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Re: display-time, mail-icon and POP3 mailboxes

From: Pavel Janík
Subject: Re: display-time, mail-icon and POP3 mailboxes
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 19:39:17 +0100
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   From: address@hidden (Kim F. Storm)
   Date: 09 Feb 2002 00:14:55 +0100

   > I think it should at least be able to use the existing gnus and/or
   > rmail settings (they cannot be that hard to use).
   > You can then add extra mailboxes to check specifically.
   > What about these options:
   >  - display-time-pop3-check-rmail  (nil/t, default t)
   >  - display-time-pop3-check-gnus   (nil/t, default t)
   >  - display-time-pop3-mail-boxes   (alist (server.passwd), default ())

Hmm, when I think about it - it would be better if those mail programs like
RMAIL and Gnus could tells us alone if there is any new mail. Syntax of
Gnus' mail-sources variable is pretty easy, but Gnus also support IMAP
etc. and we should not duplicate code in display-time. What do you think?

   > With the pop3 sample code I posted some time ago, there is one serious
   > problem: If emacs cannot connect to the pop3 server, it may hang (no
   > user interaction) until the connect times out.  That is not
   > satisfactory!
   > I don't know if this is relevant for your code (sorry, but I haven't
   > had time to look at the code you sent me).

The same applies to pop3.el from Gnus.
Pavel Janík

panic("sun_82072_fd_inb: How did I get here?");
                  -- 2.2.16 include/asm-sparc/floppy.h

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