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Re: problem whith abbrevs in message-mode

From: Matt Armstrong
Subject: Re: problem whith abbrevs in message-mode
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 10:03:33 -0700
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> This is very strange.  mailabbrev.el does assume the existence
> of mail-mode-abbrev-table, as you say.  But the code in
> sendmail.el seems not to have used mail-mode-abbrev-table
> until a few months ago.  Perhaps this was an unreported bug.
> I had better investigate further.
>     Maybe sendmail-pre-abbrev-expand-hook needs to always restore
>     local-abbrev-table and the syntax table to whatever they were
>     before it was called?
> I agree.  The reason this was not done was an undoc feature I didn't
> know about: setting up a different, convenient syntax table for
> address headers.  The feature could be useful but the implementation
> was unreliable, so I eliminated it.
> Does this version solve the problem?

Yes, thanks for looking into it.  I've now got message-mode using
text-mode-abbrev-table and the setting takes.

> ;;; mailabbrev.el --- abbrev-expansion of mail aliases


> (defun sendmail-pre-abbrev-expand-hook ()


>          (let ((local-abbrev-table mail-abbrevs)
>                (old-syntax-table (syntax-table)))


I assume that let statement is the key.


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