may prefer to do
> (when (featurep 'xemacs)
>   (set-extent-property ov 'detachable nil))
> at creation rather than checking for xemacs at deletion time.  This
> seems to expose a bug in XEmacs's overlay handling (for zero-length
> overlays), but it's irrelevant if you're just going to go ahead and
> delete it anyway.
I certainly don't want the Emacs behavior!

There is something I don't understand with Emacs overlay. I put an
overlay at some location on a buffer. I put a before-string for that
overlay. Now I edit this buffer and I kill the line containing the
overlay. With Emacs the string attached to the before-string property
will stay still on the buffer and I have no way to get rid of it using
user commands. I have to use Elisp code to get rid of the before string.
To my opinion this is cumbersome (most likely I miss understand
the correct way to use overlay...).


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