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Patch to cus-edit.el

From: Per Abrahamsen
Subject: Patch to cus-edit.el
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 10:20:03 +0100
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I added custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes to the custom-buffer
customize group, because I looked for it in that group and couldn't
find it.

In general, is it necessary to ask for permission to commit small
improvement to the customize specifications like this?  That is,
adding :group and :link entries to defcustoms, or improving :type

Is there even any reason to mention I do it here?

I will add ChangeLog entries, of course.

2002-02-24  Per Abrahamsen  <address@hidden>

        * cus-edit.el (custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes): Add to
        `custom-buffer' customize group.

*** cus-edit.el.~1.144.~        Mon Feb 11 16:10:33 2002
--- cus-edit.el Sun Feb 24 09:30:47 2002
*** 431,436 ****
--- 431,437 ----
  (defcustom custom-unlispify-remove-prefixes nil
    "Non-nil means remove group prefixes from option names in buffer."
    :group 'custom-menu
+   :group 'custom-buffer
    :type 'boolean)
  (defun custom-unlispify-menu-entry (symbol &optional no-suffix)

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