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Re: emacs dumps core using gnus

From: luis fernandes
Subject: Re: emacs dumps core using gnus
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 20:29:19 -0500

>>>>> "rms" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

    rms> It is undesirable for configure to use tests that actually
    rms> run code since that prevents cross-compilation.  Better to
    rms> check the version number of the library.

Yes, agreed.

Eli was wondering whether it was possible for library versions to be

One way is by looking at the corresponding #include file(s) that are
installed, along with the library, for the version number.

The #includes for the ungif library likely has version information
similar to the Gtk library; the file gtkfeatures.h has the following:

#define GTK_MAJOR_VERSION                               (1)
#define GTK_MINOR_VERSION                               (2)
#define GTK_MICRO_VERSION                               (8)
#define GTK_BINARY_AGE                                  (8)
#define GTK_INTERFACE_AGE                               (3)
#define GTK_CHECK_VERSION(major,minor,micro)    \
    (GTK_MAJOR_VERSION > (major) || \
     (GTK_MAJOR_VERSION == (major) && GTK_MINOR_VERSION > (minor)) || \
     (GTK_MAJOR_VERSION == (major) && GTK_MINOR_VERSION == (minor) && \
      GTK_MICRO_VERSION >= (micro)))

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